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Combine Cannabis and Zoom to Reconnect

Zoom Smoke Sesh

If you are working from home no doubt you’ve spent more than your fair share of hours on Zoom, listening to the weird and wonderful lives of colleagues who have yet to master the mute mic option.  Seeing their pets, kids, partners and even choice of home decor also adds a little something extra to those endless meetings.  Why use Zoom to connect with friends and get high?  It’s fun and by now you may be a little bored of your solo cannabis sessions or those Saturday nights with your partner, a bong and Netflix.  Time to grow your marijuana social circle and have a Zoom smoke sesh.

First you’ll need to get your list of possible fellow stoners to invite.  Keep the number relatively low, six or less or it can get too stressful when everyone is talking at the same time.  Think about inviting people who you know are still using cannabis but you have not seen in a while.  Also invite your close stoner friends who maybe live far away or who may live local but you just have not seen in months.  Send out invites with a time that takes into account parenting schedules and time differences.  Tricky to do but make it clear that people can attend for a short time period or as long as their schedule permits.  Designate a Zoommaster.  It might be you since you are organizing this cannabis session but keep in mind two things.  The person should be fairly social when stoned, to keep things flowing and also have the ability to verbally check in on other people who have gotten quiet.  When you have a group of people who are all high, it’s likely one or more might just want to kick back, listen and enjoy the company.  As Zoommaster, it’s important to at least find out if that’s what they are actually doing.

Now that the big day or night of your Zoom smoke sesh has arrived, what to do?  First everyone can talk about the strain or edible they are going to be enjoying and show off any cool gear they might have.  When you have people from different parts of the country or world who get together, it’s cool to see how everyone’s cannabis rituals are different, yet pretty similar.  Once everyone shows off their cannabis, get baked!  You can choose to go freestyle and see where the conversation naturally goes but it’s also good to have a few backup options just in case people seem to be uncomfortable.  Games are always an option but keep them simple and relatively short.  No one wants to fall down the rabbit hole of the world’s longest Pictionary tournament.  One thing most stoners enjoy, talking about weed.  You can create structure around this topic by posing some questions such as “What was it like the first time you really got stoned”?  Most people like to reminisce about the days of yore when smoking marijuana was much more taboo than today.  When all else fails, talk about food!

After an hour or two, or when you feel things are winding down a bit, take the temperature of the Zoom smoke sesh and see if it should be a regular thing, or if people seemed to have had fun but are in no rush to do it again anytime soon.  Either way you had the chance to reconnect with folks you don’t see often, get high with them and just enjoy seeing the faces of your friends.  Now if only there was a way to add a “share weed” button to Zoom.

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