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Make the Most of a Wake ‘N’ Bake Cannabis Session

wake 'n' bake

Any cannabis user, even most newbies, have heard the expression wake ‘n’ bake.  It simply means consuming cannabis first thing after waking up, for most people that means in the morning.  A good wake ‘n’ bake session can take an otherwise mundane morning and turn it into something much more fun and even meaningful.  If you have never tried waking ‘n’ baking, it’s an experience not be missed.  The key is to know how to make the most of the session.  For some people that means spending hours in bed watching Netflix for others it means setting the mood for a chill but productive early part of the day.  We will explore a few ways to make sure you get the most of a wake ‘n’ bake session.

Choose the right cannabis for your wake ‘n’ bake experience.  This is different for everyone of course but unless your only real goal is to get more sleep, then choosing a heavy Indica is not going to do you any favors.  A Sativa or a Sativa dominant hybrid are good options.  You may also want to play around with the THC to CBD ratio.  If you are normally a cannabis user that prefers a high THC percentage and very little or no CBD, expand your cannabis horizons.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the effects of a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.  The buzz is there, just not as intense and it may be the perfect way to go about your morning if you have things to do.

To get the most out of a wake ‘n’ bake session you’ve got to do a little self analysis of how you are when you’re stoned.  Does your stoned self like to whip up delicious and complex meals?  Excellent and those blueberry scones should be amazing!  If you’re a cannabis user that likes to have your food delivered or keep things very basic, it’s better to know before you wake up with no cereal left because you ate it all the night before and very few if any food delivery options.  Also true with showing or bathing.  Is a stoned shower just a normal part of your day or would it be better to shower first, or not at all, before your wake ‘n’ bake session?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help make the session much better and you may have certain things you love to do when you’re high or the opposite, just don’t like to do when you’re high.  A little thoughtfulness beforehand will make a huge difference.

The level of activity for people partaking in a wake ‘n’ bake session varies considerably from person to person.  Some cannabis users can wake ‘n’ bake and it is just an ordinary part of the way they start their day.  No additional planning or schedule adjustments are necessary.  For others and particularly for those new to cannabis, plan your schedule for the fact that you may not be in the mood to do certain things or be around certain people.  Your boss for example, may not be the right person to be around and any high level of physical activity, say a 5 mile run might need to be removed from your schedule, for that day.  Chilling with some food, music and even some good stretching can make for a perfect wake ‘n’ bake time.  The most important part of this way of using cannabis is there are some general guidelines but it’s your own imagination that will make it a fantastic way to start your day.

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