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Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Oregon Growers Group/ Dispensary Cannabliss & Co.

Sativa THC 21.34% CBD 0.46%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Pinene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain should be nicknamed super social because it is weed you will want to share with your friends.  One of the more uplifting and talkative strains out there.  You will also feel pretty energetic and focused so if you have any projects that need to get done, this should be your go to strain of weed.  Not only will you be able to accomplish a lot, you will feeling amazing while you do it.  Add friends to the equation and it takes this high to the next level.  The first 15 minutes or so can be a little jittery the first time you smoke it, dab it or vape it but that goes away pretty quickly and was not a repeat problem.

Tangie Breath strain smells pretty medicinal but the taste is much smoother than the smell so not to worry.  Weed is medicine after all!  The feelings of creativity are powerful and even those folks who are not normally super creative may feel inspired by this cannabis strain.  Go with it.  The social aspect is prominent and you will just want to be around friends.  Laughing has never come so easily.  If your spirit needs a pick me up, Tangie Breath has you covered.  Great for anxiety and depression and of course it does wonders to decrease your stress level.  Not any real noticeable negatives besides a little dry mouth.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– if you are a person that enjoys an occasional beer or glass of wine with your cannabis, this strain is a good one for a drink or two. Go easy as it’s a potent strain and for some people the mix of marijuana and alcohol does not produce happy results.  Keep some soda or water around to sip on.  If you decide to use that energy for physical activity, stay hydrated and away from alcohol.

Munchables-because this is such a super social weed strain, why not make your food choice social as well.  Pizza.  If you’re not feeling in a savory mood, any type of chocolate will satisfy and for some reason Twizzlers really are the best snack option for this strain.

Doables-Tangie Breath will inspire you do something physical, especially the first two hours.  A hike or maybe a bike ride that does not involve a lot of hills are perfect activities to do alone if you want to take some time for yourself or with others.  Chatting on Zoom while drawing, yes multitasking is pretty easy with this weed and is a cool way to spend an afternoon.  You can also just sit back, relax and enjoy being high.  That’s an activity right?

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