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Should I try Cannabis Microdosing?

Cannabis Microdosing

You may have read about microdosing THC recently or heard about it from friends, family or even your doctor.  Microdosing has been gaining popularity recently as an effective way to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.  So what exactly is microdosing and are you a cannabis user who may benefit from giving it a try?  As the name suggests, microdosing is consuming a very small quantity of cannabis, specifically THC, as a way of treating a medical condition.  You don’t have to have a diagnosed medical condition to reap the benefits of cannabis microdosing as we will explore other reasons it is beneficial.

Medical Conditions that can be treated by Microdosing

Naturally you should talk to your doctor about your specific medical condition and also make sure to check if any pharmaceutical drugs you are taking may be affected by cannabis.  Once you have the go ahead from your doctor,  cannabis, THC, microdosing can be used to manage pain and in fact small doses may be more beneficial than larger doses of THC in terms of controlling pain from cancer according to this 2012 study.  Other medical conditions that can be significantly helped with cannabis microdosing are depression, anxiety, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease, just to name a few.  Additionally microdosing is gaining a positive reputation as an excellent method of achieving focus and enhancing creativity as well as working wonders for insomnia.

Why Microdosing is Preferred over Higher THC Cannabis

As most people that have consumed cannabis even once or twice but especially daily users know well, side effects are a real issue for some consumers. By ingesting cannabis, specifically THC in very small quantities, any negative side effects are basically non-existent.  Side effects that can potentially cause problems for medical users are dry mouth, dry eyes, even an increased appetite can be problematic for certain patients, particularly those with Crohn’s Disease.  The most problematic side effect for many medical cannabis patients is surprisingly, the feeling of being high.  As a recreational cannabis user, that is pretty much the whole point of consuming cannabis but for so many medical patients, the idea of feeling too high is a reason to forego even trying cannabis at all.  That is why cannabis microdosing is a perfect solution for those folks, the benefits without the unwanted side effects.

How to Get Started with Microdosing

If you are a current cannabis user, recreational or medical, it is best to start microdosing fresh.  This means stopping all cannabis use for at least 48 hours to give your system a chance to reset.  Once you are ready, start small, that’s why it’s called microdosing after all.  A good place to begin is between 1 and 2.5 milligrams.  Continue with the same dosage for 3 days, paying close attention to any changes in your condition, positive or negative.  You can increase the dosage after the 3 days if you feel you are not getting enough of the THC benefits, but do it in small 1 milligram increments, waiting 3 days before making any further increases.  If you choose to use edibles or tinctures to microdose, getting the amount spot on is fairly easy however if you are a cannabis smoker or like to vape, it’s more of a challenge but not impossible.  If you are smoking flower, go with a mid-range cannabis with about a 15% THC percentage to start.  Pack a medium sized bowl and take just one hit from the bowl, not a super big bong clearing hit, just a moderate hit.  Now wait about 5 minutes and see how you feel.  Most likely one hit should be all you need to get the benefits of THC without the high.  This way of microdosing is obviously imperfect when it comes to getting the dosage right but all microdosing, regardless of the method, takes some trial and erro to get the dose you want and need.

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Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Old Apple Farm/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 21.47% CBD 0.09%

Terpenes- Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is an unusual hybrid, especially because it’s supposed to be an Indica dominant one. First of all the smell and taste of this delicious strain is a little citrusy with a slight spiciness. Like a true Indica there are some noticeable body waves and a good body buzz that is obvious from the first toke.  The surprise is the Sativa side of the hybrid that seems to takeover pretty quickly.  It’s an interesting balance, the body buzz stays strong and noticeable but at the same time the head buzz and general feelings of happiness and euphoria are just as strong.  It’s a complex strain of cannabis to be sure but that is definitely a good thing for people who are looking for a unique high.  Wedding Cake delivers.  This cannabis strain is great for focus and creativity, for about two hours, then the Indica dominance takes over and staying focused becomes more challenging. Excellent for stress, anxiety and anyone who is having problems with loss of appetite.  The only real negative with the Wedding Cake strain is dry mouth.  Overall one of the most layered strains out there in terms of obvious and distinct Indica as well as Sativa qualities to the buzz.  Much like a Wedding Cake!

Drinkables– As dry mouth is an issue you are going to want to stay hydrated generally but also keep some hard candy around to keep your mouth moist if you are out doing something or even at home if you get caught up in a creative project and forget to drink.  Carbonation is your friend with this cannabis strain.  If you prefer carbonated water, great choice or you could go with either a clear soda like sprite or something with more color.  Dr. Pepper for some reason really was a favorite with this strain.

Munchables-The munchies hit very hard after about an hour or so with this cannabis strain.  Sure you could stay true to the name and go with cake.  Forget wedding cake though and go with carrot cake instead.  You can at least pretend you are being healthy.  As it is easy to mindlessly eat with this particular strain, stay away from large bags of chips or cookies, anything where you can easily eat the entire bag, because you will.  Portion out a few different snacks to keep the munchies under control.

Doables– This is a strain for creative types who love to write, paint or play an instrument while stoned. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are doing something that you love and you are stoned.  Wedding Cake strain really elevates this feeling and you could spend hours painting and be convinced only 30 minutes has passed.  A good marijuana strain for socializing with a small select group of close friends.  This cannabis strain doesn’t really make you sleepy despite it being an Indica dominant hybrid but that does not mean you can’t enjoy some good Netflix shows and for a change you will stay awake through the entire show!

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain

Super Dave Strain 

Factoids:  Grower-KGB Farms/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC 30.97% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Linalool and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is a super Sativa, although it was recommended as a Sativa dominant hybrid.  The Sativa is definitely dominant.  Not sure who Dave is and the budtender was not sure either but he is clearly a very social, happy and talkative dude.  Super Dave strain is a very potent cannabis strain so newbies tread lightly.  One bong hit and that Sativa mind buzz was already firmly in place.  The feelings of happiness, euphoria and kind of a focused energy were present throughout this buzz, which lasted for about 4 hours total.  So although it was a top shelf cannabis strain and a bit pricy, it is well worth the money.  If you are trying to get things done and need to stay focused, this is your strain.  If you have a high cannabis tolerance, this is also your strain.  The smell is slightly pine tree and diesel and the taste is super spicy with a slight diesel aftertaste.  No matter what you have planned for your day, with the addition of a little bit of Super Dave, you will be happy to get it done.  Excellent social strain for lighthearted types of conversation or deeper ones, which is rare.  Good for stress or depression and some mild pain management.  The only negatives are serious dry mouth and dry eyes.

Drinkables- You will need a lot of liquids to combat the dry mouth that comes with the Super Dave strain.  Staying well hydrated is only the start.  Keep some water around to sip on from time to time and if you want something with flavor, orange juice, cranapple juice both are good healthy options, with a little sugar thrown in for good measure.  Your mind will be preoccupied so don’t forget to drink on a regular basis during your buzz.

Munchables-There was not a serious munchies issue with this cannabis strain however you may feel a little hungry after about 3 hours.  The issue, as with many Sativas, is that once you start eating something, it’s tough to stop.  Keep your snacks light and healthy, hummus and carrot sticks are a good options that you can eat a lot of or if you are craving something sweet, try those small cuties, mini tangerines that are so flavorful and sweet.  The bonus is they have a decent water ratio so snacking on them will help keep you well hydrated.

Doables- If you are planning a Zoom session with friends, or certain family, this is a perfect strain for that.  You will feel talkative but still have the focus to be a good listener.  Super Dave is a happy cannabis strain so any activity you choose will be fairly enjoyable, even if it’s cleaning out your closet.  You are likely to feel pretty energetic so it’s also a good strain for getting outside and taking a walk.  If you can combine walking and talking, socially distanced of course, all the better.

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Exploring the Benefits of Tinctures

Benefits of Tinctures

There are many delivery methods for both THC and CBD but tinctures is one method that is not talked about as often as the more commons methods such as smoking or vaping.  Many cannabis connoisseurs have rejected the possible benefits of tinctures outright as they view them as only for newbies or specifically for medical marijuana patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth and if the tincture is purchased from a reputable source, it can be something fun and new for even the most experienced cannabis user.  The key is to do your homework before making a purchase as there are a lot of options out there, some better than others.

Give Your Lungs a Break

Yes you can clear a bong better than anyone you know and your lungs are in tip top shape. Let’s keep them that way and give them a break every so often.  Using a tincture does exactly that, gives your respiratory system a break.  If you are not a fan of edibles, consider giving tinctures a try.  If this is your first time, definitely ask your budtender to recommend just the right one for your needs.  If you use cannabis for any medical condition, tinctures are an easy way to make sure you get your medicine and unlike with an edible, as this is a sublingual (under the tongue) delivery method, the cannabis bypasses your digestive system and the effects are felt much faster.  If you do like edibles and want to add a little something extra to your brownie, a few drops of a good tincture can really elevate your buzz.

Dosing Made Easy

More benefits of tinctures are the dosing is super easy.  Any bottle you buy will have specific dosage instructions on the label and most tinctures are dosed by the dropper full.  If you think that might be starting off with too much you can always scale back to literally one drop at a time.  Just wait 15 minutes and do a “how am I doing” assessment.  This method is excellent for newbies who are nervous about getting too high.  With tinctures, it is very unlikely unless you down the entire bottle, not recommended.  For the cannabis connoisseur, adding tinctures as part of your session can really change things up.  If you feel you need to be a little bit higher, add a few drops under your tongue and enjoy. Conversely, having a tincture around that is high in CBD can work wonders in those rare moments when you find that you’ve gotten too high, just a few drops to bring you down a little bit.  It’s all about creating the right balance for yourself.

A Few Downsides

As with so many nearly perfect things like cannabis, they are not in fact perfect and there can be a few downsides as opposed to benefits of tinctures.  With regards to tinctures, the biggest downside is probably taste.  If you view using a tincture in the same way you view taking any medication, then the taste most likely won’t bother you as much but for other cannabis users who want their cannabis to taste good, or at least not taste bad, finding the right tincture to satisfy your taste buds can be a challenge.  Again this is why a good trustworthy budtender is essential.  They will know which ones to avoid, tastewise.  Another downside of tinctures is there has been so many of them on the market in the last year or so and the claims companies have started making about what their particular tinctures can do are unreasonable and in some cases just outright lies.  Reading labels carefully is important as many companies advertise cannabis tinctures that people believe are high in THC when in fact they have little to no THC and are high in CBD.  This is fine if that is what you are looking to purchase but take the time to confirm either verbally, by text or email exactly what you are buying.  Ask direct questions and if you are not sure about a product, don’t spend your money on it.  There are plenty of good quality tinctures out there to choose from whether you want CBD, THC or both.

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Is Cannabis the Fountain of Youth for Seniors?

Cannabis Health Benefits for Seniors

As the boomer generation reaches retirement and beyond, quality of life becomes the main focus for many seniors.  It is tough to enjoy those golden years when your health affects your quality of life in a major way.  While cannabis can’t stop the clock on aging, we’re still waiting on Elon Musk to tackle that, it can go a long way towards helping seniors manage some of the most common complaints about getting older in general.  Many seniors have to deal with a variety of health problems from sleep disturbances to aches and pains to cognitive function issues and cannabis health benefits for seniors help with all of these and more.

As we age the quality of our sleep declines.  For some staying asleep is the biggest problem and for others falling asleep is a common complaint.  The bottom line is that it is impossible to feel your best when you consistently have trouble sleeping.  One night here and there is not a big deal but not getting good quality sleep most nights will of course begin to take a toll during waking hours with mood changes, trouble focusing and daytime fatigue being the biggest complaints from seniors who struggle to get a good night’s sleep.  Cannabis can do wonders for sleep problems.  Choosing the right strain is important and although a heavy duty Indica with a high THC percentage may sound like the solution, for seniors less really is more.  Consuming an Indica dominant hybrid with a THC percentage between 15-20% seems to work best for seniors for both ease of falling asleep and sleeping more hours without waking.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart and even the healthiest seniors experience aches and pains from time to time and for some seniors with various types of medical conditions such as arthritis, dealing with aches and pains is an everyday occurrence.  Cannabis health benefits for seniors who want to use cannabis to alleviate this type of pain, there are a few options.  One is to try CBD, either in the form of a tincture or balm to spot treat problematic areas or soreness.  Another option is to go with a 1:1 THC:CBD strain which so far seems quite popular and effective for seniors.  Yet a third possibility is to go with a medium THC strain of cannabis of between 15-20% THC.  The only issue reported with the third option is that mornings tend to be the worst time of day for seniors with aches and pains, that morning stiffness takes an hour or two to dissipate and if the cannabis strain makes you sleepy, it’s tough to have a productive day after consuming cannabis in the morning for some seniors.

A common challenge for seniors is a decreased appetite.  This is due to several reasons including a slower metabolism and the fact that taste buds are not functioning as well as we age so eating in general loses some of its appeal.  Not eating enough can lead to low energy and a vulnerable immune system so keeping a healthy appetite is crucial for seniors.  The right cannabis strains can stimulate the appetite for seniors.  In general Indica dominant strains are more likely to increase the appetite than Sativa cannabis strains so consuming cannabis about an hour before dinner is an excellent way for seniors to ensure they are getting the proper amount of food. Making healthy food choices is also an important element for everyone, not just seniors and unfortunately there is no specific cannabis strain that can help with that.  Goals for 2021!

Yet another reality of aging is a decline in overall cognitive function.  This can present itself in a variety of ways including a decreased ability to learn new things and memory issues as well as dementia.  THC has been found to supply the body with cannabinoids that decrease over time as we age, keeping cognitive function at a higher level without any negative side effects that are so common in pharmaceuticals, especially for seniors who tend to take more medication than their younger counterparts.  Additionally cannabis health benefits for seniors have been shown to improve the links between nerve cells and the brain.  This benefit can help seniors learn more easily and also help with memory retention which is paramount to learning over the long-term.  Although cannabis cannot transform the brain of a 65 year old into the brain of a 25 year old, it can still go a long way towards maintaining healthy cognitive function well into the golden years.

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Cannabis Use and Employment: What You Need to Know About Drug Testing

Drug Testing For Employment

Many things have changed in the last year.  An unprecedented number of people are working from home and unfortunately a large number of people are unemployed and searching for a job.  Even in states where cannabis is legal for both medical as well as recreational use, drug testing for employment as a prerequisite, is fairly common across most job industries.  Once you have the job random drug testing is not as common as it was five years ago but it is certainly not unheard of in many industries.  Understanding how your cannabis use, both the amount you use and your unique physicality can impact the outcome of a mandatory drug test is important for getting and then keeping a job.

Methods of Testing Matter

Luckily for most cannabis users, the gold standard for mandatory drug testing for employment is a urine test which is a test that detects THC in the form of metabolites that are in your body after the THC in cannabis has been processed several times by your liver. So essentially the test is not really testing for THC, it’s testing for the byproducts of THC left in your body after you have consumed cannabis.  The two metabolites that are specially being tested for are THC-COOH, the most common, and 11-OH-THC.  Testing for both metabolites in a standard urine test is expensive so most companies will choose to only test for THC-COOH to keep costs down.  Speaking of costly testing for cannabis, the reason why most if not all companies do not use a blood, saliva or hair test, which would yield much more accurate results in most cases, is because of the high cost of those tests.  It is possible some high level and high paying jobs may spend the money but it is extremely unlikely.

How Long Does it Take for THC to be Out of My System?

The short answer to this question is, it’s complicated.  One of the most important factors is the amount and frequency with which you consume cannabis.  For occasional users the timeframe is between 1-3 days.  The real challenge is to determine what an occasional user means.  Broadly speaking it means consuming cannabis less than twice a month, so once every other week.  If you are a moderate cannabis user, it will take between 5-7 days for the THC to be out of your system.  A moderate user is someone who uses cannabis at least once a week with the average being twice a week.  So probably a weekend stoner.  If you are a daily user it will take between 10-15 days for the THC to be out of your system and for a heavy user it will take 30 days or more.  A heavy cannabis user is someone who consumes cannabis multiple times per day on a regular basis.  The cutoff point used by the lab and requested by your employer also matters.  For standard testing, the test will be considered positive if THC-COOH is detected at 50 ng/ml.  What that means is for most users except heavy users, they can easily pass this type of drug testing for employment after about 10 days of not consuming cannabis.  Some employers, for example law enforcement, test at a much lower threshold of 20 ng/ml.  So knowing if your employer has an absolute zero tolerance policy is useful information because they may test at this more rigorous level.

Your Unique Physicality Matters

There are factors besides what type of test you take and how much and long you have been consuming cannabis that affect the results.  Your metabolism is one such unique element.  Some people just naturally have faster metabolisms than others and for those folks, any THC and metabolites will be eliminated faster than for others.  The myth of ramping up your exercise frequency and intensity in the days before a test to ensure clean results, is just that, a myth.  In fact it may actually do more harm than good in terms of your test results.  Your hydration level matters as well.  Staying properly hydrated should be a normal part of your routine regardless if you have a test coming up or not but being dehydrated definitely increases the chances that THC and metabolites can be detected through a standard urine test.  Stay away from alcohol in the days before your test as that can contribute to dehydration.  One of the most important elements is body fat.  THC metabolites are stored in body fat meaning the more body fat you have the higher the likelihood of metabolites being detected for a longer period of time.  Cannabis users who are thin with a low BMI will have a shorter testing window to be concerned with.  In most cases woman naturally have a higher body fat percentage than men so for all you female stoners out there who are concerned they may have to pass a urine test any time soon, work on getting to a healthy BMI.  This is true for men as well but men tend to naturally have a lower body fat percentage to be worried about.

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How Cannabis Affects Dreams

How Cannabis Affects Dreams

For people that consume cannabis on an occasional basis, their dreams will likely not be affected unless you stop and start with a specific rhythm but for those regular cannabis users, their dreams will be significantly affected.  To understand how cannabis affects dreams and why, it is first necessary to talk a bit about sleep in general.  As most people are aware, there are four distinct sleep cycles of varying lengths.  The first three cycles grow increasing longer and produce deeper sleep.  It is common for people who are light sleepers to wake up during one of the first 3 sleep cycles, maybe to use the bathroom or as a response to noise or some other distraction.  The fourth sleep cycle is the longest and deepest and that is the one during which we dream.  Called the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle, this part of sleep lasts the longest, anywhere from 10-90 minutes and this is the sleep stage when we dream.  The THC in cannabis suppresses our dreams during this stage.  Why would this be a desired outcome?

Most of the time we associate dreaming with positive images but in reality it’s not all rainbows and unicorns when it comes to dreaming.  The vast major of our dreams are simply neutral or slightly strange in nature.  So why would we want to suppress something that is not harmful like dreams?  The answer is, we may not but if you are someone who suffers from frequent nightmares or even just disturbing dreams on occasion, it can be a breath of fresh air to drift off to sleep each night knowing that you will not wake up in fear or confusion.  As cannabis use controls the very ability to dream during REM sleep, for many people that can be a welcome relief, at least on a temporary basis.

If you are an occasional cannabis user, your dreams will definitely be affected based on when you actually consume cannabis and when you stop.  For example, if you consume cannabis only on the weekends, once Tuesday or Wednesday rolls around and the THC is out of your system, you will start dreaming again and those dreams will likely be fairly vivid.  Some people have reported very colorful dreams or especially strange dreams and a few unlucky folks have nightmares.  This is temporary as your body readjusts and usually only lasts a few nights however if you repeat the cycle of consuming cannabis on the weekends, you may spend your midweek nights having some pretty strange dreams.  Other factors come into play as well including how much cannabis you consume, just an edible or two will not affect your dreams much at all or a few bong hits is unlikely to stop your dreams completely.  The amount of THC in the cannabis also matters as does the particular terpenes and other cannabinoids.  The exact ways cannabis affects dreams is still be studied.

What benefits could there be from suppressing your dreams on a long-term basis?  One area in which cannabis is proving extremely effective is in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Upwards of 70% of people with PTSD experience regular nightmares that interfere with the quality of their lives in a profound way.  Treatment with cannabis has been quite successful in addressing PTSD nightmares.  Up until recently PTSD sufferers were treated with antidepressants or hypnotics or often both and did not get much relief especially considering the potential for serious side effects.  Cannabis has proven itself to be an effective treatment for this particular symptom of PTSD and allowed people with PTSD to get much better quality sleep and feel better during waking hours as a direct result.  So although the idea of suppressing dreams may not sound appealing to everyone, for some it can truly change the quality of their lives in positive ways with little to no negative side effects.

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Why Budder is the Better Concentrate

How to Make Budder

So before we explore why budder is the best cannabis concentrate, for those unfamiliar, what is budder and how to make budder?  Budder is one of many cannabis concentrates of various consistencies and made via slightly different processes.  As you might guess budder has the consistency of slightly melted but thicker than normal butter.  Heavier than honeycomb concentrates but lighter than crumble and shatter, budder is definitely a favorite amongst cannabis users who like to dab, vape and can even be added to joints or a bowl.  It is a completely potent versatile concentrate.  At the present time budder is popular mostly with recreational users but that may soon change as more and more medical marijuana patients are seeing the benefits of budder especially if they require high potency cannabis to treat their medical condition.

How to Make Budder

Like most other cannabis concentrates, the first stage of how to make budder involves butane and CO2 to blast the cannabis flower so that cannabinoids like THC and CDB can be extracted.  Next comes the process of using heat and air pressure to remove all potential harmful solvents so that at the end of this part of the process you are left with just the concentrated parts of the cannabis plant.  So how to achieve that nice fluffy texture?  Time and patience and a little baking experience can’t hurt.  While the cannabinoids are being purged at a high temperature, you must carefully and at the right time, whip the budder like you do a cake batter.  It takes some preparation to keep things at the right temperature and at the same time make sure you are whipping enough but not too much.  This process takes some practice to get the consistency just right but is definitely worth the effort if you are a DIY type of cannabis user.

Budder Benefits    

There are quite a number of benefits that make budder the preferred cannabis concentrate and potentially the preferred cannabis in general.  The first is potency.  Budder is the most potent of all forms of cannabis and if made correctly with good quality flower, you can expect a potency level of between 80-90%.  That’s some powerful weed!  Another obvious benefit is how clean it is when prepared correctly.  Today’s marijuana is certainly cleaner in general than a decade ago but removing all harmful chemicals and potential toxins is pretty rare, even these days.  Budder, again made correctly, has a purity level of over 99%, with an average of 99.6%.  With that level of purity you can feel good, not to mention really stoned, that what you are consuming is just cannabis, nothing else.  As most cannabis connoisseurs know, terpenes are important, very important and budder retains more terpenes than any other cannabis concentrate which equals a better taste and overall high.

Enjoying Budder

Now that you know how to make budder, you can enjoy budder in basically any other way you enjoy cannabis, with the exception of edibles.  Rolling that gummy in budder is not going to do you much good unless you light the gummy on fire, which would taste, well maybe someone will give it a try and report back.  Putting budder in a blunt or joint is called twaxing and is one possible way you can add some budder to your flower to really enhance you high.  You can also do something similar with a pipe, bong or bubbler, just add the budder in with your raw bud.  Keep in mind though that the budder has a higher melting point than just flower so you need to heat it longer before taking a hit.  Dabbing and vaping are arguably the best ways to enjoy the clean potency and taste of budder.  Heating the budder up to the right melting point is just easier to control with a dab ring or vaporizer.  That being said, everyone has their favorites and trying out different ways to experience the quality of good budder is all part of the fun of being a stoner.

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Welcome Back: Getting Back into Cannabis after a Break

Getting Back Into Cannabis

For some folks who have taken a tolerance break of a month or two, not much has changed.  For the former cannabis connoisseurs who are living in a state or country where cannabis has recently or soon will be legal, it may have been awhile and things have definitely changed in the world of weed.  Before you visit your local dispensary to stock up there are a few things to think about so you can make the transition back into the cannabis lifestyle smoothly, whether you plan to be an everyday user or an occasional one or even a “keeping all options open” type of cannabis user. Here are some useful tips for getting back into cannabis.

Check out your local laws

Take the time to review the cannabis limit laws in your state.  Each state has slightly different laws regarding how much and the type of cannabis products you can purchase each day or sometimes with a two week time period.  While it’s unlikely you are going to exceed those limits on your first trip out to a dispensary as the budtenders will make sure you don’t, if you are like so many people and want to check out a few dispensaries, each time you show your ID, your purchases will be tracked by the state agency responsible for cannabis legalization and regulation.  Sounds creepy but unless you are planning on really buying in bulk, it should not be an issue.  Also keep in mind that the cannabis limits will be different depending on if you are a medical marijuana patient or a recreational user, with medical patients having higher limits. This will be helpful either way for getting back into cannabis.

Choosing the Right Cannabis for Your Triumphant Return

Naturally a good budtender can make recommendations but having some idea of what you are looking for before you head to a marijuana dispensary can really help.  Think about how you plan to consume your cannabis.  Certainly don’t feel limited to one way, maybe edibles and flower to start or a few joints and a cart to try vaping.  Nothing is more frustrating for a budtender than a customer who says they want to get some “good weed”.  That used to be the only goal back in the day but a lot more options exist and they are all pretty good!  If you are a medical marijuana patient, make sure to let the budtender know right away and talk about which symptoms you want to treat with cannabis and if you have any prior cannabis experiences, good or bad, let them know that as well so they can point you towards the right strains.  For recreational users, tell the budtender you have not used cannabis in a while and also let them know about any negatives you are looking to avoid.  The more information you can give to the budtender, the better able they are to make sure your first, in a while, cannabis experience is a great one.  Picking up more than one strain is usually a good way to get back into cannabis these days.

Jumping Back In

The first thing to remember when getting back into cannabis is your tolerance level will likely be quite low, unless you are some type of cannabis superhero.  Keep that in mind as you smoke your first joint or eat those first gummies.  The key is to really pay attention the first few days in terms of how you feel each time you consume cannabis.  Is being buzzed everything you remember and more?  Are there are side effects that you don’t like such as some Sativa strains can cause a bit of the jitters especially the first 15-20 minutes.  The goal with a recreational cannabis user is usually to get high with no unwanted side effects.  If that is not happening, lucky for you there are many other strains out there to try.  For the medical cannabis patient, how are your symptoms after consuming cannabis the first day?  What about the second and third?  If you are not getting the relief you want it might be the strain or it might be the CBD:THC ratio.  You should talk to your doctor as well as a budtender so that a better strain can be found to meet your needs.  For both medical and recreational marijuana users who have not tried cannabis in a long period of time, there is some trial and error necessary for most people in the beginning so it’s usually a good idea to not overbuy one strain right away.  There is plenty of time to find the perfect cannabis for you!

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Champagne Cake & Cherry Lotus Strain Reviews

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Factoids:  Grower-Lucky Lion/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid THC 25.96% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes– Linalool and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This champagne cake strain review is for cannabis enthusiasts who like balanced hybrids.  Champagne Cake is a fairly balanced hybrid, it starts out as more of a Sativa but finishes like an Indica.  It is the perfect strain if you want to get things done for an hour or two but then want to chill out or even sleep later on in your buzz.  The head high comes first but it’s not too intense.  You can really focus with this strain, at least until the body high gets going and then you can still focus, you just may not want to.  The smell and taste is a little spicy with a touch of diesel but not overpowering.  A great strain for managing anxiety, especially social anxiety as it calms you but you still feel like talking which is a bonus. A few negatives include both dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes, so break out those soothing eye drops, it’s worth it.

Drinkables– You can break down your drink options to match your buzz with this cannabis strain.  The first Sativa like buzz needs clear cold liquids to quench that thirst and deal with dry mouth.  Water or a clear soda will do the job.  Once you hit the more Indica side of things after about two hours, warm liquids are where it’s at.  Hot chocolate or tea are both excellent choices.  If you want to put a little whiskey in your tea, no one is stopping you!

Munchables-The munchies really didn’t hit until the Indica part of the buzz with this strain so once you are all settled in and relaxed, maybe some fruit and nuts, mixing sweet and salty is the way to go.  Chocolate covered pretzels should be in every stoners home and they are perfect with this cannabis strain.

 Doables-Champagne Cake is a duel experience and your activities will probably reflect that.  The first hour or so you can do something that requires mental focus, get some work done if you must, get creative and write or draw something spectacular.  If you are feeling like some physical activity keep it low key, maybe a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sweet smell of autumn.  If you like games or gaming generally this is a great strain for that.  Once the Indica second half kicks in, you can hang out with friends and watch something cool or listen to music, just enjoy being perfectly relaxed.

Cherry Lotus Strain Review

Factoids:  Grower-Green Source Gardens/ Dispensary-Oregon Weedery

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 34.00% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes– Geraniol and Limonene

Bud Buzz: At 34% THC, Cherry Lotus was expected to be a heavy hitter.  It did not really live up to the hype from friends.  Not every strain is going to be a favorite and the fact that one of the Terpenes is Geraniol might be part of the issue.  Knowing which Terpenes work best for your unique body chemistry is just as if not more important than knowing the ins and outs of other factors of cannabis strains.  The smell of this bud is not exactly cherry, more like a lotus flower or some type of floral aroma.  Really nice either way and the taste is good but not nearly as strong as the smell, light floral with a bit of citrus undertones.  The body high comes on right away after the first hit but to get those smooth relaxing body waves going, you’re going to need another hit or two.  Good for low level pain, insomnia or depression.  There is no couch lock with Cherry Lotus but you will feel very tranquil and chill.  There is a sense of happiness but not really to the point of elation.  It’s a low-key cannabis strain on just about every level.  Some slight dry mouth but no other negatives.

Drinkables– To combat the dry mouth, which is not too bad, lemonade or even better limeade really hits the spot, something with citrus.  If you don’t want the sugar, go with a tea and lemon combo.  Keep water nearby as well because you can get very thirsty, especially about an hour or so into your buzz and downing a glass before you drift off to sleep will keep you well hydrated.

Munchables-The munchies hit pretty hard with this cannabis strain so be ready.  Pizza to start?  If you’re a fan of Thai food, go for a nice green curry or a classic Pad Thai.  If you are looking for something that is quick and easy go for a bagel and cream cheese.  Once you’ve satisfied your savory cravings, go for the sweet stuff!  Pie anyone?  Fruit pies of course would be perfect and a nice big slice or cherry or blueberry pie with some whipped cream are both excellent choices.

 Doables-Cherry Lotus will not have you writing novels or running a quick few miles but that doesn’t mean your only options are movies and bed. Have a deep conversation with a friend.  Play a game with that same friend.  You may not feel like talking constantly but conversation, especially thoughtful conversation is always something worthwhile to do when stoned.  Once you feel your bed calling your name, watch something funny before drifting off.  This cannabis strain makes laughing come easy and that is always a good way to end your day!

We hope this Champagne Cake strain Review and Cherry Lotus strain review were helpful. Be sure to check out: Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen Strain Reviews

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The Best Tips for Growing Marijuana

best tips for growing marijuana

Tips for growing cannabis are a dime a dozen. Luckily for you, here are the best tips for growing marijuana that you will ever need.

Less Light Means Better Buds

When you are first growing marijuana, you are going to be more prone to making some errors. The most common mistakes among novices frequently have to do with indoor grow room lights. This is particularly true when growing your plants inside.

When your plants are in the vegetative stage, you should leave them as much as 18-22 hours every day. During this period, your plants will undergo a good deal of growth and advancement. Once your plants proceed to the flowering phase , you can see why it would be tempting to do the same. When your photo-flowering plants reach the flowering stage, you should really reduce the quantity of light your plants get down to 12 hours every day.

Why is this, you may ask? Unlike what you might think, plant growth in this phase is triggered by darkness, instead of light. Maintaining your photo-flowering plants in continuous light will keep them at the vegetative stage.

When you grow cannabis outside, the seasons will naturally govern this light and dark requirement. However, it is also possible to put your plant in darkness to help your plants outside.

Use Less Fertilizer Than You Think

Another one of a couple of crucial best tips for growing marijuana concerns fertilizers. When your plants reach the growing phase, cut back on the nutrients. Again, this may seem contrary to what you’ve been brought up to think about plant cultivation. After all, should not more nutrition be a much better thing?

To help you make sense of the consider multivitamins. No, obviously, it does not! You could make yourself really ill.

Why did you believe cannabis was known as”weed” anyhow?

Excessive nutrients can trigger what’s known as”nutrient burn,” which begins at the tip of the leaves and will gradually spread whether the status is unaddressed. Leaves that have nutrient burn are not able to make and store energy to the plant, which will, of course, reduce your return , and nobody wants that!

Another side effect of giving your plants a lot of nutrients is they will have a noticeable chemical flavor and/or odor, in addition to a lower THC content.

A good guideline would be to provide your plants half of the daily recommended amount of nourishment and only amp it up after your plants exhibit signs of nutrient deficiency. Bear in mind the expression,”less is more”? This particularly applies to cannabis nutrients.

What You Grow Them In Is Very Important

Perhaps among the most significant best tips for growing marijuana is to pick the right growing medium for your plants. Cannabis plants perform best when they’re planted in something that does not retain too much moisture after watering. By way of instance, having a sandy soil that remains drier will provide you a better return than clay soil that retains the majority of the moisture supplied during watering.

Choosing the right medium can make or break your cannabis plants by deciding how much or how little a return your plants give.

Picking the right soil doesn’t have to be risky. With it, you won’t need to worry about giving your plants a lot of fertilizer or using soil that retains a lot of water.

Boost Potency by Using Drought

Here’s a growing tip directly from the experts! Drought stress can raise the potency of your plants. Allowing the leaves of your plants to wilt only a bit as a result of inadequate moisture will cause them to curl at the ends rather than stand up straight, which is when you would water them only enough to revive the leaves.

If you keep this up drought stress during the whole flowering phase, the harvest you get will be more potent than from plants which were watered liberally. This is because THC and other chemicals will become more concentrated in the buds of the plants that are watered sparingly.

Consider it like this: choose strawberries picked from a plant that’s watered greatly daily and compare their flavor to sparsely watered strawberries. The berries from the next plant will taste much better!

Having the Right Strain Matters

Perhaps among the most valuable cannabis growing tips is to bear in mind that not all cannabis plants are created equal. You want to think carefully about the sort of plant you need before you start planting. As an example, some strains produce purple buds, although other strains give you bright green buds. Similarly, some plants grow quickly while others take longer.

Cannabis strains also vary with regard to the size of these plants, the concentration of different substances (CBN, THC, etc.), the odor of the buds, in addition to the effects one encounters after consuming them. It’s important to not forget that resistance to adverse conditions, like diseases and pests, overfeeding, underfeeding, intense cold or heat, and even over-enthusiastic training, also changes from one strain to another.

This is why it’s very important to do your homework in regards to the different strains available and select the strain that’s best suited to your requirements.

We realize that there are lots of strains to select from and need to help you begin growing as soon as possible. Among the best ways to do this is by starting with a dependable source.

Pay Attention During Harvest and Post Harvest

Everything you do at harvest time and outside can make or break your cannabis harvest! This is another important best tips for growing marijuana.

First of all, do not harvest too early or too late. So, how do you know when is the ideal time to harvest? The clue is determined by your buds.

If your buds are not”sprouting” any fresh white hairs, this means harvest time is shut. Closely observe the hairs on the buds and start harvesting when roughly half of these hairs have become dark in appearance. This dark color lets you know that the compounds in the buds have attained their greatest level of concentration, so any delay will make them begin dwindling.

After harvesting, take some opportunity to wash those buds in a darkened, well-ventilated place. You will know they have dried if the stalks snap as opposed to bend when you control them.

Drying the buds is obviously only half the job. This is where the healing process comes in.

Put the buds in dark containers and seal them only opening the container once a day for about a minute to permit dry air to get in while moist air is expelled.

Why don’t you try some when you’re opening the containers to allow dry atmosphere in. Otherwise, good! Good! Is the flavor and smell satisfactory once you smoke a sample? Good! At this time, stop curing the buds and seal them closely until you’re ready to begin smoking them. The healing process can last three weeks or more.

Ventilation is Critical 

It’s crucial to ventilate the grow space satisfactorily. This bit of information is so important that it needs to be included under cannabis growing rules rather than cannabis growing tips. Adequate airflow can stop mold from growing on the buds. In addition, it can prevent nutrient burn, because when where you’re growing gets really hot, the plants”beverage” more water to fight the heat.

As they take more water, they absorb nutrients also, increasing the danger of nutrient burn. Spider mites, fungus, gnats, and other insects also thrive in areas with inadequate airflow. As you can see, lots of the issues that cannabis growers face can be sidestepped if the grow spaces are ventilated for good airflow.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read and Hear

Many inexperienced cannabis growers often implement all of the advice that they’re given without pausing to digest the applicability and validity of said advice. Novice growers can be forgiven for this because they believe they are getting sound advice from those who have more experience and are therefore better placed to know what needs to be done in every circumstance.

However, not all of the advice you get will be appropriate or even applicable in your precise conditions. Choose your tip tips for growing marijuana that work for you.

Regrettably, overfeeding plants can produce a similar effect. If you speak to somebody whose plants were overfed and they showed signs of nutrient burn, they might advise that you cut back on the nutrients you are giving your plants, however the problem might actually be underfeeding!

Can you see how implementing advice blindly can lead you down a dark alley? Learn how to question all advice you get, and just apply it after cross checking and confirming that it holds true in your situation.

Keep Detailed Records

Take many photos and write detailed notes in a diary. This is particularly important once you notice problems on your plants.

Those notes and images will come in handy as you search for help in handling the issue, and they’ll be a point of reference during future grows. This record will alert you about a growing problem and the right solution, rather than starting all over again on another plant.

Do not think for a minute your memory will suffice! Misremembering even the most minute detail may be the undoing of your harvest.

The pH of Your Soil is Important

Have you done everything possible, however the buds that you harvest are nothing to write home about? The pH of the moisture in your growing medium might be the silent offender denying you a rich harvest.

The pH of your soil can make some nutrients unavailable to the roots of your plants, even though those nutrients can be found in the medium. Learn what the perfect pH range for the particular medium you’re using is and assess whether yours has gone from that range. Adjust accordingly, and your plants will flourish once again!

Reduce Shock to Your Plants

Among the most fundamental of best tips for growing marijuana is to be gentle with your plants. Increase the hours of darkness slowly until you get to your desired light program.

Similarly, when it’s time to change to the nutrients for the flowering stage, do not stop providing those for vegetative growth daily and utilize only those for flowering on the following day. This sudden change will shock your plants and reduce your growth rate.

It’s much better to introduce any change to your plants slowly so they can adjust appropriately with no decrease in their growth.

Growing cannabis is fun and easy, and with a small know-how your plants may yield an impressive bounty. If you have grown before, which of those cannabis growing tips have saved you from a destroyed harvest? If you’re just starting, which do you plan to try?

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Cannabis Farm Robbery Gone So Wrong

clackamas marijuana farm robbery

Many stoners and anyone who loves marijuana has probably secretly wished they could roam free amongst fields and fields of cannabis.  Lie blissfully in the pungent paradise and toke up to their hearts content.  Maybe this comes from watching Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach too many times or just general weed fantasizing.  The natural conclusion to this Clackamas marijuana farm robbery fantasy ends with grabbing as much cannabis as one can carry and walking away into the sunset, forever stoned.  There are many reasons why this should stay just a fantasy.  One of which, it’s illegal to steal, no matter where you happen to live and second, it’s just bad karma.

The real life version of this cannabis dream played out just the other night in Clackamas Country Oregon, near a small town, Molalla, one of many heavily damaged by recent wildfires in Oregon and up and down the West Coast of the US.  How this doomed caper got started is so far anyone’s guess but four guys heard from “a friend” about the location of a cannabis farm in the Molalla area.  Clearly their plans took shape for the Clackamas marijuana farm robbery as it is now harvest time in the Pacific Northwest and despite the tragedy of the wildfires, many cannabis farms were spared.  Rather than spend money at a local dispensary, these guys decided to take it upon themselves to do their own harvesting in the middle of the night.

They clearly put some though into this crime because they came prepared with plenty of ways to carry the cannabis, large duffel bags were simply not enough for these greedy guys, they stuffed cannabis plants in literally every pocket of their pants, shirts, jackets and although the final weight has not been made public as of this writing, the estimates are between 60-80 lbs. of cannabis between the four of them.  That is a lot of weed.  Not sure if they planned to consume it all themselves or sell most of it but either way, they’re not going to get the chance.

The police rolled up on them at about 3:20 am as they were trudging down Highway 211 loaded down with all that cannabis.  Perhaps they should have waited until 4:20 to begin this heist but they didn’t and karma was definitely not on their side.  Once they were arrested, the police informed them that what they had risked it all for were high CBD cannabis plants with hardly any THC in them at all.  So unless they were planning to start their own CBD products business, they probably never considered the possibility that what they had stolen would not be getting them high, just incarcerated.  You have to wonder what kind of “friend” this was that clued them in on the farm’s location.

The value of that cannabis, just $2500.  If that cannabis had been high in THC, the value would have been at least $50,000.  So the moral of the story, besides don’t steal, is support your local dispensaries.  They have put a lot of time, effort and money into growing some superior cannabis and despite the wildfires, are doing the best they can to salvage their crops so that everyone can spend the winter nice and high.

Further details on the Clackamas marijuana farm robber, click here.

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Marijuana Banking and Labeling Law Changes Approved by California Governor

California Marijuana Banking Laws

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a couple of marijuana bills into law on Tuesday, creating a series of small changes to the country’s largest legal marijuana system including import California marijuana banking laws. More sweeping proposals like overhauling the state’s cannabis regulatory structure might need to wait until next year, the governor said.

One of the greatest of the new changes are revisions to banking and marketing laws. While many legal cannabis companies are still not able to access financial services, Newsom signed a bill (AB 1525) to eliminate state penalties against banks that operate with marijuana clients.

“This bill has the potential to grow the terms of financial services to the legal cannabis industry,” Newsom wrote during a signing statement,”and because of this, I support it.”

Democrats in Congress, meanwhile, have been working for months to eliminate obstacles to these companies’ access to financial services at the national level. A coronavirus relief bill released by House Democratic leaders on Monday is the most recent piece of legislation to add cannabis banking protections. Past attempts to include such terms have been rejected by Senate Republicans so this is a big win for California marijuana banking laws.

During his signing statement on the banking bill, Newsom directed state marijuana regulators to set rules intended to protect the privacy of cannabis companies that seek financial services, advocating that information be kept confidential and can be used only “for the provision of financial services to support licensees.”

Another bill, (SB 67), the governor signed on Tuesday will eventually create a marijuana appellation program, meant to signal where cannabis is grown and how that may influence its character. The system is very similar to the wine industry and how wine areas are regulated.

With this new law, processors and growers will be prohibited from using the name of a town or other designated area in merchandise marketing unless all of the product’s marijuana is grown in this area. There are already similar protections at the county level.

For outside growers, this new law makes note of the value of terrior, which is the original combination of soil, sun and other unique environmental factors which could influence the character of a marijuana plant. It is also a way for indoor growers to represent specific hometown or regions reputation.

The majority of the other new changes that the governor signed into law are more minor and most customers will not notice them. For instance, one of the changes assembles in more wiggle room on the quantity of THC in edibles (AB 1458), while another new one would permit state-licensed marijuana testing labs to provide services to law enforcement (SB 1244). These are all on top of changes to the California marijuana banking laws.

On Tuesday, Newsom rejected the proposal (AB 1470) that could have enabled processors to submit unpackaged goods to testing labs, which industry lobbyists said would reduce overall costs. Newsom said the proposal”conflicts with present regulations that stop contaminated and dangerous goods from entering the retail sector.”

“While I support reducing packaging waste, allowing goods to be analyzed not in their final form could lead to consumer harm and have a disproportionate effect on small operators,” Newsom stated at a veto statement.

Those adjustments to the testing processes should rather be considered next year, Newsom said, as part of a pending plan to streamline California’s marijuana regulatory and licensing agencies.

“I’ve directed my administration to combine the state regulatory agencies that now apply marijuana health and safety standards to pursue all appropriate measures to reduce costs and unnecessary packaging,” Newsom wrote. “This proposal should be regarded as part of that procedure.”

Newsom also last week vetoed a bill (AB 545) that would have started to dissolve the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, which manages the legal industry. In a statement, the governor said that this legislation is “premature” given his strategies for wider reform and changes to the California marijuana banking laws.

“My Administration has proposed consolidating the regulatory authority now divided between three state entities into a single department,” Newsom wrote, “that we hope to attain next year in partnership with the Legislature.”

Newsom signed into law (AB 1872) earlier in the year. The law freezes state marijuana cultivation and excise taxes for the entire year of 2021. and is meant to provide financial stability for marijuana companies in California, where taxes on cannabis are among the highest in the country.

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Drinkable Cannabis Reviews: Hibiscus Lemonade & Berry Shot

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Cannabis edibles continue to grow in variety and popularity in just about every place that has medical or recreational dispensaries.  The area of edibles that is still pretty new is that of cannabis drinks.  It’s always nice to have options no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis and drinks sometimes are a fun and novel way to try cannabis.  Plus you are also getting some hydration at the same time so that’s a bonus.  The quality and variety differs from state to state and even among dispensaries in a single city but the one thing that seems to be constant is the price. Cannabis drinks are fairly pricey compared to other edibles and definitely compared to flower, cats or concentrates but that does not mean drinks are not worth a try or even worth the cost.  Like most things, if demand increases and dispensaries start offering more options for drinks, prices will come down.  So if you try a cannabis drink from your local dispensary that you really like, let them know.  Also, as with edibles in general, pay attention to the dosage.  The common wisdom is to start with 5-10 mgs and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more.  If you know you have a high tolerance, obviously your starting point will be much higher, pun intended, at around 50-100 mgs. Here are a Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review and Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Muru Highwater /Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz:  This is an infused water so the taste was stronger than expected with typical, non-cannabis infused water.  You can taste the lemon but the actual taste is more like lime.  You can also taste what might be hibiscus but is a bit like Ricola cough drops, the brown ones.  Overall the taste is good but not super refreshing and you will get a bit of an after taste similar to apple cider vinegar.  Not for those who want to sip their cannabis.  This should probably be done like a shot.  The effects come on slowly and are fairly balanced between a head and body high.  If after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, either try another capful, or two or simply wait a bit longer.  You will notice the body relaxation but it is not so strong that you will be couch locked.  The head high is there but plays second to the body high so this would probably be good for stress and if you have sore muscles could help ease the soreness. Overall the high is not super intense with this cannabis infused water which makes it great for a novice and something new and different for the cannabis connoisseur.

Drinkables-You are definitely going to need to keep something to drink handy, not because of dry mouth but because the aftertaste does linger.  Normal water won’t help, you need flavor so go with your favorite soda or even a flavored water if you don’t want the caffeine.

 Munchables-The munchies will likely not be an issue with this Hibiscus Lemonade but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something anyway.  Salty foods seem to go best, so perhaps some chips or pretzels just something light to snack on.  Tortilla chips and salsa are perfect and if you want a more substantive snack, go with nachos because…cheese!

Doables-Drinking your cannabis is an interesting way to consume it so why not do something interesting.  You will not be super stoned or couch locked so go exploring.  Walk through a new neighborhood in your city or if you are close to some beautiful nature, take advantage of that.  Just enjoy the mellow happiness of being stoned and outside.

Berry Shot Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Enjoy/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Indica 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz: This Enjoy Berry Shot was a surprise.  Not because it was an Indica that allows for an amazing night of restful sleep but because of how you feel before you actually fall asleep.  Start with a two capful dose but if after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, feel free to add two more capfuls.  This cannabis liquid is slightly thick in texture, which some people might be bothered by.  If you prefer your liquids more liquid then mix it into some tea or carbonated water.  The taste and smell is like berries, which berries is a difficult to determine.  It tastes more like raspberries than any other berry.  Berry shot is super sweet so mixing it with an unsweetened tea is the way to go!  There is not much of a head high but the body high starts slowly and builds to such a relaxing mellow feeling of being happy and content.  Good for those with insomnia and could even help with mild pain and stress.  The most unexpected part?  After about an hour you may start to feel a little, let’s just say amorous.  Something to consider if you decide not to go to sleep right away.  Either way expect a sweet slumber with Berry Shot.

Drinkables-Tea, either green or black is the best thing to drink with Berry Shot and afterwards as well.  If you want another type of liquid and you drink alcohol, a glass of wine or something with bubbles will work perfectly for a cannabis beverage.  Just don’t drink too much or it will interfere with your sleep.

Munchables– By getting your cannabis in a liquid form rather than a food edible, that opens the door to all snack options.  If you are feeling the berry theme, you could go with some strawberries, or even better chocolate covered strawberries.  You would need to plan ahead for that type of snack.  Generally sweets work will and chocolate is just perfection!

Doables– This liquid cannabis does not leave you couch locked in a serious way but you will likely not feel like a hike either.  If you want to enjoy that deep relaxation with a movie or a podcast, great choice.  As mentioned before, Berry Shot can leave you feeling amorous so …take it from here!

Feel free to give your own Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review or Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review in the comments below and be sure to check out: Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen

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Debunking Common Cannabis Myths

Common Cannabis Myths

With more and more states in the US as well as other countries finally waking up to the benefits of cannabis, there are still some folks who are stuck in the past and believe that all the negative myths about cannabis are true.  The legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes plus the decriminalization of marijuana will allow for more studies of the obvious benefits of cannabis use.  Science will help debunk some of these negative myths but that will take time and money.  Until that happens we can use user experiences to debunk some of the most common cannabis myths surrounding the use of marijuana.

You will become addicted

Most certainly one of the most common cannabis myths.  For generations parents have feared that if their teenager or young adult tried marijuana, they would become addicted.  That fear has fueled not just parenting for generations but also has influenced the laws of most countries surrounding the use of cannabis.  So what is the reality?  Addiction can be broken down into two general categories, physical and mental.  It is certainly possible to feel a strong mental attachment to using marijuana and you may come to rely on it to help you sleep, to ease your sore muscles or simply to make watching Netflix bearable.  Seriously they need to get more shows!  If you rely on something that does not mean you are addicted to it.  If you stop using marijuana and toss and turn the first night or two while trying to sleep, that is usually your own mental process telling you that you won’t be able to sleep without that bowl.  You will, it’s a mental game and one that you will win.  The physical side of addiction is a bit different.  If you are physically addicted to something, say cigarettes or coffee and you stop either one, your body will notice and you will feel physical withdrawal symptoms such as sweating or headaches.  Your body has become dependent on a substance.  There are some people who claim they have felt physical withdrawal symptoms after stopping cannabis use but for the vast majority of people, they may feel a little stress but it passes quickly.  Your body is not dependent on marijuana.

You will get the munchies

Also, common cannabis myths about consuming cannabis and the reality with this particular myth is, it depends on a number of factors.  If you are consuming edibles it is unlikely that you will experience the desire to hit the fridge for more food.  If you are not feeling the effects of that particular edible, say it’s a brownie, you might feel like you should try eating another brownie, this does not mean you have developed some out of control hunger, it just means you want to get high.  CBD alone is not generally associated with an increased appetite however many medical marijuana patients that use CBD to combat nausea do say they feel hungry and have more of an appetite.  This is because their nausea is gone or at least manageable and they now actually feel like eating.  This is not the same as the munchies. Now on to smoking and vaping cannabis, again it depends.  Some marijuana strains are famous or infamous for causing the munchies.  If you are worried about the munchies, experiment with the high energy and uplifting Sativas, in particular Blue Dream and Durban Poison, both these strains contain higher than average amounts of THCV, another cannabinoid which is known for decreasing the appetite.  If you have a good budtender, they can point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a marijuana strain heavy with THCV.  If you are truly worried about the munchies, tread lightly with Indicas or try and get some sleep rather than hitting the fridge.

You will turn into a lazy couch potato

This myth truly needs to be debunked.  Sure we all know “a guy” or “a girl” who has been consuming cannabis forever and has not done much with their life.  We also know ten other people who have had the opposite experience, they use their cannabis to pursue hobbies, to ease social anxiety so they can get out there and talk to other people in a way that is more comfortable, to pursue creative hobbies or simply to chill out.  So much of what you do with your day or night after consuming cannabis has more to do with your own desires and personality than the actual marijuana itself.  If you want to sit around and watch movies all day and have no motivation to get off the couch, you can do that happily with or without being stoned.  For most people who lack motivation and are viewed as lazy by others and sometimes even themselves that lack of motivation began long before their cannabis use.  The reality is that if you want to make cannabis a part of your lifestyle, you can do it with the full confidence that it will not somehow alter your core personality and turn you into a couch potato.  That is just bad science.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen

Blackberry Octane Strain

Blackberry Octane Strain 

Factoids:  Grower-Pruf Cultivar/ Dispensary Electric Lettuce

Indica THC 29.05% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes- Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain is the ultimate Indica.  Sweet smelling and tasting, the aftertaste is a little bit like fuel, thus the name octane.  Touted as the ultimate couch lock experience, Blackberry Octane strain does not disappoint. The body high comes on immediately after the first hit and builds pretty quickly to an all over feeling of euphoria.  This cannabis strain is not for those wake n’ bakers unless the only thing you have planned for the rest of your morning is a nap.  This particular strain has a high THC percentage so go slow even if you have a relatively high tolerance.  Not a super social strain, this one is excellent for pain relief, anxiety and stress literally melt away which are all good things.  The negatives are its strong and if you are looking for a lighter Indica to ease into your evening, this one is not it.  Two or three bong hits should be plenty but start with one.  The other downside is the dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes.  Overall though, the Blackberry Octane strain is the ultimate escape into either blissful sleep or blissful chillness.

Drinkables– because of the dry mouth associated with this cannabis strain, liquids are vital.  If you want to create a bit more of an uplifting effect, go with coffee or black tea.  Otherwise stick with any clear liquid you like, water is always good but for those who like some carbonation LaCroix seems to really hit the spot.  Just stay hydrated because you will find yourself so relaxed you may forget to sip on some liquids from time to time.

Munchables-the munchies come on after about an hour but are not super intense, meaning you don’t feel like eating the entire contents of your fridge.  Go with savory but not too salty snacks to start, maybe some creamy mac and cheese.  It’s easy to mindlessly eat once you get started so keep that in mind and only make a certain amount, you won’t feel like making anything overly complicated anyway.  If sweet snacks are your thing, think brownies or something creamy like cheesecake.

Doables-sometimes with certain cannabis strains you just want to feel that all-encompassing high without really doing too much.  This is one of those strains.  Blackberry Octane is not going to motivate you to take on any major projects, creative or otherwise.  Sure you could rearrange your cabinets while waiting for the mac and cheese to finish but for the most part, just sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of being euphorically stoned!

Violet Vixen

Factoids:  Grower-Sol Seeds-Compound Genetics/ Dispensary Electric Lettuce

Sativa THC 24.00% CBD 0.14%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene and Pinene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain is perfect for daytime users.  So all you wake n’ bakers, this strain is for you!  Violet Vixen is not easy to find so if your local dispensary doesn’t carry it, ask for it.  For those who want a happy head high that inspires them to do great things with their day, this strain does that and more.  After a toke or two you will start to feel the head high, a little bit tingly as well, which passes in case that’s not a feeling you enjoy.  Once the head high is firmly established, you will start to experience the unmistakable feelings of happiness and contentment.  Not sit on the couch contentment but the kind that propels you to do stuff.  If you don’t have a plan for your day, no worries, with this cannabis strain brainstorming comes as easy as breathing.  Need to be inspired at work or just in life?  Violet Vixen is the perfect strain for creative inspiration of pretty much all varieties.  The only downsides are a little bit of jitteriness the first 10 minutes or so that goes away and some slight dry mouth but nothing overwhelming.  Perfect for depression and some low level pain management.  Also can be a super social and talkative cannabis strain with the right crowd.

Drinkables– dry mouth is not a huge problem with this strain of cannabis but you still need to drink something.  If you feel comfortable drinking alcohol with your weed, Violet Vixen is a good strain to indulge in a beer or two with.  If alcohol is not your thing then go with any type of soda or iced tea is super refreshing if it’s got a little lemon in it.

Munchables-the munchies seem to come out of nowhere after an hour or two so be prepared.  Since this cannabis strain can be super social, why not make your snack choices social as well.  Any shareable food is great but pizza is the ultimate shareable food.  If you are going solo and just need to take an inspiration break to refuel, choose something light and healthy.  Either way it’s easy to overeat with this strain so if you want to try and avoid that, plan ahead and only keep healthy options available.

Doables-there are so many possibilities with Violet Vixen.  You can write music, listen to music, and dance to music.  Of course if music is not your thing, why not paint of write?  Anything creative just seems to come more easily with this strain of cannabis.  If you want to do something physical, grab a friend or two and go for a walk.  While walking get into some deep conversations and solve all the world’s problems!

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Cannabis Habits – Why You Should Change Yours

Cannabis Habits

People tend to be creatures of habit.  Some of those habits serve us well, a daily walk, a morning cup of coffee, an evening meditation, even your cannabis habits.  All great habits however even the best of habits can use a little shaking up from time to time.  This is definitely true for cannabis consumption.  The same glass bowl of the same strain at the same time every day may start to lose its excitement or effectiveness after a while.  Just as there are multiple routes you can take on your morning walk, there are so many ways to consume cannabis that changing your routine may just open the door to some new discoveries about yourself and how cannabis can be a useful part of your life.

If you want to do some cannabis exploration, start with a trip, not that kind of tip, down memory lane.  Why do you use cannabis?  Every person will have a different answer to this question and for many people, there are multiple reasons.  Some use cannabis to alleviate pain, stress or to treat any number of other medical conditions.  Some use it in a strictly recreational way and so many use it for all of the above.  No matter your reasons, changing the way you use cannabis can change your life.

Change Your Cannabinoid Ratio

If you use medical marijuana with a high CBD percentage to treat a medical condition, try asking your budtender for a different percentage.  For example if you are using a 1:2 THC:CBD ratio, how would a 1:1 ration affect your medical condition?  You can always go back to the old ratio if you’re not happy with the results.  You may find that a little more THC produces additional benefits and continues to treat your medical condition.  Win, Win!  For those recreational users who are searching for the highest THC strains they can find, do they live up to the hype?  In some cases they do but not always and just because a strain of marijuana has a high THC percentage does not mean your unique body chemistry will experience the full effects.  Try a mid-range THC strain, say around 18-20% rather than the sought after 30% plus strain and see how you like it.  Dispensaries that offer half gram joints are an excellent way to experiment a little with varying THC percentages without a serious financial commitment.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results of changing the THC percentage.  Up is not always the right direction for everyone and the same goes for your cannabis habits.

Consider Changing the Type of Cannabis Strain

You’ve no doubt heard people say they only smoke Indica.  You yourself might really prefer a good Sativa.  Perhaps you like a perfectly balanced hybrid.  Regardless of your preferences, new strains are showing up in dispensaries every day and if you refuse to give new cannabis strains a try because it is a Sativa and you only use Indicas, you are likely going to miss out on some serious cannabis bliss. Again a good budtender can advise you on a somewhat mellow Sativa if you have been solely using an Indica strain to relax at the end of the day.  Conversely, an upbeat Indica can take the place of a mid-afternoon Sativa.  If you don’t have access to a wise budtender, use your own previous experiences with marijuana as a general guide.  If you’re looking to make a change, do it on a lazy day that you don’t have a bunch of obligations so if that Indica was a little more sleep inducing that you expected, a nap fits into your schedule.  If that evening Sativa is not as relaxing as you had hoped, you don’t have to be up at 6 am for a 7 am meeting.  Just a bit of planning ahead can make all the difference to your ultimate experience.

Timing is Everything

For all the wake and bakers out there, this is going to be tough but think about starting your day without a few good bong rips and instead some coffee and a walk. Your cannabis habits are part of your routine, I know. Wait until after lunch to take your first dab of the day.  Why not!  This is all about shaking up your routine and seeing if a change in your cannabis habits is a good thing.  Don’t worry, you can always go back to the pre-dawn bong.  The idea is your experience with cannabis will be slightly different if you change the time or times that you normally use it.  For those who rely on a late evening session to help ease them into sleep, changing that might seem impossible but it’s doable.  You may even discover that you sleep better if you have your usual nightly session a few hours earlier.  It’s all about being flexible with when you use cannabis and varying your daily routine.  You could end up liking the changes so much, they become a new part of your cannabis use.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Apple Fritter & Tangie Breath

apple fritter strain

Apple Fritter Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Boring Weed Company/ Dispensary Cannabliss & Co.

Indica Hybrid THC 23.07% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: The Apple Fritter strain is delicious on every level.  The smell and taste are so good, not quite like an apple fritter but close enough.  The body high comes on right away and it’s intense.  This marijuana strain is best enjoyed sitting down, especially at first.  The waves of relaxation are almost dreamlike and the head high is there but it takes a backseat to the body buzz.  Although considered a hybrid, Apple Fritter smokes like a pure Indica.  The couch lock was real with this strain but unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, it did not last too long.  After about an hour you could get up and get a few things done.  This strain was complex in that you do feel like talking, but you’re not especially talkative.  Best enjoyed with like-minded friends.  An excellent choice for those who have anxiety or struggle with insomnia.  Apple Fritter really relaxes your muscles so it would be a perfect after workout marijuana strain or good if you have a pulled muscle you are nursing.  Towards the end of your high expect to feel pretty sleepy so plan to enjoy this weed strain later in the day. Some dry mouth but no other significant negatives, just a happy relaxed high.

Drinkables– you are going to want to get creative with beverage choices to deal with the dry mouth.  Maybe because there is a certain spicy flavor to this strain, something that complements that would work well.  A cold brew coffee or if you are feeling like a hot drink, some coffee or tea.  If you don’t want any caffeine to interact with the Indica relaxation go with a Sprite or similar type of soda.

Munchables-the temptation to eat an actual apple fritter is lowkey real here and you can go in that direction to fulfill your sweet tooth.  Donuts definitely hit the spot in general.  If you are looking for a savory snack, grilled cheese is the way to go.  Something about the creamy texture of the cheese against the crunchy buttery bread just works.

Doables-when your friends text you and ask what you’re going, your likely response will be “just chillin”.  Now is the time to start that Hulu series you’ve been wanting to watch.  You should have just enough focus to get really into that type of entertainment.  For the more creative types, a relaxed drawing session is a good way to spend your time.  Is a nap calling?  Pick up and say yes!

Tangie Breath Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Oregon Growers Group/ Dispensary Cannabliss & Co.

Sativa THC 21.34% CBD 0.46%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Pinene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain should be nicknamed super social because it is weed you will want to share with your friends.  One of the more uplifting and talkative strains out there.  You will also feel pretty energetic and focused so if you have any projects that need to get done, this should be your go to strain of weed.  Not only will you be able to accomplish a lot, you will feeling amazing while you do it.  Add friends to the equation and it takes this high to the next level.  The first 15 minutes or so can be a little jittery the first time you smoke it, dab it or vape it but that goes away pretty quickly and was not a repeat problem. Tangie Breath smells pretty medicinal but the taste is much smoother than the smell so not to worry.  Weed is medicine after all!  The feelings of creativity are powerful and even those folks who are not normally super creative may feel inspired by this cannabis strain.  Go with it.  The social aspect is prominent and you will just want to be around friends.  Laughing has never come so easily.  If your spirit needs a pick me up, Tangie Breath has you covered.  Great for anxiety and depression and of course it does wonders to decrease your stress level.  Not any real noticeable negatives besides a little dry mouth.

Drinkables– if you are a person that enjoys an occasional beer or glass of wine with your cannabis, this strain is a good one for a drink or two. Go easy as it’s a potent strain and for some people the mix of marijuana and alcohol does not produce happy results.  Keep some soda or water around to sip on.  If you decide to use that energy for physical activity, stay hydrated and away from alcohol.

Munchables-because this is such a super social weed strain, why not make your food choice social as well.  Pizza.  If you’re not feeling in a savory mood, any type of chocolate will satisfy and for some reason Twizzlers really are the best snack option for this strain.

Doables-Tangie Breath will inspire you do something physical, especially the first two hours.  A hike or maybe a bike ride that does not involve a lot of hills are perfect activities to do alone if you want to take some time for yourself or with others.  Chatting on Zoom while drawing, yes multitasking is pretty easy with this weed and is a cool way to spend an afternoon.  You can also just sit back, relax and enjoy being high.  That’s an activity right?

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Medical Marijuana: Treating What Ails You with Cannabis

Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Card

There is a reason that over 80% of people in the US support legalizing marijuana for medical use.  Most people who have tried marijuana understand how effective it can be for such a wide range of medical conditions, much more so than any pharmaceutical drug currently available in many cases.  While marijuana does not cure it all and no one claims it does, the right medical marijuana can provide much needed relief for people currently suffering from any number of medical issues who have either lost faith in traditional medicine or have found it to be too expensive and not very helpful at all.


Cannabis has over 100 different compounds but for the purposes of treating medical conditions, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the most relevant and recognized.  THC dominant strains can certainly treat many medical conditions however one side effect that not everyone wants is that psychoactive effect or a change in consciousness.

For medical marijuana patients today, CBD dominant strains of marijuana solves this problem.  CBD provides significant medical benefits without the “high” that recreational cannabis users are after.  For some medical marijuana patients, it is beneficial to do some experimentation with different strains to see which ones provide the most benefit to their particular condition.  It might be that only CBD relieves their symptoms or a strain with a 1:1 ration of THC and CBD.  It’s important to talk to both your doctor and budtender if you plan to do a little experimenting so they can point you in the right direction.

Conditions that Benefit from Medical Marijuana

The most common reason why people try medicinal marijuana is for pain management.  What the cause of the pain is varies considerably from person to person but for those experiencing pain over long periods of time, medical marijuana has done wonders.  It will not cure the pain or banish it forever but it makes living a happy and productive life much more attainable.  There is some debate as to how well medicinal marijuana handles severe pain that normally requires opiates however it is definitely safer and not addictive so worth a try.  Medical marijuana also does not cause kidney damage like so many NSAIDS do with long term use so its safety is far superior when tackling ongoing pain.

Depression, anxiety and PTSD are often crippling disorders that drain the quality of life from those who experience them, or worse.  Medical marijuana has been shown to be highly effective at managing all three conditions.  Typical pharmaceutical solutions can often be enough however with some people experiencing serious side effects, patient compliance is a real problem.  A drug may work but if no one wants to take the drug because of the side effects, then what is the point?  Enter medical marijuana with far fewer if any negative side effects and patient compliance is no longer a problem.  Combining pharmaceutical medication along with marijuana can be done successfully but not without the guidance of a doctor.

For conditions such as multiple sclerosis, where nerve pain can be a near constant problem and Parkinson’s disease, where tremors make doing common everyday things like brushing your teeth a true challenge, medical marijuana has been shown to reduce or element nerve pain and lesson tremors respectively.   Most common pharmaceutical options, if there are any, are so sedating that patients spend their time in a haze rather than living their lives.

From easing the number and severity of epileptic seizures to lessening the overwhelming nausea of chemo treatments, to aiding in the control of glaucoma, medical marijuana has shown that it can help with so many types of medical conditions that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find one medical condition that marijuana can’t help.  It is still necessary to coordinate with a medical professional before you self-treat however with medicinal marijuana becoming more and more accepted in the medical community you should not face any judgment from your doctor.  If you do, it might be time to find a new doctor that supports your path towards a happy healthy life that is not solely dependent on often outrageously expensive pharmaceuticals that have serious and sometimes dangerous side effects.  The effort to find the right medicinal marijuana for your condition is well worth the time.

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Make the Most of a Wake ‘N’ Bake Cannabis Session

wake 'n' bake

Any cannabis user, even most newbies, have heard the expression wake ‘n’ bake.  It simply means consuming cannabis first thing after waking up, for most people that means in the morning.  A good wake ‘n’ bake session can take an otherwise mundane morning and turn it into something much more fun and even meaningful.  If you have never tried waking ‘n’ baking, it’s an experience not be missed.  The key is to know how to make the most of the session.  For some people that means spending hours in bed watching Netflix for others it means setting the mood for a chill but productive early part of the day.  We will explore a few ways to make sure you get the most of a wake ‘n’ bake session.

Choose the right cannabis for your wake ‘n’ bake experience.  This is different for everyone of course but unless your only real goal is to get more sleep, then choosing a heavy Indica is not going to do you any favors.  A Sativa or a Sativa dominant hybrid are good options.  You may also want to play around with the THC to CBD ratio.  If you are normally a cannabis user that prefers a high THC percentage and very little or no CBD, expand your cannabis horizons.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the effects of a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.  The buzz is there, just not as intense and it may be the perfect way to go about your morning if you have things to do.

To get the most out of a wake ‘n’ bake session you’ve got to do a little self analysis of how you are when you’re stoned.  Does your stoned self like to whip up delicious and complex meals?  Excellent and those blueberry scones should be amazing!  If you’re a cannabis user that likes to have your food delivered or keep things very basic, it’s better to know before you wake up with no cereal left because you ate it all the night before and very few if any food delivery options.  Also true with showing or bathing.  Is a stoned shower just a normal part of your day or would it be better to shower first, or not at all, before your wake ‘n’ bake session?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help make the session much better and you may have certain things you love to do when you’re high or the opposite, just don’t like to do when you’re high.  A little thoughtfulness beforehand will make a huge difference.

The level of activity for people partaking in a wake ‘n’ bake session varies considerably from person to person.  Some cannabis users can wake ‘n’ bake and it is just an ordinary part of the way they start their day.  No additional planning or schedule adjustments are necessary.  For others and particularly for those new to cannabis, plan your schedule for the fact that you may not be in the mood to do certain things or be around certain people.  Your boss for example, may not be the right person to be around and any high level of physical activity, say a 5 mile run might need to be removed from your schedule, for that day.  Chilling with some food, music and even some good stretching can make for a perfect wake ‘n’ bake time.  The most important part of this way of using cannabis is there are some general guidelines but it’s your own imagination that will make it a fantastic way to start your day.

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