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Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel Strain

Factoids:  Grower – HPL3/ Dispensary – Pacific Gold Cannabis

Sativa THC 25.00% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene 

Bud Buzz:  Sour Diesel strain is one of the most popular cannabis strains around and for good reason.  If you are a Sativa fan and looking for a solid daytime strain that is super potent, Sour Diesel is for you.  However, if you are a cannabis newbie and concerned about negative side effects such as paranoia or increased anxiety, Sour Diesel might be a strain to hold off on. At least until you have more experience with Sativas in general.  The buds themselves are medium sized, not overly dense but not sparse at all.  The buds can be light to medium green with red hairs throughout and a very light trichome coating.  The smell is almost pure diesel with a little earthiness and a hint of citrus.  The taste is similar to the smell but much more of an earthy flavor than the smell.  

Buzz Effects

This cannabis strain hits fast and hard! You can expect your buzz to last around 3 hours, sometimes a little more.  The head buzz is very unique and the most dominate feelings are happiness and euphoria.  Sour Diesel is also known for its ability to provide plenty of creative energy. Plus you can expect some tingling sensations, especially during the first hour as well as sexual arousal.  How Sour Diesel reacts to your own unique brain chemistry varies. Some people find it easy to stay focused and others find thoughts slip from their mind quickly. It can be next to impossible to stay focused.  This is a social cannabis strain and laughing comes as easily as breathing. All these amazing effects make Sour Diesel perfect for a wake n’ bake session or an afternoon or early evening talk with friends. 

One of the best strains for depression, stress and mild to moderate pain.  Sour Diesel does help some people manage their anxiety, but not everyone. If you are looking for a strain to manage anxiety, you may want to try a hybrid first before moving to a Sativa.  Besides the potential negatives mentioned above, dry mouth and red dry eyes are common with this cannabis strain.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – Plenty of hydration is part of the Sour Diesel buzz, so keep water around throughout your smoke session and beyond.  Any type of carbonated drink is also great with this cannabis strain.  If you like alcohol, don’t overdo, two drinks should be plenty for most people.  If you really want to boost your energy level beyond what it already is, go with some cold brew or hot black tea.

Munchables – Sour Diesel strain does not really bring on the munchies for most people. It is actually used by many cannabis connoisseurs to help control their appetite.  That being said, you may want to have some healthy snacks around to fuel your creative pursuits while you enjoy your buzz.  Any type of fruit and nuts are always good choices.  Eating fruit, especially citrus fruit like oranges is said to elevate your buzz and certainly worth giving a try.

Doables – This cannabis strain sparks some serious creativity and can be used as part of a brainstorming session, especially if you are looking for truly out of the norm ideas.  Sour Diesel also increases sexual arousal for many. Use that plus your creativity and see where it leads you!  Also a super social cannabis strain and excellent for those who struggle with social anxiety.  If you have a Zoom session coming up that you are apprehensive about, this strain is an excellent way to decrease the stress associated with talking to random, or known people online.

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Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Toking Blunts/ Dispensary – Attis Trading

Sativa Strain –  THC 22.60% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes – Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Pinene and Linalool

Bud Buzz: A delicious daytime cannabis strain, Green Crack strain is not a good relax at the end of the day buzz.  This is the “I need to be mentally sharp but I also want to be super stoned too” kind of strain. Green Crack buds are medium sized and fairly dense. Once broken up or ground up, they work well in a joint or blunt. These buds are a very deep shade of dark green with amber to dark orange pistils interwoven throughout.  The taste and smell are similar, very earthy and fruity but with a touch of lemon taste as a finish.  The smoke does linger, maybe a little longer than you might want so this is a good cannabis strain to smoke outside or in a well ventilated room.

Buzz Effects

The effects hit right away and this is a potent strain so be prepared and if you are prone to anxiety, start slow with Green Crack.  The first noticeable effect is an intense cerebral rush of euphoria and kind of a mind clearing sensation.  It is nearly impossible to feel sad or depressed with this cannabis strain.  Next up are some brain and body tingling sensations that don’t last long so enjoy them while you can as they are fantastic.  Green Crack gives you a mental clarity that lasts about 3-4 hours and slowly dissipates after that time period. The absolute perfect wake n’ bake strain if you need positive energy to go about your day.

As mentioned before this is a highly potent Sativa so for those who are sensitive to Sativas and experience paranoia or anxiety. You can still enjoy Green Crack, just don’t smoke too much the first few times until you know how your brain and body respond.  Excellent for depression and fatigue as well as mild pain management. Dry mouth and dry eyes are common with Green Crack. When you first are stoned you may experience a bit of dizziness, so stand up slowly.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – As dry mouth is a definite problem with this cannabis strain you are going to want to hydrate even before you smoke, plain water is perfect for that.  Depending on how much energy you really want, most people don’t need or want anything with caffeine. This is likely to give you a short term jittery feeling.  If you want something beyond plain water, go with a carbonated flavored water or a fruit juice.  Alcohol can interfere with your buzz so if you choose to drink, keep it minimal.

Munchables – Sativa cannabis strains are not known for producing the munchies and Green Crack is no exception.  That being said, you still have to eat so go with light snacks rather than a full meal.  Cheese and whole wheat crackers are always a good option.  If you want something sweet go with dried fruit like mangos or apples.  If you are feeling like a meal is the way to go, grilled cheese is a tasty option with some cookies to finish the meal.

Doables – Green Crack strain is a cannabis strain that gives your brain and body an energy boost so find ways to use that energy.  If you want to take on something physical, hot yoga is an excellent way to expend some of that energy.  If you’re not feeling the yoga vibe, a walk in the sunshine will feel like bliss.  Don’t forget to enjoy your surroundings while you are outside!  To get the most of your happy energy, have a meaningful or even silly talk with friends.  Solve the world’s problems together or at least laugh together, which will come super easy with this strain.

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Why Cannabis Strain Reviews are Important

cannabis strain reviews

Why Cannabis Strain Reviews are Important

If you have ever read cannabis strain reviews you will know that there are good ones that provide basic information about a strain and there are great ones that go into detail, not just about the strain itself but offer in depth experience about what the strain user might expect, both good and bad, from the strain.  Of course then there are the emoji strain reviews that are entertaining and do say something about the strain but are not especially useful.  There are so many cannabis strains and that number will continue to grow so adding information to be used by both medical cannabis patients as well as recreational users is becoming increasingly essential.

Experience Wanted

If you are a cannabis newbie and want to sample a few new strains, you can jump in, give them a try and more than likely you will have a fantastic time however if you want to be an informed cannabis consumer from that first toke or edible, you will likely want to check out some strain reviews before spending money on any particular strain.  This is true even for cannabis connoisseurs. With each harvest introducing new strains to dispensaries around the US and Canada, you can use your cannabis expertise to write about a new strain, giving your honest thoughts and also any concerns you have about side effects.  Marijuana dispensaries appreciate this type of information as well as other cannabis users.  You certainly don’t have to write a book each time you get high but a good description for new cannabis strain reviews will be welcome information to other stoners and anyone in the industry.

Medical Marijuana Patients

In the US, the recent election ushered in even more states that have legalized medical marijuana and that will likely be the trend with each subsequent election.  As there has not been enough research done on the specifics of treating various diseases and medical conditions with marijuana, if you are a medical marijuana patient, your opinion is extremely valuable.  For example if you use marijuana to treat a condition like migraines and have found an excellent strain or two that provides relief to you, sharing that knowledge can help others who are also migraine sufferers.  Conversely if you have found that a recommended strain did not help your migraine at all, that is also very important information to share.  Each person has a unique chemistry and not every medical marijuana patient will experience identical results however no matter what condition you have that marijuana has helped, you now have the ability to potentially help others with that same condition.

Join the Cannabis Community

No it’s not an official club or anything like that.  If you like cannabis, like getting stoned and the lifestyle in general, why keep it to yourself?  By contributing your knowledge and experience with cannabis strain reviews, you can be part of a larger community, one that is growing every single day.  You may even find you have a talent for describing the effects of cannabis strains and others begin to look forward to your reviews.  You can choose to focus on Indicas, Sativas, hybrids or anything that appeals to you on your next dispensary trip.  Even the most tried and true cannabis strains that have thousands of reviews deserve a fresh look.  Strains can change considerably over time and that once perfect strain that has always been a favorite may not be as good as you remember or the cultivator has changed their grow process, therefore changing how that particular batch hits.  This is useful information you can include in a review so that not only other stoners know, but the dispensary where you got it and the growers as well.  Most cannabis strains improve over time however that is not always the case and a thorough review will benefit so many people, not to mention save stoners money, which is just good stoner etiquette.

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Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain Review

Tangie Breath Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Oregon Growers Group/ Dispensary Cannabliss & Co.

Sativa THC 21.34% CBD 0.46%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Pinene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain should be nicknamed super social because it is weed you will want to share with your friends.  One of the more uplifting and talkative strains out there.  You will also feel pretty energetic and focused so if you have any projects that need to get done, this should be your go to strain of weed.  Not only will you be able to accomplish a lot, you will feeling amazing while you do it.  Add friends to the equation and it takes this high to the next level.  The first 15 minutes or so can be a little jittery the first time you smoke it, dab it or vape it but that goes away pretty quickly and was not a repeat problem.

Tangie Breath strain smells pretty medicinal but the taste is much smoother than the smell so not to worry.  Weed is medicine after all!  The feelings of creativity are powerful and even those folks who are not normally super creative may feel inspired by this cannabis strain.  Go with it.  The social aspect is prominent and you will just want to be around friends.  Laughing has never come so easily.  If your spirit needs a pick me up, Tangie Breath has you covered.  Great for anxiety and depression and of course it does wonders to decrease your stress level.  Not any real noticeable negatives besides a little dry mouth.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– if you are a person that enjoys an occasional beer or glass of wine with your cannabis, this strain is a good one for a drink or two. Go easy as it’s a potent strain and for some people the mix of marijuana and alcohol does not produce happy results.  Keep some soda or water around to sip on.  If you decide to use that energy for physical activity, stay hydrated and away from alcohol.

Munchables-because this is such a super social weed strain, why not make your food choice social as well.  Pizza.  If you’re not feeling in a savory mood, any type of chocolate will satisfy and for some reason Twizzlers really are the best snack option for this strain.

Doables-Tangie Breath will inspire you do something physical, especially the first two hours.  A hike or maybe a bike ride that does not involve a lot of hills are perfect activities to do alone if you want to take some time for yourself or with others.  Chatting on Zoom while drawing, yes multitasking is pretty easy with this weed and is a cool way to spend an afternoon.  You can also just sit back, relax and enjoy being high.  That’s an activity right?

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Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Orgo Farms/ Dispensary-Happy Leaf Dispensary

Sativa THC 20.78% CBD 0.33%

Terpenes- Terpinolene, Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz: One of the most perfect daytime cannabis strains out there.  Or if you prefer your Sativa in the evening it would work well, just not right before you want to sleep.  Ghost Train Haze strain is everything a Sativa should be and very few live up to.  First of all the smell is sublime, super fruity but stops just short of being overly tropical.  The taste is similar to the smell, just deliciousness.

You will feel that head buzz instantly and what a buzz!  The dominant feelings after two bong hits are euphoric, energetic and a relaxed focus.  That last one is a bit strange but try this strain out and you will experience what it’s like to be both relaxed and focused at the same time.  Super cannabis strain for creative types and those who want to really spend time exploring their creative side but feel intimated about doing so.  You will feel inspired and ready to conquer just about anything.

Ghost Train Haze is also an excellent cannabis strain for all things social, at a distance of course so those Zoom sessions will no longer be weirdly awkward.  The high lasts about three hours and this strain of cannabis is excellent for depression, stress and anxiety. There is some dry mouth and just a little bit of dry eyes associated with this strain.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– Ghost Train Haze strain does cause some moderate dry mouth although it’s not overpowering right away.  If you keep a steady source of hydration around you should be fine.  This is a strain that you can also indulge in alcohol with, if you are a drinker.

It’s a super social strain and having a cocktail or a beer is a good combination but don’t overdo the alcohol or you will end your buzz before it should end, rather than enhance it.  If you are not an alcohol person, a nice tart cranberry with seltzer or cranapple is so refreshing with this strain of cannabis.  The tartness just works.

Munchables-This cannabis strain does not make you super hungry so when the munchies do come calling, and they will after about an hour, you can take time to make some healthy food choices rather than inhaling large quantities of food. Spicy works well and savory foods in general are good options.

You can make some guacamole dip with some black corn tortillas or even a spicy quesadilla.  If you need to quell a sweet tooth, go with dark chocolate, even better if you can find some with chili peppers.

Doables– Ghost Train Haze will make you want to do something and how you proceed from there is up to you.  If you want to stay home and enjoy your buzz, get creative, write a short story, paint a portrait of your weird neighbor or compose your own short symphony.

If you plan to get outside, maybe enjoy a walk with friends and check out how the autumn has changed your neighborhood.  Basically anything you do will be fun with this cannabis strain.

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Violet Vixen Strain Review

Violet Vixen Strain

Violet Vixen Strain Review

Violet Vixen Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Sol SeedsCompound Genetics/ Dispensary – Electric Lettuce

Sativa THC 24.00% CBD 0.14%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene and Pinene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain is perfect for daytime users.  So all you wake n’ bakers, this strain is for you!  Violet Vixen is not easy to find so if your local dispensary doesn’t carry it, ask for it.  For those who want a happy head high that inspires them to do great things with their day, this strain does that and more.  After a toke or two you will start to feel the head high, a little bit tingly as well, which passes in case that’s not a feeling you enjoy.  Once the head high is firmly established, you will start to experience the unmistakable feelings of happiness and contentment.  Not sit on the couch contentment but the kind that propels you to do stuff.

If you don’t have a plan for your day, no worries, with this cannabis strain brainstorming comes as easy as breathing.  Need to be inspired at work or just in life?  Violet Vixen is the perfect strain for creative inspiration of pretty much all varieties.  The only downsides are a little bit of jitteriness the first 10 minutes or so that goes away and some slight dry mouth but nothing overwhelming.  Perfect for depression and some low level pain management.  Also can be a super social and talkative cannabis strain with the right crowd.

Drinkables– dry mouth is not a huge problem with this strain of cannabis but you still need to drink something.  If you feel comfortable drinking alcohol with your weed, Violet Vixen is a good strain to indulge in a beer or two with.  If alcohol is not your thing then go with any type of soda or iced tea is super refreshing if it’s got a little lemon in it.

Munchables-the munchies seem to come out of nowhere after an hour or two so be prepared.  Since this cannabis strain can be super social, why not make your snack choices social as well.  Any shareable food is great but pizza is the ultimate shareable food.  If you are going solo and just need to take an inspiration break to refuel, choose something light and healthy.  Either way it’s easy to overeat with this strain so if you want to try and avoid that, plan ahead and only keep healthy options available.

Buzz Enhancers

Doables-there are so many possibilities with Violet Vixen.  You can write music, listen to music, and dance to music.  Of course if music is not your thing, why not paint of write?  Anything creative just seems to come more easily with this strain of cannabis.  If you want to do something physical, grab a friend or two and go for a walk.  While walking get into some deep conversations and solve all the world’s problems!

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain

Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain 

Factoids:  Grower-KGB Farms/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC 30.97% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Linalool and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is a super Sativa, although it was recommended as a Sativa dominant hybrid.  The Sativa is definitely dominant.  Not sure who Dave is and the budtender was not sure either but he is clearly a very social, happy and talkative dude.  Super Dave strain is a very potent cannabis strain so newbies tread lightly.  One bong hit and that Sativa mind buzz was already firmly in place.  The feelings of happiness, euphoria and kind of a focused energy were present throughout this buzz, which lasted for about 4 hours total.  So although it was a top shelf cannabis strain and a bit pricy, it is well worth the money.

If you are trying to get things done and need to stay focused, this is your strain.  If you have a high cannabis tolerance, this is also your strain.  The smell is slightly pine tree and diesel and the taste is super spicy with a slight diesel aftertaste.  No matter what you have planned for your day, with the addition of a little bit of Super Dave, you will be happy to get it done.  Excellent social strain for lighthearted types of conversation or deeper ones, which is rare.  Good for stress or depression and some mild pain management.  The only negatives are serious dry mouth and dry eyes.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables- You will need a lot of liquids to combat the dry mouth that comes with the Super Dave strain.  Staying well hydrated is only the start.  Keep some water around to sip on from time to time and if you want something with flavor, orange juice, cranapple juice both are good healthy options, with a little sugar thrown in for good measure.  Your mind will be preoccupied so don’t forget to drink on a regular basis during your buzz.

Munchables-There was not a serious munchies issue with this cannabis strain however you may feel a little hungry after about 3 hours.  The issue, as with many Sativas, is that once you start eating something, it’s tough to stop.  Keep your snacks light and healthy, hummus and carrot sticks are a good options that you can eat a lot of or if you are craving something sweet, try those small cuties, mini tangerines that are so flavorful and sweet.  The bonus is they have a decent water ratio so snacking on them will help keep you well hydrated.

Doables- If you are planning a Zoom session with friends, or certain family, this is a perfect strain for that.  You will feel talkative but still have the focus to be a good listener.  Super Dave is a happy cannabis strain so any activity you choose will be fairly enjoyable, even if it’s cleaning out your closet.  You are likely to feel pretty energetic so it’s also a good strain for getting outside and taking a walk.  If you can combine walking and talking, socially distanced of course, all the better.

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Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Lucky Lion/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid THC 25.96% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes– Linalool and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This champagne cake strain review is for cannabis enthusiasts who like balanced hybrids.  Champagne Cake is a fairly balanced hybrid, it starts out as more of a Sativa but finishes like an Indica.  It is the perfect strain if you want to get things done for an hour or two but then want to chill out or even sleep later on in your buzz.

The head high comes first but it’s not too intense.  You can really focus with this strain, at least until the body high gets going and then you can still focus, you just may not want to.  The smell and taste is a little spicy with a touch of diesel but not overpowering.

A great strain for managing anxiety, especially social anxiety as it calms you but you still feel like talking which is a bonus. A few negatives include both dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes, so break out those soothing eye drops, it’s worth it.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– You can break down your drink options to match your buzz with this cannabis strain.  The first Sativa like buzz needs clear cold liquids to quench that thirst and deal with dry mouth.  Water or a clear soda will do the job.  Once you hit the more Indica side of things after about two hours, warm liquids are where it’s at.  Hot chocolate or tea are both excellent choices.  If you want to put a little whiskey in your tea, no one is stopping you!

Munchables-The munchies really didn’t hit until the Indica part of the buzz. Once you are all settled in and relaxed, maybe some fruit and nuts, mixing sweet and salty is the way to go.  Chocolate covered pretzels should be in every stoners home and they are perfect with this cannabis strain.

 Doables-Champagne Cake is a duel experience and your activities will probably reflect that.  The first hour or so you can do something that requires mental focus.  You can get some work done if you must, get creative and write or draw something spectacular.  If you are feeling like some physical activity keep it low key, maybe a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sweet smell of autumn.

If you like games or gaming generally this is a great strain for that.  Once the Indica second half kicks in, you can hang out with friends and watch something cool or listen to music, just enjoy being perfectly relaxed.

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Blackberry Octane Strain Review

Blackberry Octane Strain

Blackberry Octane Strain Review

Blackberry Octane Strain 

Factoids:  Grower – Pruf Cultivar/ Dispensary – Electric Lettuce

Indica THC 29.05% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes- Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain is the ultimate Indica.  Sweet smelling and tasting, the aftertaste is a little bit like fuel, thus the name octane.  Touted as the ultimate couch lock experience, Blackberry Octane strain does not disappoint. The body high comes on immediately after the first hit and builds pretty quickly to an all over feeling of euphoria.

This cannabis strain is not for those wake n’ bakers unless the only thing you have planned for the rest of your morning is a nap.  This particular strain has a high THC percentage so go slow even if you have a relatively high tolerance.  Not a super social strain, this one is excellent for pain relief, anxiety and stress literally melt away which are all good things.  The negatives are its strong and if you are looking for a lighter Indica to ease into your evening, this one is not it.  Two or three bong hits should be plenty but start with one.  The other downside is the dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes.  Overall though, the Blackberry Octane strain is the ultimate escape into either blissful sleep or blissful chillness.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– because of the dry mouth associated with this cannabis strain, liquids are vital.  If you want to create a bit more of an uplifting effect, go with coffee or black tea.  Otherwise stick with any clear liquid you like, water is always good but for those who like some carbonation LaCroix seems to really hit the spot.  Just stay hydrated because you will find yourself so relaxed you may forget to sip on some liquids from time to time.

Munchables-the munchies come on after about an hour but are not super intense, meaning you don’t feel like eating the entire contents of your fridge.  Go with savory but not too salty snacks to start, maybe some creamy mac and cheese.  It’s easy to mindlessly eat once you get started so keep that in mind and only make a certain amount, you won’t feel like making anything overly complicated anyway.  If sweet snacks are your thing, think brownies or something creamy like cheesecake.

Doables-sometimes with certain cannabis strains you just want to feel that all-encompassing high without really doing too much.  This is one of those strains.  Blackberry Octane is not going to motivate you to take on any major projects, creative or otherwise.  Sure you could rearrange your cabinets while waiting for the mac and cheese to finish but for the most part, just sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of being euphorically stoned!

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Cannabis Habits – Why You Should Change Yours

Cannabis Habits

People tend to be creatures of habit.  Some of those habits serve us well, a daily walk, a morning cup of coffee, an evening meditation, even your cannabis habits.  All great habits however even the best of habits can use a little shaking up from time to time.  This is definitely true for cannabis consumption.  The same glass bowl of the same strain at the same time every day may start to lose its excitement or effectiveness after a while.  Just as there are multiple routes you can take on your morning walk, there are so many ways to consume cannabis that changing your routine may just open the door to some new discoveries about yourself and how cannabis can be a useful part of your life.

If you want to do some cannabis exploration, start with a trip, not that kind of tip, down memory lane.  Why do you use cannabis?  Every person will have a different answer to this question and for many people, there are multiple reasons.  Some use cannabis to alleviate pain, stress or to treat any number of other medical conditions.  Some use it in a strictly recreational way and so many use it for all of the above.  No matter your reasons, changing the way you use cannabis can change your life.

Change Your Cannabinoid Ratio

If you use medical marijuana with a high CBD percentage to treat a medical condition, try asking your budtender for a different percentage.  For example if you are using a 1:2 THC:CBD ratio, how would a 1:1 ration affect your medical condition?  You can always go back to the old ratio if you’re not happy with the results.  You may find that a little more THC produces additional benefits and continues to treat your medical condition.  Win, Win!  For those recreational users who are searching for the highest THC strains they can find, do they live up to the hype?  In some cases they do but not always and just because a strain of marijuana has a high THC percentage does not mean your unique body chemistry will experience the full effects.  Try a mid-range THC strain, say around 18-20% rather than the sought after 30% plus strain and see how you like it.  Dispensaries that offer half gram joints are an excellent way to experiment a little with varying THC percentages without a serious financial commitment.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results of changing the THC percentage.  Up is not always the right direction for everyone and the same goes for your cannabis habits.

Consider Changing the Type of Cannabis Strain

You’ve no doubt heard people say they only smoke Indica.  You yourself might really prefer a good Sativa.  Perhaps you like a perfectly balanced hybrid.  Regardless of your preferences, new strains are showing up in dispensaries every day and if you refuse to give new cannabis strains a try because it is a Sativa and you only use Indicas, you are likely going to miss out on some serious cannabis bliss. Again a good budtender can advise you on a somewhat mellow Sativa if you have been solely using an Indica strain to relax at the end of the day.  Conversely, an upbeat Indica can take the place of a mid-afternoon Sativa.  If you don’t have access to a wise budtender, use your own previous experiences with marijuana as a general guide.  If you’re looking to make a change, do it on a lazy day that you don’t have a bunch of obligations so if that Indica was a little more sleep inducing that you expected, a nap fits into your schedule.  If that evening Sativa is not as relaxing as you had hoped, you don’t have to be up at 6 am for a 7 am meeting.  Just a bit of planning ahead can make all the difference to your ultimate experience.

Timing is Everything

For all the wake and bakers out there, this is going to be tough but think about starting your day without a few good bong rips and instead some coffee and a walk. Your cannabis habits are part of your routine, I know. Wait until after lunch to take your first dab of the day.  Why not!  This is all about shaking up your routine and seeing if a change in your cannabis habits is a good thing.  Don’t worry, you can always go back to the pre-dawn bong.  The idea is your experience with cannabis will be slightly different if you change the time or times that you normally use it.  For those who rely on a late evening session to help ease them into sleep, changing that might seem impossible but it’s doable.  You may even discover that you sleep better if you have your usual nightly session a few hours earlier.  It’s all about being flexible with when you use cannabis and varying your daily routine.  You could end up liking the changes so much, they become a new part of your cannabis use.

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The History of Cannabis – It’s Been Around a Long Time

history of cannabis

The history of cannabis is a long one. Cannabis is thought of as among the first cultivated plants in human history, with some estimates placing its first cultivation over 30,000 years back. For centuries, sativa plants were cultivated for their use as food and fiber, used by ancient peoples for clothes, rope, paper and a lot more. Indica plants found use across southeast Asia as religious enhancers, and were popular for spiritual rituals and recreation. Cannabis eventually traveled around the world, and is mentioned in numerous historical records from Ancient China, Germanic tribes, the Celts and Africa. Its health uses throughout early history contained analgesia, childbirth painkiller, in addition to treatment for migraines, indigestion and insomnia.

Some of the oldest known records of cannabis use exist in East Asia because of the ancient advanced civilizations that inhabited the regions, together with the cultural significance placed upon herbal remedies. Despite cannabis’ birthplace being the Hindu Kush mountain region of Pakistan, it seems the first individuals to cultivate the plant brought it via modern day Kashmir to India, and either via trade or farming in western Tibet, or possibly a mixture of both, it was introduced into the peoples of China and spread around East Asian civilizations.

The earliest known use in the history of cannabis comes from a Japanese grave on the Oki Islands dating back to 8000 BCE, where cannabis residue was discovered alongside the deceased, apparently because of its cultural importance. Cannabis use in pre-Neolithic Japanese culture because of its use in fibers, food and possibly a psychoactive spiritual aid proved rather prevalent. For thousands of years later, it had been used heavily in mainland China as well, even earning its place on Yangshao culture pottery dating to approximately 4500 BCE. Korean civilization utilized the plant for cloth also, and has been traced back to at least 3000 BCE. Chinese Emperor Shennong, “The Red Emperor,” wrote about cannabis in 2727 BCE in what is known as the first pharmacopeia, Shennong Bencao Jing, or “The Classic of Herbal Medicine.” Shennong makes reference to cannabis as a staple crop of Asian culture, and provides instructions on grinding cannabis roots down to a paste for pain relief. The influence of the herb in ancient China is still seen to this day at the Chinese character for cannabis, 麻 or”má.” The emblem shows two cannabis plants under a shelter, and may be traced back to 1000 BCE in ancient Taiwan.

In ancient India, cannabis was known as ganja, or गञ्जा in Sanskrit. Cannabis indica was used extensively throughout Indian history for spiritual and industrial uses. Another historical herb referenced in Indian antiquity around 1000 BCE is called bhanga, it is possible this was intended to be bhang, an edible preparation of cannabis that first appeared around the same time. It is also suggested that the early drug called soma mentioned in the Vedas was also cannabis. Cannabis was found in archaeological Ayurvedic mixtures in India relationship to about 400 BCE as well, mostly, used to treat headaches.

The early Aryans, an ethnic group of Indo-Iranian men and women who migrated from Aryavarta from the Indus Valley to the Ural mountains of eastern Europe, were first to introduce the cultivation of cannabis into the Assyrians of Mesopotamia around 3200 BCE, who started calling the herb qunubu, or “a method to generate smoke.” While migrating, Aryans spread their favorite herb into the Scythians of Eastern Iran, the Thracians of Southeastern Europe and the Dacians across the Black Sea, all which started utilizing cannabis sativa heavily also. These civilizations shared the kapnobatai, highly revered ritualistic shaman whose name means”people who walk on clouds.” These religious leaders burnt cannabis flowers to induce a trance for rituals. Circa 700 BCE, a Caucasian shaman was buried at the Yanghai Tombs near Turpan in China with a huge cache of cannabis sativa showing distinct signs of domestication, suggesting this soothsayer had traveled from Eurasia to China so as to spread his sacred herb, possibly coming from the Aryan civilization that had introduced it to many different cultures before him. Phytochemical analysis showed preserved THC, one of a number of other phytocannabinoids still staying in the early plant. Herodotus goes on to comment around 440 BCE the people of Scythia, in addition to numerous cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, were fond of inhaling the vapors of hemp-seed smoke in steam baths, both in significant rituals and as pleasurable diversion included in their history of cannabis.

The Assyrians’ usage of this herb in the Middle East turned into a traditional haven for cannabis, and its cultivation rapidly spread to surrounding lands and areas, such as the Egyptians and Persians, in addition to their successors in modern-day Iraq. An Egyptian mummy dating to about 1070 BCE was surprisingly found to still have trace amounts of THC out of hashish in its hairs, bones and soft tissues because of its preservation. The amount bound in fat cells was up of 4100 nanograms, almost 4 times the amount found in modern-day German’s in treatment for cannabis dependence. The Egyptians were not the only ones, however, since the budding Semitic people of Arabia started to provide the herb religious significance also. Biblical scholars insist that the”sacred herb” commonly referenced in numerous Bible verses and books is the cannabis plant itself, as it was a common crop in the area and its psychotropic properties were known. This is further supported by the fact that a part of the holy anointing oil in the Bible is known as kaneh-bosem based on Exodus 30:22-30, a derivative of which would become qannabōs, the precursor word to cannabis. Hindus, Shintos, Buddhists, Coptic Christians, Sufis, Essenes, Zoroastrians, Bantus, Jews and Rastafarians, are just some to believe cannabis has significant religious value.


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Make the Most of a Wake ‘N’ Bake Cannabis Session

wake 'n' bake

Any cannabis user, even most newbies, have heard the expression wake ‘n’ bake.  It simply means consuming cannabis first thing after waking up, for most people that means in the morning.  A good wake ‘n’ bake session can take an otherwise mundane morning and turn it into something much more fun and even meaningful.  If you have never tried waking ‘n’ baking, it’s an experience not be missed.  The key is to know how to make the most of the session.  For some people that means spending hours in bed watching Netflix for others it means setting the mood for a chill but productive early part of the day.  We will explore a few ways to make sure you get the most of a wake ‘n’ bake session.

Choose the right cannabis for your wake ‘n’ bake experience.  This is different for everyone of course but unless your only real goal is to get more sleep, then choosing a heavy Indica is not going to do you any favors.  A Sativa or a Sativa dominant hybrid are good options.  You may also want to play around with the THC to CBD ratio.  If you are normally a cannabis user that prefers a high THC percentage and very little or no CBD, expand your cannabis horizons.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the effects of a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.  The buzz is there, just not as intense and it may be the perfect way to go about your morning if you have things to do.

To get the most out of a wake ‘n’ bake session you’ve got to do a little self analysis of how you are when you’re stoned.  Does your stoned self like to whip up delicious and complex meals?  Excellent and those blueberry scones should be amazing!  If you’re a cannabis user that likes to have your food delivered or keep things very basic, it’s better to know before you wake up with no cereal left because you ate it all the night before and very few if any food delivery options.  Also true with showing or bathing.  Is a stoned shower just a normal part of your day or would it be better to shower first, or not at all, before your wake ‘n’ bake session?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help make the session much better and you may have certain things you love to do when you’re high or the opposite, just don’t like to do when you’re high.  A little thoughtfulness beforehand will make a huge difference.

The level of activity for people partaking in a wake ‘n’ bake session varies considerably from person to person.  Some cannabis users can wake ‘n’ bake and it is just an ordinary part of the way they start their day.  No additional planning or schedule adjustments are necessary.  For others and particularly for those new to cannabis, plan your schedule for the fact that you may not be in the mood to do certain things or be around certain people.  Your boss for example, may not be the right person to be around and any high level of physical activity, say a 5 mile run might need to be removed from your schedule, for that day.  Chilling with some food, music and even some good stretching can make for a perfect wake ‘n’ bake time.  The most important part of this way of using cannabis is there are some general guidelines but it’s your own imagination that will make it a fantastic way to start your day.

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Cannabis Strains and How to Combine Them

Cannabis Strains

Most of us have our favorite cannabis strains, but who said you need to restrict yourself to one? You’ve got countless indicas, sativas, and hybrids to choose from, and the probable combinations are near-endless. The best breed combos, however, are made in consideration of the genetics, cannabinoid profiles, and how their terpenes blend.

There are thousands of special cannabis strains out there. Some are designed for stimulation, others for soothing our heads. Some are bred for effectiveness, and some purely based on preference. Most consumers have their own favorite strain that hits that sweet spot for them. Continue reading Cannabis Strains and How to Combine Them

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Cannabis Terpenes Battle COVID-19 – Researchers View Promising Outcomes

Cannabis Terpenes Battle Covid-19

Could cannabis terpenes battle COVID-19? A recently conducted study examining the use of cannabis terpene formulation – NT-VRL on inflammatory conditions resulted in some extremely promising results in battling cytokine storm syndrome resulting from COVID-19. Continue reading Cannabis Terpenes Battle COVID-19 – Researchers View Promising Outcomes