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More Amazing Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland Oregon

Best Dispensaries in Portland

Best Dispensaries in Portland

Chalice Farms – Best Dispensaries in Portland

With six locations around the Portland metro area including one at the airport, which is, interesting to say the least, this cannabis dispensary chain does it all.  If you are in Portland, you are never far from a Chalice dispensary.  The dispensary being reviewed is near the waterfront on Naito Parkway.  There is not much signage out front so make sure you know where you’re going or you will easily walk right past it.  The first room you walk into looks and kind of feels like a dentist’s waiting room, with a few outdated magazines on a table.  Once you show your ID and wait, you will be ushered back to a beautiful space with lots of space and light wood, a bit like a cabin of cannabis!  The budtenders here know their stuff but as this location always seems busy, you might feel a little pressure to make a selection or five and be on your way.  They have some of the best topshelf cannabis in the area and their prices reflect this.  That being said, if you want to treat yourself, this is the place to do it!  If you are a newbie and have a lot of questions, they are very responsive to texts so it might be helpful to ask a few questions before you go.  Chalice Farms offers delivery, pickup and instore shopping plus if you are part of their rewards program you will get plenty of opportunities for some seriously good cannabis discounts.

Oregon’s Finest – Best Dispensaries in Portland

This small two store dispensary chain was the first in Oregon and it shows.  With an eastside and westside location, both dispensaries are convenient to get to.  The westside location is by far the most beautiful dispensary around.  It is spacious and full of great product displays and has a very extensive and varied menu.  Looking for a hard to find cannabis strain?  Odds are Oregon’s Finest has it or can tell you when to expect it to be available.  The budtenders here are qualified, knowledgeable and always friendly.  Sadly this amazing location is currently only doing pickup or delivery but the eastside location still has instore service.  The eastside location is of course spectacular but it doesn’t have that old school charm like the one on the westside does.  Oregon’s finest, in addition to some fine cannabis products, has a very interactive website with a good loyalty program. Their topshelf products have the highest THC percentages in town.  33% THC for some of the hybrid strains with Emerald Apricot the clear winner from this dispensary.  If you participate in their loyalty program, the fairly high prices won’t hurt quite as much.

Broadway Cannabis Market – Best Dispensaries in Portland

This very hip dispensary is not what it appears to be from the outside.  The neighborhood is a little rough so it’s best visited during the day but there is plenty of security around so you will not feel uncomfortable at all.  From the sidewalk, as you cue up on your socially distanced spot to get in, you will feel a bit like you’re about to enter a nightclub.  You’re not, it’s a bright and airy dispensary with the best deals on some seriously good weed.  There is a lot of glass in this large space, not that kind of glass, although you can pick up a bong or pipe to be sure.  With wide open display cases, and plenty of space to move around, take the time to look up while you’re there.  There is some amazing art on the walls and it adds to the overall vibe of this dispensary.  The budtenders are professional and go out of their way to make sure you are getting the right products for your cannabis needs.  If you seem unsure, they ask questions, which is a unique experience.  Most budtenders don’t ask questions, they answer them and you can tell they know the right questions to ask to make even a newbie feel like a qualified cannabis connoisseur.  The prices are the best around for flower, carts and concentrates.  The edibles are a little pricy but worth it!  With a rewards program and discounts for veterans, seniors and students, Broadway Cannabis Market does it right with pickup and instore shopping available.

Jayne – Best Dispensaries in Portland

Located on Portland’s inner eastside, Jayne is a cannabis lover’s dream come true.  A dispensary that not only has excellent cannabis options but is a beautiful and cool place to buy your bud.  Their hours are 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week and currently they are open for in-store shopping, pickup and even offer delivery.  In-store shopping is limited to only a few people in the budroom at a time to ensure social distancing but you won’t mind waiting as this dispensary is a true eclectic mix of décor that is quintessentially Portland! The outside of the building is decidedly modern but once inside , where you show your ID and wait to be ushered into the budroom is a mix of modern and old-school décor.  Very inviting.  The budroom itself is cool grey tones which serves to highlight why you came, for the cannabis.  Jayne’s website is extremely easy to navigate and showcases how truly involved they are in the Portland community and the charitable causes that matter to the area. Budtender Ryan, who is super friendly but possesses ninja like flower analysis can help you make the best cannabis selections for your needs. Both the Platinum OGKB and Royal Wedding were exactly as he described in terms of what to expect and the benefits for both.  This dispensary is more than worth the trip but if you prefer to pickup or have your cannabis delivered, Jayne’s got you covered there too.

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Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain

Factoids:  Grower-7 Points Oregon/ Dispensary-Oregon’s Finest

Hybrid THC 27.68% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes-  Myrcene, Pinene, and Linalool

Bud Buzz: Another green cannabis strain by 7 Points Oregon that does not disappoint.  This is a perfectly balanced hybrid that will leave even those cannabis connoisseurs with a high tolerance very happy! A slightly pine smell and taste but nothing overpowering.

The density of these buds is off the charts. Within a few minutes of that first toke, the head high and body high come on strong.   You will get the tingles with this strain and the feelings of happiness and euphoria are extremely profound.  The perfect strain if you had a bad day, expect to have a bad day or just want to be sure you have an amazing day or evening.

Some cannabis strains encourage talkativeness, with Future #1 it is almost a certainty.  Perfect social strain and also good for creative types that want to explore their passion in a balanced way, happy and energetic but also relaxed at the same time.  Perhaps that is what the future holds for all of us.  Fingers crossed.

This balanced buzz lasts for at least 3 hours before the Indica side of the hybrid begins to dominate so keep that in mind. Future #1 is perfect for when you have things to do, people to talk to but then want to chill after a few hours or even take a nap.  An excellent strain for depression, stress and anxiety and with no noticeable negative side effects, your Future can be #1.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– Just because Future #1 strain does not cause any serious dry mouth issues does not mean you should not stay hydrated.  If you like to drink alcohol, having a glass of wine or a beer does well with this social cannabis strain, just limit your alcohol intake as Future #1 can hit pretty hard.

No matter if you do choose to drink wine or beer, make sure you are also drinking water.  If alcohol is not your thing, apple cider is such a perfect drink with this strain, cold or hot, it just works.

Munchables– If you are taking advantage of the social nature of the Future #1 strain, why not try a social snack, pizza is always a good option and if you have the ingredients on hand to let people make their own personal pizzas with weird and varied toppings, so much the better.

Creative food combinations go perfectly with this cannabis strain.  If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, cupcakes are a perfect choice.  You can get creative with the icing and decorations, why not?

Doables– Anything creative or social or ideally both are good options in terms of things to do while enjoying your super buzz.  Even if you are not feeling the creative vibe, you can still get social and enjoy a comedy with friends online.  Once the giggles start, it is tough to stop, which is stress relief in and of itself.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland Oregon

recreational marijuana dispensaries in portland

Portland Oregon has a unique style and the same can be said of it’s dispensary scene. Below are the most popular recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

The Weedery 

Tucked away about half a block off a popular shopping and restaurant district in Portland’s Northwest neighborhood is a cute old house that contains some real cannabis treasures.  You will have to walk up some very narrow slightly creepy stairs to get there so watch your step.  Once you’re on the second floor you will be asked to show your ID to the person at the counter and depending on how busy it is you will either wait in that small room for a few minutes until there is a budtender in the next room available or you will be told to go right in.  Once inside the dispensary proper it can be a little overwhelming, there are a lot of cannabis products in a pretty small space so check out the menu first or do it online before you go.  Most of the budtenders are super friendly and if they sense you need a minute, they will give you time to make decisions.  It is obvious that the budtenders have tried a lot of the products so feel comfortable asking for recommendations.  No upselling at all and no pressure to buy topshelf products if that is not what you’re looking for or just don’t want to spend that much.  Their Pineapple Kush strain sells out fast when it’s available so snap it up.  The price is definitely right! The only real negative is the lack of a rewards program for repeat customers.

Cannabliss & Co. 

Cannabliss has five locations, most of them in the Portland area with one in Springfield Oregon near Eugene.  Each location is different in terms of available cannabis products and the look and layout of the dispensary.  The 22nd and Burnside location is in a busy neighborhood on an extremely busy street.  Burnside is one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Portland.  A big plus with this dispensary is that it is open until 10, every night and with most other dispensaries closing at 7 or 8 pm it’s great late night dispensary plus with a Taco Bell steps away…super convenient snackwise.  Once you step through the door you are immediately transported back in time to the 1980s or even the 1970s.  The small waiting room where you show your ID has some cool wall art but those red chairs, definitely a throwback to another era.  The vibe continues once you walk through to the dispensary.  It looks a little like an old baseball card shop, complete with what might be the same display cases.  Check the menu online before you go because although the budtenders are helpful, there is a vibe of wanting to keep things moving.  You won’t feel rushed and the prices for some of the best flower and carts in the city can’t be beat but ask too many questions and you may detect an eyeroll.  If you are buying more than a few grams this is the place to go.  Cash only and curbside pickup at this time.  Significant discounts for veterans. One of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.


This dispensary is a little hard to find but its painted yellow so just knowing that fact should make it easier.  Currently they are only doing pickup but the inside of the dispensary is pretty small and you cue up on the sidewalk at socially distanced spots and wait your turn at to step up to the oversized window.  It feels a bit like ordering a pizza in NYC.  The inside of MindRite may be closed currently but they make the best of the sidewalk window option.  The inside is a quite small and feels cramped in both the outer waiting room as well as the dispensary so for today’s times, the setup they have works well.  MindRite does quality organic cannabis products better than anyone.  If you are concerned about the chemicals used during the grow process or just want some great quality cannabis without worrying about what other chemicals you might be ingesting, MindRite is the place to go.  The budtenders are cool and knowledgeable and although some people report negative experiences with the budtenders there most people sing their praises.  That being said, if you show up with an attitude, you will likely have a less than stellar experience.  They do seem to go overboard on their site with the self-promotion but if your cannabis is this good, you have to let people know, and they do.  An extensive menu with daily specials and not just for flower but for concentrates and all CBD products as well.  Discounts for veterans and anyone with a medical marijuana card.  MindRite closes fairly early at 7 pm and if you are a person that needs some time choosing your cannabis, get there at least 30 minutes before they close in case of a line. Definitely one of the interesting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

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Cannabis Dispensary Delivery Reviews – Portland, Oregon

Portland Cannabis Delivery

With most of the world observing some level of sticking close to home, delivery services have become essential.  Although they can be a little costly, the convenience more than makes up for it in most cases.  For anyone who has had a great delivery experience, there are 10 more that have had problems, sometimes big expensive time consuming problems.  Portland cannabis delivery is no different than any delivery service, when it’s good it’s very very good but when it’s bad, it’s truly rotten.  Below you can see three different cannabis delivery reviews including some of the most important factors for deliver, cost, ease of use, quality of product, delivery time and other relevant elements that can make or break your cannabis delivery.  All dispensaries are located in Portland Oregon.

Greenery – Portland Cannabis Delivery

Greenery is a completely delivery dedicated business, there is no dispensary you can visit which is a growing trend for Portland cannabis delivery.  The website is super simple to navigate and very user friendly.  There is a $30 minimum which is fairly reasonable and to be expected from any cannabis delivery service.  The product maximum amounts are also fairly typical and well within the Oregon legal guidelines.  One ounce of flowers including prerolls, 16 ounces of edibles and 5 grams of concentrates.  Important to note that deliveries can only be made to residences and only once per day.  So if you want to get your cannabis delivered to your workplace and you work at say a bank, not going to be possible.  They do close fairly early at 8 pm and if you factor in delivery time of about two plus hours, place your order well before 6 pm. Also worth noting, have your ID ready, they will need to see it.

Quality of the products is excellent if a bit limited.  The Lemon OG Kush flower was super dank but a bit pricey. The Pink Lemonade Diesel flower was worth every penny and the Blue Dream shatter was the stuff of dreams, yep blue ones!  The prerolls are very reasonably priced but the choices again are not as extensive as other places.  The edibles are also fairly sparse but there are some good options for the cannabis edible fans out there, especially ones who like chocolate.  The one real downside of Greenery are the CBD options.  There just aren’t many with the exceptions of some edibles and Rick Simpson Oils.

Overall Greenery did a great job at delivering some fantastic products and on time as well!  They are super communicative and you can call or text them with questions before, during or after placing your order.  It would have been a nice bonus to get some swag, like a lighter or a sticker but they did an amazing job of delivering some seriously solid cannabis.

Kush Cart – Portland Cannabis Delivery

As with Greenery, Kush Cart is exclusively dedicated to cannabis delivery.  The minimum delivery amount is slightly more at $40 and they have longer delivery hours but you must place your order by 7:45 pm if you want to receive it by the cut off of 9 pm.  On the weekends this may change as more people want cannabis delivered on weekends.  Their delivery time window does vary from 1-3 hours so plan your day accordingly.  They are communicative with you during the delivery process but as you must provide a signature upon delivery, in addition to showing your ID and paying them, being at home is obviously going to be mandatory.  Kush Cart offers an alternative payment method called CanPay, which is like PayPal but for specifically cannabis, how cool is that?  Bonus is they offer a 15% discount for OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) cardholders and a loyalty program for any cannabis customer.

Kush Cart’s website in very extensive in terms of cannabis products, they have it all, or close to it all and extensive general information should you want to learn something about cannabis while making your selections.  So extensive that it loads a little slow sometimes but the sheer quantity of product choices makes up for it.  The Cloud Cover Indica flower was priced well and delivered a couch locked yet uplifting high.  The Duct Tape was a beautiful silver flower that delivered pure euphoria and the CannaCrispy was everything a cannabis rice crispy treat should be and for almost 50 mg for $5, priced just right.

Overall Kush Cart did a phenomenal job, the delivery person was extremely professional and while they were a little late, the communication was good.  The vast selection of products made choosing difficult but that happens to most people at a dispensary if you are not sure what you want to try.  They did throw in a little swag in the form of a half gram preroll so of course that was a big plus.  Kush Cart knows the cannabis delivery business and the cannabis business in general and it shows.

Oregon’s Finest – Portland Cannabis Delivery

This is a local dispensary that also offers delivery services as well as curbside pickup. Oregon’s Finest lives up to its name on many levels.  They have some seriously top shelf products, a slick although somewhat confusing website and prices to match.  As there are two dispensary locations in the Portland area, you can expect to pay a delivery fee and the fee will be based on your location relative to the nearest dispensary.  The fees range from $5-20.  Cash only and you will of course be expected to show your ID to the delivery person. For a same day evening delivery you must place your order before 5 pm but they deliver until 9:50 pm.  If you place your order early in the day you can expect to wait an hour but after 5, delivery time varies considerably from between 1-4 hours.  Oregon’s Finest offers considerable discounts for OMMP cardholders as well as veterans.  Super cool of them!

Browsing for products and going through the checkout process on Oregon’s Finest website was interesting.  Slightly counterintuitive but a very well structured site, set aside some time to explore.  They have a decent selection in all main cannabis product areas but seem to really shine when it comes to vapes and edibles.  The Atomic Collider hybrid flower was beyond good and worth the few extra dollars. A perfect hybrid, balanced head and body high.  The Peanut Butter Breath Live Resin Cartridge was also pricey but was off the charts intense and peanut buttery, which seems like a really good combination.  Both the Chai and Lemon cake balls were everything an edible should be, delicious and powerful at 45mg for a 3 ball order.  Mixing of balls not allowed unfortunately.

The quality of Oregon’s Finest products cannot be disputed, they are premium.  So are their prices but with so much in life, you get what you pay for.  The delivery time was slightly under the promised two hours and no swag was included. The only real downside of Oregon’s Finest lies on their website.  For cannabis customers who go to one of their dispensaries, getting information about products and asking questions is super easy but finding information on the website is not always so easy.  This applies particularly to cannabis strain information. They have a chat feature which is a bit slow but you can always give them a call with specific questions and they are more than happy to help.

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