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OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Otis Gardens/Dispensary – Broadway Cannabis Market

Indica Hybrid THC 24.1% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes-Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz:  One of the most interesting cannabis experiences in a long while.  First the taste was a little strange based on the smell.  More earthy than expected but not in a bad way.  As OG Kush strain is a pretty well-known Indica strain, a couch lock experience was planned for however this strain once again was living up to being a true hybrid. That calm peaceful feeling was evident right away but a nice Sativa head high was also along for the ride.  What a cool surprise!    Super happy high and excellent for depression and anxiety plus this strain really tackles insomnia on the back end of the 3 hour high.  Dry eyes were an issue though so get some soothing drops just in case.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables-the plan was for a quiet evening with a glass of pinot grigio but found that after half a glass, the wine lost its appeal and water was a better choice.  Dry mouth was not much of an issue with OG Kush strain.

Munchables– This strain definitely requires munchable choices.  Started with some blue corn tortilla chips and salsa but the chips were not working and switched to some brownie bites.  Perfection. Sweet and savory options are clearly necessary with this cannabis strain.

Doables– A deep heartfelt talk was something that was really enhanced by this strain.  Some neighborhood strolling could be fun at the beginning but all roads lead to the couch and then bed, eventually.

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