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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Tacoma

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Tacoma

Clear Choice Cannabis Recreational Dispensary 

Clear Choice has two locations in Washington, one in Tacoma and the other in Bremerton.  This review is of the Tacoma location.  This is one of the recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma where looks can be deceiving.  It’s located on the side of a strip mall and if you don’t have a car can be a little challenging to get to as it’s located nowhere near the city center.  That being said, it’s more than worth paying them a visit.  They’re currently are open from 8 am until midnight for both curbside pickup and in store shopping.  Once you wait in line, go later in the day to avoid lines, and show your ID, you then move into the inner rooms, which are on the small side but they do an excellent job of keeping people socially distanced.  Each day of the week, except Fridays some deep discounts are offered on particular products so for example on Mondays, all carts are 10% off.  Their budtenders are always nice and extremely helpful.  Krysta in particular is so full of knowledge, you can trust any recommendations she makes.  Another fact is this dispensary has some of the coolest glass in town, maybe not even just in Tacoma but in the state of Washington.  It makes sense as Tacoma is the home to the Museum of Glass.  If you don’t spend most of your money on cannabis, check out their glass, it’s superb! Clear Choice has a good website with a really interesting blog and generally is easy to navigate.  Good deals on the classics like Blue Dream and Jack Herer as well as some interesting and dank new strains.  Gluelato is highly recommended!  No it doesn’t smell or taste like glue, well a little bit but in a good way.

Mary Mart 

A dispensary is not just about the marijuana, well mostly it is but the people make the difference and Mary Mart has the nicest budtenders in town and is one of my favorite recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma.  It’s run like a family business and they treat their customers like family too, which is a huge plus.  Mary Mart is located right on 6th Avenue so it’s super easy to find and the new location looks like an old convenience store but they made it work.  Currently Mary Mart is open from 8 am until 11 pm for in-store pickup only.  Their website is easy to use and updated at least weekly with their seriously deep discounts on excellent quality products.  They also have a generous rewards program, especially if you have not shopped there before an offer a veterans discount and a birthday discount!  Plan your shopping according to what products you plan to purchase because each day of the week has specific types of discounts plus they are always running extra specials.  Their site also bas a blog which definitely could be updated on a more regular basis but as long as they stay cool and kind with dank buds, all is forgiven.  They carry a wide range of all things cannabis and they even carry Dr. Roberts Cherry Cola, the most delicious drinkable cannabis option out there!  The Sativa dominant hybrid Orangeade is fantastic flower at a pretty decent price and the Ex’s Gift, a balanced hybrid flower is potent and interestingly complex, just like an ex!  As mary mart is only doing in-store pickup now, when you are checking out their products online and have questions, just give them a quick call, they are happy to provide any information or answer any questions you may have about their choice cannabis products.

Emerald Leaves 

Emerald Leaves is located very centrally on 6th Avenue in Tacoma in what surely used to be some sort of nightclub.  It’s a giant space and that has very tall ceilings and plenty of room to move around.  Currently they are open from 8 am to 11:45 pm for in-store pickup only.  Emerald Leaves Dispensary is also the only Black owned recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma and the state of Washington.  If you would like to support black owned businesses and live in Tacoma or even if you know you will be passing through, place your order through their website and pick it up.  The budtenders here are knowledgeable but also let you take a minute to review the many options so you never feel like you are being pressured to buy more than you can afford.  It’s a very relaxing experience, as it should be at all dispensaries.  They offer many possible discounts including a veterans discount, an industry discount (most other dispensaries don’t offer this), a birthday discount and an early bird (8-9) discount plus each day of the week Emerald Leaves offers product or farm specific discounts.  If all of this is not enough, they have an excellent loyalty program.  Emerald Leaves website is very cool and there is a lot there so take your time and make sure to check out their blog, so much to learn about cannabis!  Now to the products.  The Big Lemon flower is fruity and delicious smelling and tasting and wow, super potent.  Hellfire Shake, another potent flower, lives up to its name!  The Trainwreck Live Resin was priced right and amazing!  Overall excellent quality, prices and vibe at Emerald Leaves.

World of Weed 

This dispensary is super cool on the inside, it literally is like a world of weed, and like a grocery store of weed too.  Located a little off the beaten path in Tacoma but worth finding it on East Portland Avenue and 32nd.  They are open from 8 am until 11:45 and offer both curbside pickup as well as in-store shopping.  Once you show your ID and get into the dispensary proper, it really is set up like a weed grocery store, how cool is that!  Plenty of room for social distancing and truly helpful and friendly budtenders who seem to genuinely care about helping you find cannabis products that work for you.  They ask smart questions and make good recommendations but don’t try to upsell you.  Their website is a bit slow but worth it, especially their blog.  They write about some really interesting and unique cannabis related topics.  They have some discounted deals when you check out their menu online but make sure to ask when you go to the dispensary too.  World of Weed has something for everyone’s cannabis budget.  They also have some really unique products that are worth exploring especially if you are in the market for topical cannabis products or vapes.  Their menu is extensive so unless you want to make a day of your trip to World of Weed, it’s time effective to review their menu online before making the trip to one of these recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma.  The Sapphire Kush was a surprisingly potent Indica that was recommended at a very reasonable price.  The Sunshine Lime Sativa hits as happy as the name implies.  Overall World of Weed is a world to love.

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My First Time……trying Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles, Mary Mart

Way back in 2013 when Washington state first legalized recreational marijuana I decided it was high, pun intended, time I tried some cannabis edibles.  I was living in Tacoma and for anyone who has visited or lived there, 6th Avenue is kind of the drag, or it was in 2013.  I knew there were two dispensaries within a few blocks of each other and having just visited one early in the week for some flower, had heard of a Friday Happy Hour at Mary Mart Dispensary.  The perfect opportunity to try out some cannabis edibles for free and as I had smoked all the bud I bought on Tuesday, stock up on more flower in one trip.

I was living 8 blocks away from 6th Avenue at the time and walking was my main form of exercise so I waited until a little before 5 and set out.  I saw a neighbor on the way who wanted to join but she needed an hour or two to get some work done.  Having no patience, which in retrospect was a terrible decision, I told her I was going solo.  I arrived at the first marijuana dispensary, Emerald Leaves which I think was at one point a microbrewery, it was big cavernous and had a lot of concrete.  Not super inviting visually but product wise they did not disappoint.  I tried some delicious lemonade in a tiny little one ounce cup, still thirsty I tried some raspberry lemonade for good measure.  I wandered aimlessly around the dispensary, spent an excessively long time looking at the cannabis edibles menu.  I decided I wasn’t feeling much of anything and it had been about 20 minutes, time to push on.  First I bought some sweet Obama Kush and a few prerolls from their mystery cannabis section and was headed to the next dispensary Mary Mart.

Now Mary Mart was only two blocks away and despite the name, was a cozy little dispensary with super happy and helpful budtenders.  I think I was expecting a sterile vibe with a slightly convenience store look based solely on the name, not at all.  It was a chill little place.  Their happy hour offerings consisted of some phenomenal salted caramels and brownie bites.  I ate one of each and took another caramel…for the road.  I chatted with a budtender about the whole cannabis life, bought another gram of flower that was on special, took a free mini joint and decided I should start heading home.

As I began the now 10 block walk home it had been close to an hour since I had quickly downed the lemonades and about 20 minutes since the caramel and brownie bite consumption.  10 blocks though, for me that’s a short walk, all downhill.  After two blocks, I noticed the texture of the sidewalk felt strangely different under my feet.  I decided either the soles of my shoes or the sidewalk or some bizarre combination of the two must be made of marshmallows.  Cool?  Yes except for the walking part. 8 blocks left and walking was now something I had forgotten how to do correctly.  I’m not sure who I looked to the casual observer but in my mind, I was living in marshmallow land and each step was more and more bouncy.  To this day I’m surprised I didn’t get some air.  Everything was technicolor and Washington, even most urban areas are already pretty green, now the grass, the flowers, were all technicolor.  Amazing visuals and the feeling of euphoria was off the charts from my previous flower cannabis experiences.  I made it home, not sure how long it took, could have been 15 minutes or twice that.  I did not care!

Once I got inside my place, I hit the couch and fairly quickly began to feel a little too high.  Looking back, I should have had this experience with my neighbor, it would have made the walk back even more entertaining and I definitely should have asked the budtenders questions about the cannabis edibles, how much THC was in each little lemonade, caramel, brownie bite.  I was overly excited to try out literally every edible I could get my hands on and forgot to be a smart cannabis consumer.  I believe I consumed about 80 mg total, which was way too much for me but made for a rollercoaster of a first edible experience and I’ll never look at a marshmellow the same way again.