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Mangolicious Strain Review

Mangolicious Strain Review

Mangolicious Strain Review

Mangolicious Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Zuni Products/ Dispensary- Kaya Shack

Indica dominant Hybrid THC 19.75% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes-   Myrcene, Limonene and Beta Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: Mangolicious strain is a seriously tropical delight.  The smell is, yes very much like mangoes or really any tropical fruit and the taste is fairly similar to the smell but with a slight diesel finish.  Nothing overwhelming though.  The buds themselves are a little furry but dense with some orange hairs mixed in, maybe mango colored!  This cannabis strain has all the benefits and more or a great Indica plus some of the qualities of a premium Sativa.  From the first hit or two you will experience serious and profound relaxation.  Literally a feeling of muscles and tension melting is apparent from the start.

Unlike some Indicas, there is no real couch lock and you will get some of that Sativa head buzz but mostly you will be swept away by the body waves.  As your buzz progresses and this cannabis strain provides a 4 plus hour ride, the sleepiness will become more obvious but for the first hour or two, not so much.

More Buzz Effects

In addition to feeling relaxed and happy, you may feel a little “electric”, especially in the first hour or so.  How you use this feeling, completely up to you! If you are lucky enough to get a massage while you’re high, it is absolutely blissful. Mangolicious may be one of the best cannabis strains for pain management, especially muscle and joint pain but it seems to work for most types of pain.  It is also excellent for stress and anxiety as well as insomnia.  You will definitely experience dry mouth and dry red eyes with this stain so drops and liquids are a must.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– As you will have to deal with some significant dry mouth, try drinking water before you even get stoned, that way you will already be working on staying hydrated.  It is easy to forget to sip on water with this cannabis strain so keep it and other liquids in plain view.  Flavored water is a good option, and if you want to carry on with the whole tropical vibe, some fruit juice is really tasty too.

Munchables– The munchies will hit fairly hard after about 2 hours or so and if you are a carnivore, BBQ is the way to go.  If you want to put a full meal together, try and get something healthy on your plate in addition to BBQ, maybe some mac and cheese with coleslaw, maybe healthier than that like salad.  If you are not a meat person, you can still enjoy a tofu BBQ, make sure to use extra firm tofu or the texture will be too much like the mac and cheese.

Doables- Mangolicious strain is an evening or nighttime strain unless you want to take a nap during the day. That said, this is the perfect strain for chilling out and either watching a movie, listening to music or just enjoying the good “feels” that come with this buzz.  The Indica is strong but not so strong that you can’t do things, especially in the first two hours so if you want to take an evening walk, followed by a bath and then some delicious food and drink, this cannabis strain has you covered.

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