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Miracle Alien Cookies Strain Review

Miracle Alien Cookies Strain Review

Miracle Alien Cookies Strain Review

Miracle Alien Cookies Strain aka MAC

Factoids:  Grower – Dragon Smoke/ Dispensary – Somewhere Dispensary

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 25.30% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes- Limonene, Pinene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz:  Miracle Alien Cookies strain aka MAC is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is only slightly Indica dominant making it a fairly balanced hybrid.  This cannabis strain has smallish round buds that are a light green with plenty of orange hairs and absolutely covered with trichomes.  The buds are extremely sticky so if you want to grind your cannabis before packing a bowl or rolling a blunt, you will need to dry it out for an hour or two before grinding it. The smell and flavors are complex.  Think of a combination of oranges, light floral, earthiness with a slight mint finish.  Delicious but quite the complex flavor profile.

Buzz Effects

You can expect your buzz to last nearly for about four hours with this cannabis strain.  MAC comes on strong from the first hit or two with what can only described as a relaxed upbeat happiness.  With this cannabis strain you will feel that body buzz and head buzz equally and the feelings of intense happiness are amazing.  All is right with the world with this strain.  The body buzz is also very intense but you are in no way couch locked. The very pungent smoke from MAC lingers for quite a long time after your session is over so be sure to air out your smoke spot or head outside if possible.

Both a talkative and creative strain, it’s excellent for collaborations with fellow stoners, or anyone that is open to interesting ideas and projects.  Miracle Alien Cookies strain also gives some people fits of laughter making it great for movie night, maybe not as great for work Zoom sessions, unless you happen to be a screenwriter of comedies.  If you smoke a lot there is a possibility you may feel a little dizzy when you stand up so keep that in mind if you are planning on an extended cannabis session. The perfect cannabis strain for depression, stress and anxiety.  MAC can also help with mild pain.  The only negatives are dry mouth and slightly dry eyes.


Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – As Miracle Alien Cookies has such a complicated flavor profile, you may want to stick with simple ways to keep yourself hydrated, starting with plain water.  You can also boost your buzz a bit with a caffeinated drink like soda or an energy drink.  Orange juice in particular is also refreshing with this cannabis strain.  If you plan to drink alcohol, be careful how much you consume as it might increase your dizziness when you stand up.

Munchables – The munchies are common with MAC and usually hit after about 30 minutes to an hour.  As this cannabis strain is complex, consider having some complex or unique snacks.  Chocolate hummus with sliced apples or mangoes is a delicious way to satisfy your sweet cravings.  For savory food lovers, get creative with your sandwich making skills and list of ingredients.  If it can fit on bread, consider adding it to your sandwich.

Doables – Miracle Alien Cookies strain is such a versatile cannabis strain that provides a longer lasting buzz so make use of that time and do a variety of things.  Maybe begin your buzz with a Zoom collab session with some creative friends who enjoy a good laugh.  Then settle in for a movie night or explore some music you have been meaning to listen to as you relax in a comfy chair.  You can choose a physical activity but nothing too strenuous.  A nice stroll around your neighborhood is a good way to enjoy the last hour of your high.

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