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Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Toking Blunts/ Dispensary – Attis Trading

Sativa Strain –  THC 22.60% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes – Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Pinene and Linalool

Bud Buzz: A delicious daytime cannabis strain, Green Crack strain is not a good relax at the end of the day buzz.  This is the “I need to be mentally sharp but I also want to be super stoned too” kind of strain. Green Crack buds are medium sized and fairly dense. Once broken up or ground up, they work well in a joint or blunt. These buds are a very deep shade of dark green with amber to dark orange pistils interwoven throughout.  The taste and smell are similar, very earthy and fruity but with a touch of lemon taste as a finish.  The smoke does linger, maybe a little longer than you might want so this is a good cannabis strain to smoke outside or in a well ventilated room.

Buzz Effects

The effects hit right away and this is a potent strain so be prepared and if you are prone to anxiety, start slow with Green Crack.  The first noticeable effect is an intense cerebral rush of euphoria and kind of a mind clearing sensation.  It is nearly impossible to feel sad or depressed with this cannabis strain.  Next up are some brain and body tingling sensations that don’t last long so enjoy them while you can as they are fantastic.  Green Crack gives you a mental clarity that lasts about 3-4 hours and slowly dissipates after that time period. The absolute perfect wake n’ bake strain if you need positive energy to go about your day.

As mentioned before this is a highly potent Sativa so for those who are sensitive to Sativas and experience paranoia or anxiety. You can still enjoy Green Crack, just don’t smoke too much the first few times until you know how your brain and body respond.  Excellent for depression and fatigue as well as mild pain management. Dry mouth and dry eyes are common with Green Crack. When you first are stoned you may experience a bit of dizziness, so stand up slowly.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – As dry mouth is a definite problem with this cannabis strain you are going to want to hydrate even before you smoke, plain water is perfect for that.  Depending on how much energy you really want, most people don’t need or want anything with caffeine. This is likely to give you a short term jittery feeling.  If you want something beyond plain water, go with a carbonated flavored water or a fruit juice.  Alcohol can interfere with your buzz so if you choose to drink, keep it minimal.

Munchables – Sativa cannabis strains are not known for producing the munchies and Green Crack is no exception.  That being said, you still have to eat so go with light snacks rather than a full meal.  Cheese and whole wheat crackers are always a good option.  If you want something sweet go with dried fruit like mangos or apples.  If you are feeling like a meal is the way to go, grilled cheese is a tasty option with some cookies to finish the meal.

Doables – Green Crack strain is a cannabis strain that gives your brain and body an energy boost so find ways to use that energy.  If you want to take on something physical, hot yoga is an excellent way to expend some of that energy.  If you’re not feeling the yoga vibe, a walk in the sunshine will feel like bliss.  Don’t forget to enjoy your surroundings while you are outside!  To get the most of your happy energy, have a meaningful or even silly talk with friends.  Solve the world’s problems together or at least laugh together, which will come super easy with this strain.

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Biscotti Strain Review

Biscotti Strain Review

Biscotti Strain Review

Biscotti Strain

Factoids:  Grower – ReUp Farms/ Dispensary – Five Zero Trees

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 22.50% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Limonene and Linalool

Bud Buzz:  Biscotti strain is an amazing hybrid cannabis strain that gives you all the great things of a true Indica strain. It also has a few of the best Sativa benefits as well.  The buds are extremely dense but a little on the small side and not overly sticky so easy enough to grind.  Covered in icy trichomes with some orange and purple mixed in with the forest green color of the buds. The smell and taste is a mixture of sweet and diesel. This sounds far worse than it actually is and the first hit or two takes some getting used to but after that you will come to love this unique flavor profile.

Buzz Effects

Biscotti is a creeper weed so after the first two or three bong hits, give it a few minutes to really hit you before you smoke more.  You should be incredibly stoned after just a few hits unless you have a super high tolerance. The first and most prominent feeling after smoking this cannabis strain is relaxation.  Total body and mind relaxation.  Not to the point of couch lock but you can almost visualize your muscles and mind letting go of any stress that has built up.  Next comes a rush of happiness that hits you hard and settles in for the long haul. In the case of Biscotti should be just over 3 hours.

The energy and focus of a good Sativa is also there but both of these effects are more subtle than the relaxation and overall euphoria.  The perfect strain for day or evening if you need to release the stress of the day and still want to have some energy leftover to enjoy your high.  Biscotti is a great strain for depression, anxiety, stress and for mild pain management.  You will experience dry mouth but no other negatives.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– With the vast majority of cannabis strains, dry mouth is a factor you will need to deal with and Biscotti is no different.  The dry mouth is not overwhelming so keeping water around and sipping it for the first hour or so should effectively handle the dry mouth issue.  If you plan to be active and need an additional boost, iced or hot tea will give you just a little caffeine to stimulate your buzz a bit.  If you plan to just relax the night away, go with an herbal tea or even better, green tea.

Munchables – For a distinctly Indica dominant hybrid, Biscotti strain does bring on the munchies but not that out of control eat everything in sight variety of munchies.  This is a pretty unique quality for a mostly Indica cannabis strain.  Take advantage of this and keep your snacking on the healthy side if possible.  Black corn tortilla chips with a nice spicy salsa will work perfectly. If you need more sweet in your snacks, you could add some pineapple or kiwi. If you have both, live it up and enjoy that boost of sweet tasting vitamins.

Doables– As Biscotti does have some Sativa properties, you will have energy and focus along with a fantastic buzz.  How you use that energy and focus is completely up to you.  Not the most social of cannabis strains but good for lighthearted chatting with close friends.  If you are a fan of painting or drawing, this is the perfect strain for you, as colors seem super saturated during the peak of your high and making use of that to create something beautiful, or at least interesting, is the perfect way to spend your time.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Cloud 9 Farms/ Dispensary – Hashtag Cannabis

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 21.33% CBD 0.03%

Terpenes- Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene and Linalool

Bud Buzz:  Ice Cream Cake strain is an excellent cannabis strain for when you just need to clear out all of the day’s stress and negative energy and have a relaxing night.  A decidedly Indica dominant hybrid that has relatively small but dense buds, bright green in color with some purple in the mix as well. Ice Cream Cake is a super frosty cannabis strain, just dripping with trichomes. The smell and flavor are similar, think earthy cheese or a smoked Gouda type smell and flavor.  The smell if you are smoking a joint, or from a pipe or bong tends to linger so make sure you plan ahead for that.

Buzz Effects

From the first toke you will start to feel your body relaxing and the slight head buzz hits almost right away too, which makes it a perfect hybrid.  Ice Cream Cake allows you to feel relaxed, euphoric with a little bit of energy. As your buzz progresses you will lose some of that head buzz and the body waves will become much more dominant.  Enjoy this part of your high, it will last for quite a long time, up to four hours, with the last hour leaving you pretty sleepy and ready to chill out in bed or on the couch.

No real couch lock with this cannabis strain though, just a gentle progression from being super stoned and alert to stoned and sleepy. The perfect strain for stress, anxiety, depression and those who struggle with insomnia.  Also this strain works well for people who need help with nausea.  There is a significant issue with dry mouth but as long as you stay hydrated it improves over the course of your buzz.  No other negatives.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– You will need to hydrate a little bit before you begin getting stoned with this cannabis strain, just to keep that initial dry mouth under control.  Plain water is best for that and then you can move to other liquids once you are nice and baked.  If you want a little more energy to your buzz, go with a caffeinated drink like flavored coffee or a soda.  If you want to embrace the full Indica effects of Ice Cream Cake, you could have a glass of wine or beer, not too much alcohol though, you don’t want anything to interfere with your high.

Munchables– The munchies are part of the experience with this cannabis strain and you can expect them to hit pretty hard at around the hour mark.  If you want to satisfy a craving for savory food, embrace the cheesy aroma of the strain and go with some loaded nachos.  If you need something sweet, carrot cake is a delicious way to end your day.

Doables– As Ice Cream Cake gives you a pretty chill buzz you may want to plan some chill activities like a movie night on Netflix with some friends or an evening listening to or playing music to help you completely unwind.  You won’t need much additional help with this cannabis strain though.  It is not a super social strain but you may be in the mood for games, either online or actual board games.  Laughing comes very easily with Ice Cream Cake, which is always a good thing in a cannabis strain.

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Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Cookies/ Dispensary-Essence

Hybrid THC 19.55% CBD 0.05%

Terpenes-   Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene and Linalool

Bud Buzz: Latte is supposed to be a fairly balanced hybrid but it seems to lean more Indica from this dispensary.  Despite the moderate THC percentage, it’s seriously potent.  With this cannabis strain it’s best to start with a hit or two, wait 15 minutes to see if you need or want more.  Unless you have an especially high tolerance, you may be completely blissed out after just a few hits.  If you expect it to smell or taste like coffee, you will be disappointed but that does not mean the smell is not fantastic and a little bit like tea with lemon.  The taste is similar but has a slight diesel finish. The nugs are dense and sticky with plenty of trichomes indicating the power of this cannabis. You will get the balanced high of a good head buzz with the added body waves but the body waves are clearly the dominant feeling right from the beginning and pretty much throughout the entire high. 

Speaking of being high, this is a long lasting cannabis strain.  You will be high for hours, at least 4.  The last hour or so is a sleepy kind of buzz so if you are smoking this during the day, a power nap should be considered. The main feelings are happiness, relaxation with a light dusting of euphoria.  It is a social strain of cannabis, but a chill social strain which is perfect these days for most people.  Latte will help with mild to moderate pain and is really good for depression, anxiety and nausea. If you are looking for a cannabis strain to calm your mind, this is it!  No serious dry mouth or other negatives.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– One of the few cannabis strain that does not cause dry mouth or at least not noticeable dry mouth.  This does not mean you should not stay hydrated and water is always a good place to start.  As this strain has an aroma and taste that is slightly reminiscent of tea with lemon, why not continue the theme and actually have tea with lemon.  It’s delicious hot or cold and is good for you, especially if you are a green tea fan.

Munchables– The munchies will generally hit around the hour mark but are not overly intense.  If you are craving something savory, why not try one of those huge soft pretzels.  These should be in everyone’s freezer.  Even if they are salted, it should not be an issue but if you are looking for something more, melt some cheese and use it as a dipping sauce.  For those who want something sweet, churros are the way to go, if you can find them.  If you can’t find churros, donuts never disappoint!

Doables– A low key social strain, good for gaming with friends or if you want to go old school, board games with friends.  An excellent cannabis strain for watching action movies, or sci-fi or even better an action sci-fi movie.  Latte is also a strain that inspires creativity so drawing, painting, making some new music are all good activities.  You may not feel like doing anything extremely physical but some stretching and a walk are not out of the question.

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Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Lucky Lion/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid THC 25.96% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes– Linalool and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This champagne cake strain review is for cannabis enthusiasts who like balanced hybrids.  Champagne Cake is a fairly balanced hybrid, it starts out as more of a Sativa but finishes like an Indica.  It is the perfect strain if you want to get things done for an hour or two but then want to chill out or even sleep later on in your buzz.

The head high comes first but it’s not too intense.  You can really focus with this strain, at least until the body high gets going and then you can still focus, you just may not want to.  The smell and taste is a little spicy with a touch of diesel but not overpowering.

A great strain for managing anxiety, especially social anxiety as it calms you but you still feel like talking which is a bonus. A few negatives include both dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes, so break out those soothing eye drops, it’s worth it.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– You can break down your drink options to match your buzz with this cannabis strain.  The first Sativa like buzz needs clear cold liquids to quench that thirst and deal with dry mouth.  Water or a clear soda will do the job.  Once you hit the more Indica side of things after about two hours, warm liquids are where it’s at.  Hot chocolate or tea are both excellent choices.  If you want to put a little whiskey in your tea, no one is stopping you!

Munchables-The munchies really didn’t hit until the Indica part of the buzz. Once you are all settled in and relaxed, maybe some fruit and nuts, mixing sweet and salty is the way to go.  Chocolate covered pretzels should be in every stoners home and they are perfect with this cannabis strain.

 Doables-Champagne Cake is a duel experience and your activities will probably reflect that.  The first hour or so you can do something that requires mental focus.  You can get some work done if you must, get creative and write or draw something spectacular.  If you are feeling like some physical activity keep it low key, maybe a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sweet smell of autumn.

If you like games or gaming generally this is a great strain for that.  Once the Indica second half kicks in, you can hang out with friends and watch something cool or listen to music, just enjoy being perfectly relaxed.

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What are Cannabis Terpenes and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis Terpenes

For the recreational cannabis connoisseur, understanding which cannabis terpenes are most beneficial can help them achieve the ultimate experience.  For the strictly medicinal cannabis user, selecting a strain with the right terpene profiles will provide the expected benefits without any unwanted side effects.  For the marijuana newbie or the occasional user, learning about which terpenes interact best with their own body’s chemistry can be nothing short of enlightening.  Not convinced yet that terpenes are worth knowing about?  For the recreational user, have you ever purchased that “perfect” strain, you know the one that promises so much, all your friends love it and the THC percentage is north of 30% only to wonder if you bought a bad batch or if your tolerance is past peak?  It happens more often than you may think and rather than continue your quest blindly, take some time to understand which cannabis terpenes work for you.

So what exactly are terpenes?  Broadly speaking terpenes are present in almost all plants and are what gives that plant its aroma and flavor.  Think Lavender or Rosemary.  Now back to the important plant.  Terpenes in cannabis are formed within the little hairs (trichomes) of the cannabis buds.  What terpene profile a strain has is determined by both the spectrum and intensity of light during the growing process.  Terpenes, besides giving marijuana it’s smell and flavor interact with the cannabinoids, THC and CBD, to produce the overall effect for the user. This full cannabis plant interaction is known as the “entourage effect”.  Terpenes can strengthen or weaken the cannabinoids in a strain so knowing which ones matter to you is crucial to achieving your cannabis consumption goals.

Two important considerations before we explore the most prevalent cannabis terpenes.  There are well over 100 cannabis terpenes in cannabis and more are being discovered all the time so for today we will focus on the five most significant.  Second, carbonization essentially destroys terpenes in cannabis as well as the cannabinoids so if you are using a vaporizer with temperature control, do some research first so you keep the temperature optimal for not just the cannabinoids but the terpenes as well.  Different terpenes remain stable at different temperatures.  Now on to the five key terpenes.

Alpha Pinene

For this terpene, the name says it all, pine.  The aroma of pine, and well the flavor too for those so inclined is key to this terpenes profile.  This terpene is found in some sativa and sativa dominant hybrids.  Big strain names you may recognize are Jack Herer, Bluedream and Chemdawg.  Strains with Alpha Pinene help with focus and memory.  Students over 21, this terpene is your friend!  Other pretty amazing benefits are that it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial terpene.


Feeling anxious, stressed, in need of some relaxation and sleep?  Welcome to the power of the Linalool terpene.  Mostly found in Indicas and Indica dominant hybrids, think LA Confidential and Amnesia Haze when it comes to typical Linalool strains.  Interestingly this terpene is also found in cotton and linen.  Maybe that explains the relaxation aroma.  For those prone to seizures, this terpene has anti-epileptic properties and is also an analgesic (pain killer).  Impressive!


So you have found the perfect Netflix series are now you need the perfect cannabis accompaniment.  Found in strains considered to be fairly balanced hybrids and a big contributor to the sometimes requested “couch lock” effect is the slightly earthy, a little fruity Myrcene terpene.  If you are a fan of any pure Kush strains, you are already a fan of this terpene.  Some classic strains include White Widow and Granddaddy Purple.  This terpene profile includes spectacular benefits.  It’s an analgesic, a muscle relaxant and has antibiotic properties.

Beta Caryophyllene

This is a happy terpene.  With a spicy, sometimes peppery aroma and taste, Beta Caryophyllene is one of the most sought after cannabis terpenes for true hybrid fans.  Some of the most well-known strains are Bubba Kush and the very popular Girl Scout Cookies.  Recommended by cannabis users with PTSD, depression or for anyone who just wants a little slice of happiness with a pinch of euphoria.  Major benefits include its antioxidant, anti-anxiety antidepressant properties. This one really handles all the unwanted “antis”.


Once again, the aroma and flavor profile is in the name, just spelled a bit differently.  This is a citrus based terpene and is one of the key components of the talkative, social and energetic high.  This one is for true Sativa lovers.  Not much chance of couch lock with this terpene.  Strains that you have probably heard of are Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel.  Not surprisingly, this terpene helps to improve your mood and really who doesn’t want that?  Other benefits include anti-anxiety and immune system booster properties.

Improve your cannabis experience exponentially by improving your cannabis terpenes knowledge.