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818 Headband Strain Review

8189 Headband Strain Review

818 Headband Strain Review

818 Headband Strain

Factoids:  Grower-High Ridge Farm/ Dispensary – MindRite

Indica Hybrid THC 24.3% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes- Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: 818 Headband strain is one of those cannabis strains that is full of surprises and nearly all of them are good ones.  First is the smell and taste because of the amount of limonene terpenes. This gives a more citrusy aroma and flavor were expected but the spicy peppery smell and taste was light but noticeable.  This strain is known for being a true hybrid but the way it hits seems to differ for each person. For this particular review, it was more of a Sativa dominant hybrid.

818 Headband has a bit of a creeper effect and how you are feeling the first 30 minutes will keep evolving so first time users, keep that in mind.  The happy euphoric feeling and head buzz are the first noticeable benefits and wow do they last, for hours.  This strain might be one of the longest lasting cannabis strains out there. Bonus!

The headband feeling is real and some people love it and feel like it’s comforting but other people are annoyed by it as it’s an individual preference. You will feel it though so be prepared.  A super creative happy buzz with no anxiety at all.  Great for a wake and bake session or a daytime cannabis experience.  It may not be the best choice for sleep but as this strain is amazing for pain relief and stress, it could definitely help you unwind at the end of the day and will not knock you out. The only negatives are dry mouth and some feeling of eye dryness, so keep those drops handy.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– With the flavor profile of this cannabis strain, if you are a beer drinker, you may enjoy a stout or ruby red, but don’t overdo as too much can quickly turn that happy euphoria into something less fun.  Water is a little dull but flavored sparkling water is perfect. Stay hydrated with this cannabis strain as the effects are so long lasting.

Munchables– When you are ready to eat, and you will be within two hours or so, start small with some chips and salsa, maybe some cheese enchiladas.  For some mysterious reason any type of Mexican food is a must.  If you are craving something sweet and aren’t a flan fan, ice cream and some churros really hit the spot.

Doables– This is a super uplifting creative cannabis strain so utilize at least some of your buzz to be creative.  Learn a new song on the guitar, even better, write a new song.  818 Headband strain can be a social strain for some but not for everyone so if you are naturally an introvert and want to do your own thing, it’s all good or you can talk and laugh with friends if you are feeling the social side of things.  Perfect for gamers too.

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OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Otis Gardens/Dispensary – Broadway Cannabis Market

Indica Hybrid THC 24.1% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes-Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz:  One of the most interesting cannabis experiences in a long while.  First the taste was a little strange based on the smell.  More earthy than expected but not in a bad way.  As OG Kush strain is a pretty well-known Indica strain, a couch lock experience was planned for however this strain once again was living up to being a true hybrid. That calm peaceful feeling was evident right away but a nice Sativa head high was also along for the ride.  What a cool surprise!    Super happy high and excellent for depression and anxiety plus this strain really tackles insomnia on the back end of the 3 hour high.  Dry eyes were an issue though so get some soothing drops just in case.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables-the plan was for a quiet evening with a glass of pinot grigio but found that after half a glass, the wine lost its appeal and water was a better choice.  Dry mouth was not much of an issue with OG Kush strain.

Munchables– This strain definitely requires munchable choices.  Started with some blue corn tortilla chips and salsa but the chips were not working and switched to some brownie bites.  Perfection. Sweet and savory options are clearly necessary with this cannabis strain.

Doables– A deep heartfelt talk was something that was really enhanced by this strain.  Some neighborhood strolling could be fun at the beginning but all roads lead to the couch and then bed, eventually.

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Apple Fritter Strain Review

apple fritter strain

Apple Fritter Strain Review

Apple Fritter Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Boring Weed Company/ Dispensary – Cannabliss & Co.

Indica Hybrid THC 23.07% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: The Apple Fritter strain is delicious on every level.  The smell and taste are so good, not quite like an apple fritter but close enough.  The body high comes on right away and it’s intense.  This marijuana strain is best enjoyed sitting down, especially at first.  The waves of relaxation are almost dreamlike and the head high is there but it takes a backseat to the body buzz.  Although considered a hybrid, Apple Fritter smokes like a pure Indica.  The couch lock was real with this strain but unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, it did not last too long.  After about an hour you could get up and get a few things done.  This strain was complex in that you do feel like talking, but you’re not especially talkative.  Best enjoyed with like-minded friends.  An excellent choice for those who have anxiety or struggle with insomnia.  Apple Fritter really relaxes your muscles so it would be a perfect after workout marijuana strain or good if you have a pulled muscle you are nursing.  Towards the end of your high expect to feel pretty sleepy so plan to enjoy this weed strain later in the day. Some dry mouth but no other significant negatives, just a happy relaxed high.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– you are going to want to get creative with beverage choices to deal with the dry mouth.  Maybe because there is a certain spicy flavor to this strain, something that complements that would work well.  A cold brew coffee or if you are feeling like a hot drink, some coffee or tea.  If you don’t want any caffeine to interact with the Indica relaxation go with a Sprite or similar type of soda.

Munchables-the temptation to eat an actual apple fritter is lowkey real here and you can go in that direction to fulfill your sweet tooth.  Donuts definitely hit the spot in general.  If you are looking for a savory snack, grilled cheese is the way to go.  Something about the creamy texture of the cheese against the crunchy buttery bread just works.

Doables-when your friends text you and ask what you’re going, your likely response will be “just chillin”.  Now is the time to start that Hulu series you’ve been wanting to watch.  You should have just enough focus to get really into that type of entertainment.  For the more creative types, a relaxed drawing session is a good way to spend your time.  Is a nap calling?  Pick up and say yes!

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Pineapple Kush Strain Review

pineapple kush strain review

Pineapple Kush Strain Review

Pineapple Kush Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Harvest Farms/ Dispensary – Oregon Weedery

Indica Hybrid THC 20% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes-Terpinolene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz:  Most people agree this fruity slightly amber colored flower is a balanced head and body high.  The order is important for Pineapple Kush.  First is a low key body buzz, followed with a really chill happy head high.  Calm but focused are the best initial thoughts.  The total high lasts about 2-3 hours and the last hour is a bit sleepy, with less energy.  A good late afternoon or early evening choice if you’re just wanting to have a peaceful evening.  Not a super social cannabis choice but not an unsociable one either.  Probably best to hang with close friends or on your own.  Some help with low level pain and real help with anxiety and stress. Other aspects for marijuana strain review pineapple kush.

Drinkables-dry mouth is a definite thing with Pineapple Kush so keep your drink options light and fruity or opt for H2O.

Munchables– Marijuana strain review Pineapple Kush is not known for releasing the hunger beast so you don’t have to worry about getting a major case of the munchies but a cookie or two hits the spot towards the end of the cannabis buzz.

Doables-A late afternoon or early evening walk is an excellent option early on but don’t wait to long into your buzz or the trip back may be a bit more challenging that you expected at the start of your adventure.  If you stop to enjoy the sunset, remember you have to walk back so plan accordingly.  Last hour a book or show is possible if you still have the focus and are not too sleepy yet.

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