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Why Cannabis Strain Reviews are Important

cannabis strain reviews

Why Cannabis Strain Reviews are Important

If you have ever read cannabis strain reviews you will know that there are good ones that provide basic information about a strain and there are great ones that go into detail, not just about the strain itself but offer in depth experience about what the strain user might expect, both good and bad, from the strain.  Of course then there are the emoji strain reviews that are entertaining and do say something about the strain but are not especially useful.  There are so many cannabis strains and that number will continue to grow so adding information to be used by both medical cannabis patients as well as recreational users is becoming increasingly essential.

Experience Wanted

If you are a cannabis newbie and want to sample a few new strains, you can jump in, give them a try and more than likely you will have a fantastic time however if you want to be an informed cannabis consumer from that first toke or edible, you will likely want to check out some strain reviews before spending money on any particular strain.  This is true even for cannabis connoisseurs. With each harvest introducing new strains to dispensaries around the US and Canada, you can use your cannabis expertise to write about a new strain, giving your honest thoughts and also any concerns you have about side effects.  Marijuana dispensaries appreciate this type of information as well as other cannabis users.  You certainly don’t have to write a book each time you get high but a good description for new cannabis strain reviews will be welcome information to other stoners and anyone in the industry.

Medical Marijuana Patients

In the US, the recent election ushered in even more states that have legalized medical marijuana and that will likely be the trend with each subsequent election.  As there has not been enough research done on the specifics of treating various diseases and medical conditions with marijuana, if you are a medical marijuana patient, your opinion is extremely valuable.  For example if you use marijuana to treat a condition like migraines and have found an excellent strain or two that provides relief to you, sharing that knowledge can help others who are also migraine sufferers.  Conversely if you have found that a recommended strain did not help your migraine at all, that is also very important information to share.  Each person has a unique chemistry and not every medical marijuana patient will experience identical results however no matter what condition you have that marijuana has helped, you now have the ability to potentially help others with that same condition.

Join the Cannabis Community

No it’s not an official club or anything like that.  If you like cannabis, like getting stoned and the lifestyle in general, why keep it to yourself?  By contributing your knowledge and experience with cannabis strain reviews, you can be part of a larger community, one that is growing every single day.  You may even find you have a talent for describing the effects of cannabis strains and others begin to look forward to your reviews.  You can choose to focus on Indicas, Sativas, hybrids or anything that appeals to you on your next dispensary trip.  Even the most tried and true cannabis strains that have thousands of reviews deserve a fresh look.  Strains can change considerably over time and that once perfect strain that has always been a favorite may not be as good as you remember or the cultivator has changed their grow process, therefore changing how that particular batch hits.  This is useful information you can include in a review so that not only other stoners know, but the dispensary where you got it and the growers as well.  Most cannabis strains improve over time however that is not always the case and a thorough review will benefit so many people, not to mention save stoners money, which is just good stoner etiquette.

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Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Cannabiotix/ Dispensary – Goldn Bloom

Hybrid THC 30.65% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes- Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene and Alpha Pinene

Bud Buzz: Cereal Milk is a hybrid but it is definitely a more Indica leaning hybrid.  The cannabis strain is absolutely premium. The buds themselves are frosty with trichomes and are a deep dark green with a little bit of yellow in the mix.  The smell is obviously where the same came from.  Cereal Milk smells and tastes like you have just finished a bowl of Cap’n Crunch Berry cereal and you are now left with some delicious tasting milk.  It’s one of the few cannabis strains that lives up to its name.

After just two good bong hits you will be a little lost in feelings of happiness and full body relaxation.  The head buzz is there but the body waves are so intense you may not even notice the head buzz.  You can continue on in your journey to the ultimate high and do more bong hits but Cereal Milk is so potent that you may not want to, or at least consider waiting 30 minutes or so before going any higher. Either way, cereal milk strain is not a couch lock type of buzz so you will feel like talking and doing some creative activities, you will just be super stoned while you do them, which is always a good experience.

More Buzz Effects

The high lasts fairly long, well over three hours and the end of your buzz might leave you a little sleepy but not overly tired so napping is optional.  A good daytime or nighttime strain, just not right before you want to go to sleep.  Excellent for depression, stress, mild pain, especially headaches and anxiety.  Although keep in mind that some people feel anxious when they get super high, so proceed accordingly.  There is some dry mouth with Cereal Milk but there are no other negatives with this strain.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– You are going to want to keep a variety of liquids around with this cannabis strain, starting with plain or sparkling water.  To keep the dry mouth under control, keep drinking water plus add your favorite juice or flavored water.  If you prefer soda, go with a clear soda like Sprite or Mountain Dew.  It works better with the taste of this cannabis strain than dark sodas.

Munchables– The munchies may hit right away but will likely take a good hour or so to reach full intensity.  If you want to snack as opposed to eating a meal try some creamy nuts like cashews or get creative with your snacking and do a trail mix type of thing if you have some good options for the ingredients.  If a full meal is what you need, a burger or a veggie burger and fries is perfect.  A brownie with frosting for dessert?  Yes!

Doables– This is a good cannabis strain to chill alone and just enjoy being high, with some music to keep you company.  Cereal Milk can also be a social strain so it’s great for hanging out with friends and doing something creative together.  Creative group projects are a perfect way to enjoy your buzz and spend time with friends.  Whether you cook together, or make music together, Cereal Milk brings out everyone’s creative best, assuming you are sharing your bud!

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Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain Review

Latte Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Cookies/ Dispensary-Essence

Hybrid THC 19.55% CBD 0.05%

Terpenes-   Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene and Linalool

Bud Buzz: Latte is supposed to be a fairly balanced hybrid but it seems to lean more Indica from this dispensary.  Despite the moderate THC percentage, it’s seriously potent.  With this cannabis strain it’s best to start with a hit or two, wait 15 minutes to see if you need or want more.  Unless you have an especially high tolerance, you may be completely blissed out after just a few hits.  If you expect it to smell or taste like coffee, you will be disappointed but that does not mean the smell is not fantastic and a little bit like tea with lemon.  The taste is similar but has a slight diesel finish. The nugs are dense and sticky with plenty of trichomes indicating the power of this cannabis. You will get the balanced high of a good head buzz with the added body waves but the body waves are clearly the dominant feeling right from the beginning and pretty much throughout the entire high. 

Speaking of being high, this is a long lasting cannabis strain.  You will be high for hours, at least 4.  The last hour or so is a sleepy kind of buzz so if you are smoking this during the day, a power nap should be considered. The main feelings are happiness, relaxation with a light dusting of euphoria.  It is a social strain of cannabis, but a chill social strain which is perfect these days for most people.  Latte will help with mild to moderate pain and is really good for depression, anxiety and nausea. If you are looking for a cannabis strain to calm your mind, this is it!  No serious dry mouth or other negatives.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– One of the few cannabis strain that does not cause dry mouth or at least not noticeable dry mouth.  This does not mean you should not stay hydrated and water is always a good place to start.  As this strain has an aroma and taste that is slightly reminiscent of tea with lemon, why not continue the theme and actually have tea with lemon.  It’s delicious hot or cold and is good for you, especially if you are a green tea fan.

Munchables– The munchies will generally hit around the hour mark but are not overly intense.  If you are craving something savory, why not try one of those huge soft pretzels.  These should be in everyone’s freezer.  Even if they are salted, it should not be an issue but if you are looking for something more, melt some cheese and use it as a dipping sauce.  For those who want something sweet, churros are the way to go, if you can find them.  If you can’t find churros, donuts never disappoint!

Doables– A low key social strain, good for gaming with friends or if you want to go old school, board games with friends.  An excellent cannabis strain for watching action movies, or sci-fi or even better an action sci-fi movie.  Latte is also a strain that inspires creativity so drawing, painting, making some new music are all good activities.  You may not feel like doing anything extremely physical but some stretching and a walk are not out of the question.

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Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Cannera/ Dispensary-Jenny’s Dispensary

Hybrid THC 24.34% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz 

This is a tough strain to find but worth it when you do, so stock up.  It’s a unique blend of greens, yellows, with some iridescence as well and some buds are supposed to have a unicorn like horn on them at the top of the bud, not present with all buds though. Desert Unicorn is a very well balanced hybrid that does what all hybrids should do, give you the best of both worlds. The smell is very earthy with some citrus and the taste is very similar to the smell, which is a sign of some truly premium bud.

Right away after one bong hit you will feel the head buzz begin and it keeps building from that first hit.  The body waves are less noticeable right away but if you take a second hit, you will feel them. The initial feelings are of relaxation and happiness with some intense bursts of energy that seem to come and go during the first hour or two. How social you feel may depend on your mood before you get high and also on the people around you.  It can sometimes be a good social strain but not always, it is really dependent on the circumstances. A really unique experience.

Good For

This cannabis strain is not super long lasting so after about 3 hours you can expect your buzz to be winding down, which means it might be time for a nap or more Desert Unicorn. Perfect for mild pain, especially sore muscles and joints so an excellent strain for someone with any type of arthritis, plus since it’s a hybrid you can wake n’ bake and still have a productive morning, with less pain.  This strain is also great for depression and anxiety.  Not too much of a dry mouth problem but it is still an issue.  No other negatives with Desert Unicorn.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– As dry mouth is not a huge problem you won’t have to constantly drink liquids but water is always important to have around with really any cannabis strain.  You could enjoy a glass of wine with this strain, a red or rose would be great choices.  Just be careful not to overdo on the alcohol with a strain this potent.  If you are not in a wine drinking mood, some flavored soda is a good option, grape or orange has some carbonation and is super refreshing.

Munchables-With Desert Unicorn, the munchies will hit but expect them to be delayed, like about two hours into your high.  If you are having wine to drink, or even if you’re not, why not make yourself a nice Brie and fruit platter, throw some almonds in as an extra snacking option and your munchies should be satisfied.  If your sweet tooth requires more than fruit, go for something a little chewy like homemade oatmeal cookies.

 Doables– Since Desert Unicorn is such a unique cannabis strain that promises bursts of energy, you could use that energy physically or mentally, or mix it up and do both.  The perfect strain for brainstorming new ideas, revamping old ones or anything in between.  If you feel like moving, take a short neighborhood walk or do some yoga and listen to some uplifting music.  If you are feeling social, and you might be, take advantage of those happiness feelings and inspire your friends or share a movie and a laugh together.

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Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Essentials/ Dispensary-Greenery Marijuana Delivery

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 22.88% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes-   Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz: Death Star strain is a very relaxing Indica hybrid that smells just like cannabis of yore.  Meaning if you are concerned about your smoke spot smelling like skunky weed, prepare some way to vent the smell because this is super skunky, with a little pine and diesel thrown in for good measure.

The taste is all spicy earth with a hint of diesel.  Yes it does not sound great but it is!  Death Star does take a minute to start feeling those amazing body waves so give it at least 10 minutes before continuing to toke up or you may end up higher than you planned or want to be.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, just worth knowing.

Once the body waves take over you will also notice some head buzz and feelings of intense happiness and relaxation.  You may feel inspired to binge watch not only the Star Wars series but really any decent space flick. This cannabis strain starts off slow but builds and lasts well past the four hour mark, if you are still awake that is so it’s perfect for a super chill afternoon or night cannabis session.

Death Star is great for mild to moderate pain relief, especially headaches.  It also works wonders for depression, anxiety and insomnia. All that greatness does come with some negatives, the dry mouth is a definite issue and dry eyes are manageable but drops should be handy.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– You are going to need plenty of liquids with this cannabis strain.  Death Star strain does cause serious dry mouth.  It’s worth it of course, you just have to manage the problem.  Have plain water around for sipping plus some juices, pineapple or if you can find it mango juice is a good way to tackle the issue.  In addition to liquids, try sucking on some hard candy from time to time as many of them, like Jolly Ranchers, kick your salivary glands into overdrive, which is exactly what you want.

Munchables– You are going to get the munchies and they will come on hard at about the hour mark so stock up because you will not feel like taking a trip outside, unless it’s to star gaze.  You did just smoke Death Star after all so it’s only fitting. You can also order delivery and if possible mix it up a little with some spicy food and some go to favorite comfort foods like mac and cheese or biscuits and gravy.  To satisfy sweet cravings, cake is the way to go.  Chocolate hits the spot but really any moist cake with lots of frosting is perfection!

Doables– This is a pretty heavily Indica dominant cannabis strain so you may not feel like a long hike but a short walk is not out of the question.  Couch lock is not really likely but if you find yourself planning a movie marathon, go with it.  Death Star strain is ideal for hanging out with a few close friends, and watching some really cool movies with special effects.  You will not regret this choice!

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Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain

Factoids:  Grower-7 Points Oregon/ Dispensary-Oregon’s Finest

Hybrid THC 27.68% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes-  Myrcene, Pinene, and Linalool

Bud Buzz: Another green cannabis strain by 7 Points Oregon that does not disappoint.  This is a perfectly balanced hybrid that will leave even those cannabis connoisseurs with a high tolerance very happy! A slightly pine smell and taste but nothing overpowering.

The density of these buds is off the charts. Within a few minutes of that first toke, the head high and body high come on strong.   You will get the tingles with this strain and the feelings of happiness and euphoria are extremely profound.  The perfect strain if you had a bad day, expect to have a bad day or just want to be sure you have an amazing day or evening.

Some cannabis strains encourage talkativeness, with Future #1 it is almost a certainty.  Perfect social strain and also good for creative types that want to explore their passion in a balanced way, happy and energetic but also relaxed at the same time.  Perhaps that is what the future holds for all of us.  Fingers crossed.

This balanced buzz lasts for at least 3 hours before the Indica side of the hybrid begins to dominate so keep that in mind. Future #1 is perfect for when you have things to do, people to talk to but then want to chill after a few hours or even take a nap.  An excellent strain for depression, stress and anxiety and with no noticeable negative side effects, your Future can be #1.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– Just because Future #1 strain does not cause any serious dry mouth issues does not mean you should not stay hydrated.  If you like to drink alcohol, having a glass of wine or a beer does well with this social cannabis strain, just limit your alcohol intake as Future #1 can hit pretty hard.

No matter if you do choose to drink wine or beer, make sure you are also drinking water.  If alcohol is not your thing, apple cider is such a perfect drink with this strain, cold or hot, it just works.

Munchables– If you are taking advantage of the social nature of the Future #1 strain, why not try a social snack, pizza is always a good option and if you have the ingredients on hand to let people make their own personal pizzas with weird and varied toppings, so much the better.

Creative food combinations go perfectly with this cannabis strain.  If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, cupcakes are a perfect choice.  You can get creative with the icing and decorations, why not?

Doables– Anything creative or social or ideally both are good options in terms of things to do while enjoying your super buzz.  Even if you are not feeling the creative vibe, you can still get social and enjoy a comedy with friends online.  Once the giggles start, it is tough to stop, which is stress relief in and of itself.

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Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Old Apple Farm/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 21.47% CBD 0.09%

Terpenes- Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is an unusual hybrid, especially because it’s supposed to be an Indica dominant one. First of all the smell and taste of this delicious strain is a little citrusy with a slight spiciness. Like a true Indica there are some noticeable body waves and a good body buzz that is obvious from the first toke.

The surprise is the Sativa side of the hybrid that seems to takeover pretty quickly.  It’s an interesting balance, the body buzz stays strong and noticeable but at the same time the head buzz and general feelings of happiness and euphoria are just as strong.  It’s a complex strain of cannabis to be sure but that is definitely a good thing for people who are looking for a unique high.  Wedding Cake delivers.

This cannabis strain is great for focus and creativity, for about two hours, then the Indica dominance takes over and staying focused becomes more challenging. Excellent for stress, anxiety and anyone who is having problems with loss of appetite.  The only real negative with the Wedding Cake strain is dry mouth.  Overall one of the most layered strains out there in terms of obvious and distinct Indica as well as Sativa qualities to the buzz.  Much like a Wedding Cake!

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– As dry mouth is an issue you are going to want to stay hydrated generally but also keep some hard candy around to keep your mouth moist if you are out doing something or even at home if you get caught up in a creative project and forget to drink.  Carbonation is your friend with this cannabis strain.  If you prefer carbonated water, great choice or you could go with either a clear soda like sprite or something with more color.  Dr. Pepper for some reason really was a favorite with this strain.

Munchables-The munchies hit very hard after about an hour or so with this cannabis strain.  Sure you could stay true to the name and go with cake.  Forget wedding cake though and go with carrot cake instead.  You can at least pretend you are being healthy.  As it is easy to mindlessly eat with this particular strain, stay away from large bags of chips or cookies, anything where you can easily eat the entire bag, because you will.  Portion out a few different snacks to keep the munchies under control.

Doables– This is a strain for creative types who love to write, paint or play an instrument while stoned. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are doing something that you love and you are stoned.  Wedding Cake strain really elevates this feeling and you could spend hours painting and be convinced only 30 minutes has passed.  A good marijuana strain for socializing with a small select group of close friends.  This cannabis strain doesn’t really make you sleepy despite it being an Indica dominant hybrid but that does not mean you can’t enjoy some good Netflix shows and for a change you will stay awake through the entire show!

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain

Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain 

Factoids:  Grower-KGB Farms/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC 30.97% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Linalool and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is a super Sativa, although it was recommended as a Sativa dominant hybrid.  The Sativa is definitely dominant.  Not sure who Dave is and the budtender was not sure either but he is clearly a very social, happy and talkative dude.  Super Dave strain is a very potent cannabis strain so newbies tread lightly.  One bong hit and that Sativa mind buzz was already firmly in place.  The feelings of happiness, euphoria and kind of a focused energy were present throughout this buzz, which lasted for about 4 hours total.  So although it was a top shelf cannabis strain and a bit pricy, it is well worth the money.

If you are trying to get things done and need to stay focused, this is your strain.  If you have a high cannabis tolerance, this is also your strain.  The smell is slightly pine tree and diesel and the taste is super spicy with a slight diesel aftertaste.  No matter what you have planned for your day, with the addition of a little bit of Super Dave, you will be happy to get it done.  Excellent social strain for lighthearted types of conversation or deeper ones, which is rare.  Good for stress or depression and some mild pain management.  The only negatives are serious dry mouth and dry eyes.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables- You will need a lot of liquids to combat the dry mouth that comes with the Super Dave strain.  Staying well hydrated is only the start.  Keep some water around to sip on from time to time and if you want something with flavor, orange juice, cranapple juice both are good healthy options, with a little sugar thrown in for good measure.  Your mind will be preoccupied so don’t forget to drink on a regular basis during your buzz.

Munchables-There was not a serious munchies issue with this cannabis strain however you may feel a little hungry after about 3 hours.  The issue, as with many Sativas, is that once you start eating something, it’s tough to stop.  Keep your snacks light and healthy, hummus and carrot sticks are a good options that you can eat a lot of or if you are craving something sweet, try those small cuties, mini tangerines that are so flavorful and sweet.  The bonus is they have a decent water ratio so snacking on them will help keep you well hydrated.

Doables- If you are planning a Zoom session with friends, or certain family, this is a perfect strain for that.  You will feel talkative but still have the focus to be a good listener.  Super Dave is a happy cannabis strain so any activity you choose will be fairly enjoyable, even if it’s cleaning out your closet.  You are likely to feel pretty energetic so it’s also a good strain for getting outside and taking a walk.  If you can combine walking and talking, socially distanced of course, all the better.

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Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Lucky Lion/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid THC 25.96% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes– Linalool and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This champagne cake strain review is for cannabis enthusiasts who like balanced hybrids.  Champagne Cake is a fairly balanced hybrid, it starts out as more of a Sativa but finishes like an Indica.  It is the perfect strain if you want to get things done for an hour or two but then want to chill out or even sleep later on in your buzz.

The head high comes first but it’s not too intense.  You can really focus with this strain, at least until the body high gets going and then you can still focus, you just may not want to.  The smell and taste is a little spicy with a touch of diesel but not overpowering.

A great strain for managing anxiety, especially social anxiety as it calms you but you still feel like talking which is a bonus. A few negatives include both dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes, so break out those soothing eye drops, it’s worth it.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– You can break down your drink options to match your buzz with this cannabis strain.  The first Sativa like buzz needs clear cold liquids to quench that thirst and deal with dry mouth.  Water or a clear soda will do the job.  Once you hit the more Indica side of things after about two hours, warm liquids are where it’s at.  Hot chocolate or tea are both excellent choices.  If you want to put a little whiskey in your tea, no one is stopping you!

Munchables-The munchies really didn’t hit until the Indica part of the buzz. Once you are all settled in and relaxed, maybe some fruit and nuts, mixing sweet and salty is the way to go.  Chocolate covered pretzels should be in every stoners home and they are perfect with this cannabis strain.

 Doables-Champagne Cake is a duel experience and your activities will probably reflect that.  The first hour or so you can do something that requires mental focus.  You can get some work done if you must, get creative and write or draw something spectacular.  If you are feeling like some physical activity keep it low key, maybe a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sweet smell of autumn.

If you like games or gaming generally this is a great strain for that.  Once the Indica second half kicks in, you can hang out with friends and watch something cool or listen to music, just enjoy being perfectly relaxed.

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Drinkable Cannabis Reviews: Hibiscus Lemonade & Berry Shot

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Cannabis edibles continue to grow in variety and popularity in just about every place that has medical or recreational dispensaries.  The area of edibles that is still pretty new is that of cannabis drinks.  It’s always nice to have options no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis and drinks sometimes are a fun and novel way to try cannabis.  Plus you are also getting some hydration at the same time so that’s a bonus.  The quality and variety differs from state to state and even among dispensaries in a single city but the one thing that seems to be constant is the price. Cannabis drinks are fairly pricey compared to other edibles and definitely compared to flower, cats or concentrates but that does not mean drinks are not worth a try or even worth the cost.  Like most things, if demand increases and dispensaries start offering more options for drinks, prices will come down.  So if you try a cannabis drink from your local dispensary that you really like, let them know.  Also, as with edibles in general, pay attention to the dosage.  The common wisdom is to start with 5-10 mgs and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more.  If you know you have a high tolerance, obviously your starting point will be much higher, pun intended, at around 50-100 mgs. Here are a Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review and Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Muru Highwater /Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz:  This is an infused water so the taste was stronger than expected with typical, non-cannabis infused water.  You can taste the lemon but the actual taste is more like lime.  You can also taste what might be hibiscus but is a bit like Ricola cough drops, the brown ones.  Overall the taste is good but not super refreshing and you will get a bit of an after taste similar to apple cider vinegar.  Not for those who want to sip their cannabis.  This should probably be done like a shot.  The effects come on slowly and are fairly balanced between a head and body high.  If after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, either try another capful, or two or simply wait a bit longer.  You will notice the body relaxation but it is not so strong that you will be couch locked.  The head high is there but plays second to the body high so this would probably be good for stress and if you have sore muscles could help ease the soreness. Overall the high is not super intense with this cannabis infused water which makes it great for a novice and something new and different for the cannabis connoisseur.

Drinkables-You are definitely going to need to keep something to drink handy, not because of dry mouth but because the aftertaste does linger.  Normal water won’t help, you need flavor so go with your favorite soda or even a flavored water if you don’t want the caffeine.

 Munchables-The munchies will likely not be an issue with this Hibiscus Lemonade but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something anyway.  Salty foods seem to go best, so perhaps some chips or pretzels just something light to snack on.  Tortilla chips and salsa are perfect and if you want a more substantive snack, go with nachos because…cheese!

Doables-Drinking your cannabis is an interesting way to consume it so why not do something interesting.  You will not be super stoned or couch locked so go exploring.  Walk through a new neighborhood in your city or if you are close to some beautiful nature, take advantage of that.  Just enjoy the mellow happiness of being stoned and outside.

Berry Shot Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Enjoy/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Indica 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz: This Enjoy Berry Shot was a surprise.  Not because it was an Indica that allows for an amazing night of restful sleep but because of how you feel before you actually fall asleep.  Start with a two capful dose but if after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, feel free to add two more capfuls.  This cannabis liquid is slightly thick in texture, which some people might be bothered by.  If you prefer your liquids more liquid then mix it into some tea or carbonated water.  The taste and smell is like berries, which berries is a difficult to determine.  It tastes more like raspberries than any other berry.  Berry shot is super sweet so mixing it with an unsweetened tea is the way to go!  There is not much of a head high but the body high starts slowly and builds to such a relaxing mellow feeling of being happy and content.  Good for those with insomnia and could even help with mild pain and stress.  The most unexpected part?  After about an hour you may start to feel a little, let’s just say amorous.  Something to consider if you decide not to go to sleep right away.  Either way expect a sweet slumber with Berry Shot.

Drinkables-Tea, either green or black is the best thing to drink with Berry Shot and afterwards as well.  If you want another type of liquid and you drink alcohol, a glass of wine or something with bubbles will work perfectly for a cannabis beverage.  Just don’t drink too much or it will interfere with your sleep.

Munchables– By getting your cannabis in a liquid form rather than a food edible, that opens the door to all snack options.  If you are feeling the berry theme, you could go with some strawberries, or even better chocolate covered strawberries.  You would need to plan ahead for that type of snack.  Generally sweets work will and chocolate is just perfection!

Doables– This liquid cannabis does not leave you couch locked in a serious way but you will likely not feel like a hike either.  If you want to enjoy that deep relaxation with a movie or a podcast, great choice.  As mentioned before, Berry Shot can leave you feeling amorous so …take it from here!

Feel free to give your own Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review or Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review in the comments below and be sure to check out: Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen