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Halloween: Stoner Style

Halloween While Stoned

Halloween While Stoned

Happy Halloween Stoners!  This year’s Halloween promises to be unique from all past Halloweens.  Little ghouls and goblins may not be knocking on your day this year as they have in years past.  If you are a parent, stealing your kid’s candy may not be as fruitful as before.  That does not mean you can’t do your best to make this Halloween a special one, stoner style. Whether you plan to stay at home and get baked solo or do a socially distant celebration, there is no reason why you can’t make this holiday something to remember, unless you get super high in which case, have someone take a video of you on Halloween while stoned!

Dress up as your Favorite Stoner

If you did not plan ahead and have your Cheech or Snoop costume ready to go, you can still find a way to dress up this Halloween.  If you have some paper, not papers they won’t work, lying around, make your own cannabis leaf with your head as that super dank bud.  Homemade costumes are the best and you can get creative with yours before you get too baked to put it together.  Not much around the house?  You can always throw on a bandana, braid your hair and go as the grandfather of cannabis, Willie Nelson.  Maybe revisit the quintessential stoner period, the summer of love and put on a tie dye shirt, hat or whatever you have lying around.  The point is not to win a best costume contest, just to have fun with it and find a new look to celebrate Halloween while stoned and in stoner style.

Halloween Dispensary Deals

If you have a favorite local marijuana dispensary and are a member of their loyalty program you should be getting emails or texts letting you know about Halloween cannabis specials.  It seems this year dispensaries are going all out in terms of price specials. For example Chalice Farms with several locations in the Portland Oregon area are offering all kinds of Halloween specials that appeal to stoners of any kind, with 30% off Top Shelf flower and 25% off of their specialty edibles, you really can’t go wrong no matter how you consume your cannabis.  If you don’t have a favorite dispensary, make a few calls or send some texts to ones in your area and see if they are offering special Halloween deals.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the responses you get as most dispensaries are trying to move products off their shelves to make way for newly harvested cannabis.

Settle in for a Cozy Spooky Night

If you want to take advantage of the whole cannabis Halloween vibe, consider checking out some spooky strains if they are available in your area.  Jack the Ripper, Phantom OG and Ghost Train Haze are all solid options.  Once you’ve got your cannabis and costume settled, plan the night’s entertainment so you can enjoy Halloween while stoned.  Carving mini pumpkins and seeing if it’s possible to use them as bongs?  Spoiler alert, it is possible but a little messy.  Planning a Zoom costume contest with stoner and non-stoner friends and family is always a good way to spend part of the evening. If you are a horror movie fan there are plenty of spine tingling choices out there but if consuming cannabis and scaring yourself is not for you, there is no reason you can’t go for another genre.  Remember this is promising to be a Halloween like no other so making your own traditions this year is part of the holiday fun.  Make sure you have plenty of candy, regular and cannabis edibles.  If this is your first time with edibles, go slow and unless you have a super high tolerance, less than 50 mg total should be plenty to ensure you stay stoned and happy this Halloween.