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Signs You’ve Become a Cannabis Connoisseur

Cannabis Connoisseur

As more people consume cannabis than ever before, trying new strains and new delivery methods, gone are the days of the uneducated stoner.  Making cannabis a vital part of your life means doing your homework, not just about new strains, although that is vital information but about the cannabis industry in general and how you fit into it.  Are you sharing your knowledge with other stoners?  If so that makes you a cannabis connoisseur.  Are you experimenting with different delivery methods and strains?  Great.  Are you a proud member of the cannabis community?  Finding your place in a growing global community can be a challenge but it’s an important step to being a cannabis connoisseur.

People Look to You for Advice

Whether its friends, family or a random stranger at your local dispensary, people have a way of gravitating towards those with knowledge.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time offering unsolicited advice about how much you know about weed, that in fact is the opposite of a cannabis connoisseur, that is just someone with a big ego who needs attention and applause, steer clear of those types of cannabis users. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to establish your reputation as someone who can be trusted to give advice about all things cannabis.  If you hear a friend talking about how sleepy weed makes them, listen to their whole story, ask the right questions such as what time of the day are you using cannabis and what is the cannabis strain and effect?  Using the right language can go a long way from differentiating yourself as a cannabis connoisseur rather than a general know it all.  Beginning every sentence with “you should” is not the way to go.  Soften your language and people will seek out your advice.  Using “when I was in a similar situation” is much more authoritative but in a quiet confident way not a bossy way.

You Expand Your Knowledge Beyond Cannabis Consumption

This does not mean you should learn everything there is to know about cannabis but think about your own interests and how you can expand your cannabis knowledge based on those interests.  If you are a political junkie, take the time to learn about how the legalization process is going in your country and even other countries around the world.  It is interesting to find out how a country is planning or not planning to legalize cannabis and the reasons why.  Are you a pretty decent cook or baker?  If so take those skills and apply them to learning about the world of cannabis edibles.  Not to say you should quit your job and become a cannabis baker but if you already enjoy and know a fair amount about baking, why not expand that knowledge base.  Do you have a green thumb?  If so there is a lot of interesting information out there about growing your own cannabis.  Whether you plan to start growing or not is secondary to learning about something you already enjoy, in this case two things, cannabis and growing things.  It’s a rare person that has ever expressed regret about learning new things and you never know when that knowledge will come in handy as you become even more of a cannabis connoisseur.

Your Cannabis Consumption Skills are On Point

To truly be a cannabis connoisseur, you may need to up your consumption game a little bit. Not the amount you consume necessarily but the methods. Think of it as the best kind of practice in the world.  Can you roll a perfect joint or at least a pretty impressive one that has no stems poking through and does not fall apart with the slightest of breezes?  No?  Consider it research and keep practicing until you get it right, or at least improve your joint rolling skills.  Do you dab?  Finding the best, for your budget, dab ring and learning how to use it properly takes a little practice but this is the best type of practice ever!  Some dab rings are fairly simple and easy to use but others resemble a mad scientist’s laboratory and knowing about the different styles and the benefits is important as a cannabis connoisseur. Layering is very popular right now and you can do that in many different ways, with pipes, bongs, even joints or blunts.  Essentially you are combining different types of cannabis in one bowl, or joint.  It can be either an effective way to get incredibly baked or it can be an art form or possibly both.  Starting off with some flower in a bowl and drizzling some wax on top, then a finish of kief is a beautiful thing and this type of skill improvement is all part of your journey to becoming a cannabis connoisseur.

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LED Lights for Your Indoor Grow Room

Indoor Grow Room Lights

With an increasing number of states legalizing marijuana, cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs are turning to LED lights in substantial amounts for their indoor grow room lights of choice. There are tremendous benefits to utilizing LED lights for your grow room and we will cover those to help you decide what’s best for your set up.

Benefits Of LEDs
By now most growers understand the advantages of utilizing LEDs for indoor growing, no more scorching hot grow bulbs, lower electricity bills, healthy plants with excellent flavor and odor. The jury remains out on various other advantages, like the LEDs’ capability to discourage insects and bacteria.

What we do understand is that LEDs are an superb method to replace energy-intensive HPS and metal halide bulbs; these are outdated and expensive solutions for indoor grow room lights.

The ideal LED grow lights will provide excellent returns.

For several years LED grow lights weren’t producing exactly the very same returns as their high heeled sodium counterparts. Grow light technologies have progressed greatly and top-shelf LEDs such as the G8LED 600W Veg/Flower with UV and IR can supply similar returns to the trustworthy 1000W HPS bulbs.

This wonderful light generates healthy crops with vigorous growth and tight intermodal spacing to get fuller yield. The benefit of this LED is that it functions at a far lower temperature, absorbing less than half of the power and supplies the grower more control over their own crops. With these lights, marijuana plants grown indoors will possess a superb scent, taste and frostiness.

To adequately light a 4-ft from 4-ft grow space (16 square feet), your lighting needs to have a power draw of 320 watts.

Remember the energy draw of this lighting will probably be lower compared to the wattage from what the manufacturer specs say. Manufacturers have a tendency to name LED grow lights from the whole quantity of wattage instead of the processors used.

The wattage, or power draw of use, is the amount which needs to be taken into consideration when calculating 20 g per square foot of growing space.

The best LED indoor grow  room lights reduce electric consumption by up to 60 percent. 

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight (or indoor grow light ) to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and oxygen and give off oxygen for a by-product, leading to plant growth.

Natural sun has a PAR worth of 1200-1400 micromoles (μmoles). A successful grow light will possess a PAR of between 800-1400μmoles. Be careful in your power selection as employing lighting with greater PAR values could cause stunted growth of crops.

The various wavelengths of light decide different colors that enter the grow light. Since the entire purpose of using LEDs is to decrease energy consumption, it’s crucial to go for a efficient unit which maximizes photosynthesis.

This usually means that the very best LED grow lights will probably be targeting anywhere from six to eight distinct wavelengths of the light spectrum. If you’ve got less than six wavelengths, then the lighting isn’t complex enough for strong growth. For instance, if the light comprises two additional wavelengths, it’s wasting electricity by exposing parts of the light spectrum which the crops do not require. This waste leads to reduced yields and extra heat.

With LEDs, it’s possible to emit ultraviolet light, which isn’t feasible with conventional bulbs. LED grow lights that emit UV possess the extra benefit of increasing resin formation in the plant and also helping to discourage pests in the grow area. Growing using a grow light which has UV diodes increase the effectiveness of your harvest.

Following the choice of the plant breed, lighting is the most crucial part of the indoor grow room set up. Purchasing top-shelf lights such as G8LED or even Black Dog provides dividends for many years to come. These lights make it possible for growers to conduct their operation at lower prices and create excellent harvests. LED grow lights are currently the future of indoor grow room lighting.

Check out some of our indoor grow room kits that give you everything you need to start and maintain a successful indoor growing operation.