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Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Orgo Farms/ Dispensary-Happy Leaf Dispensary

Sativa THC 20.78% CBD 0.33%

Terpenes- Terpinolene, Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz: One of the most perfect daytime cannabis strains out there.  Or if you prefer your Sativa in the evening it would work well, just not right before you want to sleep.  Ghost Train Haze strain is everything a Sativa should be and very few live up to.  First of all the smell is sublime, super fruity but stops just short of being overly tropical.  The taste is similar to the smell, just deliciousness.

You will feel that head buzz instantly and what a buzz!  The dominant feelings after two bong hits are euphoric, energetic and a relaxed focus.  That last one is a bit strange but try this strain out and you will experience what it’s like to be both relaxed and focused at the same time.  Super cannabis strain for creative types and those who want to really spend time exploring their creative side but feel intimated about doing so.  You will feel inspired and ready to conquer just about anything.

Ghost Train Haze is also an excellent cannabis strain for all things social, at a distance of course so those Zoom sessions will no longer be weirdly awkward.  The high lasts about three hours and this strain of cannabis is excellent for depression, stress and anxiety. There is some dry mouth and just a little bit of dry eyes associated with this strain.

Buzz Enhancers 

Drinkables– Ghost Train Haze strain does cause some moderate dry mouth although it’s not overpowering right away.  If you keep a steady source of hydration around you should be fine.  This is a strain that you can also indulge in alcohol with, if you are a drinker.

It’s a super social strain and having a cocktail or a beer is a good combination but don’t overdo the alcohol or you will end your buzz before it should end, rather than enhance it.  If you are not an alcohol person, a nice tart cranberry with seltzer or cranapple is so refreshing with this strain of cannabis.  The tartness just works.

Munchables-This cannabis strain does not make you super hungry so when the munchies do come calling, and they will after about an hour, you can take time to make some healthy food choices rather than inhaling large quantities of food. Spicy works well and savory foods in general are good options.

You can make some guacamole dip with some black corn tortillas or even a spicy quesadilla.  If you need to quell a sweet tooth, go with dark chocolate, even better if you can find some with chili peppers.

Doables– Ghost Train Haze will make you want to do something and how you proceed from there is up to you.  If you want to stay home and enjoy your buzz, get creative, write a short story, paint a portrait of your weird neighbor or compose your own short symphony.

If you plan to get outside, maybe enjoy a walk with friends and check out how the autumn has changed your neighborhood.  Basically anything you do will be fun with this cannabis strain.

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Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain Review

Death Star Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Essentials/ Dispensary-Greenery Marijuana Delivery

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 22.88% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes-   Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene

Bud Buzz: Death Star strain is a very relaxing Indica hybrid that smells just like cannabis of yore.  Meaning if you are concerned about your smoke spot smelling like skunky weed, prepare some way to vent the smell because this is super skunky, with a little pine and diesel thrown in for good measure.

The taste is all spicy earth with a hint of diesel.  Yes it does not sound great but it is!  Death Star does take a minute to start feeling those amazing body waves so give it at least 10 minutes before continuing to toke up or you may end up higher than you planned or want to be.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, just worth knowing.

Once the body waves take over you will also notice some head buzz and feelings of intense happiness and relaxation.  You may feel inspired to binge watch not only the Star Wars series but really any decent space flick. This cannabis strain starts off slow but builds and lasts well past the four hour mark, if you are still awake that is so it’s perfect for a super chill afternoon or night cannabis session.

Death Star is great for mild to moderate pain relief, especially headaches.  It also works wonders for depression, anxiety and insomnia. All that greatness does come with some negatives, the dry mouth is a definite issue and dry eyes are manageable but drops should be handy.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– You are going to need plenty of liquids with this cannabis strain.  Death Star strain does cause serious dry mouth.  It’s worth it of course, you just have to manage the problem.  Have plain water around for sipping plus some juices, pineapple or if you can find it mango juice is a good way to tackle the issue.  In addition to liquids, try sucking on some hard candy from time to time as many of them, like Jolly Ranchers, kick your salivary glands into overdrive, which is exactly what you want.

Munchables– You are going to get the munchies and they will come on hard at about the hour mark so stock up because you will not feel like taking a trip outside, unless it’s to star gaze.  You did just smoke Death Star after all so it’s only fitting. You can also order delivery and if possible mix it up a little with some spicy food and some go to favorite comfort foods like mac and cheese or biscuits and gravy.  To satisfy sweet cravings, cake is the way to go.  Chocolate hits the spot but really any moist cake with lots of frosting is perfection!

Doables– This is a pretty heavily Indica dominant cannabis strain so you may not feel like a long hike but a short walk is not out of the question.  Couch lock is not really likely but if you find yourself planning a movie marathon, go with it.  Death Star strain is ideal for hanging out with a few close friends, and watching some really cool movies with special effects.  You will not regret this choice!

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The First Time I Greened Out

greening out after consuming marijuana

For those who have not had the experience of greening out after consuming marijuana, it means that you have some negative effects after you smoke or consume cannabis.  My first greening out experience took place last summer on a beautiful clear summer evening, not too hot with a slight breeze.  The apartment building where I live has a rooftop deck with a 360 view of the city and I was up there enjoying the evening, watching the sun go down and had started with a bowl of Pineapple Kush, one of my favorites.  I was also sipping on a glass of white wine and had a bottle of water, gotta stay hydrated!

My neighbors showed up and had a massive joint to share which was infused with some shatter and dipped in kief.  We sat at around looking at the night sky, talking about the camping trip my neighbor was preparing for and just generally chilling out.  All was right with the world and I was super stoned but as an avid marijuana smoker, I was definitely not feeling anything but happy and relaxed.  Enter yet another neighbor, this was a large building, who had just returned from his favorite dispensary and he must have had five different strains to show us.  He started packing bowls, mixing strains together and the evening continued.  Maybe an hour passed and I realized I was feeling a little cold and decided to head down to my apartment and watch some videos.

As soon as I stood up, I knew something was wrong.  I felt dizzy but it was a different kind of dizzy, almost like the rooftop itself was vibrating, trying to knock me off the feet.  Weird sure but I steadied myself, said good night and started walking down the stairs to my apartment.  Halfway down the second flight of stairs it really hit me hard.  Had I smoked too much marijuana?  Was I drunk?  Since I had only had half a glass of wine, I ruled that out and decided I was just a little too high and needed to focus all my energy on getting back to my apartment.  By the time I made it to the door to my place, I was sweating like crazy, despite being cold five minutes ago and was feeling shaky and nauseous but more was coming! I was greening out after consuming marijuana.

As soon as I opened the door to my place I immediately slid down the wall to the floor and stayed there for a while, hoping I would start feeling better.  I remembered to drink some water but at this point even sitting down was making me dizzy, I needed to lay down.  Once I made it to my couch I was sure it was just a matter of time and I’d either fall asleep or at least start feeling human again.  Nope, I was staring out the window and realized I was hallucinating.  That was a first for me with cannabis so I freaked out and texted my friend, who thankfully called me immediately and explained I was greening out.  I told her how much I had smoked and she said it probably was just too much weed on an empty stomach.  I wanted to sleep but couldn’t as I was still feeling pretty sick.  My friend, who is the coolest person on the planet, told me to put the phone down next to me and turn on the speaker.  She began to read aloud from The Hobbit to me.  Her calming voice was really all I remember, I must have fallen asleep soon after.

I woke up the next morning to a text message “you snore” from my friend and although I felt a little dehydrated, I felt fine, like it never happened.  The next couple times I smoked weed, I took it easy in terms of how much I smoked because that experience scared me a little bit but I realize now that greening out can happen to anyone and as long as you don’t panic and have good friends, everything will be fine.  I did pick up another lesson from that experience of greening out after consuming marijuana, reading The Hobbit will put me to sleep almost instantly! Be sure to check out: Greening Out with Cannabis – What to do if it happens to you or a friend.