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Halloween: Stoner Style

Halloween While Stoned

Halloween While Stoned

Happy Halloween Stoners!  This year’s Halloween promises to be unique from all past Halloweens.  Little ghouls and goblins may not be knocking on your day this year as they have in years past.  If you are a parent, stealing your kid’s candy may not be as fruitful as before.  That does not mean you can’t do your best to make this Halloween a special one, stoner style. Whether you plan to stay at home and get baked solo or do a socially distant celebration, there is no reason why you can’t make this holiday something to remember, unless you get super high in which case, have someone take a video of you on Halloween while stoned!

Dress up as your Favorite Stoner

If you did not plan ahead and have your Cheech or Snoop costume ready to go, you can still find a way to dress up this Halloween.  If you have some paper, not papers they won’t work, lying around, make your own cannabis leaf with your head as that super dank bud.  Homemade costumes are the best and you can get creative with yours before you get too baked to put it together.  Not much around the house?  You can always throw on a bandana, braid your hair and go as the grandfather of cannabis, Willie Nelson.  Maybe revisit the quintessential stoner period, the summer of love and put on a tie dye shirt, hat or whatever you have lying around.  The point is not to win a best costume contest, just to have fun with it and find a new look to celebrate Halloween while stoned and in stoner style.

Halloween Dispensary Deals

If you have a favorite local marijuana dispensary and are a member of their loyalty program you should be getting emails or texts letting you know about Halloween cannabis specials.  It seems this year dispensaries are going all out in terms of price specials. For example Chalice Farms with several locations in the Portland Oregon area are offering all kinds of Halloween specials that appeal to stoners of any kind, with 30% off Top Shelf flower and 25% off of their specialty edibles, you really can’t go wrong no matter how you consume your cannabis.  If you don’t have a favorite dispensary, make a few calls or send some texts to ones in your area and see if they are offering special Halloween deals.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the responses you get as most dispensaries are trying to move products off their shelves to make way for newly harvested cannabis.

Settle in for a Cozy Spooky Night

If you want to take advantage of the whole cannabis Halloween vibe, consider checking out some spooky strains if they are available in your area.  Jack the Ripper, Phantom OG and Ghost Train Haze are all solid options.  Once you’ve got your cannabis and costume settled, plan the night’s entertainment so you can enjoy Halloween while stoned.  Carving mini pumpkins and seeing if it’s possible to use them as bongs?  Spoiler alert, it is possible but a little messy.  Planning a Zoom costume contest with stoner and non-stoner friends and family is always a good way to spend part of the evening. If you are a horror movie fan there are plenty of spine tingling choices out there but if consuming cannabis and scaring yourself is not for you, there is no reason you can’t go for another genre.  Remember this is promising to be a Halloween like no other so making your own traditions this year is part of the holiday fun.  Make sure you have plenty of candy, regular and cannabis edibles.  If this is your first time with edibles, go slow and unless you have a super high tolerance, less than 50 mg total should be plenty to ensure you stay stoned and happy this Halloween.

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Signs You’ve Become a Cannabis Connoisseur

Cannabis Connoisseur

As more people consume cannabis than ever before, trying new strains and new delivery methods, gone are the days of the uneducated stoner.  Making cannabis a vital part of your life means doing your homework, not just about new strains, although that is vital information but about the cannabis industry in general and how you fit into it.  Are you sharing your knowledge with other stoners?  If so that makes you a cannabis connoisseur.  Are you experimenting with different delivery methods and strains?  Great.  Are you a proud member of the cannabis community?  Finding your place in a growing global community can be a challenge but it’s an important step to being a cannabis connoisseur.

People Look to You for Advice

Whether its friends, family or a random stranger at your local dispensary, people have a way of gravitating towards those with knowledge.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time offering unsolicited advice about how much you know about weed, that in fact is the opposite of a cannabis connoisseur, that is just someone with a big ego who needs attention and applause, steer clear of those types of cannabis users. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to establish your reputation as someone who can be trusted to give advice about all things cannabis.  If you hear a friend talking about how sleepy weed makes them, listen to their whole story, ask the right questions such as what time of the day are you using cannabis and what is the cannabis strain and effect?  Using the right language can go a long way from differentiating yourself as a cannabis connoisseur rather than a general know it all.  Beginning every sentence with “you should” is not the way to go.  Soften your language and people will seek out your advice.  Using “when I was in a similar situation” is much more authoritative but in a quiet confident way not a bossy way.

You Expand Your Knowledge Beyond Cannabis Consumption

This does not mean you should learn everything there is to know about cannabis but think about your own interests and how you can expand your cannabis knowledge based on those interests.  If you are a political junkie, take the time to learn about how the legalization process is going in your country and even other countries around the world.  It is interesting to find out how a country is planning or not planning to legalize cannabis and the reasons why.  Are you a pretty decent cook or baker?  If so take those skills and apply them to learning about the world of cannabis edibles.  Not to say you should quit your job and become a cannabis baker but if you already enjoy and know a fair amount about baking, why not expand that knowledge base.  Do you have a green thumb?  If so there is a lot of interesting information out there about growing your own cannabis.  Whether you plan to start growing or not is secondary to learning about something you already enjoy, in this case two things, cannabis and growing things.  It’s a rare person that has ever expressed regret about learning new things and you never know when that knowledge will come in handy as you become even more of a cannabis connoisseur.

Your Cannabis Consumption Skills are On Point

To truly be a cannabis connoisseur, you may need to up your consumption game a little bit. Not the amount you consume necessarily but the methods. Think of it as the best kind of practice in the world.  Can you roll a perfect joint or at least a pretty impressive one that has no stems poking through and does not fall apart with the slightest of breezes?  No?  Consider it research and keep practicing until you get it right, or at least improve your joint rolling skills.  Do you dab?  Finding the best, for your budget, dab ring and learning how to use it properly takes a little practice but this is the best type of practice ever!  Some dab rings are fairly simple and easy to use but others resemble a mad scientist’s laboratory and knowing about the different styles and the benefits is important as a cannabis connoisseur. Layering is very popular right now and you can do that in many different ways, with pipes, bongs, even joints or blunts.  Essentially you are combining different types of cannabis in one bowl, or joint.  It can be either an effective way to get incredibly baked or it can be an art form or possibly both.  Starting off with some flower in a bowl and drizzling some wax on top, then a finish of kief is a beautiful thing and this type of skill improvement is all part of your journey to becoming a cannabis connoisseur.

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Why Budder is the Better Concentrate

How to Make Budder

So before we explore why budder is the best cannabis concentrate, for those unfamiliar, what is budder and how to make budder?  Budder is one of many cannabis concentrates of various consistencies and made via slightly different processes.  As you might guess budder has the consistency of slightly melted but thicker than normal butter.  Heavier than honeycomb concentrates but lighter than crumble and shatter, budder is definitely a favorite amongst cannabis users who like to dab, vape and can even be added to joints or a bowl.  It is a completely potent versatile concentrate.  At the present time budder is popular mostly with recreational users but that may soon change as more and more medical marijuana patients are seeing the benefits of budder especially if they require high potency cannabis to treat their medical condition.

How to Make Budder

Like most other cannabis concentrates, the first stage of how to make budder involves butane and CO2 to blast the cannabis flower so that cannabinoids like THC and CDB can be extracted.  Next comes the process of using heat and air pressure to remove all potential harmful solvents so that at the end of this part of the process you are left with just the concentrated parts of the cannabis plant.  So how to achieve that nice fluffy texture?  Time and patience and a little baking experience can’t hurt.  While the cannabinoids are being purged at a high temperature, you must carefully and at the right time, whip the budder like you do a cake batter.  It takes some preparation to keep things at the right temperature and at the same time make sure you are whipping enough but not too much.  This process takes some practice to get the consistency just right but is definitely worth the effort if you are a DIY type of cannabis user.

Budder Benefits    

There are quite a number of benefits that make budder the preferred cannabis concentrate and potentially the preferred cannabis in general.  The first is potency.  Budder is the most potent of all forms of cannabis and if made correctly with good quality flower, you can expect a potency level of between 80-90%.  That’s some powerful weed!  Another obvious benefit is how clean it is when prepared correctly.  Today’s marijuana is certainly cleaner in general than a decade ago but removing all harmful chemicals and potential toxins is pretty rare, even these days.  Budder, again made correctly, has a purity level of over 99%, with an average of 99.6%.  With that level of purity you can feel good, not to mention really stoned, that what you are consuming is just cannabis, nothing else.  As most cannabis connoisseurs know, terpenes are important, very important and budder retains more terpenes than any other cannabis concentrate which equals a better taste and overall high.

Enjoying Budder

Now that you know how to make budder, you can enjoy budder in basically any other way you enjoy cannabis, with the exception of edibles.  Rolling that gummy in budder is not going to do you much good unless you light the gummy on fire, which would taste, well maybe someone will give it a try and report back.  Putting budder in a blunt or joint is called twaxing and is one possible way you can add some budder to your flower to really enhance you high.  You can also do something similar with a pipe, bong or bubbler, just add the budder in with your raw bud.  Keep in mind though that the budder has a higher melting point than just flower so you need to heat it longer before taking a hit.  Dabbing and vaping are arguably the best ways to enjoy the clean potency and taste of budder.  Heating the budder up to the right melting point is just easier to control with a dab ring or vaporizer.  That being said, everyone has their favorites and trying out different ways to experience the quality of good budder is all part of the fun of being a stoner.

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Marijuana Banking and Labeling Law Changes Approved by California Governor

California Marijuana Banking Laws

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a couple of marijuana bills into law on Tuesday, creating a series of small changes to the country’s largest legal marijuana system including import California marijuana banking laws. More sweeping proposals like overhauling the state’s cannabis regulatory structure might need to wait until next year, the governor said.

One of the greatest of the new changes are revisions to banking and marketing laws. While many legal cannabis companies are still not able to access financial services, Newsom signed a bill (AB 1525) to eliminate state penalties against banks that operate with marijuana clients.

“This bill has the potential to grow the terms of financial services to the legal cannabis industry,” Newsom wrote during a signing statement,”and because of this, I support it.”

Democrats in Congress, meanwhile, have been working for months to eliminate obstacles to these companies’ access to financial services at the national level. A coronavirus relief bill released by House Democratic leaders on Monday is the most recent piece of legislation to add cannabis banking protections. Past attempts to include such terms have been rejected by Senate Republicans so this is a big win for California marijuana banking laws.

During his signing statement on the banking bill, Newsom directed state marijuana regulators to set rules intended to protect the privacy of cannabis companies that seek financial services, advocating that information be kept confidential and can be used only “for the provision of financial services to support licensees.”

Another bill, (SB 67), the governor signed on Tuesday will eventually create a marijuana appellation program, meant to signal where cannabis is grown and how that may influence its character. The system is very similar to the wine industry and how wine areas are regulated.

With this new law, processors and growers will be prohibited from using the name of a town or other designated area in merchandise marketing unless all of the product’s marijuana is grown in this area. There are already similar protections at the county level.

For outside growers, this new law makes note of the value of terrior, which is the original combination of soil, sun and other unique environmental factors which could influence the character of a marijuana plant. It is also a way for indoor growers to represent specific hometown or regions reputation.

The majority of the other new changes that the governor signed into law are more minor and most customers will not notice them. For instance, one of the changes assembles in more wiggle room on the quantity of THC in edibles (AB 1458), while another new one would permit state-licensed marijuana testing labs to provide services to law enforcement (SB 1244). These are all on top of changes to the California marijuana banking laws.

On Tuesday, Newsom rejected the proposal (AB 1470) that could have enabled processors to submit unpackaged goods to testing labs, which industry lobbyists said would reduce overall costs. Newsom said the proposal”conflicts with present regulations that stop contaminated and dangerous goods from entering the retail sector.”

“While I support reducing packaging waste, allowing goods to be analyzed not in their final form could lead to consumer harm and have a disproportionate effect on small operators,” Newsom stated at a veto statement.

Those adjustments to the testing processes should rather be considered next year, Newsom said, as part of a pending plan to streamline California’s marijuana regulatory and licensing agencies.

“I’ve directed my administration to combine the state regulatory agencies that now apply marijuana health and safety standards to pursue all appropriate measures to reduce costs and unnecessary packaging,” Newsom wrote. “This proposal should be regarded as part of that procedure.”

Newsom also last week vetoed a bill (AB 545) that would have started to dissolve the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, which manages the legal industry. In a statement, the governor said that this legislation is “premature” given his strategies for wider reform and changes to the California marijuana banking laws.

“My Administration has proposed consolidating the regulatory authority now divided between three state entities into a single department,” Newsom wrote, “that we hope to attain next year in partnership with the Legislature.”

Newsom signed into law (AB 1872) earlier in the year. The law freezes state marijuana cultivation and excise taxes for the entire year of 2021. and is meant to provide financial stability for marijuana companies in California, where taxes on cannabis are among the highest in the country.

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East Coast vs. West Coast Cannabis Styles

cannabis lifestyles

If you have spent any amount of time on both the East and West Coasts of the US, you are aware that there are some distinct lifestyle differences.  Things seem to move at a faster pace on the East Coast than the West Coast.  How people spend their free time is also different as is types of hobbies.  What is the same on both coasts, and pretty much everywhere else in the US, is people definitely enjoy cannabis.  How they consume it, where they get stoned, what they do once high and basically their overall cannabis lifestyles are different depending on which coast you call home.

How East Coasters and West Coasters Get High

Until recently, most legal states for recreational marijuana were on the West Coast, yes Colorado you will always be the highest state!  This is changing rapidly but with California, Oregon and Washington making up all of the West Coast, legalized marijuana has had more time to develop a culture.  Walk down any main streets of any major city on the West Coast and you will see and smell people smoking joints, blunts or vaping their cannabis.  It has become commonplace and there is a relaxed atmosphere about it,  no need to look around and see if anyone is watching you or even cares.  Cannabis lifestyles atmosphere is not as relaxed in major East Coast cities.  Once cannabis becomes legal for recreational use it takes people time to adapt and also to understand where they can legally get high in their state.  On the East Coast you can still sense that apprehension with most people walking down the street smoking a joint.  They are just more aware and seem to walk a little faster.  Even when East Coast states have all legalized recreational marijuana, New Yorkers may never slow down to the pace of the average Portlander, so the pace may not change much but the feeling of relaxation will definitely improve on the East Coast.

Stoned Activities

Not everyone enjoys consuming cannabis and getting outside and enjoying nature.  The big difference between the coasts is if you are living on the East Coast this makes you normal but if you are living on the West Coast you may be mocked and you will definitely be silently judged.  Of course there are plenty of exceptions but generally people that choose to live on the West Coast take pride in their love of the outdoors.  Combining that love with their love of cannabis just seems like a perfect match.  On the other side of the country, how people choose to spend their time after consuming cannabis seems more diverse.  There will always be people that prefer to be outdoors, but also stoned museum tours, movie nights indoors, people watching from a sidewalk cafe are options that are pretty popular on the East Coast.  Sure many West Coast people like these activities as well but there is a strange societal pressure to “love” the outdoors that does not really exist on the East Coast.

Bongs vs. Brownies

Another difference between the East Coast and West Coast cannabis lifestyles are the methods they prefer to consume cannabis.  On the East Coast you will see more traditional looking bongs and bubblers where on the West Coast, it’s all about adding additional chambers and ice catchers.  The edible cannabis market is also more traditional on the East Coast, you will see a lot of sweets such as brownies, and on the West Coast you may run across more experimental fare.  Vegan cannabis mac n’ cheese served with cannabis infused sundried tomato olive oil salad anyone?  One sure way to determine if a stoner is from the East Coast or West Coast is to ask them to roll a joint.  In the time it takes you to ask the question, the East Coast stoner will have already rolled a perfect joint while the West Coast stoner is still opening up their stash box.  Things just move a little faster on the East Coast.

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How You Consume Cannabis Says A Lot About Who You Are

methods of consuming cannabis

We all have our favorite methods of consuming cannabis and some people even rely on multiple methods.  They may sometimes smoke their flower out of a pipe and use a vape as well. Other cannabis users love their bong, who doesn’t, but still enjoy a blunt or an edible on occasion.  With so many ways to get stoned, your preferred method says a lot about who you are in terms of age, gender and perhaps even lifestyle.  Obviously if you live in a legal state or country, you have access to pretty much any all possible ways to consume cannabis as opposed to those who live in an illegal state or country.  Hopefully that changes soon and everyone will have the same options no matter where you live.

Joints, Blunts and Vape Carts

Joints and blunts are one of the most preferred methods of consuming cannabis use for two specific groups, both men and women in their early 20s and men over the age of 60. As both joints and blunts are one of the more portable methods of consuming cannabis, meaning you can stroll down the street and enjoy a blunt, people who are outside or hanging with friends like the convenience and the fact that they don’t need to carry around anything breakable.  For people on the go of any age, joints and blunts are easy to grab from a pocket or purse and light up.  The learning curve when it comes to rolling joints and blunts can be steep but people in their twenties like the challenge of rolling the perfect personal joint or party blunt.  Men over the age of 60, many of whom are former cigarette smokers enjoy joints in particular because it is something familiar. They may at one time have rolled their own cigarettes so the learning curve is pretty much non existent.  While you may not find as many older men walking down the street smoking a blunt, you will find them enjoying a perfectly rolled one from the comfort of their home.

Vape carts are generally popular with people in their early 20s however they are becoming increasing popular with all age ranges because you can be very discreet with a vape pen and for those people that need to be discreet, they are fast seeing the benefits of carts.

Pipes, Bongs and Dab Rigs (oh my)

Pipes have a universal appeal to people of all ages but they are true favorites for young moms.  With so many choices of colors and styles, women in their late 20s to 30s really enjoy choosing specific color combinations or patterns, especially when it comes to glass pipes.  Blown glass pipes, if done well, are works of art and young moms like to smoke their cannabis from something that looks nice and that they can be proud of.  You won’t find them displaying their pipes, rather they keep them hidden away from the kids.  Bongs are generally not a go to method of cannabis consumption for women in this age range but they are in fact the preferred method for men in this age category.  Bongs can be pretty simple to use but with so many attachment options available today, creating a bong that not only delivers the ultimate hit but looks like something of a science experiment appeals to men who enjoy building things.  So while a traditional glass bong with no additional chambers or attachments can appeal to pretty much anyone, building the perfect bong is something that really seems to appeal to men in their late 20s to 30s.  Cost is also a factor for not just the price of bongs but for really nice glass pipes as well.  They are not exactly cheap so generally people with more disposable income will choose these methods and may even collect bongs and pipes.

Dab rigs tend to be more popular with men than with women although some younger women are giving them a try.  Used to smoke cannabis concentrates, they are a little expensive but the high is spectacular.  As bongs and dab rigs are not the most portable methods of consuming cannabis, they tend to be favored by people who can have some privacy in their living situation.  Pipes can be more portable but for anyone who has broken their favorite and very expensive pipe knows, when they break, it’s tragic!

Edibles and Tinctures

As the popularity of edibles as another one of the methods of consuming cannabis is growing every day, so is the demographic who prefers them.  Edibles used to really only appeal to younger people in their 20s but now seem to be the preferred cannabis consumption method for people in their 40s and 50s, especially women.  Anyone who likes to cook and has the time and money to experiment with different recipes loves edibles.  Women in their 40’s and 50s tend to have more time to cook and bake than younger women.  As not every cannabis recipe yields good or even decent results, there is some trial and error involved and this can cost money so disposable income is necessary.  Of course women like to share what they have cooked, most of the time, so anyone who is around benefits!

Tinctures tend to be favored by the over 65 crowd who do not want the effects of smoking their cannabis, perhaps due to health issues but may lack the knowledge to really want to experiment with edibles.  Not to say that your grandma doesn’t bake some decadent cannabis brownies or that your grandpa can’t hit that bong like a pro, these are just generalizations.  Tinctures are easy to consume, store and no other equipment is needed, plus they are very discreet.

No matter your age, gender or level of disposable income, there are multiple methods of consuming cannabis so try out different methods and you may just find a new favorite.

Let us know what some of your favorite methods of consuming cannabis are, in the comments below.

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Drinkable Cannabis Reviews: Hibiscus Lemonade & Berry Shot

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Cannabis edibles continue to grow in variety and popularity in just about every place that has medical or recreational dispensaries.  The area of edibles that is still pretty new is that of cannabis drinks.  It’s always nice to have options no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis and drinks sometimes are a fun and novel way to try cannabis.  Plus you are also getting some hydration at the same time so that’s a bonus.  The quality and variety differs from state to state and even among dispensaries in a single city but the one thing that seems to be constant is the price. Cannabis drinks are fairly pricey compared to other edibles and definitely compared to flower, cats or concentrates but that does not mean drinks are not worth a try or even worth the cost.  Like most things, if demand increases and dispensaries start offering more options for drinks, prices will come down.  So if you try a cannabis drink from your local dispensary that you really like, let them know.  Also, as with edibles in general, pay attention to the dosage.  The common wisdom is to start with 5-10 mgs and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more.  If you know you have a high tolerance, obviously your starting point will be much higher, pun intended, at around 50-100 mgs. Here are a Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review and Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Muru Highwater /Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz:  This is an infused water so the taste was stronger than expected with typical, non-cannabis infused water.  You can taste the lemon but the actual taste is more like lime.  You can also taste what might be hibiscus but is a bit like Ricola cough drops, the brown ones.  Overall the taste is good but not super refreshing and you will get a bit of an after taste similar to apple cider vinegar.  Not for those who want to sip their cannabis.  This should probably be done like a shot.  The effects come on slowly and are fairly balanced between a head and body high.  If after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, either try another capful, or two or simply wait a bit longer.  You will notice the body relaxation but it is not so strong that you will be couch locked.  The head high is there but plays second to the body high so this would probably be good for stress and if you have sore muscles could help ease the soreness. Overall the high is not super intense with this cannabis infused water which makes it great for a novice and something new and different for the cannabis connoisseur.

Drinkables-You are definitely going to need to keep something to drink handy, not because of dry mouth but because the aftertaste does linger.  Normal water won’t help, you need flavor so go with your favorite soda or even a flavored water if you don’t want the caffeine.

 Munchables-The munchies will likely not be an issue with this Hibiscus Lemonade but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something anyway.  Salty foods seem to go best, so perhaps some chips or pretzels just something light to snack on.  Tortilla chips and salsa are perfect and if you want a more substantive snack, go with nachos because…cheese!

Doables-Drinking your cannabis is an interesting way to consume it so why not do something interesting.  You will not be super stoned or couch locked so go exploring.  Walk through a new neighborhood in your city or if you are close to some beautiful nature, take advantage of that.  Just enjoy the mellow happiness of being stoned and outside.

Berry Shot Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Enjoy/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Indica 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz: This Enjoy Berry Shot was a surprise.  Not because it was an Indica that allows for an amazing night of restful sleep but because of how you feel before you actually fall asleep.  Start with a two capful dose but if after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, feel free to add two more capfuls.  This cannabis liquid is slightly thick in texture, which some people might be bothered by.  If you prefer your liquids more liquid then mix it into some tea or carbonated water.  The taste and smell is like berries, which berries is a difficult to determine.  It tastes more like raspberries than any other berry.  Berry shot is super sweet so mixing it with an unsweetened tea is the way to go!  There is not much of a head high but the body high starts slowly and builds to such a relaxing mellow feeling of being happy and content.  Good for those with insomnia and could even help with mild pain and stress.  The most unexpected part?  After about an hour you may start to feel a little, let’s just say amorous.  Something to consider if you decide not to go to sleep right away.  Either way expect a sweet slumber with Berry Shot.

Drinkables-Tea, either green or black is the best thing to drink with Berry Shot and afterwards as well.  If you want another type of liquid and you drink alcohol, a glass of wine or something with bubbles will work perfectly for a cannabis beverage.  Just don’t drink too much or it will interfere with your sleep.

Munchables– By getting your cannabis in a liquid form rather than a food edible, that opens the door to all snack options.  If you are feeling the berry theme, you could go with some strawberries, or even better chocolate covered strawberries.  You would need to plan ahead for that type of snack.  Generally sweets work will and chocolate is just perfection!

Doables– This liquid cannabis does not leave you couch locked in a serious way but you will likely not feel like a hike either.  If you want to enjoy that deep relaxation with a movie or a podcast, great choice.  As mentioned before, Berry Shot can leave you feeling amorous so …take it from here!

Feel free to give your own Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review or Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review in the comments below and be sure to check out: Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen

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What is Cali Sober and How Do I Live It

What is Cali Sober

Waking up with a hangover may be one of the worst experiences in life we have all almost experienced. A popular term coined “Cali Sober” might just be what you’re looking for to avoid the dreaded post drinking mornings. So, exactly what is Cali Sober?

These post-drinking phenomenons feel like someone is slowly squeezing your head in a vice and taking your first deep sea boat and sea sickness adventure all at once. Based on if you feel proud of what you did last night (or not), you may add the burden of moral guilt as heavy as a catholic school girl.

You then tell yourself, “I am never drinking again.” When it’s so horrible, why do we keep doing this? Well, because we are living in a society participated in a sensuous affair with alcohol.

How alcohol became the standard
The toughest part about quitting booze is how ingrained it’s into our culture and community. Sometimes you will need to tell someone five times that you don’t want a drink until they stop asking. People are simply shocked and perplexed by the idea. It is interesting to see how folks respond to sobriety.” We get drunk to celebrate every occasion. We get drunk when we are too young to comprehend what life is all about, and several people continue to do this until our time has come to an end.

Each year, approximately 3.3 million people die globally from alcohol-related deaths, but that has not made us stop. In the United States alone, fatalities brought on by drinking have steadily doubled every year since 1999, while marijuana is accountable for zero deaths.

Toning down booze is as much of a taste as an act of self-preservation. Alcohol’s prevalence is not only from the culture surrounding us, but often it shows up in our DNA if we are related to anyone with an addiction. The paranoia of the what happens after a night of drinking can often weigh on our psychological health — and for lots of folks, it just is not worth it.

Most memories with alcohol result in an argument or something going wrong, The best aspect of being Cali sober is that the stability you have with the people in your life.

Replacing shots with edibles or joints or any other cannabis products can be extremely freeing and helpful in so many ways. So, poises the question, what is Cali Sober and how is it a better lifestyle for me?

Can you be Cali Sober anywhere?
Being Cali sober does not need you to pack up and move to the golden state. Elective-sobriety is getting increasingly more popular in an age when long-term health has our focus and our prioritization.

Naturally, switching bar-hopping for toking can be complex in locations where marijuana remains illegal, but concealing a secret vape or hitting the bowl until you leave the house is always an alternative.

Even while residing in a legal state and knowing the medical marijuana health benefits, you can get weird looks when you just purchase a soda in a pub. But knowing you won’t wake up with a hangover makes it even easier to have an enjoyable night.

Now that you know what is Cali Sober, you can determine if it makes sense to incorporate in your lifestyle. It’s getting more and more popular and accepted to choose yes.

Our society is simply pre-programmed to drink. Every day, we are inundated with advertisements and media which make alcohol look ordinary while marijuana remains illegal, hard to acquire, and harshly criticized and penalized when appreciated in public settings.

Most men and women resort to booze to initiate conversations, take the edge off an awkward first-date, or struggle with social stress in a new atmosphere. And for lots of people, cannabis does all that without requiring you to take care of physical or ethical hangovers.

If you reside in a state where cannabis is illegal, try experimenting with a Cali sober lifestyle utilizing CBD. It’s a wonderful place to start your trip to a cannabis-infused, alcohol-free life. CBD’s growing popularity makes it widely available in a number of cities where you may be tempted to drink, and it goes great with a mocktail.

Now when people ask you “What is Cali Sober” all about, you can help guide them to this new healthier, safer and in many peoples opinion, more enjoyable lifestyle.

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How To Make Kief Cookies in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make Kief Cookies

How to Make Kief Cookies in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make Kief Cookies Tips

  • The amount of kief you put in each cookie will determine how strong each cookies is.
  • Kief is stronger than cannabis flower because its a concentrated.
  • Edibles usually take about an hour to start working so wait at least an hour in between doses.
  • Effects of edibles are usually stronger and last longer than smoking.

How to Make Kief Cookies Recipe

This Kief cookie recipe is very simple and probably one of the easiest cannabis edibles to make at home.

1. Decarboxylate Kief

In order to be activated, kief and cannabis must be heated. Heating kief causes the THCA to lose a molecule and become THC.

How to Decarboxylate Kief in an Oven

  • Spread kief onto a baking sheet or onto a baking dish (I use a covered baking casserole dish)
  • Bake at 220 degrees for 30 mins

2. Prep Cookie Dough as Usual

You can make kief cookies with any type of cookie dough you like.  The easiest way is to use pre-made cookie dough you can get from any grocery store.

3. Make a Well in a Ball of Cookie Dough – Add 1/8 teaspoon of Kief

4. Fold and Reshape Cookie So Kief Remains Inside

5.  Bake According to Cookie Dough Instructions

It’s that easy to make Kief Cookies at home. We hope you enjoyed this simple and easy recipe. Feel free to share any of your tips or other edible recipes. Remember, start slow and test your cannabis tolerance. There are quite a few edibles to try and making them yourself requires a little practice and patience. Once you have the perfect recipe down you’ll be sharing your home-made treats at your next party or even taking them along on your next road trip.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Chicago

marijuana dispensaries chicago

Recreational marijuana dispensaries in Chicago are deemed essential businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Some marijuana dispensaries only sell to medical patients and others are requiring recreational users to make an appointment or purchase online. (Delivery isn’t currently permitted in Illinois.)

Here is the list of the Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Chicago and what to check out.


Currently serving recreational by online order
Sunnyside is the retail arm of Cresco Labs, the biggest marijuana operator in Illinois and among the biggest cannabis businesses in the usa.  Measure inside its bustling orange-and-white walled space situated steps from Wrigley Field, Metro, and Rare Earth to locate one of the largest collections of cannabis on the market armed with supply from a number of the nation’s premium grow facilities. The business has recently opened a dedicated area across the road from Sunnyside at 3801 N. Clark for walk-ins serving medical patients and recreational users 55 and above with increased health risks, while the first location will act as a fulfillment center for online orders.

Dispensary 33

Currently serving only medical patients
Chicago’s first cannabis operator is one of the city’s most treasured, including a beautifully manicured space showcasing soothing forests and tasteful sketch artwork situated a short stroll from Hopleaf and Chicago Magic Lounge. With recreational earnings now suspended, medical patients are now being requested to shop only if it is”absolutely essential” and to expect delays because of social distancing requirements. Dispensary 33 generally plays host to the yearly Waldos Forever 4/20 festival away from the shop, which has been rescheduled for September with the dispensary’s 4/20 festivities transferred online — including the opportunity to win a”Stoner Starter Kit” on Instagram.

MOCA Modern Cannabis

Logan Square
Currently serving only medical patients
Another of Chicago’s best known cannabis operators, this Logan Square hotspot operated by the proprietors of the native Emporium arcade pub chain is famous for its educational events and cannabis markets along with a range of standout offerings at a cool loft-style space situated near many of equally cool bars like Slippery Slope and Emporium Logan Square. With events now on recreational and hold sales suspended, MOCA is now only open for medical patients and caregivers who place orders online. The store is also offering remote assistance for potential cannabis patients throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Maribis of Chicago

Brighton Park
Currently serving recreational only on weekends
While there are not too many flights taking off from Midway nowadays, traffic still continues to flow to the Southwest Side operator situated less than three miles from the airport. Currently only allowing recreational clients on weekends, Maribis doesn’t provide online ordering but is famous for specials and deals often posted on Leafly. Yet its lobby is big enough to accommodate an adequate amount of people in the social distancing age. After picking up your stash, round out the adventure with a trip to next-door Leon’s Barbeque (currently open for takeout).

Columbia Care Chicago

Jefferson Park
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
Running 33 centers in 11 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, Columbia Care is a large scale global operator famous for introducing the nation’s first legal charge card to get cannabis purchases. Located in Jefferson Park near the Gale Street Inn and Jefferson Park Blue Line, admire the shop’s sleek black and white chic layout as you shop for recreational goods such as French onion soup mix, THC-infused Epsom bath salts, and a potent 28.5percent THC Indica called Mag Landrace.

Mission South Shore

South Chicago
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
If you are living on the Southeast Side and are on a mission for marijuana, you’re most likely familiar with Mission South Shore. The sole dispensary in the region and the nearest to the Indiana border, the store brings in lots of out-of-staters in addition to loyal sailors stocking up on everything from pills and tonics to water pipes and suppositories in a clean judgment-free space. Currently only allowing eight people on the ground at the same time with recreational sales by appointment only, Mission South Shore has also removed all volume limits on any item or class during the coronavirus crisis.

The Herbal Care Center

University Village
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
Featuring one of the largest and most varied cannabis product collections in the nation, Chicago’s top-rated dispensary is well known for taking great care of its clients in a serene, relaxing area equipped with sofas and wall art. Read through their stocked selection of edibles, vapes, extracts, pre-rolls, and tinctures as you seek the remedy to what ails you (even if this ailment is straightforward lockdown boredom). The dispensary is also situated near one of Chicago’s top restaurants, EL Ideas, which is presently available for takeout and delivery.

Midway Dispensary

Garfield Ridge
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
If this dispensary were any closer to Midway Airport, it would be parked at the gift shop next to Hudson News. Located just 3 blocks north of the airport near the old-school Villa Rosa Pizza, this Garfield Ridge dispensary offers a huge stock of disposable vapes and capsules plus gummies and drinks from tropical punch to Mexican cocoa. Started among Chicago’s first medical dispensaries in 2016 before recently expanding to recreational, Midway Dispensary is currently offering curbside pickup for patients.

Consume Chicago

Norwood Park
Currently serving recreational by online order
Tucked away in residential, family-friendly Norwood Park, this neighborhood-centric dispensary is the best place to nerd out on the particulars of the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles on your blossom strain or stock up on powerful extracts such as crumble wax. Currently allowing curbside pickup for medical with the parking lot reserved for medical patients only, Consume: Chicago is helpfully located just down the street from Chicago’s iconic old-school hot dog purveyors Superdawg. Grab some weed, catch a Chicago dog, and vanish in the Caldwell Woods Forest Preserves Throughout the street. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday (or any day).

Nu Era Chicago

Clybourn Corridor
Currently serving recreational by online order
Mojito and lime sorbet vapes. Menthol and cayenne topicals. Tangerine tinctures and taco seasoning packets. These are simply a few of the flavor-packed items which you may find at this no-frills dispensary located across the street from Chicago’s legendary late-night punk bar/den of bad decisions Exit. Currently only allowing five people in the shop at one time using 6-10 foot distancing protocols in place, Nu Med has also installed plexiglass windows at all its terminals with the first two hours of each day reserved for medical patients only.

These are the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Chicago. Let us know in the comments if you think there are others to add to the list.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Edibles)

Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Edible cannabis can come in so many forms, from cannabutter, infused oils, drinks, to all variety of candies, chocolates and honey.  If you can eat or drink it, cannabis can be put in it.  Traditional edible dosing from dispensaries recommends 10 mg per dose and most packaging makes that pretty clear.  If you are making, baking your own edibles, the dosing and THC percentages take some time to get right so proceed with caution and if it’s your first few times doing DIY edibles, follow the recipe of a trusted source and use our marijuana strain reviews edibles to help guide you.

Cannabees Pure Honey – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Swifts/Grower-Green Labs/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz:  Honey is one of the most versatile substances out there, besides cannabis of course and this honey stands up against the super pricey organic stuff you buy at Whole Foods.  The best part about Cannabees honey is it actually gets you buzzed, and in that way it will always win out over the premium supermarket brands.  Try in a multitude of ways, in some chamomile tea before bed, on a piece of toast for a little wake and bake action.  If you’re feeling adventurous, double up for some super cannabis deliciousness and have some honey in your tea and put more on a graham cracker.  Need to be discreet with your cannabis consumption?  This little packet of golden sweetness is perfect for such occasions.  There are 10 packets in a package and to be honest sometimes one package is enough, sometimes you may need more to achieve your desired level of high.  You should expect to feel a little body buzz after about 15 minutes or so followed by a nice light head high, nothing too heavy.  This can be accomplished with one 10 mg packet and if you want more, another packet will intensify your body buzz significantly.  A third packet and you may need to set aside a few hours to ride out the buzz.  You can expect to peak at an hour and after two hours, your buzz will mellow a bit.  Perfect for anxiety or insomnia.  Also honey in a known anti-inflammatory.

Drinkables-If you have put your cannabis honey in tea then you don’t really need anything else to drink.  Edibles are not known for causing dry mouth so you may want to sip on some water if needed or sometimes some iced coffee goes well if you are spreading the Cannabees honey on toast.

Munchables-As it is already an edible, you will most likely not be super hungry but if you are, stick to sweet snacks.  Salty snacks can be a little overwhelming with honey.  That being said it’s your cannabis experience, anything that sounds tasty will likely be tasty!

Doables-This yummy Cannabees honey provides a varied buzz so until you know how your body and mind will react, planning something to do can be difficult.  Go with how you are feeling and the first hour may be the time to be more active, draw, walk, chill with friends.  The last hour is more of an introspective time so if you are a writer, you may find this a perfect inspiration window of time.

Espresso Dark Chocolate – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Corner Stones/Grower-Canna Vita/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz: These chocolate squares have everything you need to be happy, chocolate, coffee (espresso) and cannabis.  The three Cs of life apparently.  The taste is rich, decadent and one is enough, okay maybe two.  The high comes on faster than most cannabis edibles, after about 10 minutes you can literally feel your muscles relaxing. What a warm wonderful feeling.  The high continues to develop over the next hour and reaches peak about then too.  Not too much of a head high after the first hour but the body high alone is worth the price of admission to this ride.  These chocolates provide a perfect balance between dreamy and creative.  If you are looking for a little more active cannabis high, you may want to add a Sativa gummy to the mix but for those who want to be mellow and creative, these are perfect!  As with all edibles, you can be as discreet as you need or want to be and if you use public transportation to and from work, the trip home will take on a whole new meaning.  Probably not the best for those wake and bake cannabis consumers unless your morning plans include a nap, hey no judgement.  The only real downside to these espresso dark chocolate squares, the company should consider putting more of them in the package.  There are 10, only 10.  Excellent for anxiety and enhancing creativity.

Drinkables– Depending on the time of day, a little coffee goes perfect with these chocolates and if you like wine, a pinot noir or maybe a merlot would be an excellent pairing!  There is no real problem at all with dry mouth and not everyone likes water with chocolate so keep your drink choices flavored.

Munchables– Well you are already eating chocolate so you can always make the obvious choice and just continue down the same road, eat more chocolate.  Ice cream is also a fantastic way to enjoy these little cannabis delights.  Just crumble up a square with your favorite ice cream.  The sweet and savory fans will find that pretzels go very well with this particular chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dark chocolate and has espresso that makes the combination so sublime.  It works though so no need to spend too much time on the why of your high, so to speak.

Doables-Time to get creative, if you have ever felt like exploring a new creative outlet, this is the time to get started.  The relaxation of the mind and body is so profound that you will not even bother to question your skills or abilities.  You will just create.  Your edible cannabis experience will be that much better with a like-minded creative friend, so share those chocolates.

I hope these help and check back soon for new marijuana strain reviews.

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Bud Basics-What You Need to Get Started with Cannabis

Cannabis Consumption

So you’ve decided to give cannabis a try.  This decision could be for any number of reasons; medical conditions, fun, creativity booster, boredom or some combination of multiple factors.  No matter, welcome!  Welcome to a large ever growing and decidedly happy club.  Thrilled to have you as a member.  We are going to explore a few basic terms and items you will need to begin your journey down Cannabis Lane and different cannabis consumption methods.  Depending on where you live, some if not all of the bud basics can be purchased at a dispensary or online.  Check your local laws and make sure any online purchases you make can legally be shipped to your location.

Cannabis Delivery Methods

How do you plan to consume the cannabis?  If you are a newbie, a pipe, bong or bubbler (pipe bong combination might be your best bet if you prefer to smoke your marijuana.

Consider your living situation if you decide to smoke as this method produces the most smell and smoke, and as wonderfully fragrant as you may believe it to be, your neighbors may not feel the same.  It’s also not the most discreet way to consume cannabis if that is also another factor you need to consider. With pipes, bongs and bubblers, a good grinder is an invaluable investment as well as a poker.

If you really want to go old school and don’t mind smelling up your immediate environment, a joint or blunt could be a good place to start.  Besides the old apple pipe, it’s the most cost effective way to get a good buzz.  All you really need are some decent rolling papers, filters (please don’t forget the filters) and some hand dexterity.  Time and patience are also required unless you already roll your own cigarettes, don’t smoke cigarettes!  So let’s assume you are a novice roller, it takes a lot of practice to get your technique down and this takes time.  If this all seems too daunting there are automatic joint rolling machines that are not too pricey but part of the fun of smoking of fat blunt is that you rolled it yourself!

Vaporizers are a more stealthy way of getting your high but do take some trial and error and often a fair amount of money to get started.  Vape pens with smaller cartridges (carts) are the best way to start and in another article we will cover all the ins and outs of this method of cannabis consumption.  Besides the initial investment, vaporizers are a constantly improving technology so if you like to live on the cutting edge of marijuana tech, this may be the right way to go.  The learning curve can be steep but the rewards are worth it.

Edibles and spreadables are more ways to get your cannabis fix.  The edibles you can buy at a dispensary are often less potent than what you can make at home however DIY edibles take some work to figure out the dosing and with edibles you buy, the dosing is already done for you.   Start slow as an edible newbie.  So many people eat a 10 mg gummy, wait 20 minutes and decide they need to eat 5 more.  An hour later they are a little too high for their comfort level.  This is not a competition.  Take your time with edibles and make sure to carefully read the label or recipe for dosing recommendations. One of the best part about edibles, besides the fact they are delicious, they are very discreet.  Bon appetit! Spreadables are not things you spread on bread, like cannabutter but rather cannabis or sometimes hemp based products you spread on your body, most often for pain relief or to help relax your muscles.  Do not eat body balm or cannabis massage oil, it is not meant to be ingested and while providing immense benefits externally can do some real harm internally.  One of the greatest ways to get some pain relief, balms and oils are usually also infused with other fragrant ingredients.  Lavender is one of the most popular so imagine how great you are going to smell as you relax after applying some cannabis balm to any sore muscle you may have.  Bath bombs with either cannabis or hemp are also growing in popularity.

There are so many options cannabis consumption that you certainly should not feel that you need to limit yourself to just one.  That being said, we all have to start someplace and depending on a variety of factors such as location, budget, time and interest, there are options for everyone.  The most important aspect is to find what works for you and mix it up on occasion.

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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Butter or Cannabutter

cannabis butter

This is a beginners guide to making cannabis butter or cannabutter. Once you master the process, you will be able to make all sorts of edibles from brownies and cookies to dousing your favorite vegetables.

This recipe roughly translates into 30 milligrams of THC per tbsp of cannabis butter or oil. Your ideal dose will vary, but 10 mg is standard.Begin by testing 1/4 teaspoon of this weed butter you create and wait for about an hour. Observe how you are feeling and let your body tell you if this is an excellent amount, if you want more, or if you need less. Erring on the side of care will make certain you really enjoy yourself and have a positive experience.

Step 1: Decarboxylation

The first thing you are going to need to do is decarboxylate your own cannabis. Also called”decarbing,” this requires you to bake your marijuana, allowing the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to trigger. Additionally, it allows for lipids in oil and butter to readily bind to your weed to your best cannabis infusion.

What you will need:

  • 1/2 oz of marijuana
  • Hand grinder or scissors
  • Glass baking dish or sheet pan
  • Oven

Things to do for Cannabis Butter:

  1. Preheat the oven to 220° F.
  2. Gently split apart the desired quantity of weed using a hand-grinder, scissors, or with hands till it is the perfect consistency for rolling a joint– nice, but not too fine. Anything too fine will slide through cheesecloth (or a joint, for that matter). You need your cannabutter and oil to be clean and as clear as you can.
  3. Evenly disperse your plant material on the glass baking dish or sheet pan. Pop in the oven on the middle rack for 20 minutes if using old or reduced quality weed; 45 minutes for treated, high quality cannabis; or one hour or longer for anything that’s been recently harvested and remains wet.
  4. Check on the marijuana regularly while it is in the oven, gently mixing it every 10 minutes in order to not burn it. You will see that the color of your herb will vary from bright green to a deep brown green. That is when you know it’s decarboxylated.

Step 2: Cannabis Butter Stovetop

What You Will Need:

  • 11/2 cup water
  • 8 oz clarified butter, melted butter, or oil
  • 1/2 oz decarboxylated cannabis
  • Medium saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Thermometer, discretionary cheesecloth and/or metallic strainer

What to do for cannabis butter:

  1. In a medium saucepan on very low heat, add butter and water.
  2. Once the butter is melted, add the decarboxylated cannabis, mix well then cover.
  3. Let mix gently simmer for 4 hours. Stir every half hour to ensure that your cannabutter is not burning. For those who have a thermometer, check to be certain that the temperature does not reach over 180°.
  4. After simmering for 4 hours strain with a strainer or cheesecloth into a separate container. Allow the butter cool to room temperature. Use immediately or keep in fridge or freezer with a well-sealed mason jar. You should be able to store your cannabis butter for up to six months.