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Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain Review

Desert Unicorn Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Cannera/ Dispensary-Jenny’s Dispensary

Hybrid THC 24.34% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz 

This is a tough strain to find but worth it when you do, so stock up.  It’s a unique blend of greens, yellows, with some iridescence as well and some buds are supposed to have a unicorn like horn on them at the top of the bud, not present with all buds though. Desert Unicorn is a very well balanced hybrid that does what all hybrids should do, give you the best of both worlds. The smell is very earthy with some citrus and the taste is very similar to the smell, which is a sign of some truly premium bud.

Right away after one bong hit you will feel the head buzz begin and it keeps building from that first hit.  The body waves are less noticeable right away but if you take a second hit, you will feel them. The initial feelings are of relaxation and happiness with some intense bursts of energy that seem to come and go during the first hour or two. How social you feel may depend on your mood before you get high and also on the people around you.  It can sometimes be a good social strain but not always, it is really dependent on the circumstances. A really unique experience.

Good For

This cannabis strain is not super long lasting so after about 3 hours you can expect your buzz to be winding down, which means it might be time for a nap or more Desert Unicorn. Perfect for mild pain, especially sore muscles and joints so an excellent strain for someone with any type of arthritis, plus since it’s a hybrid you can wake n’ bake and still have a productive morning, with less pain.  This strain is also great for depression and anxiety.  Not too much of a dry mouth problem but it is still an issue.  No other negatives with Desert Unicorn.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– As dry mouth is not a huge problem you won’t have to constantly drink liquids but water is always important to have around with really any cannabis strain.  You could enjoy a glass of wine with this strain, a red or rose would be great choices.  Just be careful not to overdo on the alcohol with a strain this potent.  If you are not in a wine drinking mood, some flavored soda is a good option, grape or orange has some carbonation and is super refreshing.

Munchables-With Desert Unicorn, the munchies will hit but expect them to be delayed, like about two hours into your high.  If you are having wine to drink, or even if you’re not, why not make yourself a nice Brie and fruit platter, throw some almonds in as an extra snacking option and your munchies should be satisfied.  If your sweet tooth requires more than fruit, go for something a little chewy like homemade oatmeal cookies.

 Doables– Since Desert Unicorn is such a unique cannabis strain that promises bursts of energy, you could use that energy physically or mentally, or mix it up and do both.  The perfect strain for brainstorming new ideas, revamping old ones or anything in between.  If you feel like moving, take a short neighborhood walk or do some yoga and listen to some uplifting music.  If you are feeling social, and you might be, take advantage of those happiness feelings and inspire your friends or share a movie and a laugh together.

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