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More Great Dispensaries in Seattle

dispensaries in Seattle, Washington

More Great Dispensaries in Seattle

Dispensaries in Seattle

Hashtag Cannabis 

This beautiful dispensary is located in the Fremont area of Seattle and is just another of many great dispensaries in Seattle. They are open from 9 am to 10 pm Sunday through Wednesday and 9 am to 11 pm Thursday through Saturday.  Currently Hashtag Cannabis is open for both pick up and in store shopping, with limited customers in the store to ensure social distancing.  There is a second location in Redmond. However, the Fremont location is bigger and more established in the community.

Speaking of community, Hashtag Cannabis has been a leader in various social programs including BLM and immigrant assistance.  They are also very involved in the LGBTQ community and their most recent project is with a non-profit called The Last Prisoner. The project is dedicated towards bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry.  This dispensary does not just talk about community action, they do something about it. You can feel good spending your money at a place that cares so deeply about the area and the people that live here. Their website is easy to navigate and answers most questions you may have about both dispensaries.

Amazing Experience

The inside of the Fremont dispensary is huge, mostly white with some soothing water prints and excellent lighting.  With so much space there are no concerns about social distancing. Plus you can really see the products, which is a bonus!  Each week Hashtag Cannabis provides deep discounts on specific vendors. They also have Shatterday Saturdays and late night Happy Hour Specials from 9 pm to close.  Additional discounts for veterans, seniors, and industry professionals as well as a loyalty program that is the best around. This means you will definitely get some great deals.

The budtenders are knowledgeable, super friendly and helpful and it is clear they actually like their jobs.  Andrew is a fantastic budtender and made some excellent flower recommendations. Sundae Driver, which was, wow, thanks Andrew as well as Alien Surfer Cookies that is just as cool and chill as it sounds.  The budtenders here take the time to listen to customers which makes Hashtag Cannabis a special dispensary and not to be missed.

Great Dispensaries in Seattle

Grass & Glass! 

This amazing dispensary is located north of downtown at 15th Ave. NE and 143rd.  As the name suggests, they have both grass and some very beautiful glass. You can get all your cannabis needs taken care of in one place.  Grass & Glass is open every day from 8 am to 11:45 pm except Sundays when their hours are 10 am to 10 pm.  They are currently open for both pick up and in store shopping.  Grass & Glass takes social distancing seriously. You can feel safe shopping in store at this dispensary.  Their website is pretty basic and if you have specific questions you will definitely need to call. Which is fine because they are very response on the phone.

They have some deals and a great Happy Hour every night at 9 until close. You should definitely take advantage of. these when you can.  Great for doing a store pick up or even if you’re not and just want to check out the menu, it is powered by Dutchie. The menu is likely one of the most extensive menus in Seattle.

Customer Loyalty

They do have a rewards program however their prices are so spectacular, they might not even need one to keep customers coming back.  The dispensary itself is large with slightly worn wood floors and seemingly endless glass display cases. They have even more product on nearly every wall space.  Essentially it is a cannabis paradise. Another element that makes Grass & Glass stand out is their budtenders.  It is such a laid back and cool atmosphere that you just feel like you are talking with a good friend. Learning about what bud to get from a very knowledgeable good friend.

Julio is a standout budtender and his recommendations of Purple Kush and Paris OG hit just perfectly, as he suggested they would.  Another great find was God’s Gift flower. The price is so good, you really can’t leave without it.  The only problem with this dispensary is that you may spend too much money. Not because the budtenders are pushing sales, they’re not, simply because the options are endless.

Another Must Visit Dispensary

Pot Shop 

This dispensary is near Westlake on Dexter and is a fantastic place to either visit in person or pick up an order from. They are currently offering both and is just another one of many great dispensaries in Seattle.  Pot Shop’s hours are 10 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 9 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.  This dispensary is a little on the small side but they are great with social distancing. Just keep in mind you may need to wait if you visit during peak hours.  The dispensary has nice wood floors and plenty of display cases.

Also, more products behind the counters displayed on the walls.  It could easily become cluttered but it’s not and the atmosphere is relaxed and chill.  To offset the relatively small size issue Pot Shop is offering a 20% discount if you order online. You then need to pick up your products, which is a very generous way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Fun Specials

They also offer a wake n’ bake special of 10% off from open until noon for you early risers! Additionally, Pot Shop offers weekly discounts on various products as well as add on specials. Their website is very user friendly and has some of the most delicious looking recipes. A great addition for those who possess any level of culinary skill and want to introduce cannabis to your cooking or enhance your cannabis cooking game.

The budtenders are wonderful and Thomas in particular is an expert at asking the right questions. He can make the best possible recommendations.  Orange Blossom and Face Off were delicious and potent strains, especially for the price.  Another popular and amazing find is called Fucking Incredible.  Why is that the name you may ask, well because it actually is fucking incredible.  Pot Shop is truly a great dispensary and well worth a visit.

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Cannabis Quarantine Prep

cannabis use during quarantine

As winter closes in on us, and warnings of Covid surges in nearly every state in the US and quite a few other countries as well, it may be time to think about preparing for a stricter quarantine.  For many people that simply means making sure your household is stocked up in the kitchen and bathroom but for cannabis connoisseurs, a lengthy quarantine entails some additional preparation.  Unlike the spring quarantine, this one is going to be tougher for most folks because nearly everyone is suffering from lockdown fatigue and the weather in many places will not be as inviting for those short sanity walks that were so necessary in the spring. Here are some tips to be ready for cannabis use during quarantine.

Stock Up

While it may not be financially possible to stock up on cannabis to get yourself comfortably through the next few months, you can make sure you have as much weed as your budget allows.  There will be days when you will just consume more cannabis than others so keep that in mind as you plan a stock up trip to your favorite dispensary.  Diversify your purchases as well.  Even though you have your favorite strains and plan to stick mostly with those, consider adding a few new items to the list to keep your cannabis sessions exciting.  Pick up a few edibles as well because you never know what your mood will be from day to day.  Also it’s important to make sure you have plenty of rolling papers and cleaning supplies for your glass if you use a pipe, bong or dab ring.  Keep plenty of spare lighters in your stash box and if you are one of those unlucky cannabis consumers who tends to break things, no judgement but pick up a cheap pipe while you are out gathering supplies, just in case.

Cannabis Self-Care

If you are someone who uses cannabis to help ease anxiety, and who doesn’t, make sure you leave time in between work, family and other obligations for cannabis use during quarantine self-care.  What that is will differ drastically from person to person but for some people that means a good long bong session with your favorite music and for others it could mean an edible, a glass of wine and a long soak.  As long as it helps you to relax, your cannabis self-care can be pretty much anything.  Also don’t forget to tap into your creativity.  This can be a huge part of self-care for a lot of cannabis users.  If you get the feels from working on a new song or painting while stoned, make sure that is part of your routine.  When the weather allows try to take advantage and take your cannabis session outdoors.  That sunshine can be an instant mood booster, in addition to the cannabis.  This takes some willingness to be more flexible with your schedule.  If the sun is out and the temperature is decent, work can probably wait for two hours and that break in your routine will go a long way towards keeping you physically and mentally healthy during this quarantine.

Keep the Cannabis Flowing

If you were not able to fully stock up on cannabis, consider utilizing your local dispensary’s delivery service if they have one.  If they don’t, many cities have started services similar to DoorDash or UberEats but for weed, meaning they will pick up what you want from a local dispensary and delivery to your door for a minimal or sometimes no fee at all.  As many people make the decision to take social distancing much more seriously this winter, knowing what services will be available is just one less thing you need to stress over and having plenty of cannabis on hand is part of good planning. If you are planning to make a big purchase at a dispensary and they don’t advertise delivery, ask.  Often if it’s close to the end of the day and you don’t live too far away from the dispensary, they may just agree to swing by your place if you are a good customer.  Another option is to check with friends and neighbors and pool resources and requests together to save time and money.  For example, one person makes a trip to a dispensary and makes purchases for several neighbors.  Assuming you are not exceeding the cannabis limits, it’s a great way to limit trips out.  Plus we are all in this together so hopefully these tips help you be prepared for your cannabis use during quarantine.