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Exploring the Benefits of Tinctures

Benefits of Tinctures

There are many delivery methods for both THC and CBD but tinctures is one method that is not talked about as often as the more commons methods such as smoking or vaping.  Many cannabis connoisseurs have rejected the possible benefits of tinctures outright as they view them as only for newbies or specifically for medical marijuana patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth and if the tincture is purchased from a reputable source, it can be something fun and new for even the most experienced cannabis user.  The key is to do your homework before making a purchase as there are a lot of options out there, some better than others.

Give Your Lungs a Break

Yes you can clear a bong better than anyone you know and your lungs are in tip top shape. Let’s keep them that way and give them a break every so often.  Using a tincture does exactly that, gives your respiratory system a break.  If you are not a fan of edibles, consider giving tinctures a try.  If this is your first time, definitely ask your budtender to recommend just the right one for your needs.  If you use cannabis for any medical condition, tinctures are an easy way to make sure you get your medicine and unlike with an edible, as this is a sublingual (under the tongue) delivery method, the cannabis bypasses your digestive system and the effects are felt much faster.  If you do like edibles and want to add a little something extra to your brownie, a few drops of a good tincture can really elevate your buzz.

Dosing Made Easy

More benefits of tinctures are the dosing is super easy.  Any bottle you buy will have specific dosage instructions on the label and most tinctures are dosed by the dropper full.  If you think that might be starting off with too much you can always scale back to literally one drop at a time.  Just wait 15 minutes and do a “how am I doing” assessment.  This method is excellent for newbies who are nervous about getting too high.  With tinctures, it is very unlikely unless you down the entire bottle, not recommended.  For the cannabis connoisseur, adding tinctures as part of your session can really change things up.  If you feel you need to be a little bit higher, add a few drops under your tongue and enjoy. Conversely, having a tincture around that is high in CBD can work wonders in those rare moments when you find that you’ve gotten too high, just a few drops to bring you down a little bit.  It’s all about creating the right balance for yourself.

A Few Downsides

As with so many nearly perfect things like cannabis, they are not in fact perfect and there can be a few downsides as opposed to benefits of tinctures.  With regards to tinctures, the biggest downside is probably taste.  If you view using a tincture in the same way you view taking any medication, then the taste most likely won’t bother you as much but for other cannabis users who want their cannabis to taste good, or at least not taste bad, finding the right tincture to satisfy your taste buds can be a challenge.  Again this is why a good trustworthy budtender is essential.  They will know which ones to avoid, tastewise.  Another downside of tinctures is there has been so many of them on the market in the last year or so and the claims companies have started making about what their particular tinctures can do are unreasonable and in some cases just outright lies.  Reading labels carefully is important as many companies advertise cannabis tinctures that people believe are high in THC when in fact they have little to no THC and are high in CBD.  This is fine if that is what you are looking to purchase but take the time to confirm either verbally, by text or email exactly what you are buying.  Ask direct questions and if you are not sure about a product, don’t spend your money on it.  There are plenty of good quality tinctures out there to choose from whether you want CBD, THC or both.

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Signs You’ve Become a Cannabis Connoisseur

Cannabis Connoisseur

As more people consume cannabis than ever before, trying new strains and new delivery methods, gone are the days of the uneducated stoner.  Making cannabis a vital part of your life means doing your homework, not just about new strains, although that is vital information but about the cannabis industry in general and how you fit into it.  Are you sharing your knowledge with other stoners?  If so that makes you a cannabis connoisseur.  Are you experimenting with different delivery methods and strains?  Great.  Are you a proud member of the cannabis community?  Finding your place in a growing global community can be a challenge but it’s an important step to being a cannabis connoisseur.

People Look to You for Advice

Whether its friends, family or a random stranger at your local dispensary, people have a way of gravitating towards those with knowledge.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time offering unsolicited advice about how much you know about weed, that in fact is the opposite of a cannabis connoisseur, that is just someone with a big ego who needs attention and applause, steer clear of those types of cannabis users. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to establish your reputation as someone who can be trusted to give advice about all things cannabis.  If you hear a friend talking about how sleepy weed makes them, listen to their whole story, ask the right questions such as what time of the day are you using cannabis and what is the cannabis strain and effect?  Using the right language can go a long way from differentiating yourself as a cannabis connoisseur rather than a general know it all.  Beginning every sentence with “you should” is not the way to go.  Soften your language and people will seek out your advice.  Using “when I was in a similar situation” is much more authoritative but in a quiet confident way not a bossy way.

You Expand Your Knowledge Beyond Cannabis Consumption

This does not mean you should learn everything there is to know about cannabis but think about your own interests and how you can expand your cannabis knowledge based on those interests.  If you are a political junkie, take the time to learn about how the legalization process is going in your country and even other countries around the world.  It is interesting to find out how a country is planning or not planning to legalize cannabis and the reasons why.  Are you a pretty decent cook or baker?  If so take those skills and apply them to learning about the world of cannabis edibles.  Not to say you should quit your job and become a cannabis baker but if you already enjoy and know a fair amount about baking, why not expand that knowledge base.  Do you have a green thumb?  If so there is a lot of interesting information out there about growing your own cannabis.  Whether you plan to start growing or not is secondary to learning about something you already enjoy, in this case two things, cannabis and growing things.  It’s a rare person that has ever expressed regret about learning new things and you never know when that knowledge will come in handy as you become even more of a cannabis connoisseur.

Your Cannabis Consumption Skills are On Point

To truly be a cannabis connoisseur, you may need to up your consumption game a little bit. Not the amount you consume necessarily but the methods. Think of it as the best kind of practice in the world.  Can you roll a perfect joint or at least a pretty impressive one that has no stems poking through and does not fall apart with the slightest of breezes?  No?  Consider it research and keep practicing until you get it right, or at least improve your joint rolling skills.  Do you dab?  Finding the best, for your budget, dab ring and learning how to use it properly takes a little practice but this is the best type of practice ever!  Some dab rings are fairly simple and easy to use but others resemble a mad scientist’s laboratory and knowing about the different styles and the benefits is important as a cannabis connoisseur. Layering is very popular right now and you can do that in many different ways, with pipes, bongs, even joints or blunts.  Essentially you are combining different types of cannabis in one bowl, or joint.  It can be either an effective way to get incredibly baked or it can be an art form or possibly both.  Starting off with some flower in a bowl and drizzling some wax on top, then a finish of kief is a beautiful thing and this type of skill improvement is all part of your journey to becoming a cannabis connoisseur.

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Bud Basics-What You Need to Get Started with Cannabis

Cannabis Consumption

So you’ve decided to give cannabis a try.  This decision could be for any number of reasons; medical conditions, fun, creativity booster, boredom or some combination of multiple factors.  No matter, welcome!  Welcome to a large ever growing and decidedly happy club.  Thrilled to have you as a member.  We are going to explore a few basic terms and items you will need to begin your journey down Cannabis Lane and different cannabis consumption methods.  Depending on where you live, some if not all of the bud basics can be purchased at a dispensary or online.  Check your local laws and make sure any online purchases you make can legally be shipped to your location.

Cannabis Delivery Methods

How do you plan to consume the cannabis?  If you are a newbie, a pipe, bong or bubbler (pipe bong combination might be your best bet if you prefer to smoke your marijuana.

Consider your living situation if you decide to smoke as this method produces the most smell and smoke, and as wonderfully fragrant as you may believe it to be, your neighbors may not feel the same.  It’s also not the most discreet way to consume cannabis if that is also another factor you need to consider. With pipes, bongs and bubblers, a good grinder is an invaluable investment as well as a poker.

If you really want to go old school and don’t mind smelling up your immediate environment, a joint or blunt could be a good place to start.  Besides the old apple pipe, it’s the most cost effective way to get a good buzz.  All you really need are some decent rolling papers, filters (please don’t forget the filters) and some hand dexterity.  Time and patience are also required unless you already roll your own cigarettes, don’t smoke cigarettes!  So let’s assume you are a novice roller, it takes a lot of practice to get your technique down and this takes time.  If this all seems too daunting there are automatic joint rolling machines that are not too pricey but part of the fun of smoking of fat blunt is that you rolled it yourself!

Vaporizers are a more stealthy way of getting your high but do take some trial and error and often a fair amount of money to get started.  Vape pens with smaller cartridges (carts) are the best way to start and in another article we will cover all the ins and outs of this method of cannabis consumption.  Besides the initial investment, vaporizers are a constantly improving technology so if you like to live on the cutting edge of marijuana tech, this may be the right way to go.  The learning curve can be steep but the rewards are worth it.

Edibles and spreadables are more ways to get your cannabis fix.  The edibles you can buy at a dispensary are often less potent than what you can make at home however DIY edibles take some work to figure out the dosing and with edibles you buy, the dosing is already done for you.   Start slow as an edible newbie.  So many people eat a 10 mg gummy, wait 20 minutes and decide they need to eat 5 more.  An hour later they are a little too high for their comfort level.  This is not a competition.  Take your time with edibles and make sure to carefully read the label or recipe for dosing recommendations. One of the best part about edibles, besides the fact they are delicious, they are very discreet.  Bon appetit! Spreadables are not things you spread on bread, like cannabutter but rather cannabis or sometimes hemp based products you spread on your body, most often for pain relief or to help relax your muscles.  Do not eat body balm or cannabis massage oil, it is not meant to be ingested and while providing immense benefits externally can do some real harm internally.  One of the greatest ways to get some pain relief, balms and oils are usually also infused with other fragrant ingredients.  Lavender is one of the most popular so imagine how great you are going to smell as you relax after applying some cannabis balm to any sore muscle you may have.  Bath bombs with either cannabis or hemp are also growing in popularity.

There are so many options cannabis consumption that you certainly should not feel that you need to limit yourself to just one.  That being said, we all have to start someplace and depending on a variety of factors such as location, budget, time and interest, there are options for everyone.  The most important aspect is to find what works for you and mix it up on occasion.