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Creating a Healthy Cannabis Lifestyle

Healthy Cannabis Lifestyle

As we head into winter and, for many people, the holiday season it is a good time to take a look at your cannabis lifestyle and see if there are any changes that need to be made.  Despite the fact that the holiday season is supposed to be all about fun, family and friends, the reality is it can be an extremely stressful time for a lot of folks.  This year’s holiday season promises to be more stressful than typical years with many families still under a pretty strict quarantine plus the uncertainty of the times adds yet another layer of stress.  Cannabis can go a long to helping manage that stress however creating a smart and healthy cannabis lifestyle plan can be the difference between using cannabis to help navigate the season and allowing it to become another cause for undue pressure.

Setting a Realistic Cannabis Budget

Especially for those who are living in states or countries that have recently legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use, it is so easy to want to try nearly every strain in the dispensary.  Much like a kid in a candy store whose eyes are bigger than their stomach, your eyes may be bigger than your wallet.  Unless you are independently wealthy, creating a cannabis budget for yourself or you and your partner makes smart financial sense and will take away a lot of stress that comes from overspending.  If you are having difficulty sticking to the budget you created for cannabis, try talking with your favorite dispensary about ways to save some money.  It might be changing the day you visit the dispensary to take advantage of deals or utilizing discounts for seniors, students or artists, you would be surprised at the types of discount available.  Also as it is harvest season and dispensaries will soon be stocking new strains, ask about deep discounts for existing strains.  Those budtenders can’t take it all home after all!

Take a Look at Your Cannabis Consumption Habits

Are you normally a nighttime cannabis consumer, a wake n’ baker, an all-day stoner or a weekend only user.  For many folks their anxiety amps up during the holiday season and the normal outlets for that anxiety become more limited.  Long leisurely walks are not as relaxing when it’s pouring down rain and freezing or snowing outside so the temptation to increase your cannabis use as a way of coping with stress and anxiety is normal but you want to make sure you are still using cannabis in a healthy way and not as a means to permanently hide out this winter, although it’s tempting.  Talking to your partner or friends helps as well because they know you and won’t be afraid to be honest.  If your partner says your cannabis use is getting to be too much and is interfering with quality time between the two of you, readjusting your cannabis consumption may be the best thing for your relationship, plus you’ll save a little money too.  It is common when visiting a dispensary to want to try out the super high THC strains of cannabis but just because a strain is north of 30% doesn’t mean as much as you might think.  Terpenes and whether it’s a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid are also factors and so is your own body’s chemistry.  Try those strains out in small amounts rather than spending a ton of money on something that may prove disappointing.  A good budtender will give you their honest opinion if you ask for it.

Manage Procrastination Levels

The key here is being honest with yourself.  If you plan to work out three mornings a week and your wake n’ bake session are keeping you in bed instead of on the treadmill, it is time to be more flexible with your cannabis schedule.  If you find that your creativity and focus is lagging because you are out of your favorite strain, it might be time to switch up your routine and try creative pursuits with a different strain or one or two days a week, try to see how creative you are without cannabis.  Flexibility is so important to managing stress levels and keeping a healthy cannabis lifestyle.  Routines are obviously important and crucial to maintaining some semblance of sanity through the long winter months but if your routine is causing you or others problems, rethinking how you do things will save you undue stress.  When we have a routine that is healthy and sometimes productive, procrastination is not a real obstacle to a calm and happy lifestyle. You know you will get things done because you have created a healthy cannabis lifestyle that works for you and including cannabis will only enhance your life!

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Signs You’ve Become a Cannabis Connoisseur

Cannabis Connoisseur

As more people consume cannabis than ever before, trying new strains and new delivery methods, gone are the days of the uneducated stoner.  Making cannabis a vital part of your life means doing your homework, not just about new strains, although that is vital information but about the cannabis industry in general and how you fit into it.  Are you sharing your knowledge with other stoners?  If so that makes you a cannabis connoisseur.  Are you experimenting with different delivery methods and strains?  Great.  Are you a proud member of the cannabis community?  Finding your place in a growing global community can be a challenge but it’s an important step to being a cannabis connoisseur.

People Look to You for Advice

Whether its friends, family or a random stranger at your local dispensary, people have a way of gravitating towards those with knowledge.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time offering unsolicited advice about how much you know about weed, that in fact is the opposite of a cannabis connoisseur, that is just someone with a big ego who needs attention and applause, steer clear of those types of cannabis users. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to establish your reputation as someone who can be trusted to give advice about all things cannabis.  If you hear a friend talking about how sleepy weed makes them, listen to their whole story, ask the right questions such as what time of the day are you using cannabis and what is the cannabis strain and effect?  Using the right language can go a long way from differentiating yourself as a cannabis connoisseur rather than a general know it all.  Beginning every sentence with “you should” is not the way to go.  Soften your language and people will seek out your advice.  Using “when I was in a similar situation” is much more authoritative but in a quiet confident way not a bossy way.

You Expand Your Knowledge Beyond Cannabis Consumption

This does not mean you should learn everything there is to know about cannabis but think about your own interests and how you can expand your cannabis knowledge based on those interests.  If you are a political junkie, take the time to learn about how the legalization process is going in your country and even other countries around the world.  It is interesting to find out how a country is planning or not planning to legalize cannabis and the reasons why.  Are you a pretty decent cook or baker?  If so take those skills and apply them to learning about the world of cannabis edibles.  Not to say you should quit your job and become a cannabis baker but if you already enjoy and know a fair amount about baking, why not expand that knowledge base.  Do you have a green thumb?  If so there is a lot of interesting information out there about growing your own cannabis.  Whether you plan to start growing or not is secondary to learning about something you already enjoy, in this case two things, cannabis and growing things.  It’s a rare person that has ever expressed regret about learning new things and you never know when that knowledge will come in handy as you become even more of a cannabis connoisseur.

Your Cannabis Consumption Skills are On Point

To truly be a cannabis connoisseur, you may need to up your consumption game a little bit. Not the amount you consume necessarily but the methods. Think of it as the best kind of practice in the world.  Can you roll a perfect joint or at least a pretty impressive one that has no stems poking through and does not fall apart with the slightest of breezes?  No?  Consider it research and keep practicing until you get it right, or at least improve your joint rolling skills.  Do you dab?  Finding the best, for your budget, dab ring and learning how to use it properly takes a little practice but this is the best type of practice ever!  Some dab rings are fairly simple and easy to use but others resemble a mad scientist’s laboratory and knowing about the different styles and the benefits is important as a cannabis connoisseur. Layering is very popular right now and you can do that in many different ways, with pipes, bongs, even joints or blunts.  Essentially you are combining different types of cannabis in one bowl, or joint.  It can be either an effective way to get incredibly baked or it can be an art form or possibly both.  Starting off with some flower in a bowl and drizzling some wax on top, then a finish of kief is a beautiful thing and this type of skill improvement is all part of your journey to becoming a cannabis connoisseur.

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East Coast vs. West Coast Cannabis Styles

cannabis lifestyles

If you have spent any amount of time on both the East and West Coasts of the US, you are aware that there are some distinct lifestyle differences.  Things seem to move at a faster pace on the East Coast than the West Coast.  How people spend their free time is also different as is types of hobbies.  What is the same on both coasts, and pretty much everywhere else in the US, is people definitely enjoy cannabis.  How they consume it, where they get stoned, what they do once high and basically their overall cannabis lifestyles are different depending on which coast you call home.

How East Coasters and West Coasters Get High

Until recently, most legal states for recreational marijuana were on the West Coast, yes Colorado you will always be the highest state!  This is changing rapidly but with California, Oregon and Washington making up all of the West Coast, legalized marijuana has had more time to develop a culture.  Walk down any main streets of any major city on the West Coast and you will see and smell people smoking joints, blunts or vaping their cannabis.  It has become commonplace and there is a relaxed atmosphere about it,  no need to look around and see if anyone is watching you or even cares.  Cannabis lifestyles atmosphere is not as relaxed in major East Coast cities.  Once cannabis becomes legal for recreational use it takes people time to adapt and also to understand where they can legally get high in their state.  On the East Coast you can still sense that apprehension with most people walking down the street smoking a joint.  They are just more aware and seem to walk a little faster.  Even when East Coast states have all legalized recreational marijuana, New Yorkers may never slow down to the pace of the average Portlander, so the pace may not change much but the feeling of relaxation will definitely improve on the East Coast.

Stoned Activities

Not everyone enjoys consuming cannabis and getting outside and enjoying nature.  The big difference between the coasts is if you are living on the East Coast this makes you normal but if you are living on the West Coast you may be mocked and you will definitely be silently judged.  Of course there are plenty of exceptions but generally people that choose to live on the West Coast take pride in their love of the outdoors.  Combining that love with their love of cannabis just seems like a perfect match.  On the other side of the country, how people choose to spend their time after consuming cannabis seems more diverse.  There will always be people that prefer to be outdoors, but also stoned museum tours, movie nights indoors, people watching from a sidewalk cafe are options that are pretty popular on the East Coast.  Sure many West Coast people like these activities as well but there is a strange societal pressure to “love” the outdoors that does not really exist on the East Coast.

Bongs vs. Brownies

Another difference between the East Coast and West Coast cannabis lifestyles are the methods they prefer to consume cannabis.  On the East Coast you will see more traditional looking bongs and bubblers where on the West Coast, it’s all about adding additional chambers and ice catchers.  The edible cannabis market is also more traditional on the East Coast, you will see a lot of sweets such as brownies, and on the West Coast you may run across more experimental fare.  Vegan cannabis mac n’ cheese served with cannabis infused sundried tomato olive oil salad anyone?  One sure way to determine if a stoner is from the East Coast or West Coast is to ask them to roll a joint.  In the time it takes you to ask the question, the East Coast stoner will have already rolled a perfect joint while the West Coast stoner is still opening up their stash box.  Things just move a little faster on the East Coast.

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How to Enhance Your Cannabis Buzz

Cannabis Buzz

Sure you may be satisfied with the quality of your cannabis strain and feel like you are getting the most out of your smoke session or edibles.  That doesn’t mean you don’t crave just a little more from time to time.  Most seasoned marijuana users will tell you, the answer is not always, just do more of the same.  In fact that can sometimes have the opposite effect and who wants that?  It’s a waste of weed and a waste of your cannabis time.  With that in mind we will explore a few of the best ways to achieve that ultimate high and enhance your cannabis buzz.

Mix it up

Consuming the same marijuana strain, no matter how much you love it, over time may leave you less than thrilled.  You’re high yes, but something is missing.  If you smoke your cannabis, try mixing strains together in a bong or pipe, even a joint for a new kind of buzz.  The next time you visit your local dispensary pick up something new.  Try some live resin on top of your bowl or rolled up in your blunt to achieve a completely new and different high.
Just start with a small amount of something new.  If you are not a flower person and prefer to vape, consider adding an edible to your cannabis session.  With so many types of marijuana and a wide variety of delivery methods, you can experiment to your hearts content. When you decide to mix it up, whether it’s mixing strains or mixing methods of consumption, start small, you can always add more, it’s tough to do the opposite!

Move to Enhance Your Cannabis Buzz

By move, that means farther than from your couch to the fridge.  To really enhance your cannabis high, you’ve got to move enough to get your heart rate up a bit.  This does not mean start training for a marathon but a good fast paced urban stroll or a hike in the mountains can do wonders to elevate your buzz.  Why does movement and exercise enhance your high?  THC is stored in body fat and a good cardio workout can help release some of that stored THC from your body fat into your bloodstream.  This phenomenon has been studied and according to scientists, THC levels in your blood can increase up to 15% following exercise.  So unless this is one of your first times consuming cannabis, why not let your body fat help you enhance your high.  Of course for those serious athletes that have a very low body fat percentage, this does not apply to you.

Take a Break

Not what you may want to hear but taking what’s called a “tolerance break” will help you achieve those amazing highs that have now become a distant memory simply because you have become a regular marijuana user.  Everyone is different and not everyone builds a tolerance to the effects of cannabis at the same level and time-frame but it will happen eventually.  You take one bong hit, then another, then another and meh, you might feel a little buzzed but considering how epically the new Sativa is treating all your friends, you barely feel anything.  You’ve officially built up your tolerance to cannabis and it’s time for a break.  How long that break should be is entirely up to you however in order for your body to completely rid itself of all cannabinoids, it takes about a month.  It may sound like the last thing you want to do but after a tolerance break you will be able to achieve those amazing highs once more.  Challenging but worth it!

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New Legalize Cannabis Sales Initiative Filed in Washington, D.C.

legalize cannabis sales

A new proposed ballot initiative was filed by activists last week to legalize cannabis sales in Washington, D.C. The measure is titled the “New Modern Day Cannabis Justice Reform Act” and would end prosecutions of marijuana sales, consumption and cultivation. It would also prevent cannabis from becoming the foundation of police searches and supply for expungements of prior cannabis convictions.

District voters approved a measure to legalize low-level marijuana possession and home farming in 2014, but the town was prevented by implementing a retail version because of congressional rider barring it from using local tax dollars for these functions. It stands to reason that the new proposal would run into exactly the exact same issue, but activists say they intend to push forward regardless.

Dawn Lee-Carty, executive director of the effort supporting this initiative, told Marijuana Moment in a telephone interview that the presently unregulated cannabis system that’s set has failed to deal with the issue of racially disproportionate authorities, with arrests still happening and placing individuals at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

“Our purpose is to push hard and–if we must bring it to Congress, whatever amounts that we must take–to ensure it is not the same cannabis climate for the protection of the individual, for the market, for people who run a participate and wish to be shop owners to get cannabis, we ought to have access exactly like large moneyed interests have access without being washed out,” she said.

Lee-Carty stated that, ideally, the measure to legalize cannabis sales could appear on the November ballot this year. It is fairly late in the process at this time, however, the Board of Elections is scheduled to meet to ascertain whether the initiative meets the criteria of relevant subject matter for initiatives on September 2.

To qualify for the ballot, activists would need to collect 24,835 valid signatures from registered voters–only as a separate campaign to decriminalize a broad assortment of psychedelics successfully did. The marijuana campaign hasn’t started officially gathering signatures, but it did circulate an independent request that advocates say gathered about 40,000 signatures from people who would presumably be inclined to sign the official form.

“Where not possible the initiative will make police prosecution and enforcement the lowest priority. Reverting to law mechanically the soonest date possible in the long run.”

The proposal to legalize cannabis sales also contains several notable provisions like requiring that, so as to acquire a marijuana business permit, individuals must have lived in D.C. for at least two decades. Those on parole would also qualify, the measure states.

“We do not need outsiders to come in and take over our company. It has already happened. “You have a good deal of out-of-state, people that come in–big money interests that come in–they sweep up the chances that individuals in our community might have.”

There is also a ban on vertical integration within the measure, preventing businesses from several stages of production and sales so the local industry will be more varied and less in danger of monopolization.

Another exceptional provision would make it police dogs “previously trained to detect cannabis will be retrained to detect explosives, weapons of mass destruction, and firearms in order to secure our schools, malls, mass parties, from domestic and foreign overseas terrorism.”

“Dogs are trained to sniff marijuana, but we have bombs, we’ve got school shootings, we’ve got so many different things which are in play right now I think that we need to redirect the funding for puppies –once more eliminating authorities and all police-related things, for example dogs–from the cannabis business or outside of their cannabis climate if it is legal,” Lee-Carty stated.

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High THC Content Effects on Cannabis Users

High THC Content Effects

High-potency marijuana concentrates on the current legal markets may comprise up to 90 percent THC, therefore one may reasonably expect them to package a higher psychoactive punch compared to a flower which tops out about 30 percent. The high THC content effects on marijuana users is not so straight forward.

Researchers discovered that although THC blood levels spiked after users consumed concentrates, handicap levels did not substantially differ from participants that used cannabis. Continue reading High THC Content Effects on Cannabis Users