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Chocolate Hashberry Strain Review

Chocolate Hashberry Strain Review

Chocolate Hashberry Strain Review

Chocolate Hashberry Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Dragon Smoke/ Dispensary – Somewhere Dispensary

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 37.36% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes – Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene

Bud Buzz:  Chocolate Hashberry strain is a delicious tasting Indica Dominant hybrid. Depending on the grower and the batch, it can pack a seriously powerful punch.  This particular batch is a mind-blowing 37% THC.  The large super dense buds of this cannabis strain are a light green mixed with some orange, yellow and forest green. Also, covered completely in trichomes.  The buds are perfect for grinding once broken up and are not overly dry or especially sticky. The smell and taste of Chocolate Hashberry is all in the name. It smells and tastes similar, and has a very strong chocolate smell and taste with some spicy earthiness and a hint of berry.  Overall a very tasty cannabis strain. It does leave a lingering smell so plan accordingly if you need to be discreet about smoking. 

Buzz Effects

Once you take a few hits the first feelings are of relaxation and happiness.  It is not a creeper weed but your buzz does build over time so with a cannabis strain this strong, wait at least 30 minutes before smoking more.  The body waves are fairly intense and the head buzz will hit you a few minutes after the body buzz and definitely makes for some creative thinking.  Not the best strain if you require mental focus but a great strain for stream of consciousness type thinking or writing.  Chocolate Hashberry strain is a long lasting strain. You can expect to enjoy your buzz for a good three and a half to four hours with the last hour being a fairly sleepy period of time. 

This potent cannabis strain will not leave you couch locked but you will be very stoned which is usually the goal of most cannabis connoisseurs but not all. An excellent cannabis strain for stress, depression, anxiety and mild to moderate pain management.  For some people Chocolate Hashberrry brings on the munchies but not for everyone.  The negatives are dry mouth and very dry red eyes, so keep some good eye drops around.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – You will of course want to hydrate with water before smoking Chocolate Hashberry. After you are good and baked, light refreshing drinks seem to work the best.  If you have any fruit juice, mix it with some sparkling water and throw in some lemon or lime.  If you have any cranapple, cranberry or really anything “cran”, that is the best. Craving something chocolate to drink? A nice cup of hot chocolate works with this strain.  Don’t forget the little marshmallows!

Munchables – As mentioned before, this cannabis strain gives some people the munchies but not everyone. If you are someone who does not feel hungry but you still want a snack, choose something healthy. Try an apple with some peanut or almond butter or maybe a handful of nuts.  If you are someone that does get the munchies, Mexican food, especially enchiladas or tamales really seems to hit the spot.  Still hungry?  Churros with some honey and a little ice cream is the perfect way to end a meal.

Doables – If you are a creative person or aspire to be more creative, Chocolate Hashberry strain is the strain to try.  It allows you to put aside any mental roadblocks so your ideas can really flow.  Writing is an excellent activity to try.  If you like to paint or draw, you will likely be inspired by this strain and its heavy but strangely light buzz.  This cannabis strain is not super social but that doesn’t mean you should avoid other people, you will be super relaxed and some of the most interesting conversations take place when people are feeling relaxed and chill.

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