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Marijuana Legalization Candidates Outraised Opponents 36-1 in 2020.

Marijuana Legalization Candidates

Marijuana legalization candidates have gained significant momentum in 2020. Proponents of state ballot measures have outraised opponents this year by nearly 36-to-1, a gigantic increase from the last presidential voting year, when advocates outraised their opponents by only 4-to-1.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, candidates supporting marijuana legalization in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota have raised approximately $19.6 million in 2020, compared with just $546,000 raised by opponents.

Adult-use legalization is back on the ballot this year in Arizona, and there is a good chance that it gets approved this voting period. A poll conducted at Monmouth University in New Jersey at the beginning of October showed 56% supported the measure with 36% opposed and 8% undecided. Marijuana legalization candidates have outraised competitions 11-to-1 in 2020. Up to now, Smart and Safe Arizona, the committee behind the measure, has raised more than $5 million while opponents have only earned $459,000.

29% of the supporting Arizona contributions came from the Marijuana Policy Project in 2016. The deputy director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) , Matthew Schweich, stated that while the organization supports the Arizona and New Jersey ballot measures, its staff has been more focused on the Montana and South Dakota campaigns in the recent voting cycle. Schweich also stated, “That’s where our assistance can make the biggest difference.” MPP has given $84,330 in cash and in-kind donations to the two states, a much smaller amount compared with the $1.69 million it gave Arizona in 2016.

Other marijuana businesses, including Massachusetts-based Curaleaf, Arizona-based Copperstate Farms and Illinois-based Cresco Labs, have contributed a combined $1.3 million to support passing marijuana legalization in Arizona.

New Jersey marijuana legalization candidates received $800,000 from Scotts Miracle-Gro, a leading company in the lawn and garden industry. which possesses Hawthorne Gardening, a hydroponics subsidiary for cannabis growers.

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Governor Cuomo Says New York Will Legalize Marijuana Soon to Help Economic Recovery from COVID

New York Legalize Marijuana to Combat COVID

Should New York legalize marijuana to combat COVID? Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, recently said that legalizing marijuana represents a realistic way that the state can recover economically from the COVID pandemic.

The governor was promoting his new book during a virtual event and was asked when New York will legalize marijuana for adult use. Cuomo stated,  “Shortly, because today we need the revenue. I have tried to do it the over the last couple of years.”, according to a recording which has been obtained by USA Today Network.

The governor also stated, “There are a whole lot of reasons to have it done, but one of the advantages is it also brings in revenue, and all sates, especially New York, need revenue and we are going to be searching the cupboards for revenue. And I believe that will place cannabis over the top.”

Andrew Cuomo supports marijuana legalization and included cannabis legalization in his past two budget proposals, but discussions between his office and the legislature dropped through each time, with sticking points being issues like how cannabis tax earnings will be allocated, preventing a deal from being negotiated. A leading adviser of his stated earlier this month that the strategy would be to attempt again to legalize cannabis in New York in early 2021.

Cuomo was likewise asked about cannabis legalization as a way to offset the budget deficit brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in May. So it is obvious he believes New York should legalize marijuana to combat COVID. While he said it is the federal government’s “obligation as part of managing this national pandemic that they will provide financial relief to state and local authorities,” he also stated that “I support legalization of cannabis passing. I’ve worked very diligently to pass it.”

Cuomo indicated in April that he believed the legislative session was “effectively over” for the year and increased doubts that lawmakers could pass marijuana reform.

Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Assembly Majority Leader, made similar remarks when asked about the reform issues in April, though she appeared to indicate that she laid partial blame for the failure to enact reform on the governor prioritizing different issues throughout the pandemic.

The New York State Association of Counties stated in a report published last month that legalizing recreational cannabis “will offer the state and counties with resources for education, public health and technical assistance” to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, the state Senate has approved several small marijuana reform bills lately. The chamber passed a bill in July that broadens the pool of individuals qualified to have their low-level marijuana convictions automatically expunged.

As a result of a bill expanding cannabis decriminalization in the nation the governor signed this past year, the New York State Unified Court System made a statement last month outlining steps people can take to clear their records for prior cannabis convictions. Support continues to grow that New York should legalize marijuana to combat COVID.

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Oregon’s Drug Decriminalization Efforts Gets More Celebrity Support From Musician John Legend

Celebrities Support Drug Decriminalization

More celebrities support drug decriminalization with their public platforms. On Friday, musician John Legend  endorsed an Oregon initiative to decriminalize possession of currently illegal drugs while investing in substance abuse therapy and treatments. John has long been a supporter of issues pertaining to criminal justice reform and on a recent twitter thread, encouraged Oregon residents to approve the ballot measure.

The proposal would make Oregon the first state in the nation to eliminate the threat of jail time for simple drug possession, and it would put money towards substance abuse treatment with the support of cannabis tax dollars. Support for the reform movement has come from several interesting supporters during this election.

The Oregon Democratic Party officially endorsed Measure 110 earlier this month, in addition to another proposal to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for therapy in specific areas.

Also business celebrities support decriminalization. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, donated $500,000 to the decriminalization effort through a foundation he and his wife run. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Democrat-OR) is also backing the initiative, as well as the psilocybin measure. Blumenauer said, “Meausre 110 will help change Oregon into a health-based approach from a health-based drug addiction crisis. This is more compassionate, more powerful, safer, and simple common sense.”

While Legend’s endorsement brings some star focus on the matter, it is not the first time he has voiced support for putting an end to drug criminalization. In 2018, Legend was asked about what policies he would enact in a position of political power and he replied, “decriminalize drugs–treat drugs as a public health issue rather than as a criminal matter.” He also stated, “I think plenty of people believe if we lock up more people, people will not do as many drugs. But what ends up happening is, we aren’t really solving the problem of drug demand by waging a war on drugs when people are still finding ways to get drugs. And the drug overdose problem is still huge. You would think, you know, criminalizing it and making it tougher on people that get caught would actually help solve the problem, but it doesn’t. I think legalizing marijuana is the first step, but I think going beyond that—realizing that the war on drugs was never a good idea, and that we should treat drug addiction as a health problem instead of a criminal problem—is the answer.”

While more and more celebrities support drug decriminalization, the cause should continue to gain momentum on a state and federal level and help support the overall cannabis decriminalization and criminal expungement movement.

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Cupcakes in Prague

Teaching English in Prague

Living in Prague was one of the most interesting and exciting times in my life.  I made the decision to move there on a whim after being laid off from a boring and demeaning job some years ago. I took it as a sign it was time to make some big life changes and started researching how to live legally in another country.  Teaching English in Prague seemed to be the best option and so I enrolled in a language school there so I could get my certification and hopefully make some connections.  I got so much more than that and met some amazing people from all over the world as I learned how to actually teach English.  I went into the experience believing that being a native speaker is enough, it’s not!  Long hours were spent bonding over grammar and a month later I had friends, a TEFL certificate and a job offer.  Not too shabby for knowing absolutely no one when I first stepped off the place 30 days prior.

I settled into my life, found an apartment and began enjoying the Czech capital.  Although I’m not a huge beer drinker, beer is a massive part of the culture and I worked on increasing my tolerance so I could have more than one beer out with friends, Staropramen you will forever be my favorite!  All was great but I missed my cannabis sessions.  Once life settled down and I had a routine, I made it a point to ask around if it was possible, as a foreigner, to get weed and what the laws were about smoking it.  My friend Cupcake, yes he is an amazing baker, was way ahead of me and explained the laws are a little unclear but essentially finding cannabis was no problem and quite a few bars had it available, you just had to ask.  In terms of smoking cannabis, the laws again were a little confusing but I never had any issues, even walking by two cops as I smoked a joint was no big deal, okay it was nerve wracking as hell the first time but it was cool after that. Me being the cannabis connoisseur I like to think of myself as, it looked like teaching English in Prague was going to be a great experience for me.

So on an absolutely frigid night Cupcake and I and another friend went in search of cannabis.  We found the perfect dive bar in an area of Prague called Žižkov and since Cupcake had already gotten weed there before he lead the way as I hung back and listened to his discussion with the bartender.  The price was really good, too good so my expectations were fairly low in terms of the quality of the cannabis.  We grabbed a table, proceeded to smoke ourselves silly as we laughed, talked and drank a few beers.  Our other friend did not use cannabis but for such a little dude he could drink nearly anyone under the table.  I was baked, super baked and a little drunk.  The quality of the cannabis was far better than I ever expected.  After a few hours of laughs and good stories, during a break in the conversation, our friend asked us if we should start heading out.  Without saying a word, both Cupcake and I immediately stood up and walked quickly out the door.  As I mentioned before it was freezing outside but we were so stoned we didn’t even feel it as we stood on the sidewalk and wondered what was taking our friend so long.  He emerged a few minutes later, having paid for our beers and also brought our weed we had left on the table as well as our coats, hats and all cold weather gear.  Now that was some dank weed.

A few days later, I was hanging out with Cupcake again and eagerly anticipating his regular Monday baking frenzy.  On the menu, carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I brought the beer and cannabis and after eating two of those delectable cupcakes and finishing my first beer, I know beer and cupcakes together is gross but it was literally cheaper than water, I started packing a bowl.  Cupcake stopped me and said I may want to hold off because he had put a lot of weed in those cupcakes.  I was not feeling anything yet and decided a bowl might be just the thing to jumpstart the edibles.  An hour later I was so baked I could hardly communicate.  So when in Prague totally high after eating cupcakes with your friend Cupcake, what should you do?  The obvious answer is to go paddle boating in the Vltava River.  Since it was practically frozen over, the guy let us have quite a deal on the paddleboat and we spent the next two hours going in circles with people staring at us like we were insane.  Not insane just happy and high, full of delicious cannabis carrot cupcakes made by Cupcake. Teaching English in Prague was definitely a good decision for me. Life was beautiful that day!

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Favorite Famous Cannabis Connoisseurs – Part 2

Female Celebrities That Smoke Weed

Since we focused on male celebrities that smoke weed in our last list, today it’s all about the ladies.  There are a few surprises on our list and a few famous women who you might guess enjoy the cannabis lifestyle, a lot. As with the famous male stoners, they are all either part of the movie or music industry and in two cases, both. Take a look at our list of female celebrities that smoke weed and see if you are surprised by any of the famous female stoners.

Miley Cyrus

Clearly Miley Cyrus has come a very long way since her Hannah Montana days with Disney but as an actress and singer songwriter, she has become well known as sort of a rebel.  A self-admitted recreational cannabis user and one of the most adamant female celebrities that smoke weed, Miley Cyrus has always used her platform of fame to talk about the benefits of cannabis.  She lit a joint on stage while accepting her award for Best Video at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards.  That is definitely not just talk! Miley Cyrus has professed her absolute love of cannabis during several interviews including one with Rolling Stone and one with Jimmy Fallon in 2017.  She did take a break from cannabis but then credited her mother with reintroducing her to cannabis once again.  What a cool mom!  Miley Cyrus currently has invested in at least one cannabis company, Lowell Herb Co with plans to invest in others in the near future as well.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has proved herself to be an extremely diverse actress, taking on dramatic as well as comedy roles equally well.  Currently she can be seen as one of the four hosts of the TV show The View, which tackles some pretty controversial topics.  Whoopi Goldberg also seems to show that same ability to be diverse when it comes to cannabis.  She has glaucoma and uses medical marijuana to treat that condition and has also suffered with various other medical conditions that have benefitted from her cannabis use.  Whoopi Goldberg has also written multiple articles for cannabis focused websites and one in particular stands out as pretty entertaining about her vape pen, which at the time she called Sippy.  She truly values the benefits of cannabis in the treatment of her glaucoma because previous to her cannabis use she was taking so many OTC pain relievers that it put her health at risk.  It’s great to see a strong intelligent woman as a role model for the medical cannabis community.

Lady Gaga

An iconic figure to so many of her fans and casual admirers alike, Lady Gaga got her start as a musician and song-writer however in recent years she has shown amazing acting talent too. Lady Gaga has never been someone who does not speak her mind or allows the opinions of others to influence her in any significant way.  That also seems to be the way she approaches cannabis use.  As with anything really good in life, it can be easy to take it too far and according to Lady Gaga that is what happened at one point in time with her cannabis use.  She was smoking upwards of 20 joints a day to manage stress, anxiety and residual hip pain from an injury.  At some point she realized it was too much for her and she made the decision to cut back, way back.  She felt like she was using cannabis to numb her life in a way that became too much and was starting to interfere with her future plans.  Lady Gaga now uses cannabis, maybe a little bit in the evenings but is no longer an all-day cannabis user.  As she does suffer from fibromyalgia, it is likely she uses cannabis to manage the pain and discomfort associated with that medical condition.

Jennifer Lawrence

Despite having the reputation as a shy person, Jennifer Lawrence is quite outspoken regarding the things she is passionate about.  Acting is one of those things and she has made it a point to be an advocate for strong female roles, as well as equal pay for women not just in Hollywood but in any industry.  Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the more surprising female celebrities that smoke weed but she is also passionate about cannabis, in particular her own cannabis use.  She certainly is not trying to convince everyone to adopt the cannabis lifestyle however she uses cannabis to relax and calm her mind after a stressful day.  Pretty much the same as most people who enjoy cannabis do. She has been rumored to have smoked cannabis before the Oscars and can out-smoke most of her friends.  What an interesting type of competition.  She definitely likes to get social with her weed and tokes up at parties and lately, when she is around close friends.  Clearly being a stoner works for her as her acting skills just keep getting more and more impressive.  We have to wonder if her blunt rolling skills are as amazing as well.

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Cannabis and Fitness: Are they Compatible?

marijuana use and athletes

Staying fit or getting fit is an important part of life.  If you can maintain a decent level of fitness it will help you in all other areas of your life.  Improved mood, better sleep, higher levels of motivation are all related to a good fitness level.  Marijuana use and athletes has always been a hot topic. Can cannabis be a part of achieving or maintaining that fitness level?  Science says yes.  In fact cannabis can help your body and mind in multiple ways that make it easier to stay fit or to begin a fitness routine.  As the mind and body are interconnected, how you feel physically will impact how you feel mentally as well.  This means that cannabis can help you to not only achieve a strong physical fitness but a mental fitness too.

Increase in Physical and Mental Energy Levels

With the right cannabis strain, generally a Sativa or a Sativa dominant hybrid, you can increase your physical and mental energy levels.  As they are connected, when you have mental energy, it is much easier to find the motivation to do something physical, like exercise.  The opposite is also true in that when you are feeling full of physical energy, your mind is also active during that time.  If you are looking for the right strain or strains to help boost your energy levels, you definitely want to start with a Sativa.  Strains such as Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack and Durban Poison are all known for boosting energy levels however if you can’t find one of these strains you should either check with a budtender, they get questions like this a lot or you can always ask friends for recommendations.  As each person reacts slightly differently to a particular strain, what works for your friend may not work for you so be prepared to try more than one strain.

Reduction of Pain and Inflammation

What is the most common reason people give for not maintaining a fitness routine?  Pain and inflammation from an injury or health condition are definitely some of the top reasons.  It is tough to stay on track when it comes to working out on a regular basis when it’s painful or even uncomfortable to do so.  The old expression “no pain no gain” is not exactly true unless you are a bodybuilder and even then actual pain is never a good sign when it comes to your body.  Cannabis is a known pain reliever as well as an anti-inflammatory in both muscles and nerves.  There are not many other medications, either over the counter or by prescription that can achieve so much in terms of relieving pain and inflammation with little to no side effects.  That’s why marijuana use and athletes have become more of a benefit discussion than a negative one. If you have a new or long-term injury or medical condition that makes exercising a challenge, try using cannabis to get you back on the road to better fitness.  White Widow. Afghan Kush (this is a pure Indica so you may not feel much like exercising) and Blue Dream are all known for having great pain relieving qualities as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Enhanced Mood Increases Motivation

Sure there are those rare people that can maintain a good fitness routine despite the stress and anxiety that exists in everyone’s day to day lives.  Most people struggle to stay motivated when their mood is super negative or they are dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety.  Additionally when your mind is not calm it makes it even more difficult to not only focus on fitness but to get any enjoyment out of it at all, which is supposed to be one the benefits, enjoyment as well as better health.  Marijuana use and athletes have a decent amount of history in pointing out some of those benefits. So rather than just go through the motions of exercising without your mindset being in a good place, try a pre workout cannabis session to maximize your motivation, physically and mentally and decrease your stress and anxiety.  Sour OG and Jack Herer are both great options for stress relief that won’t put you to sleep so you can find some time for a relaxed exercise session.  Even more stress relief!  One final bonus that cannabis users who engage in high intensity exercise get to enjoy, an even more intense “runner’s high”.  That is due to THC and other cannabinoids being stored in our body fat.  When we engage in prolonged high intensity exercise, we tap into our body’s fat storage, which releases the cannabinoids into our bloodstream.  The effect can really be profound and certainly worth trying if you enjoy high intensity exercise.

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Colorado Governor Doesn’t Want Texas to Legalize Marijuana

Colorado Discourages Texas From Legalizing Marijuana

The governor of Colorado discourages Texas from legalizing marijuana, saying it would mean less tax revenue for his own state from marijuana tourism. He may have been joking  with the statement, but there is some truth to how he and other legal recreational use state politicians feel.

Governor Jared Polis (Demcrat-CO) tweeted, “That may be true BUT it would decrease tourism to Colorado, so be certain you consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions.” The governor was reacting to a Marijuana Moment study on a new economic analysis that revealed how Texas stands to create billions in tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs if it enacted the policy shift.

Governor Polis has a track record of making comments about the cannabis tourism revenue Colorado receives from non-residents visiting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Soon after he was sworn in this past year, Polis said “we get a great deal of extra business from those coming to our state” and so “from the financial standpoint of Colorado, I would like other states to go slowly so that we may continue to reap all these advantages for Colorado.”

Polis also said, “For years, I had been kind of countering this type of dire picture of Colorado, but if they think that it is bad, it is better for us to have less competition at this time. I mean, if I am looking at it as the Governor of Colorado, I’d hope they halt their attempts and drive all their business here.” So if Colorado discourages Texas from legalizing marijuana, it’s not a surprise that Polis is behind the sentiment.

Colorado continues to have record breaking sales every month and and while he has been quick to tout the financial advantages of regulating cannabis sales in Colorado, Polis has also highlighted the need for restorative justice in the marijuana industry. Earlier this month, he exercised new clemency powers to grant almost 3,000 pardons for individuals convicted of low-level marijuana possession crimes.

Meanwhile, Polis is not the only governor making note of the fact that his state sells legal cannabis to those who reside in places where it’s still prohibited. Illinois Governor. J.B. Pritzker (Democrat), spoke about how his state’s new recreational marijuana market “gives us a opportunity to collect tax revenue from the residents of Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana.”

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Favorite Famous Cannabis Connoisseurs – Part 1

Celebrities That Smoke Weed

Hollywood and the music industry have plenty of cannabis users.  Some of them are well known celebrities who are proud to announce their enjoyment of cannabis to the world while others prefer to keep their love of cannabis private for a variety of reasons.  Being a celebrity makes having a private life difficult and anything you do, good or bad, seems to find its way into the media where lives are judged and in some cases, careers affected.  The famous stoners below have been very open about their cannabis use, their love of getting high and in some cases have become involved with the politics of cannabis legalization.  Celebrity endorsement of legalization is important as it gets the issue more publicity.  Take a look at our favorite famous celebrities that smoke weed and see if your favorite made the list.

Snoop Dogg

From the beginning of his rap career with Dr. Dre and with the release of his solo album in 1993 Snoop Dogg has been very open about his use of cannabis and the cannabis lifestyle in general.  He may be one of the most recognized celebrities that smoke weed. He does hold a medical marijuana card in California and as a migraine sufferer, has found real relief by using cannabis to treat his migraine pain. Snoop Dogg has had a kind of a love hate relationship with cannabis, announcing way back in 2002 that he was going to stop all cannabis use.  That announcement was short lived, he was back to being a cannabis connoisseur pretty quickly.  It is rumored, only a rumor, that by 2013 Snoop Dogg was smoking upwards of 80 blunts a day,  Hopefully he is now mixing in some edibles with the help of his friend Martha Stewart, as smoking that much cannabis would be tough on the lungs every day.  Blunts, bongs, pipes or edibles, Snoop Dogg is a very cool and talented cannabis connoisseur.

Willie Nelson

The literal OG of cannabis connoisseurs, Willie Nelson, a country western singer and actor, has been open about his love and use of cannabis for decades.  Recently former President Jimmy Carter admitted that Willie Nelson and his son got high on the roof of the White House, back when he was President.  Willie Nelson has been attempting to educate his fans and politicians about the benefits of cannabis for years and is heavily involved with efforts to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use at the federal level.  He is currently the co-chair of the advisory board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). After years of smoking both cigarettes and cannabis, Willie Nelson had to make the decision to quit one for health reasons.  The decision was an easy one to make for him, he quit cigarettes and switched to vaping cannabis to keep his lung problems from getting worse. As Willie Nelson has been arrested multiple times in several states for possession of marijuana, he is a huge supporter of recent states’ decisions to pursue not only decriminalization but also record expungement for cannabis possession. Willie Nelson has been right about the benefits of cannabis all along!

Seth Rogen

There is a reason why Seth Rogen plays such a convincing stoner in movies such as Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, he is a self-admitted stoner.  He is another one of the most recognized celebrities that smoke weed. Seth Rogen is an actor who is originally from Canada and has been open about his cannabis use for years.  It is even rumored that he likes to toke up before getting into character for various roles.  Seth Rogen also likes to share and keep things social when it comes to his status as a cannabis connoisseur.  He prefers to get high with friends and that includes some other pretty famous stoners like Jonah Hill, Dave Chappelle and of course our favorite stoner, Snoop Dogg.  When it comes to movies and cannabis, Seth Rogen prefers to be high when watching new movies or old favorites and has been known to organize screenings in venues where it is possible for everyone to enjoy cannabis during the movie.  What an amazing friend! Most recently Seth Rogen has launched his own cannabis brand in Toronto Canada along with a close friend and longtime film collaborator Evan Goldberg.  No doubt the cannabis will be top shelf!

Matthew McConaughey

It is fitting that Matthew McConaughey got his big break in a film called Dazed and Confused in 1993.  His star has been on the rise ever since and in addition to earning himself an Oscar, he has earned himself the reputation for being a cannabis connoisseur.  Well known for taking on more challenging acting roles in recent years, Matthew McConaughey is also involved with several charities.  All cannabis connoisseurs have good stoner stories, and although it is likely Matthew McConaughey has quite a few, one of the best ones goes all the way back to when he was king of the romantic comedies, in 1999. Apparently in addition to being a great actor, he is also a drum fan and was once arrested for playing the bongos naked after getting super baked.  It seems a neighbor did not like the noise and called in a complaint and Matthew McConaughey was taken into custody for disturbing the peace.  No word on if he also faced a possession charge but what kind of neighbor has a problem with naked Matthew McConaughey?  In 1999?  Insanity!  Hopefully now he is enjoying more quiet cannabis sessions or at least has nicer neighbors.

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Cuomo Continues Push to Legalize Marijuana in New York

Andrew Cuomo Supports Marijuana Legalization

Andrew Cuomo supports marijuana legalization in New York and surrounding states. The New York Governor is renewing his push for marijuana legalization in 2021, and plans to issue fresh CBD rules in New York.

Canopy Growth recently launched a video series, “Under The Canopy“. In a discussion from that series, Axel Bernabe, one of Cuomo’s top cannabis advisers, told David Culver, an executive with Canopy Growth, that Cuomo intends to add adult-use cannabis legalization in New York’s 2021-2022 budget, which takes effect April 1.

Bernabe also disclosed that Cuomo intends to issue fresh CBD rules to regulate how the chemical is manufactured and marketed in New York state, including how it could be infused into beverage and food items, which is now prohibited.

Cuomo mentioned that New Jersey may get there first with the legalization referendum on their ballot next month.  Cuomo stated, “We’re watching New Jersey closely. We’ve always been confident that we get to this before New Jersey, so if they pass the referendum they still have to have agreement between the governor the Senate over there. We’re working on this. We’re going to reintroduce this in our budget in January. We think we can get it done by April 1.”

Governor Cuomo supports marijuana legalization and pushed for adult-use marijuana legalization in 2019 and 2020, with a legalization bill stalling in the state legislature in 2019 and another legalization proposal cut from the New York’s budget earlier this season. In 2019 Cuomo signed a cannabis decriminalization bill into law as well as had meetings with the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut to have initial conversations around a coordinated adult-use cannabis legalization plan.

The Governor also signed a hemp extract bill into law last year to create a regulatory framework for processing and growing hemp in New York. However, the legislation didn’t include the regulation of CBD in food or beverages at the time and is an issues that Cuomo would like to address as soon as possible due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the industry and the health and safety of consumers.

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Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Old Apple Farm/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 21.47% CBD 0.09%

Terpenes- Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is an unusual hybrid, especially because it’s supposed to be an Indica dominant one. First of all the smell and taste of this delicious strain is a little citrusy with a slight spiciness. Like a true Indica there are some noticeable body waves and a good body buzz that is obvious from the first toke.  The surprise is the Sativa side of the hybrid that seems to takeover pretty quickly.  It’s an interesting balance, the body buzz stays strong and noticeable but at the same time the head buzz and general feelings of happiness and euphoria are just as strong.  It’s a complex strain of cannabis to be sure but that is definitely a good thing for people who are looking for a unique high.  Wedding Cake delivers.  This cannabis strain is great for focus and creativity, for about two hours, then the Indica dominance takes over and staying focused becomes more challenging. Excellent for stress, anxiety and anyone who is having problems with loss of appetite.  The only real negative with the Wedding Cake strain is dry mouth.  Overall one of the most layered strains out there in terms of obvious and distinct Indica as well as Sativa qualities to the buzz.  Much like a Wedding Cake!

Drinkables– As dry mouth is an issue you are going to want to stay hydrated generally but also keep some hard candy around to keep your mouth moist if you are out doing something or even at home if you get caught up in a creative project and forget to drink.  Carbonation is your friend with this cannabis strain.  If you prefer carbonated water, great choice or you could go with either a clear soda like sprite or something with more color.  Dr. Pepper for some reason really was a favorite with this strain.

Munchables-The munchies hit very hard after about an hour or so with this cannabis strain.  Sure you could stay true to the name and go with cake.  Forget wedding cake though and go with carrot cake instead.  You can at least pretend you are being healthy.  As it is easy to mindlessly eat with this particular strain, stay away from large bags of chips or cookies, anything where you can easily eat the entire bag, because you will.  Portion out a few different snacks to keep the munchies under control.

Doables– This is a strain for creative types who love to write, paint or play an instrument while stoned. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are doing something that you love and you are stoned.  Wedding Cake strain really elevates this feeling and you could spend hours painting and be convinced only 30 minutes has passed.  A good marijuana strain for socializing with a small select group of close friends.  This cannabis strain doesn’t really make you sleepy despite it being an Indica dominant hybrid but that does not mean you can’t enjoy some good Netflix shows and for a change you will stay awake through the entire show!

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave Strain

Super Dave Strain 

Factoids:  Grower-KGB Farms/ Dispensary-Broadway Cannabis Market

Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC 30.97% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene, Linalool and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is a super Sativa, although it was recommended as a Sativa dominant hybrid.  The Sativa is definitely dominant.  Not sure who Dave is and the budtender was not sure either but he is clearly a very social, happy and talkative dude.  Super Dave strain is a very potent cannabis strain so newbies tread lightly.  One bong hit and that Sativa mind buzz was already firmly in place.  The feelings of happiness, euphoria and kind of a focused energy were present throughout this buzz, which lasted for about 4 hours total.  So although it was a top shelf cannabis strain and a bit pricy, it is well worth the money.  If you are trying to get things done and need to stay focused, this is your strain.  If you have a high cannabis tolerance, this is also your strain.  The smell is slightly pine tree and diesel and the taste is super spicy with a slight diesel aftertaste.  No matter what you have planned for your day, with the addition of a little bit of Super Dave, you will be happy to get it done.  Excellent social strain for lighthearted types of conversation or deeper ones, which is rare.  Good for stress or depression and some mild pain management.  The only negatives are serious dry mouth and dry eyes.

Drinkables- You will need a lot of liquids to combat the dry mouth that comes with the Super Dave strain.  Staying well hydrated is only the start.  Keep some water around to sip on from time to time and if you want something with flavor, orange juice, cranapple juice both are good healthy options, with a little sugar thrown in for good measure.  Your mind will be preoccupied so don’t forget to drink on a regular basis during your buzz.

Munchables-There was not a serious munchies issue with this cannabis strain however you may feel a little hungry after about 3 hours.  The issue, as with many Sativas, is that once you start eating something, it’s tough to stop.  Keep your snacks light and healthy, hummus and carrot sticks are a good options that you can eat a lot of or if you are craving something sweet, try those small cuties, mini tangerines that are so flavorful and sweet.  The bonus is they have a decent water ratio so snacking on them will help keep you well hydrated.

Doables- If you are planning a Zoom session with friends, or certain family, this is a perfect strain for that.  You will feel talkative but still have the focus to be a good listener.  Super Dave is a happy cannabis strain so any activity you choose will be fairly enjoyable, even if it’s cleaning out your closet.  You are likely to feel pretty energetic so it’s also a good strain for getting outside and taking a walk.  If you can combine walking and talking, socially distanced of course, all the better.

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Exploring the Benefits of Tinctures

Benefits of Tinctures

There are many delivery methods for both THC and CBD but tinctures is one method that is not talked about as often as the more commons methods such as smoking or vaping.  Many cannabis connoisseurs have rejected the possible benefits of tinctures outright as they view them as only for newbies or specifically for medical marijuana patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth and if the tincture is purchased from a reputable source, it can be something fun and new for even the most experienced cannabis user.  The key is to do your homework before making a purchase as there are a lot of options out there, some better than others.

Give Your Lungs a Break

Yes you can clear a bong better than anyone you know and your lungs are in tip top shape. Let’s keep them that way and give them a break every so often.  Using a tincture does exactly that, gives your respiratory system a break.  If you are not a fan of edibles, consider giving tinctures a try.  If this is your first time, definitely ask your budtender to recommend just the right one for your needs.  If you use cannabis for any medical condition, tinctures are an easy way to make sure you get your medicine and unlike with an edible, as this is a sublingual (under the tongue) delivery method, the cannabis bypasses your digestive system and the effects are felt much faster.  If you do like edibles and want to add a little something extra to your brownie, a few drops of a good tincture can really elevate your buzz.

Dosing Made Easy

More benefits of tinctures are the dosing is super easy.  Any bottle you buy will have specific dosage instructions on the label and most tinctures are dosed by the dropper full.  If you think that might be starting off with too much you can always scale back to literally one drop at a time.  Just wait 15 minutes and do a “how am I doing” assessment.  This method is excellent for newbies who are nervous about getting too high.  With tinctures, it is very unlikely unless you down the entire bottle, not recommended.  For the cannabis connoisseur, adding tinctures as part of your session can really change things up.  If you feel you need to be a little bit higher, add a few drops under your tongue and enjoy. Conversely, having a tincture around that is high in CBD can work wonders in those rare moments when you find that you’ve gotten too high, just a few drops to bring you down a little bit.  It’s all about creating the right balance for yourself.

A Few Downsides

As with so many nearly perfect things like cannabis, they are not in fact perfect and there can be a few downsides as opposed to benefits of tinctures.  With regards to tinctures, the biggest downside is probably taste.  If you view using a tincture in the same way you view taking any medication, then the taste most likely won’t bother you as much but for other cannabis users who want their cannabis to taste good, or at least not taste bad, finding the right tincture to satisfy your taste buds can be a challenge.  Again this is why a good trustworthy budtender is essential.  They will know which ones to avoid, tastewise.  Another downside of tinctures is there has been so many of them on the market in the last year or so and the claims companies have started making about what their particular tinctures can do are unreasonable and in some cases just outright lies.  Reading labels carefully is important as many companies advertise cannabis tinctures that people believe are high in THC when in fact they have little to no THC and are high in CBD.  This is fine if that is what you are looking to purchase but take the time to confirm either verbally, by text or email exactly what you are buying.  Ask direct questions and if you are not sure about a product, don’t spend your money on it.  There are plenty of good quality tinctures out there to choose from whether you want CBD, THC or both.

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Cannabis Use and Employment: What You Need to Know About Drug Testing

Drug Testing For Employment

Many things have changed in the last year.  An unprecedented number of people are working from home and unfortunately a large number of people are unemployed and searching for a job.  Even in states where cannabis is legal for both medical as well as recreational use, drug testing for employment as a prerequisite, is fairly common across most job industries.  Once you have the job random drug testing is not as common as it was five years ago but it is certainly not unheard of in many industries.  Understanding how your cannabis use, both the amount you use and your unique physicality can impact the outcome of a mandatory drug test is important for getting and then keeping a job.

Methods of Testing Matter

Luckily for most cannabis users, the gold standard for mandatory drug testing for employment is a urine test which is a test that detects THC in the form of metabolites that are in your body after the THC in cannabis has been processed several times by your liver. So essentially the test is not really testing for THC, it’s testing for the byproducts of THC left in your body after you have consumed cannabis.  The two metabolites that are specially being tested for are THC-COOH, the most common, and 11-OH-THC.  Testing for both metabolites in a standard urine test is expensive so most companies will choose to only test for THC-COOH to keep costs down.  Speaking of costly testing for cannabis, the reason why most if not all companies do not use a blood, saliva or hair test, which would yield much more accurate results in most cases, is because of the high cost of those tests.  It is possible some high level and high paying jobs may spend the money but it is extremely unlikely.

How Long Does it Take for THC to be Out of My System?

The short answer to this question is, it’s complicated.  One of the most important factors is the amount and frequency with which you consume cannabis.  For occasional users the timeframe is between 1-3 days.  The real challenge is to determine what an occasional user means.  Broadly speaking it means consuming cannabis less than twice a month, so once every other week.  If you are a moderate cannabis user, it will take between 5-7 days for the THC to be out of your system.  A moderate user is someone who uses cannabis at least once a week with the average being twice a week.  So probably a weekend stoner.  If you are a daily user it will take between 10-15 days for the THC to be out of your system and for a heavy user it will take 30 days or more.  A heavy cannabis user is someone who consumes cannabis multiple times per day on a regular basis.  The cutoff point used by the lab and requested by your employer also matters.  For standard testing, the test will be considered positive if THC-COOH is detected at 50 ng/ml.  What that means is for most users except heavy users, they can easily pass this type of drug testing for employment after about 10 days of not consuming cannabis.  Some employers, for example law enforcement, test at a much lower threshold of 20 ng/ml.  So knowing if your employer has an absolute zero tolerance policy is useful information because they may test at this more rigorous level.

Your Unique Physicality Matters

There are factors besides what type of test you take and how much and long you have been consuming cannabis that affect the results.  Your metabolism is one such unique element.  Some people just naturally have faster metabolisms than others and for those folks, any THC and metabolites will be eliminated faster than for others.  The myth of ramping up your exercise frequency and intensity in the days before a test to ensure clean results, is just that, a myth.  In fact it may actually do more harm than good in terms of your test results.  Your hydration level matters as well.  Staying properly hydrated should be a normal part of your routine regardless if you have a test coming up or not but being dehydrated definitely increases the chances that THC and metabolites can be detected through a standard urine test.  Stay away from alcohol in the days before your test as that can contribute to dehydration.  One of the most important elements is body fat.  THC metabolites are stored in body fat meaning the more body fat you have the higher the likelihood of metabolites being detected for a longer period of time.  Cannabis users who are thin with a low BMI will have a shorter testing window to be concerned with.  In most cases woman naturally have a higher body fat percentage than men so for all you female stoners out there who are concerned they may have to pass a urine test any time soon, work on getting to a healthy BMI.  This is true for men as well but men tend to naturally have a lower body fat percentage to be worried about.

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Why Budder is the Better Concentrate

How to Make Budder

So before we explore why budder is the best cannabis concentrate, for those unfamiliar, what is budder and how to make budder?  Budder is one of many cannabis concentrates of various consistencies and made via slightly different processes.  As you might guess budder has the consistency of slightly melted but thicker than normal butter.  Heavier than honeycomb concentrates but lighter than crumble and shatter, budder is definitely a favorite amongst cannabis users who like to dab, vape and can even be added to joints or a bowl.  It is a completely potent versatile concentrate.  At the present time budder is popular mostly with recreational users but that may soon change as more and more medical marijuana patients are seeing the benefits of budder especially if they require high potency cannabis to treat their medical condition.

How to Make Budder

Like most other cannabis concentrates, the first stage of how to make budder involves butane and CO2 to blast the cannabis flower so that cannabinoids like THC and CDB can be extracted.  Next comes the process of using heat and air pressure to remove all potential harmful solvents so that at the end of this part of the process you are left with just the concentrated parts of the cannabis plant.  So how to achieve that nice fluffy texture?  Time and patience and a little baking experience can’t hurt.  While the cannabinoids are being purged at a high temperature, you must carefully and at the right time, whip the budder like you do a cake batter.  It takes some preparation to keep things at the right temperature and at the same time make sure you are whipping enough but not too much.  This process takes some practice to get the consistency just right but is definitely worth the effort if you are a DIY type of cannabis user.

Budder Benefits    

There are quite a number of benefits that make budder the preferred cannabis concentrate and potentially the preferred cannabis in general.  The first is potency.  Budder is the most potent of all forms of cannabis and if made correctly with good quality flower, you can expect a potency level of between 80-90%.  That’s some powerful weed!  Another obvious benefit is how clean it is when prepared correctly.  Today’s marijuana is certainly cleaner in general than a decade ago but removing all harmful chemicals and potential toxins is pretty rare, even these days.  Budder, again made correctly, has a purity level of over 99%, with an average of 99.6%.  With that level of purity you can feel good, not to mention really stoned, that what you are consuming is just cannabis, nothing else.  As most cannabis connoisseurs know, terpenes are important, very important and budder retains more terpenes than any other cannabis concentrate which equals a better taste and overall high.

Enjoying Budder

Now that you know how to make budder, you can enjoy budder in basically any other way you enjoy cannabis, with the exception of edibles.  Rolling that gummy in budder is not going to do you much good unless you light the gummy on fire, which would taste, well maybe someone will give it a try and report back.  Putting budder in a blunt or joint is called twaxing and is one possible way you can add some budder to your flower to really enhance you high.  You can also do something similar with a pipe, bong or bubbler, just add the budder in with your raw bud.  Keep in mind though that the budder has a higher melting point than just flower so you need to heat it longer before taking a hit.  Dabbing and vaping are arguably the best ways to enjoy the clean potency and taste of budder.  Heating the budder up to the right melting point is just easier to control with a dab ring or vaporizer.  That being said, everyone has their favorites and trying out different ways to experience the quality of good budder is all part of the fun of being a stoner.

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Attack of the Double Decker PP&J Sandwich

Indica and Munchies

I love a good Indica at night.  There is nothing more relaxing than, especially when the weather is chilly than to smoke a few good bowls at night, curl up with in bed under piles of blankets and feel those body waves hit.  The perfect fall or winter cannabis experience in my opinion.  As with most people who consume Indica strains on a regular basis, the battle of the munchies is a real one.  Indica and munchies just go hand in hand. You can try and fight it, but I rarely win that battle so my new goal was to slowly wean myself away from late night pizza and move towards something slightly healthier.  Baby steps though, I was not about to become a late night kale eater.

I had several excellent Indica strains around and decided that night would be a mix up between two of my favorites.  A little northern lights plus a little 9 LB Hammer and I was getting pretty stoned.  Maybe just one more bowl of my new nighttime mix and then it was time to crawl under the covers and see what I could find to watch on TV that was at all entertaining.  I struggle, when really stoned, of getting into a pattern of mindless channel changing so I was happy I found something that could hold my interest, a new episode of Homeland had just come out.  Yea!  Now I just needed something to drink and a “healthy” snack and my perfect night would be complete.

A trip to the kitchen and as I scanned the refrigerator for healthy options, nothing looked good.  Clearly the last time I had been grocery shopping I had not consumed cannabis beforehand or there would be better snacks.  I did have whole-wheat bread and peanut butter was kind of healthy right?  Sure it is.  Plus some yummy Cascadia Farms strawberry jam, okay its pure sugar but baby steps, remember.  Why settle for a single sandwich when you can go big and make a double decker one.  Indica and munchies were working their magic. After using nearly half a jar of peanut butter and not nearly as much jam, gotta watch that sugar intake, I had myself a beautiful tall pile of deliciousness to enjoy with a giant glass of milk.  I settled back into bed and started watching TV.

I remember a dream, I think.  I was trying to make my way through a weird yellow jungle but no matter what I did I could not get through.  Strange animals were sending me warning calls, I tried to answer but could not.  I was sweating it was so hot in that yellow jungle. I woke up and it was still dark in my bedroom so I rolled over to try and get comfortable so I could drift off again.  I remember smelling peanut butter but was too tired to think beyond that fleeting moment.

It was morning, my alarm was buzzing and I opened my eyes to a completely new feeling.  Apparently my cannabis Indica session has resulted in an attack during the night.  That double decker PB & J sandwich had beat the shit out of me!  Peanut butter was everywhere, literally everywhere.  In my eyes, hair, apparently I had rolled onto my sandwich and we must have done battle all night.  That sandwich beat me hands down.  The bread, not a concern when you have peanut butter in your ear.  I spent the next hour showering and cleaning up.  Those sheets had a new design, even after I washed them twice.  I like to call it “fall leaves” because there are spots of red from the jam and kind of brownish yellow from the peanut butter.  It’s a look, don’t judge. Indica and munchies had won again.

So the next time I decide to have a full on Indica mix session, I plan to choose my munchies so that it complements the new pattern of my sheets.  Or perhaps I should sick with one bowl, maybe a Sativa for good measure.  Cannabis and the munchies go hand in hand, especially with Indica strains but I would like to think I learned something that night.  If ever I find myself in a thick yellow jungle, don’t listen to those strange unhelpful animals, run towards water or at least a nice milk pond.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Eugene

Recreational Dispensaries in Eugene

Moss Crossing 

Located on Friendly Street right at 27th in Eugene this amazing dispensary is doing things right and one of my favorite recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  They are currently open from 10 am to 8 pm every day but Sunday, with slightly reduced hours of 11 am to 7 pm.  From the outside of the dispensary you would never guess how beautiful, light and airy the inside is and it’s such an inviting vibe that no matter your age or cannabis expertise level, you will feel comfortable in this environment.  They are open for both pickup and delivery, which is a bonus and on a limited basis their budroom is open with clear and safe procedures in place.  Make sure you come with exact change though, it is required.  Moss Crossing has an extremely user friendly website, which should answer any questions you might have about their cannabis products or really anything cannabis related and if you can’t find the answer to what you need, give them a call.  They offer up to 20% off selected items and that is a seriously good discount for their quality products.  They also have some unique glassware to check out in addition to an extensive menu.  For vegans, they have a line of edibles that are delicious.  Their CBD products are also fairly extensive.  The Burner Phone hybrid flower was recommended by a very nice budtender and was amazing!  A true hybrid that is perfectly potent.  The Allen Wrench Live Budder was also off the charts in terms of price (reasonable) and potency (you will be super stoned).  You really can’t ask for more than that from any marijuana dispensary.

Terpene Station

With locations in both Portland Oregon and Eugene, this two dispensary chain is more than just a cool sounding place to buy marijuana and one of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  Located on River Road it is both a recreational and medical dispensary.  Currently they are open from 9 am to 9:45 pm every day for pickup only right now which is a shame as this is a beautiful dispensary on the inside but best to be safe than try to open for in store shopping if they are not ready.  The inside is huge and in a strange way resembles a marijuana museum, lots of wood and glass.  This is the place to get your cannabis on your birthday as they offer a 30% discount off your total order which is incredible!  They also offer a 10% discount daily for both seniors and veterans plus plenty of daily and weekly specials.  The budtenders are experts in the area of all things cannabis and happy to explain things to novice users which is so nice because many people feel a bit intimidated when they first purchase marijuana from a dispensary.  They have their menu on both Leafly and Dutchie but preorders for pickup must be placed through Dutchie.  The CannaCrispy Fruity edibles are priced right and a welcome change from the traditional Rice Krispy type fare, which they also have.  They have classic flower strains like Royal Highness very reasonably priced and the quality is superb plus more unique strains like Dread Bread, a sweet organic hybrid bud that should be in all dispensaries.  Overall this dispensary has an extensive variety for any cannabis need.

The Greener Side 

This dispensary is located pretty centrally on Oak Street at 15th in  in The Exchange Building, just two blocks from Safeway and is another one of the great recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  They are open from 10 am to 9 pm every day and are currently doing both curbside pickup and delivery, just give them a call about delivery.  They plan to open a River Road location soon and are the oldest OLCC licensed dispensary in Eugene so they know their cannabis.  The Greener Side is a leader in the community in terms of donation drives for a wide variety of charities and they are also one of the founding members of the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association which works towards creating best practice standards within the Oregon cannabis community.  All that and they have some seriously good weed too!  Their website is good but could use a little updating however all menu information is kept updated.  They also have a 10% off veterans discount and a 5% senior/student/industry discount plus daily deals 7 days a week.  All this plus the best prices around, although keep in mind the menu lists pre-tax prices.  The Sticky Bitch, which had to be tried because of the name, is indeed a sticky dank flower which smells and tastes great plus it is one of the best cannabis strains around.  The Slurricane Indica flower lives up to its name and leaves you with an intense dreamy body buzz like a good Indica should.  The Mimosa Live resin is yummy and super potent!  They have some cool merch for sale as well if that’s your thing.    Speaking with a budtender on the phone was easy and it’s clear they know their cannabis!

Spacebuds The Dispensary 

Located right near WOW Hall in downtown Eugene in a mocha colored house this dispensary is the stuff of dreams and one of the most interesting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  Spacebuds The Dispensary is open from 9 am to 10 pm except Sunday they close at 9 pm.  A concept dispensary for those who love horror, technology, classic space themed movies and games, in the words of Kelly the cool budtender, a techies dream.  Their website alone will transport you back in time, it is full of fun information presented in a totally unique way, well maybe George Lucas would disagree but for the world of cannabis, it’s an epic website. They have started streaming on Twitch from their site plus in the area of “Hidden Knowledge” is an impressive collection of quite a few studies related to cannabis and its use for a variety of medical conditions plus other more general cannabis information.  You can easily spend hours on their site! Currently you can pick up your cannabis or have someone speed your weed to you, really though they do deliver between noon and 8 pm except no Sunday delivery but if you have the opportunity, pay them a visit in person.  Currently they are allowing 4 people in the budroom and while you are waiting there is more than enough cool stuff to check out and with it being the month of Halloween, they have gone all out.  They offer daily specials plus so many specific discounts, no stacking though.  Seniors, veterans, students, teachers, industry peeps get 10% off plus they offer other specials you must check out like from 11-noon and 4:20 to 5:20 a Time Travelers Special of 50% off house rolls.  Amazing. Now to the marijuana itself. The Candyland hybrid flower is highly recommended, pun intended and the Black Kush might become a new nighttime favorite.  This unique and mind-blowing dispensary is someplace you must experience if you live in Eugene or are passing through.

Be sure to check out: The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Tacoma

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Weekend Plans? Try Stoner Time Travel

fun things to do while high

The weekend is the perfect time to try something completely different.  It’s common to hear people wax nostalgic about when they were kids, how great life was and no matter when you were a kid you no doubt have some fond memories of that time.  Now combine your love of cannabis and with a little preparation you can achieve a trip back to your childhood but this time as an adult, a stoned adult.  Before heading to the grocery store and dispensary to get the necessary supplies, first spend some time brainstorming what your favorite foods were as a child as well as your favorite weekend activities. Then it’s time to create some new favorite fun things to do while high!

Stock up

Now is the time to indulge yourself, we’ve all earned it in 2020!  When you visit your favorite cannabis dispensary go old school and get some cannabis flower, Sativa and Indica if you like both and don’t forget those rolling papers.  Why papers?  Just in case you want to have a joint rolling competition with your partner of course.  When you swing by the grocery store, see what tasty treats you can find from your childhood for when the munchies hit.  Lemonheads and SweeTarts?  Also check the toy aisle too, even if you don’t have kids.  Pick up a game or two, they are now surprisingly cheap since board and card games have been replaced by online games for the most part.  Anything that takes you back in time to your childhood is fair game.

Wake n’ Bake and Cartoons

Keep it simple on your first morning back in time, the travel was probably pretty bumpy after all.  Start the day with some fine Sativa cannabis flower.  Go with an old school bong if you have one, or any easy to use pipe or bubbler.  The key is, keep things simple and basic.  Now it’s time for morning cartoons, or afternoon depending on how late you slept in.  It’s easy and usually free to find old school cartoons online like Bugs Bunny or Road Runner but if those were not what you watched as a kid, do a little searching and you can find them easily.  Now kick back and enjoy a piece of your childhood and your morning buzz and get ready for more fun things to do while high.  Breakfast, lunch or brunch time?  That’s right, open up that box of Cookie Crisp cereal, made even better with chocolate milk or if you are feel like cooking, chocolate chip pancakes are always a win and since you have traveled back in time to when you were a kid, no one will tell you not to put chocolate syrup on those pancakes.

Afternoon Stoner Ramble

Ready for some more fun things to do while high? Maybe after a post breakfast bong session it’s time consider getting outside for an hour or two, you know that’s what you did as a kid on weekends.  Bring along some more cannabis, maybe a joint or if you still have that one hitter even better.  So as a kid what did you do on a weekend day?  Skateboarded perhaps, jumped in the giant piles of leaves your neighbors so carefully raked up and then ran away.  The potential activities are endless, the trick is to get stoned and then think like a kid as you wander your neighborhood.  If you are with a friend or partner that grew up in a different time, even better, twice the ideas. Just like when you were a kid, a few hours of fresh air should tire you out and you can start heading home to grab a quick nap before the evening festivities and more fun things to do while high.

Games, Joints and Candy Oh My

Start the evening off by grinding up some choice cannabis for the joint rolling session.  If you’re like most people who have not rolled in a while, it make take a few tries to achieve a smokeable joint.  No matter, it’s a learning experience and hey now you have another skill to add to that resume, joking unless of course you plan to look for work as a budtender.  After getting baked, break out those board games or card games if you prefer.  You should have more than one option because what was fun as a kid might not be nearly as entertaining as an adult, plus being stoned adds another factor.  After you’ve had enough Uno grab that candy and settle in for some off limits TV watching and more marijuana.  Anything that was off limits to you as a child, either because your parents thought it would scare you or was on past your bedtime should be essential TV viewing.  Horror movies, SNL to make you laugh after you are scared are good options.  It’s your time travel trip so only you know what TV shows will transport you back in time to when you were a kid and should have long been asleep.  Once you have drifted off to a blissful night of deep kid like sleep, you can wake up back in 2020 refreshed or continue your time travel through Sunday.

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CBD vs. OTC for Pain Management – Personal Case Study

CBD vs Tylenol

Despite hearing the advice, “lift with your knees” I got caught up in packing to move and forgot this wise advice.  I lifted one too many boxes of books and heavy items and as a result had some pretty serious lower back pain.  This was more than just a pulled muscle, it hurt to sit, stand, walk and even to lie down, except on one side.  Since I could not afford to live the next week or two lying on my side, I had to find a way to treat the pain until my back started healing.  I purchased three things, some extra strength Tylenol, two boxes of Thermacare lower back and hips heat wraps and a tin of Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Balm, with apparently twice the CBD as their previous balm.  My plan was to see if the CBD balm would treat my pain better than the OTC combination of the heat wrap and Tylenol.  My pain level on the first day was about a 7 out of 10. So here is a detailed description of my personal experience with CBD vs Tylenol and other OTC pain medication.

Day 1

I started the day with a heat wrap and two Tylenol.  The heat definitely felt good and seemed to relax my lower back a bit.  Once the Tylenol kicked in I was feeling better, pain level was at a 5 and since the heat made me sleepy, I decided a nap was in order.  Two hours later I woke up to more severe pain, back to a 7 out of 10 and the heat wrap that was supposed to stay warm for up to eight hours was stone cold, after only 3 hours.  Disappointing since those things are expensive. I ended my night with another heat wrap and two more Tylenol, taking the heat wrap off before I fell asleep as instructed.

Day 2 

I woke to searing lower back pain, at least a 7 out of 10 maybe an 8.  I opened the tin of the CBD balm, the menthol smell hit me right away, and it is very intense. Luckily I like that smell.  I put a generous amount of the balm on my lower back and settled back on my side.  After about 20 minutes or so I could feel my muscles in my lower back relaxing, much the same as with the heat wrap.  After an hour had passed I decided to walk around my apartment and see if the pain was any better.  It was better, back to a 5 out of 10 and the sharpness of the pain was dulled.  After 4 hours I could feel the pain intensifying so I put more of the balm on and then again right before I fell asleep that night.  So three times that day, the end of the day pain level was at a 4 out of 10. This was my first comparison of CBD vs Tylenol.

Day 3

Mornings are clearly the worst in terms of pain.  Woke up with my pain level at about a 5, so progress.  My body hopefully was starting to heal.  I put on more CBD balm and by noon I was feeling decidedly better.  Took a walk around my neighborhood and my pain level was a 3-4 out of 10 afterwards.  I decided to take Tylenol that night and do another heat wrap.  I was tempted to also put on more of the CBD balm before going to sleep but wanted to see how the OTC combination did on its own after a few days.

Day 4

Last night’s decision was a mistake.  I woke up with a pain level of about 6.  Things were moving in the wrong direction and I decided no more walks for a few days.  I used the CBD balm again three times that day and pretty much stayed in bed.  By the end of the day, my pain level was at about a 3 and had been since noon.  Definite progress.  I did some research and found out that heat only really helps an injury when it’s used right after the injury so although those heat wraps felt good in the moment, I was just wasting money by using them days after hurting my back.

Day 5

My back is starting to heal, I woke with a pain level of 3-4 out of 10 which was a big improvement over the previous painful mornings.  I resisted the urge to go for a walk, mostly rested but found I could sit without too much pain only after using the CBD balm.  By the end of the day I had used it three times and ended the day with almost no pain at all, like a 1 out of 10. It’s starting to be obvious that clear winner in my CBD vs Tylenol comparison.

Day 6

The morning got off to a great start and I decided to stick with just the CBD balm and try using it only twice instead of three times throughout the day and evening.   Began the day at a pain level of 2 out of 10 which for the morning is great.  My body is healing and my entire apartment smells like Charlotte’s Web CBD balm but it’s worth it!  I used it only twice today and ended the day at a pain level of 1 out of 10 again.

Day 7

Began the day at a pain level of 1-2 out of 10 and decided after using some of the balm to try a short walk in my neighborhood, just 15 minutes to get the blood flowing.  By bedtime I felt like my little experiment is over as my pain level is basically zero.  I will continue to use the CBD balm once or twice a day if I need it, especially in the mornings but it is far superior and less toxic than Tylenol.  I am now of the mind that CBD can do just as much if not more towards managing pain that OTC options.

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Champagne Cake & Cherry Lotus Strain Reviews

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Champagne Cake Strain Review

Factoids:  Grower-Lucky Lion/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid THC 25.96% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes– Linalool and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This champagne cake strain review is for cannabis enthusiasts who like balanced hybrids.  Champagne Cake is a fairly balanced hybrid, it starts out as more of a Sativa but finishes like an Indica.  It is the perfect strain if you want to get things done for an hour or two but then want to chill out or even sleep later on in your buzz.  The head high comes first but it’s not too intense.  You can really focus with this strain, at least until the body high gets going and then you can still focus, you just may not want to.  The smell and taste is a little spicy with a touch of diesel but not overpowering.  A great strain for managing anxiety, especially social anxiety as it calms you but you still feel like talking which is a bonus. A few negatives include both dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes, so break out those soothing eye drops, it’s worth it.

Drinkables– You can break down your drink options to match your buzz with this cannabis strain.  The first Sativa like buzz needs clear cold liquids to quench that thirst and deal with dry mouth.  Water or a clear soda will do the job.  Once you hit the more Indica side of things after about two hours, warm liquids are where it’s at.  Hot chocolate or tea are both excellent choices.  If you want to put a little whiskey in your tea, no one is stopping you!

Munchables-The munchies really didn’t hit until the Indica part of the buzz with this strain so once you are all settled in and relaxed, maybe some fruit and nuts, mixing sweet and salty is the way to go.  Chocolate covered pretzels should be in every stoners home and they are perfect with this cannabis strain.

 Doables-Champagne Cake is a duel experience and your activities will probably reflect that.  The first hour or so you can do something that requires mental focus, get some work done if you must, get creative and write or draw something spectacular.  If you are feeling like some physical activity keep it low key, maybe a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sweet smell of autumn.  If you like games or gaming generally this is a great strain for that.  Once the Indica second half kicks in, you can hang out with friends and watch something cool or listen to music, just enjoy being perfectly relaxed.

Cherry Lotus Strain Review

Factoids:  Grower-Green Source Gardens/ Dispensary-Oregon Weedery

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 34.00% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes– Geraniol and Limonene

Bud Buzz: At 34% THC, Cherry Lotus was expected to be a heavy hitter.  It did not really live up to the hype from friends.  Not every strain is going to be a favorite and the fact that one of the Terpenes is Geraniol might be part of the issue.  Knowing which Terpenes work best for your unique body chemistry is just as if not more important than knowing the ins and outs of other factors of cannabis strains.  The smell of this bud is not exactly cherry, more like a lotus flower or some type of floral aroma.  Really nice either way and the taste is good but not nearly as strong as the smell, light floral with a bit of citrus undertones.  The body high comes on right away after the first hit but to get those smooth relaxing body waves going, you’re going to need another hit or two.  Good for low level pain, insomnia or depression.  There is no couch lock with Cherry Lotus but you will feel very tranquil and chill.  There is a sense of happiness but not really to the point of elation.  It’s a low-key cannabis strain on just about every level.  Some slight dry mouth but no other negatives.

Drinkables– To combat the dry mouth, which is not too bad, lemonade or even better limeade really hits the spot, something with citrus.  If you don’t want the sugar, go with a tea and lemon combo.  Keep water nearby as well because you can get very thirsty, especially about an hour or so into your buzz and downing a glass before you drift off to sleep will keep you well hydrated.

Munchables-The munchies hit pretty hard with this cannabis strain so be ready.  Pizza to start?  If you’re a fan of Thai food, go for a nice green curry or a classic Pad Thai.  If you are looking for something that is quick and easy go for a bagel and cream cheese.  Once you’ve satisfied your savory cravings, go for the sweet stuff!  Pie anyone?  Fruit pies of course would be perfect and a nice big slice or cherry or blueberry pie with some whipped cream are both excellent choices.

 Doables-Cherry Lotus will not have you writing novels or running a quick few miles but that doesn’t mean your only options are movies and bed. Have a deep conversation with a friend.  Play a game with that same friend.  You may not feel like talking constantly but conversation, especially thoughtful conversation is always something worthwhile to do when stoned.  Once you feel your bed calling your name, watch something funny before drifting off.  This cannabis strain makes laughing come easy and that is always a good way to end your day!

We hope this Champagne Cake strain Review and Cherry Lotus strain review were helpful. Be sure to check out: Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen Strain Reviews

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Vermont Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Market

Vermont Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Market

Vermont legalizes recreational marijuana market and becomes the 11th states to do so.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, announced he allowed legislation to regulate and tax cannabis earnings to become law without his signature, according to a press release yesterday from the governor’s office.

The news, which sets the stage for yet more expansion of the U.S. cannabis sector, was hailed by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) as a significant victory, particularly considering that Vermont is just the second state in the country to legalize adult use via the legislature rather than in the ballot box. Recreational earnings in Vermont aren’t expected to start until October 2022.

Though Vermont legalized the possession and use of recreational marijuana in 2018, lawmakers at the time declined to authorize any framework for the legal production and sale of recreational marijuana.

Steven Hawins, MPP Executive Director said in a recent press release, “The importance of Vermont’s decision to legalize and regulate cannabis sales, particularly in a state with a Republican governor and throughout the legislative process, can’t be overstated.”

“This is an historic move that increases the momentum of our motion and underlines its depth and breadth, and importantly, it comes as other state legislatures are positioned to seriously consider legalization in the future.”

Although Governor Scott declined to sign into law a bill that establishes a formal framework around the sale and production of recreational marijuana, he still allowed Vermont legalizes recreational marijuana market without a veto.

Scott said he declined to sign the bill because it did not address several concerns he has, for example:

  • An”inequitable playing field,” he said”will benefit Vermont’s present (MMJ) dispensaries.” (Protesters gathered last weekend at the capitol to draw attention to the absence of a social equity program.)
  • The allowance of marijuana vaping products when he is not satisfied that vaping doesn’t pose a danger to public health.
  • Adding stricter advertising restrictions to guarantee marijuana is not made appealing to minors.
  • An”aggressive” timeline for the appointment of marijuana management board members by Jan. 8, 2021.
  • Increasing law enforcement funding and training to manage a possible uptick in impaired drivers.

Now that Vermont legalizes recreational marijuana market and with the Vermont decriminalization bill approved, the legalization movement will continue to grow momentum around the nation.