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Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Cannabiotix/ Dispensary – Goldn Bloom

Hybrid THC 30.65% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes- Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene and Alpha Pinene

Bud Buzz: Cereal Milk is a hybrid but it is definitely a more Indica leaning hybrid.  The cannabis strain is absolutely premium. The buds themselves are frosty with trichomes and are a deep dark green with a little bit of yellow in the mix.  The smell is obviously where the same came from.  Cereal Milk smells and tastes like you have just finished a bowl of Cap’n Crunch Berry cereal and you are now left with some delicious tasting milk.  It’s one of the few cannabis strains that lives up to its name.

After just two good bong hits you will be a little lost in feelings of happiness and full body relaxation.  The head buzz is there but the body waves are so intense you may not even notice the head buzz.  You can continue on in your journey to the ultimate high and do more bong hits but Cereal Milk is so potent that you may not want to, or at least consider waiting 30 minutes or so before going any higher. Either way, cereal milk strain is not a couch lock type of buzz so you will feel like talking and doing some creative activities, you will just be super stoned while you do them, which is always a good experience.

More Buzz Effects

The high lasts fairly long, well over three hours and the end of your buzz might leave you a little sleepy but not overly tired so napping is optional.  A good daytime or nighttime strain, just not right before you want to go to sleep.  Excellent for depression, stress, mild pain, especially headaches and anxiety.  Although keep in mind that some people feel anxious when they get super high, so proceed accordingly.  There is some dry mouth with Cereal Milk but there are no other negatives with this strain.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– You are going to want to keep a variety of liquids around with this cannabis strain, starting with plain or sparkling water.  To keep the dry mouth under control, keep drinking water plus add your favorite juice or flavored water.  If you prefer soda, go with a clear soda like Sprite or Mountain Dew.  It works better with the taste of this cannabis strain than dark sodas.

Munchables– The munchies may hit right away but will likely take a good hour or so to reach full intensity.  If you want to snack as opposed to eating a meal try some creamy nuts like cashews or get creative with your snacking and do a trail mix type of thing if you have some good options for the ingredients.  If a full meal is what you need, a burger or a veggie burger and fries is perfect.  A brownie with frosting for dessert?  Yes!

Doables– This is a good cannabis strain to chill alone and just enjoy being high, with some music to keep you company.  Cereal Milk can also be a social strain so it’s great for hanging out with friends and doing something creative together.  Creative group projects are a perfect way to enjoy your buzz and spend time with friends.  Whether you cook together, or make music together, Cereal Milk brings out everyone’s creative best, assuming you are sharing your bud!

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Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Oregon Roots/Dispensary – Chalice Farms

Sativa Hybrid THC 24.27% CBD 0.16%

Terpenes-Myrcene and Alpha Pinene

Bud Buzz:  One of the classics for a reason, Blue Dreams strain never disappoints.  This strain has a slightly piney taste and smell but nothing overwhelming.  The feelings of happiness, downright euphoria and an amazing head high leading to a period of productive creativity made this one perfect for an afternoon artist session with close friends.  Not a super talkative high but if you hang with people who like to do their own thing, just around other people, Blue Dreams is the answer.  Now what was the question?  Excellent for depression, anxiety and pain, it can make you feel sleepy out of the blue bud another bowl keeps you on the creative train if you aren’t ready for sleep.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables-Water seemed a little boring, a nice fruity seltzer or a light IPA really hit the spot, especially in the summer.  Dry mouth can be an issue so make sure to keep something around you find refreshing.

Munchables-Blue Dream strain is not known for producing out of control hunger.  That being said, nuts or dried fruits, think trail mix type of snack probably won’t be turned down.  If you are creative in the kitchen, this strain just might inspire you.

Doables– Write, paint, compose, with Blue Dream the world is your oyster, creatively speaking.  A walking brainstorm session for panting ideas is a pretty epic way to spend an afternoon.  Don’t forget to take some breaks to soak in the beauty around you.

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What are Cannabis Terpenes and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis Terpenes

For the recreational cannabis connoisseur, understanding which cannabis terpenes are most beneficial can help them achieve the ultimate experience.  For the strictly medicinal cannabis user, selecting a strain with the right terpene profiles will provide the expected benefits without any unwanted side effects.  For the marijuana newbie or the occasional user, learning about which terpenes interact best with their own body’s chemistry can be nothing short of enlightening.  Not convinced yet that terpenes are worth knowing about?  For the recreational user, have you ever purchased that “perfect” strain, you know the one that promises so much, all your friends love it and the THC percentage is north of 30% only to wonder if you bought a bad batch or if your tolerance is past peak?  It happens more often than you may think and rather than continue your quest blindly, take some time to understand which cannabis terpenes work for you.

So what exactly are terpenes?  Broadly speaking terpenes are present in almost all plants and are what gives that plant its aroma and flavor.  Think Lavender or Rosemary.  Now back to the important plant.  Terpenes in cannabis are formed within the little hairs (trichomes) of the cannabis buds.  What terpene profile a strain has is determined by both the spectrum and intensity of light during the growing process.  Terpenes, besides giving marijuana it’s smell and flavor interact with the cannabinoids, THC and CBD, to produce the overall effect for the user. This full cannabis plant interaction is known as the “entourage effect”.  Terpenes can strengthen or weaken the cannabinoids in a strain so knowing which ones matter to you is crucial to achieving your cannabis consumption goals.

Two important considerations before we explore the most prevalent cannabis terpenes.  There are well over 100 cannabis terpenes in cannabis and more are being discovered all the time so for today we will focus on the five most significant.  Second, carbonization essentially destroys terpenes in cannabis as well as the cannabinoids so if you are using a vaporizer with temperature control, do some research first so you keep the temperature optimal for not just the cannabinoids but the terpenes as well.  Different terpenes remain stable at different temperatures.  Now on to the five key terpenes.

Alpha Pinene

For this terpene, the name says it all, pine.  The aroma of pine, and well the flavor too for those so inclined is key to this terpenes profile.  This terpene is found in some sativa and sativa dominant hybrids.  Big strain names you may recognize are Jack Herer, Bluedream and Chemdawg.  Strains with Alpha Pinene help with focus and memory.  Students over 21, this terpene is your friend!  Other pretty amazing benefits are that it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial terpene.


Feeling anxious, stressed, in need of some relaxation and sleep?  Welcome to the power of the Linalool terpene.  Mostly found in Indicas and Indica dominant hybrids, think LA Confidential and Amnesia Haze when it comes to typical Linalool strains.  Interestingly this terpene is also found in cotton and linen.  Maybe that explains the relaxation aroma.  For those prone to seizures, this terpene has anti-epileptic properties and is also an analgesic (pain killer).  Impressive!


So you have found the perfect Netflix series are now you need the perfect cannabis accompaniment.  Found in strains considered to be fairly balanced hybrids and a big contributor to the sometimes requested “couch lock” effect is the slightly earthy, a little fruity Myrcene terpene.  If you are a fan of any pure Kush strains, you are already a fan of this terpene.  Some classic strains include White Widow and Granddaddy Purple.  This terpene profile includes spectacular benefits.  It’s an analgesic, a muscle relaxant and has antibiotic properties.

Beta Caryophyllene

This is a happy terpene.  With a spicy, sometimes peppery aroma and taste, Beta Caryophyllene is one of the most sought after cannabis terpenes for true hybrid fans.  Some of the most well-known strains are Bubba Kush and the very popular Girl Scout Cookies.  Recommended by cannabis users with PTSD, depression or for anyone who just wants a little slice of happiness with a pinch of euphoria.  Major benefits include its antioxidant, anti-anxiety antidepressant properties. This one really handles all the unwanted “antis”.


Once again, the aroma and flavor profile is in the name, just spelled a bit differently.  This is a citrus based terpene and is one of the key components of the talkative, social and energetic high.  This one is for true Sativa lovers.  Not much chance of couch lock with this terpene.  Strains that you have probably heard of are Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel.  Not surprisingly, this terpene helps to improve your mood and really who doesn’t want that?  Other benefits include anti-anxiety and immune system booster properties.

Improve your cannabis experience exponentially by improving your cannabis terpenes knowledge.