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Strawberry Banana Strain Review

Strawberry Banana Strain Review

Strawberry Banana Strain Review

Strawberry Banana Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Solstice/ Dispensary – Green Fire Cannabis

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 26.10% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes – Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz:  Strawberry Banana strain, sometimes called Strawnana is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain is extremely potent as well as very complex in terms of its effects.  Strawberry Banana has small very bright green fluffy buds that are completely coated in trichomes. It has plenty of orange hairs interspersed through the buds.  The buds are very sticky and not easy to grind unless you dry them out for a while first.  The smell and taste is just like bananas plus a little extra spiciness. Also, some other tropical smells in the background but the main taste and smell is bananas, and it tastes delicious!

Buzz Effects

When you first smoke Strawberry Banana the overwhelming feeling is relaxation and an uplifted happiness.  You can build on your buzz with this cannabis strain. Your buzz will change after about 30 minutes into something more cerebral and focused. However, if you want to keep the body buzz at the forefront for longer, just smoke a little more.  This cannabis strain has a long lasting high of about 4 hours. Depending on how you want to spend your time, Strawberry Banana is one of the more versatile strains out there. You can smoke a bunch and ride that body buzz and then enjoy exploring your own thoughts or anything that requires an open mind. Feel free to keep smoking more to extend the more Indica part of your buzz.

There are lots of options with Strawberry Banana strain.  You will definitely notice some changes in your sensory perception. Music will sound different for most people. Movies, especially ones with a lot of special effects seem even more intense and interesting. Strawberry Banana strain is a truly unique high and should not be missed for cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike.  An excellent strain for mild to moderate pain, stress, anxiety and depression.  The negatives are dry mouth, slight dry eyes and for many people this cannabis strain brings on a raging case of the munchies.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – You will experience dry mouth with Strawberry Banana but it is not too bad and can be easily managed especially if you hydrate with water before smoking.  Once you are stoned, keep that tropical vibe going and drink pineapple, grapefruit or even a strawberry banana smoothie.  If you feel like you need a little caffeine go with tea and lemon, either hot or cold.

Munchables – The munchies are super intense with this cannabis strain and you should have plenty of options available so you have choices.  Feel like a small meal, go with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and throw some avocado in there for the extra vitamins. If you want just a snack then go with nuts and olives, maybe some cheese and crackers as well.  If you need a sweet treat, try waffles or crepes with some maple syrup or even better, Nutella.  All stoners should keep a jar a Nutella around!

More Buzz Enhancers

Doables – Strawberry Banana is a perfect daytime or early evening strain.  Most people start to feel sleepy after about three hours so be sure to schedule nap time into your session plan.  The perfect cannabis strain to do so many things from normally boring chores to exploring new music, or enjoying old favorites.  You will likely be fairly in your head with this strain so it may not be the most social of all cannabis strains.  That being said, you can still enjoy a movie with friends on Zoom, as long as they respect your buzz and don’t expect you to be too talkative.  Strawberry Banana is one of the best strains to explore your artistic side with and really take chances with creating new art, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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