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Serious Happiness Strain Review

Serious Happiness Strain Review

Serious Happiness Strain Review

Serious Happiness Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Boggy Boon/ Dispensary – Dockside Cannabis

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 26.80% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes- Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene

Bud Buzz:  Another excellent cannabis strain that lives up to its name.  Serious Happiness strain causes, yes you guessed it, serious happiness. A true hybrid that seems to cause a debate as to whether it is an Indica dominant hybrid or a Sativa dominant one. This particular batch leans a bit Indica but is fairly evenly balanced.  The buds are super sticky and bright green, a little on the small side but covered in icy trichomes.  The smell is fruity and earthy at the same time and the taste is similar but with a spicy and pine finish. This is a super potent cannabis strain that hits you hard right from the first toke with feelings of unparalleled happiness and uplifting euphoria.  One of the most social cannabis strains around,

Buzz Effects

Serious Happiness strain will encourage you to let down your guard, as your anxiety evaporates and you will feel comfortable talking, to pretty much anyone about anything.  Although friends and family who like to keep the conversation light and full of laughs will be a welcome addition to your buzz.  This is a long lasting strain and you can expect to enjoy your enhanced state of happiness for well over 3 hours.  The perfect balance between a good head buzz and a warm happy body buzz is what makes this cannabis strain a favorite of so many stoners.

It is worth noting that a few people have mentioned an increase of anxiety for the first 10-15 minutes after smoking however that does not seem to be an issue for most people.  A great strain for depression, pain management, stress and nausea.  The negatives are some initially bad dry mouth and red dry eyes so make sure you have drops.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– As this is a seriously social cannabis strain, as always start your hydration process before you even fill that first bowl.  Water is always a great place to start and this is a strain that you could also enjoy a glass of champagne with your social circle or a mimosa if you want to add some Vitamin C to your buzz, why not.  Keep the alcohol to a minimum as Serious Happiness is a very potent strain.

Munchables-You can expect the munchies to call your name fairly quickly, about 30 minutes or so after you first smoke Serious Happiness.  If you are socializing, why not make a good social food part of the plan and make or order some pizza.  If that doesn’t sound appealing why not break out that fondue pot that someone gave you years ago and you threw in the pantry and never touch.  Add a few types of cheese and then break up some bread and you have a fun, social and delicious snack.

Doables– As mentioned many times, this is a social, happy and relaxed cannabis strain.  If you have any issues with social anxiety, this should be your go to strain.  Plan a socially distanced Zoom night with family, friends or anyone you want to spend time talking with.  Serious Happiness is excellent for creative projects with others or alone and plan to end your buzz with a funny movie or TV series.  Laughing is just another bonus that goes along with this cannabis strain.

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