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Successful Stoner: Your Career and Your Cannabis Use

Responsible Marijuana Use

The negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis use still exist though thankfully most are being tossed aside in favor of facts and science.  Marijuana use was always thought to not be compatible with success.  In fact stoners have traditionally been viewed as lazy types who will never do much with their lives.  As anyone who has used cannabis knows, that is simply not true and for most people that use cannabis, it serves to help them be happier and more productive in their work.  Obviously this does not apply to all professions.  Stoned pilots and bus drivers, no thanks but for the majority of professions, responsible marijuana use can actually help them achieve success in their career.

Creative Types Needed

Being in a creative profession can be challenging in the best of times.  It is easy to get stuck or have a creative block and ideas that once seemed promising now seem stale and outdated.  Enter cannabis.  There are a variety of methods to jumpstart the creative process, you can go for a walk, meditate, distract yourself with funny animal videos on YouTube all the while hoping for that creative spark to ignite again.  Better yet, do all of these things and get stoned too.  Consuming cannabis alters your perceptions, specifically your sensory perceptions become more pronounced.  This change can very well be just what you need to think about an idea or a problem from an entirely different perspective.  It literally changes the way we traditionally “brainstorm”.  Just make sure to jot down or even record your ideas while you’re high as your memory may not be at its best.


It’s been said before but is worth repeating, to do well in your career, you must take care of yourself.  It seems obvious but people have a way of prioritizing everything else in their lives before themselves.  Responsible marijuana use is one of the best ways to not only fall asleep at a reasonable hour as opposed to tossing in bed well past midnight reviewing the problems of the day or overthinking what is coming tomorrow.  A cannabis session before bed can really change the way and most importantly the quality of your sleep.  Getting good quality sleep will do amazing things for your attitude about work and your ability to manage stress throughout the day.  Consuming cannabis for many people can act as an appetite stimulant.  Why not take advantage of this fact and stock your place with healthy snacks.  Sure you may fall victim to a last minute junk food DoorDash night but we are human after all.  If the majority of the food you have around is healthy, that’s what you will eat.  One of the most difficult things about establishing an exercise routine is starting one. Those first days and weeks until it becomes a habit are not easy to stick with.  Responsible marijuana use before an online yoga class or before a walk with your partner may just be enough of a motivation to get you through the first few weeks.  Promise yourself that you will at least do some basic stretches.  It feels amazing to stretch when you’re high.  Cannabis and exercise are great together!

Elevated Mood Leads to Increased Productivity

Ever try to do something when you’re in a terrible mood?  Of course we all have or nothing would ever get done in this world.  Whether it’s angrily scrambling those eggs for your kids in the morning to grudgingly preparing yet another PowerPoint for tomorrows’ stand up meeting, our mood affects the outcome of what we do. Just ask your kids how those eggs tasted. If your mood is great because you just smoked the best Sativa strain in existence, working on next year’s budget is no longer something that you will drag out far longer than necessary because it’s boring and uninspiring work, no you will find focus and interest in what you are doing and that means you will get more done, sometimes even a lot more. For many people, cannabis improves creativity and other important traits needed in the work place. Finding the right way and the right strains of cannabis to incorporate into your workday can take some trial and error but the process will teach you not just about which cannabis strains inspire you to be more productive at work but also which ones are better saved for after hours.  It’s research!

Managing Medical Conditions

Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine will tell you, it stops you in your tracks!  Nothing gets accomplished and until the pain begins to subside, you are not capable of getting much done.  Managing various medical conditions with responsible marijuana use can allow you to focus on work and your career rather than stressful trips to the doctor or dealing with often debilitating side effects of pharmaceuticals.  There are so many medical conditions that prevent or at least limit the ability to be our best selves in our careers.  Regardless if your medical condition is chronic pain, Crohn’s disease or social anxiety, cannabis can help alleviate some of the worst symptoms.  You may not be able to completely replace a pharmaceutical medication with cannabis but if you can manage your condition with a more natural remedy like cannabis, your overall health will improve.  Feeling better leads to finding gratification and even pleasure in your work. That alone is a recipe for success!

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