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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Seattle has a great cannabis lifestyle vibe to it and is one of those cities that have embraced the culture. Here are some of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle. Check them out if you get a chance or haven’t already. They each have their own atmosphere and they all have amazing service and pretty much anything you are looking for.

Uncle Ike’s – Capitol Hill

These cool recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle have five locations with the one on Capitol Hill being one of the more popular and convenient of the five.  Located in a busy part at the very top of Capitol Hill, Uncle Ike’s currently has both pickup and in store shopping available.  The unassuming building houses a vast array of all things cannabis for all price points.  When you first enter and show your ID you may feel a little overwhelmed by the selection.  No need, Uncle Ike’s budtenders will help guide you through the process of choosing exactly what you need, even if you are not so sure yourself.  They know how to ask questions and are true experts, especially when it comes to various flower strains and edibles.  Their hours will work with anyone’s schedule as they open at 8 am and don’t close until right before midnight.  Their website is excellent and very user friendly.  Uncle Ike’s aims to just do more than sell you cannabis products, they are heavily involved in the local politics and BLM movement and have raised considerable funds for local charities.  They are proud members of the community and give back!  Their website also includes various information about the local marijuana laws so if you are new to the area or a tourist, you can learn exactly where you can enjoy your cannabis products legally.  With daily sales you just can’t go wrong at Uncle Ike’s.  The Suck Don’t Chew Hard Candies for only a dollar are essential, as is their Obama Indica flower.

The Reef Cannabis

Capitol Hill
The Reef has one Seattle location on lower Capitol Hill in what may have been once a nightclub or perhaps a pizza place and another location in Bremerton, this is one cool dispensary.  The Reef touts themselves as a digital dispensary who cares.  They do care and each quarter they designate 3 local charities to help and in addition send a crew out into the community on a weekly basis to do some neighborhood cleanup.  If you want to spend money on cannabis, feel good knowing that you are spending it someplace that cares about their neighborhood.  With expansive hours of 8 am- 11:30, you have plenty of time to plan a trip.  The dispensary itself is huge, with plenty of open space, sky high ceilings and is very well lit, as you will be soon as well!  You could never feel claustrophobic at The Reef.  The budtenders here are so attentive and friendly, it feel like advice from a trusted friend rather than a retail experience.  Currently they are doing pickup and in store shopping and with a good website you can plan your cannabis purchases before you go or leave it to the budtenders to help you out.  Either way, this is one of the fantastic recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle and they even offer yoga tutorials on their website to pair with either a Sativa or Indica!  You can shop safely using one of the window bubbles or move through the huge interior, all while staying social distant.  Tinkerbell’s Revenge is a budget friendly flower and Pineapple Chunk is top shelf and worth every penny.  Their menu is massive so take you time and ask questions.

Ruckus Recreational

Capitol Hill
Located in a busy part of upper Capitol Hill, Ruckus Recreational is the first certified clean green dispensary out of the recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle.  They really are the dispensary with a heart as they have reserved the first hour they are open, from 8-9 am for seniors over 65.  They stay open until nearly midnight so if you’re not a senior, you still have plenty of time to pay them a visit.  In addition to the Capitol Hill location, they also have one in Ballard worth checking out too with more limited hours of 9-9.  The dispensary itself is fairly large but because they have so many cannabis products, as you first walk on it can seem a little crowded.  It’s really not and there is plenty of floor space so you can feel comfortable to browse.  The budtenders at Ruckus Recreational are caring, not just about you as the customer but about the cannabis quality they are selling and just life in general.  They have a good loyalty program and some really unique edibles such as Nacho Cheese Pretzels that are out of this world, on so many levels.  It’s great to see dispensaries who expand their edible inventories to those who prefer savory rather than sweet treats. They have a wide variety of carts and if cannabis flower is your thing and you can buy in larger quantities, they have some super sweet deals.  Ruckus Recreational carries the classics like 9 lb Hammer and some really interesting strains like Velvet Skies.  Yes it’s as dreamy as it sounds.  Currently they are doing pickup and in store shopping.  Their website at first glance seems pretty simple but its user friendly and visually pretty cool from an artistic standpoint.

Satori MJ

Satori has a location in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle but they also have locations in Spokane, Bellingham, Pullman and even Anchorage, if you happen to find yourself that far north.  Besides being a multi-state dispensary they are also have a medical endorsement so their budtenders have the training, knowledge and experience to help you with both recreational or medical cannabis needs.  If you are a medical marijuana patient give them a heads up before you come so they can be sure to have a budtender there who can help you with your specific needs.  The dispensary itself is in a super cool building and the inside space is smallish but well utilized and well-lit so you will feel like you are in a much bigger space.  Amazing how they do that!  They have an excellent rewards program and offer discounts to veterans and seniors plus they are dog friendly.  It would be impossible to not feel welcome in this environment.  The budtenders are happy to let you browse or they can be as attentive as you need them to be.  Satori MJ’s website is full of all things cannabis and you can learn quite a lot about any number of cannabis related topics just by browsing.  They are open from 8 am until nearly midnight so more than enough time to stop by.  They feature a different farm every week and offer deep discounts on the products.  The Wedding Cake flower from Hannah Industries is a steal!  The Blaze Grape Soda, yes is a little pricy but wow!  Definitely worth it.  Their CBD options are the best around.  Overall Satori MJ does it right.

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