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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland Oregon

recreational marijuana dispensaries in portland

Portland Oregon has a unique style and the same can be said of it’s dispensary scene. Below are the most popular recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

The Weedery 

Tucked away about half a block off a popular shopping and restaurant district in Portland’s Northwest neighborhood is a cute old house that contains some real cannabis treasures.  You will have to walk up some very narrow slightly creepy stairs to get there so watch your step.  Once you’re on the second floor you will be asked to show your ID to the person at the counter and depending on how busy it is you will either wait in that small room for a few minutes until there is a budtender in the next room available or you will be told to go right in.  Once inside the dispensary proper it can be a little overwhelming, there are a lot of cannabis products in a pretty small space so check out the menu first or do it online before you go.  Most of the budtenders are super friendly and if they sense you need a minute, they will give you time to make decisions.  It is obvious that the budtenders have tried a lot of the products so feel comfortable asking for recommendations.  No upselling at all and no pressure to buy topshelf products if that is not what you’re looking for or just don’t want to spend that much.  Their Pineapple Kush strain sells out fast when it’s available so snap it up.  The price is definitely right! The only real negative is the lack of a rewards program for repeat customers.

Cannabliss & Co. 

Cannabliss has five locations, most of them in the Portland area with one in Springfield Oregon near Eugene.  Each location is different in terms of available cannabis products and the look and layout of the dispensary.  The 22nd and Burnside location is in a busy neighborhood on an extremely busy street.  Burnside is one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Portland.  A big plus with this dispensary is that it is open until 10, every night and with most other dispensaries closing at 7 or 8 pm it’s great late night dispensary plus with a Taco Bell steps away…super convenient snackwise.  Once you step through the door you are immediately transported back in time to the 1980s or even the 1970s.  The small waiting room where you show your ID has some cool wall art but those red chairs, definitely a throwback to another era.  The vibe continues once you walk through to the dispensary.  It looks a little like an old baseball card shop, complete with what might be the same display cases.  Check the menu online before you go because although the budtenders are helpful, there is a vibe of wanting to keep things moving.  You won’t feel rushed and the prices for some of the best flower and carts in the city can’t be beat but ask too many questions and you may detect an eyeroll.  If you are buying more than a few grams this is the place to go.  Cash only and curbside pickup at this time.  Significant discounts for veterans. One of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.


This dispensary is a little hard to find but its painted yellow so just knowing that fact should make it easier.  Currently they are only doing pickup but the inside of the dispensary is pretty small and you cue up on the sidewalk at socially distanced spots and wait your turn at to step up to the oversized window.  It feels a bit like ordering a pizza in NYC.  The inside of MindRite may be closed currently but they make the best of the sidewalk window option.  The inside is a quite small and feels cramped in both the outer waiting room as well as the dispensary so for today’s times, the setup they have works well.  MindRite does quality organic cannabis products better than anyone.  If you are concerned about the chemicals used during the grow process or just want some great quality cannabis without worrying about what other chemicals you might be ingesting, MindRite is the place to go.  The budtenders are cool and knowledgeable and although some people report negative experiences with the budtenders there most people sing their praises.  That being said, if you show up with an attitude, you will likely have a less than stellar experience.  They do seem to go overboard on their site with the self-promotion but if your cannabis is this good, you have to let people know, and they do.  An extensive menu with daily specials and not just for flower but for concentrates and all CBD products as well.  Discounts for veterans and anyone with a medical marijuana card.  MindRite closes fairly early at 7 pm and if you are a person that needs some time choosing your cannabis, get there at least 30 minutes before they close in case of a line. Definitely one of the interesting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

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