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How You Consume Cannabis Says A Lot About Who You Are

methods of consuming cannabis

We all have our favorite methods of consuming cannabis and some people even rely on multiple methods.  They may sometimes smoke their flower out of a pipe and use a vape as well. Other cannabis users love their bong, who doesn’t, but still enjoy a blunt or an edible on occasion.  With so many ways to get stoned, your preferred method says a lot about who you are in terms of age, gender and perhaps even lifestyle.  Obviously if you live in a legal state or country, you have access to pretty much any all possible ways to consume cannabis as opposed to those who live in an illegal state or country.  Hopefully that changes soon and everyone will have the same options no matter where you live.

Joints, Blunts and Vape Carts

Joints and blunts are one of the most preferred methods of consuming cannabis use for two specific groups, both men and women in their early 20s and men over the age of 60. As both joints and blunts are one of the more portable methods of consuming cannabis, meaning you can stroll down the street and enjoy a blunt, people who are outside or hanging with friends like the convenience and the fact that they don’t need to carry around anything breakable.  For people on the go of any age, joints and blunts are easy to grab from a pocket or purse and light up.  The learning curve when it comes to rolling joints and blunts can be steep but people in their twenties like the challenge of rolling the perfect personal joint or party blunt.  Men over the age of 60, many of whom are former cigarette smokers enjoy joints in particular because it is something familiar. They may at one time have rolled their own cigarettes so the learning curve is pretty much non existent.  While you may not find as many older men walking down the street smoking a blunt, you will find them enjoying a perfectly rolled one from the comfort of their home.

Vape carts are generally popular with people in their early 20s however they are becoming increasing popular with all age ranges because you can be very discreet with a vape pen and for those people that need to be discreet, they are fast seeing the benefits of carts.

Pipes, Bongs and Dab Rigs (oh my)

Pipes have a universal appeal to people of all ages but they are true favorites for young moms.  With so many choices of colors and styles, women in their late 20s to 30s really enjoy choosing specific color combinations or patterns, especially when it comes to glass pipes.  Blown glass pipes, if done well, are works of art and young moms like to smoke their cannabis from something that looks nice and that they can be proud of.  You won’t find them displaying their pipes, rather they keep them hidden away from the kids.  Bongs are generally not a go to method of cannabis consumption for women in this age range but they are in fact the preferred method for men in this age category.  Bongs can be pretty simple to use but with so many attachment options available today, creating a bong that not only delivers the ultimate hit but looks like something of a science experiment appeals to men who enjoy building things.  So while a traditional glass bong with no additional chambers or attachments can appeal to pretty much anyone, building the perfect bong is something that really seems to appeal to men in their late 20s to 30s.  Cost is also a factor for not just the price of bongs but for really nice glass pipes as well.  They are not exactly cheap so generally people with more disposable income will choose these methods and may even collect bongs and pipes.

Dab rigs tend to be more popular with men than with women although some younger women are giving them a try.  Used to smoke cannabis concentrates, they are a little expensive but the high is spectacular.  As bongs and dab rigs are not the most portable methods of consuming cannabis, they tend to be favored by people who can have some privacy in their living situation.  Pipes can be more portable but for anyone who has broken their favorite and very expensive pipe knows, when they break, it’s tragic!

Edibles and Tinctures

As the popularity of edibles as another one of the methods of consuming cannabis is growing every day, so is the demographic who prefers them.  Edibles used to really only appeal to younger people in their 20s but now seem to be the preferred cannabis consumption method for people in their 40s and 50s, especially women.  Anyone who likes to cook and has the time and money to experiment with different recipes loves edibles.  Women in their 40’s and 50s tend to have more time to cook and bake than younger women.  As not every cannabis recipe yields good or even decent results, there is some trial and error involved and this can cost money so disposable income is necessary.  Of course women like to share what they have cooked, most of the time, so anyone who is around benefits!

Tinctures tend to be favored by the over 65 crowd who do not want the effects of smoking their cannabis, perhaps due to health issues but may lack the knowledge to really want to experiment with edibles.  Not to say that your grandma doesn’t bake some decadent cannabis brownies or that your grandpa can’t hit that bong like a pro, these are just generalizations.  Tinctures are easy to consume, store and no other equipment is needed, plus they are very discreet.

No matter your age, gender or level of disposable income, there are multiple methods of consuming cannabis so try out different methods and you may just find a new favorite.

Let us know what some of your favorite methods of consuming cannabis are, in the comments below.

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