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Women Marijuana Users Have Better Sex – Science Says So

marijuana users have better sex

Is it true that women marijuana users have better sex? Among girls who like marijuana, there is no shortage of anecdotal proof that adding a little cannabis can deliver a joy into the bedroom, and in most countries where the drug is lawful, entrepreneurs have capitalized on that claim.

While investigators are still trying to tease out the exact relationship between cannabis and sex, an increasing body of evidence suggests the connection itself is quite real. The most recent research, which asked women using marijuana about their sexual encounters, discovered that more regular cannabis use was associated with increased stimulation, more powerful orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction generally. So yes, it seems that women marijuana users have better sex.

To reach their conclusions, the group examined online survey results in 452 girls who responded to an invitation dispersed in a string of cannabis retail shops.

Broadly , a greater FSFI score is known to signify better sexual functioning, whereas a lower score suggests sexual dysfunction. Assessing frequency of cannabis use to every participant’s FSFI score, the researchers decided that more frequent intake was associated with reduced levels of sexual dysfunction.

“For every extra step of cannabis usage intensity (ie, times a week),” the report states,”the likelihood of reporting feminine sexual dysfunction declined by 21%.”

“We found a dose response relationship between improved frequency of cannabis use and decreased likelihood of female sexual dysfunction”

Girls who used cannabis more often had greater FSFI scores generally, signaling better sexual encounters overall. More frequent consumers had greater special FSFI subdomain scores–suggesting things like higher stimulation and better climaxes –but not all those differences attained the threshold of statistical significance.

Another weak relationship revealed that women who used cannabis often reported reduced levels of pain linked to sex.

“When stratified by frequency of usage (≥3 times a week vs <3 times per week), those who used more frequently had overall higher FSFI scores and had higher FSFI subdomain scores except for pain,” the research says.

The study does not shed much light about which marijuana products may work great for sexual stimulation, yet.

“Neither, the system of ingestion nor the sort of cannabis consumed influenced sexual function”

Researchers stated a range of mechanisms could describe the general effects, noting that previous studies have shown that the human body’s endocannabinoid system is involved in female sexual functioning. Additionally, it is possible, writers composed, that cannabis may be advancing sex by lowering anxiety.

“As many individuals use cannabis to decrease stress,” the report states,”it’s possible that a decrease in anxiety connected with a sexual experience could improve adventures and contribute to enhanced satisfaction, orgasm, and appetite. In the same way, THC can change the perception of time that might extend the feelings of sexual enjoyment. At length, CB1, a cannabinoid receptor, has been discovered in serotonergic neurons which secretes the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays a role in female sexual functioning consequently activation of CB1 can result in increased sexual functioning ”

As the study notes, cannabis’s possibly positive impact on women’s sexual function was initially noticed in study by the 1970s and’80s, when girls in study interviews that used cannabis reported improved sexual encounters, including more closeness and better orgasms. But subsequent studies have yielded mixed results. Authors of this new report stated that previous studies utilized interviews instead of a confirmed questionnaire to conduct study.

“The mechanism underlying these findings necessitates caution,” the writers said of the own report,”as does whether acute or chronic use of cannabis has a direct effect on sexual functioning. Whether the endocannabinoid system represents a workable goal of treatment through cannabis for female sexual dysfunction demands future potential studies though any treatment needs to be balanced with the possible negative effects of cannabis use.”

Irrespective of the mechanisms on the job between marijuana and sex, emerging evidence is overwhelming that there is some type of connection . A nationwide poll conducted by the East Carolina University graduate student a year ago found that”participants believed that cannabis use improved their sexual performance and satisfaction.” Marijuana users reported”increased appetite, orgasm intensity, and sexual pleasure” Numerous online surveys also have reported positive relationships between marijuana and sex, and a study found a relation between the passing of marijuana legislation and improved sexual action .

Still another study, however, cautions that the more marijuana does not necessarily imply better sex. A literature review published last year discovered that cannabis’s effect on libido may rely on dose, together with lower quantities of THC correlating with the greatest levels of stimulation and gratification. Most studies demonstrated that marijuana has a beneficial impact on women’s sexual function, the analysis found, but also much THC can actually backfire.

“Several studies have assessed the effects of marijuana on libido, and it appears that changes in appetite could be dose dependent,” the review authors wrote. “Studies affirm that lower doses enhance appetite but higher doses lower appetite or don’t have an effect on appetite in any way.”