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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Edibles)

Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Edible cannabis can come in so many forms, from cannabutter, infused oils, drinks, to all variety of candies, chocolates and honey.  If you can eat or drink it, cannabis can be put in it.  Traditional edible dosing from dispensaries recommends 10 mg per dose and most packaging makes that pretty clear.  If you are making, baking your own edibles, the dosing and THC percentages take some time to get right so proceed with caution and if it’s your first few times doing DIY edibles, follow the recipe of a trusted source and use our marijuana strain reviews edibles to help guide you.

Cannabees Pure Honey – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Swifts/Grower-Green Labs/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz:  Honey is one of the most versatile substances out there, besides cannabis of course and this honey stands up against the super pricey organic stuff you buy at Whole Foods.  The best part about Cannabees honey is it actually gets you buzzed, and in that way it will always win out over the premium supermarket brands.  Try in a multitude of ways, in some chamomile tea before bed, on a piece of toast for a little wake and bake action.  If you’re feeling adventurous, double up for some super cannabis deliciousness and have some honey in your tea and put more on a graham cracker.  Need to be discreet with your cannabis consumption?  This little packet of golden sweetness is perfect for such occasions.  There are 10 packets in a package and to be honest sometimes one package is enough, sometimes you may need more to achieve your desired level of high.  You should expect to feel a little body buzz after about 15 minutes or so followed by a nice light head high, nothing too heavy.  This can be accomplished with one 10 mg packet and if you want more, another packet will intensify your body buzz significantly.  A third packet and you may need to set aside a few hours to ride out the buzz.  You can expect to peak at an hour and after two hours, your buzz will mellow a bit.  Perfect for anxiety or insomnia.  Also honey in a known anti-inflammatory.

Drinkables-If you have put your cannabis honey in tea then you don’t really need anything else to drink.  Edibles are not known for causing dry mouth so you may want to sip on some water if needed or sometimes some iced coffee goes well if you are spreading the Cannabees honey on toast.

Munchables-As it is already an edible, you will most likely not be super hungry but if you are, stick to sweet snacks.  Salty snacks can be a little overwhelming with honey.  That being said it’s your cannabis experience, anything that sounds tasty will likely be tasty!

Doables-This yummy Cannabees honey provides a varied buzz so until you know how your body and mind will react, planning something to do can be difficult.  Go with how you are feeling and the first hour may be the time to be more active, draw, walk, chill with friends.  The last hour is more of an introspective time so if you are a writer, you may find this a perfect inspiration window of time.

Espresso Dark Chocolate – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Corner Stones/Grower-Canna Vita/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz: These chocolate squares have everything you need to be happy, chocolate, coffee (espresso) and cannabis.  The three Cs of life apparently.  The taste is rich, decadent and one is enough, okay maybe two.  The high comes on faster than most cannabis edibles, after about 10 minutes you can literally feel your muscles relaxing. What a warm wonderful feeling.  The high continues to develop over the next hour and reaches peak about then too.  Not too much of a head high after the first hour but the body high alone is worth the price of admission to this ride.  These chocolates provide a perfect balance between dreamy and creative.  If you are looking for a little more active cannabis high, you may want to add a Sativa gummy to the mix but for those who want to be mellow and creative, these are perfect!  As with all edibles, you can be as discreet as you need or want to be and if you use public transportation to and from work, the trip home will take on a whole new meaning.  Probably not the best for those wake and bake cannabis consumers unless your morning plans include a nap, hey no judgement.  The only real downside to these espresso dark chocolate squares, the company should consider putting more of them in the package.  There are 10, only 10.  Excellent for anxiety and enhancing creativity.

Drinkables– Depending on the time of day, a little coffee goes perfect with these chocolates and if you like wine, a pinot noir or maybe a merlot would be an excellent pairing!  There is no real problem at all with dry mouth and not everyone likes water with chocolate so keep your drink choices flavored.

Munchables– Well you are already eating chocolate so you can always make the obvious choice and just continue down the same road, eat more chocolate.  Ice cream is also a fantastic way to enjoy these little cannabis delights.  Just crumble up a square with your favorite ice cream.  The sweet and savory fans will find that pretzels go very well with this particular chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dark chocolate and has espresso that makes the combination so sublime.  It works though so no need to spend too much time on the why of your high, so to speak.

Doables-Time to get creative, if you have ever felt like exploring a new creative outlet, this is the time to get started.  The relaxation of the mind and body is so profound that you will not even bother to question your skills or abilities.  You will just create.  Your edible cannabis experience will be that much better with a like-minded creative friend, so share those chocolates.

I hope these help and check back soon for new marijuana strain reviews.