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The Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston & Massachusetts

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston

Popular Marijuana dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts

NETA Brookline

Distance from Boston: Minutes by car
NETA Brookline is placed within a gorgeous, converted bank, all high ceilings and ornate dark wood. The menu resembles its Northampton counterpart, even though its enduring popularity occasionally means its product runs out more quickly — especially at the moment. Bonus points go to the team members for their friendly but no-nonsense attitude (not every dispensary visitor attempts a woo-woo experience).
Operations: People who have a valid medical card must book their purchases beforehand.


Distance from Boston: One hour
With a title like Cultivate, you would expect a farm-like approach for their product, and the dispensary does not disappoint:”seed to table” is Cultivate’s governing philosophy. The lineup of blossom, pre-rolls, wax, and vape cartridges is remarkable, but how fascinating is that infused olive oil? And nobody ever went wrong making cannabis-chocolate chip biscuits their quarantine treat.
Operations: Patients must book ahead of time online; those looking for a full-scale consult can call 508.233.8000 to talk to a brand ambassador.

Northeast Alternatives

Fall River
Distance from Boston: One hour
At age 19, founder Chris Harkins witnessed the profound suffering his mother experienced from the cancer that would eventually take her life; when his father was diagnosed with cancer decades later, Harkins sought alternative treatments to alleviate pain and learned more about the effectiveness of cannabis. NEA now sells flower, pre-rolls, focus, edibles, and vape capsules; its own unique selling proposition must be its sativa energy drink with notes of pineapple and cherry.
Operations: The dispensary is open for regular business hours and is offering special deals for new patients.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts


Easthampton and Springfield
Distance from Boston: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to
There is the normal lineup of blossom, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and concentrates, but INSA also provides the Dart Pod, CCell’s vape system that’s lighter and boasts more vapor generation than standard cartridges. Most fascinating of all are the bath salts, certain to give you the most relaxing tubby time (that we sure as hell could use right about now).
Operations: The dispensaries are available for state pick-up orders only.

NETA Northampton

Distance from Boston: About two hours
This was the nation’s first recreational dispensary, and when it started, the wait times were measured in hours and parking areas were miles away. Things have since calmed down, but we can not guarantee what things will look like now that it is medical-only. The menu within this spa-like area is impressive: a number of flower and pre-rolls; lots of edibles, such as gummies, lozenges, as well as chocolate chip brownies; and a fine-mist inhaler. Their cartridges start with the fundamental Rempen and the purer Apex, and their proprietary Rubi (everything else matches the 510 vape cartridge regular ).
Operations : All orders must be placed beforehand through Reserve Ahead.


Danvers and Woburn
Distance from Boston: Twenty minutes to Woburn, 30 minutes to Danvers
Obviously you need your cannabis to be organic. At least, you do if you have made your way to Sanctuary, which prides itself on the high quality cultivation of its goods. It sells a number of flower and pre-rolls, also vape cartridges and a dash of concentrates. A great selection of edibles, including watermelon fruit chews and butterscotch lozenges.
Operations: Both medical dispensaries are offered for in-store shopping.

Theory Wellness

Distance from Boston: 2 hours and 15 minutes
“Seed to purchase” is the new”farm to table,” and Theory is a trailblazer. Its small-batch product is grown directly in Bridgewater: a fantastic assortment of flowers with two dimensions of pre-rolls, also capsules, Pax pods, and concentrates. The shops also have loads of edibles, tinctures, and an”extra strength” body oil that will not get you high, but will surely ease coronavirus tightness.
Operations : Preorder on the exact day you intend to pick up.

Patriot Care
Boston, Lowell, and Greenfield
Distance from Boston: Two hours, 30 minutes or less
Patriot runs one of the few medicinal dispensaries in Boston proper and has since added two spots to its repertoire. The blossom menu is impressive — more than two dozen varietals currently. Will the bud massage oil give your shoulders the munchies? Just 1 way to discover. Frankly, we are here for the hazelnut spread (available only in Lowell). If you are going to gorge during these stressful times, you may also get the most out of it.
Operations: at this time, all three medical dispensaries continue to be open during regular hours for in-store buys, but you are still best served by either emailing or calling to place your order beforehand.

Berkshire Roots
Distance from Boston: Two hours, 30 minutes
Pittsfield is obviously the Highest Town in Massachusetts, given its two distinct recreational dispensaries when most Massachusetts cities do not have one (Temescal Wellness is another ). All that’s on pause, of course, but Berkshire Roots, which opened on April 6, boasts the biggest growing operation in Western Mass, and their strong flower selection backs it up. They’ve pre-rolls and a collection of concentrates in addition to gummies, chocolate, and four unique tinctures, all made in house. Never mind that you will feel as if you have walked into an REI, the area is so calm and contemporary.
Operations: Patients should pre-order before pickup; the dispensary will send you a text as soon as your order is ready.

If you have other marijuana dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts that you think should make the list, let us know in the comments.

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