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So You Want to Know How to be a Budtender

How to be a budtender

For cannabis lovers everywhere, being a budtender sounds like a dream job and for some it really is just that.  The dispensary business in most states is still quite new so there are many opportunities for marijuana lovers to take the passion and turn it into a way to earn a living.  Working at a dispensary is a special kind of job but it is still a job and before you start sending your resume to every dispensary in town, it’s smart to do your homework about the realities of working in a dispensary. Read on tips on how to be a budtender.

Research the Specific Dispensary

This should go without saying but before you even send out a single resume, research the individual dispensaries you plan to apply to beforehand.  Obviously start by going on their website and reading the about page but then dig deeper.  Reading reviews online will give you an idea of the overall vibe of the dispensary.  Check out their social media and see how active their online presence is because you never know if you might be tasked with managing more than just the marijuana. Some dispensaries are geared towards a niche demographic and with the fast growth of dispensaries in multiple states, many dispensaries have more than one location.  The more you know about the specific dispensary, the better your chances of getting hired there will be.  True for any job of course, but as dispensary jobs are fairly coveted these days, learn as much as you can before reaching out.

Brush Up on Your Cannabis Knowledge Base

Naturally you would not apply to be a bartender with no knowledge of alcohol or how to mix a drink and the same applies to working with cannabis.  Of course your own personal experience with marijuana is useful and in most cases essential but unless you happen to know the dispensary owner, it may not be enough.  Make sure you know as much about the different strains of cannabis as possible and have or develop a deep understanding of cannabis delivery methods such as bongs, pipes, dab rings, bubblers, you get the idea.  A big part of working at a dispensary is giving advice to customers so they can select the best cannabis products for their needs.  The more you know, the easier it will be to give that advice and show your perspective audience that you know how to be a budtender.

Perfect those Customer Service Skills

The dispensary business and being a budtender in particular means working in a competitive market so the better you are at working with people, the better budtender you will ultimately be.  This means showcasing any previous retail experience you have, even if it’s not cannabis related.  If you are lucky enough to land an interview, another budtender or the dispensary owner will test you on your general cannabis knowledge and they will also test you on your ability to work with people, sometimes difficult people who have no idea what they are looking for when it comes to marijuana.  Successful budtenders say they practiced with friends before interviews with the friend playing the role of a challenging or difficult to please customer.  This type of experience is kind of fun to do but is truly invaluable when it comes to showing dispensary staff members that you can handle any type of person who may walk through the door.  One last tip, don’t ask about the employee discount or monthly swag hauls during the interview, get the job first, then enjoy those cannabis perks, they are amazing! These tips should help show you how to be a budtender.

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