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Golden Goat Strain Review

Golden Goat Strain Review

Golden Goat Strain Review

Golden Goat Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Wykanush Ventures/ Dispensary- Kaya Shack

Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC 20.23% CBD 0.05%

Terpenes- Terpinolene and Humulene

Bud Buzz:  Golden Goat is a beautiful looking cannabis strain. The decent sized buds are very dark green with a little bit of red mixed in and a thick coating of golden colored trichomes. This leading to how this strain got its name.  The smell is a mix of tropical and floral but the taste is not either of those.  It has a hint of diesel and is pretty skunky in taste and the smoke seems to linger for a longer period of time compared to other strains so if you plan to smoke inside, break out that incense or scented candles.  This cannabis strain hits hard so if you are smoking this out of a bong, ice is recommended.

This is what used to be called creeper weed. Meaning that you won’t feel the effects for a little while and this particular stain was far more potent than the just over 20% THC would indicate so if this is your first time smoking Golden Goat. So go easy and wait at least 15 minutes before smoking more.  You will feel the head buzz after about five minutes and the feelings of happiness and energy are there as well.  This is a very happy cannabis strain!  You will feel the relaxation of the Indica elements but they are secondary to the intense head buzz.

More Buzz Effects

Golden Goat strain is a very “trippy” high and for some people that is a great quality for a cannabis strain, others do not like that much intensity.  Compared with other strains, your buzz won’t last too long, as you can feel the effects start to dissipate after about 2 hours.  A perfect daytime or early evening strain that is good for stress, depression and very mild pain management.  You can expect some dry mouth as well as dry eyes so keep liquids and eye drops around.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– If you are smoking this cannabis strain in the daytime and want to enhance your energy even more, go with something caffeinated in addition to sipping on water.  If you are a fan of energy drinks, and need to stay focused for a few hours while you are doing something creative, a nice fruity energy drink works well.  If you don’t want caffeine and plain water is not doing much, try green tea, hot or cold.

Munchables– Whether or not you experience the munchies with this cannabis strain seems to depend on what time of the day you consume it and what you are doing.  If you smoke during the day and are busy with a project, you might even forget to eat something.  The munchies are more likely in the early evening.  Regardless, you will not be super hungry and some dark chocolate peanut butter cups are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.  If you are craving a salty snack, go with walnuts or some hummus and pita.

Doables– As Golden Goat is a pretty high energy cannabis strain, take advantage of that fact and use that energy.  You may even feel motivated to tackle projects you have been procrastinating.  Not saying you have to clean your house but if you need to rearrange a room, you may actually be more inspired than ever before!  Golden Goat is not a super social strain but if you need to collaborate with someone, you will more than hold your own.

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