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Godfather OG Strain Review

Godfather OG Strain Review

Godfather OG Strain Review

Godfather OG Strain

Factoids:  Grower – TLO Farms/ Dispensary – The Herb Center

Indica THC 23.20% CBD 0.01%

Terpenes – Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Humulene

Bud Buzz:  Godfather OG strain is a heavy hitting Indica strain that provides a long lasting body high, assuming you stay awake long enough to enjoy the full four hours of stoned happiness.  The buds are dense and muted light green in color, with a lot of orange hairs throughout as well as a ton of icy trichomes.  The buds are not overly sticky so you can grind them easily. The smell and taste are similar, and all about earthy goodness with a hint of pine and the taste has both earthiness and pine with a surprising grape aftertaste.

Buzz Effects

After you smoke just one or two hits the feeling of total and complete body relaxation follows immediately.  Waves of happy contentment wash over you as you ride the beautiful body waves.  This cannabis strain should not be underestimated in terms of potency. Newbies should be careful the first few times as too much Godfather OG can cause dizziness for some stoners.  You will want to be cautious when getting up. Even cannabis connoisseurs may be surprised by the power of this strain.

Godfather OG strain is definitely a couch lock cannabis strain but extreme sleepiness does not come on right away. You can chill for a few hours before falling into a blissful and long night’s sleep.  Another side effect of this cannabis strain is hunger and extreme munchies. It’s great for anyone who suffers from nausea or problems with a poor appetite.  It is an obvious powerful medicine for insomnia. Also great for mild to moderate pain, especial headaches and body aches.  Godfather OG is the perfect strain for stress, anxiety and depression.  Even if you are not a huge Indica fan, this strain is good to have around for those times that you just need to relax and unwind after a stressful day.  The negatives are dry mouth, some dry eye issues and if you smoke too much, dizziness.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – To help with the dry mouth that accompanies Godfather OG, drink some water before you start smoking and keep other liquids close by as the couch lock can be fairly intense, especially the first hour and you may not feel motivated to get yourself something to drink until you are dealing with Sahara like conditions.  Carbonated drinks are really a refreshing choice, so if you are a soda person, grab your favorite kind and if not you can always go with LaCroix or a similar brand.  As this cannabis strain is quite sedative, if you need a caffeine boost, try coffee, tea or an energy drink.

Munchables – The munchies are a big part of a Godfather OG strain high and you can expect to feel those first hunger rumblings after about 30 minutes.  As you will not likely be super motivated to prepare a multi-course meal from scratch, think convenient but relatively healthy. Pasta with some chicken and veggies or just veggies is a great savory option.  Still hungry?  Did you forget to heat up the garlic bread?  If you are craving sweetness, berry pies are a nice way to end a pasta feast or even berries with whipped cream or ice cream, or both!

More Buzz Enhancers

Doables – This cannabis strain is not going to inspire you to go for a hike or practice your new dance moves.  That does not mean you should just lay on the couch until you fall asleep, unless you really want to.  Music and colors are a special companion to this cannabis strain so take advantage of this and listen to some new music, maybe break out those paints or colored pencils and sketch something.  Even watching a movie that has colorful special effects can be an amazing experience.

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