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Gelato #45 Strain Review

Gelato #45 Strain Review

Gelato #45 Strain Review

Gelato #45 Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Million Elephants/Dispensary – Progressive Collective

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 20.90% CBD 0.00%

Terpenes – Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene

Bud Buzz:  Gelato #45 strain should be nicknamed the laughing bud, because you will laugh after smoking this excellent strain. And then you will laugh some more! A fairly balanced hybrid, this cannabis strain leans towards being Indica dominant. However, it may depend on the local grower and your dispensary.  Slightly fluffy medium sized dark green buds with plenty of various blues tones mixed in. It also has plenty of icy trichomes coating the buds. Gelato #45 can be sticky so plan accordingly if you want to grind your bud with any success.  The smell is spicy and earthy with a slight diesel aroma that lingers.  The taste is a bit different and is more sweet and earthy. The earthiness being what you will taste the most.

Buzz Effects

This is a fairly potent cannabis strain that hits you right away with feelings of relaxed euphoria.  As Gelato #45 strain is a hybrid you will get both a body buzz as well as a head buzz. However, the head buzz does not last nearly as long as the body buzz, so enjoy it while it lasts. Which should be about an hour.  The strain is not super long lasting. You can expect your buzz to start winding down or you may fall asleep after about three hours.  A very social and generally communicative strain for most people. Especially people that you can laugh with. Definitely not a couch locked kind of cannabis strain. But also not great for intense physical activity, think light stretching rather than running.

A good daytime into evening strain for when you want to be social for a period of time and then retreat into your own thoughts later and just chill. Excellent for depression and stress as well as mild pain management. The only negatives are dry mouth and dry eyes and for some people a bit of anxiety if you smoke too much.  If you are a newbie start slow with this cannabis strain until you know how it will affect you.  If you do experience anxiety, it is generally short-lived and can be greatly reduced by finding something to do, listen to music for example.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables – The dry mouth that accompanies Gelato #45 is not too bad but it is an issue that you will need to keep on top of with plain water or favored water to start.  Clear juices are great with this strain, like apple juice or a white grape juice.  Speaking of grapes, you can enjoy a small amount of alcohol, like a glass of wine or a beer, just not too much or it may interfere with your buzz, and who wants that?

Munchables – You will get the munchies with this cannabis strain after about 30 minutes or so but nothing too overwhelming so try to stick with healthier options.  A homemade veggie pizza is a fun and creative way to satisfy your savory food cravings.  Popcorn is another great possibility and the topping choices are only limited by your imagination, and taste buds!  If you are craving something sweet and don’t want to add chocolate or caramel to your popcorn then think donuts, especially cake donuts with a glass of milk.

More Buzz Enhancers

Doables – Gelato #45 strain is the most laugh producing cannabis strain so please take advantage of this fact and laugh until tears are running down your face and your stomach hurts!  We all need the release that laughter provides, it is great for your health so plan a social Zoom hour and watch a movie with friends, play a trivia type of game or even better something that requires physical action like charades or Pictionary.  Once you’re done being social and chatting away then take things down a bit with some music or a crafty project, if you like that type of activity.  The key with Gelato #45 is to laugh and that should be your top priority.

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