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Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain Review

Future #1 Strain

Factoids:  Grower-7 Points Oregon/ Dispensary-Oregon’s Finest

Hybrid THC 27.68% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes-  Myrcene, Pinene, and Linalool

Bud Buzz: Another green cannabis strain by 7 Points Oregon that does not disappoint.  This is a perfectly balanced hybrid that will leave even those cannabis connoisseurs with a high tolerance very happy! A slightly pine smell and taste but nothing overpowering.

The density of these buds is off the charts. Within a few minutes of that first toke, the head high and body high come on strong.   You will get the tingles with this strain and the feelings of happiness and euphoria are extremely profound.  The perfect strain if you had a bad day, expect to have a bad day or just want to be sure you have an amazing day or evening.

Some cannabis strains encourage talkativeness, with Future #1 it is almost a certainty.  Perfect social strain and also good for creative types that want to explore their passion in a balanced way, happy and energetic but also relaxed at the same time.  Perhaps that is what the future holds for all of us.  Fingers crossed.

This balanced buzz lasts for at least 3 hours before the Indica side of the hybrid begins to dominate so keep that in mind. Future #1 is perfect for when you have things to do, people to talk to but then want to chill after a few hours or even take a nap.  An excellent strain for depression, stress and anxiety and with no noticeable negative side effects, your Future can be #1.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– Just because Future #1 strain does not cause any serious dry mouth issues does not mean you should not stay hydrated.  If you like to drink alcohol, having a glass of wine or a beer does well with this social cannabis strain, just limit your alcohol intake as Future #1 can hit pretty hard.

No matter if you do choose to drink wine or beer, make sure you are also drinking water.  If alcohol is not your thing, apple cider is such a perfect drink with this strain, cold or hot, it just works.

Munchables– If you are taking advantage of the social nature of the Future #1 strain, why not try a social snack, pizza is always a good option and if you have the ingredients on hand to let people make their own personal pizzas with weird and varied toppings, so much the better.

Creative food combinations go perfectly with this cannabis strain.  If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, cupcakes are a perfect choice.  You can get creative with the icing and decorations, why not?

Doables– Anything creative or social or ideally both are good options in terms of things to do while enjoying your super buzz.  Even if you are not feeling the creative vibe, you can still get social and enjoy a comedy with friends online.  Once the giggles start, it is tough to stop, which is stress relief in and of itself.

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