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Weekend Plans? Try Stoner Time Travel

fun things to do while high

The weekend is the perfect time to try something completely different.  It’s common to hear people wax nostalgic about when they were kids, how great life was and no matter when you were a kid you no doubt have some fond memories of that time.  Now combine your love of cannabis and with a little preparation you can achieve a trip back to your childhood but this time as an adult, a stoned adult.  Before heading to the grocery store and dispensary to get the necessary supplies, first spend some time brainstorming what your favorite foods were as a child as well as your favorite weekend activities. Then it’s time to create some new favorite fun things to do while high!

Stock up

Now is the time to indulge yourself, we’ve all earned it in 2020!  When you visit your favorite cannabis dispensary go old school and get some cannabis flower, Sativa and Indica if you like both and don’t forget those rolling papers.  Why papers?  Just in case you want to have a joint rolling competition with your partner of course.  When you swing by the grocery store, see what tasty treats you can find from your childhood for when the munchies hit.  Lemonheads and SweeTarts?  Also check the toy aisle too, even if you don’t have kids.  Pick up a game or two, they are now surprisingly cheap since board and card games have been replaced by online games for the most part.  Anything that takes you back in time to your childhood is fair game.

Wake n’ Bake and Cartoons

Keep it simple on your first morning back in time, the travel was probably pretty bumpy after all.  Start the day with some fine Sativa cannabis flower.  Go with an old school bong if you have one, or any easy to use pipe or bubbler.  The key is, keep things simple and basic.  Now it’s time for morning cartoons, or afternoon depending on how late you slept in.  It’s easy and usually free to find old school cartoons online like Bugs Bunny or Road Runner but if those were not what you watched as a kid, do a little searching and you can find them easily.  Now kick back and enjoy a piece of your childhood and your morning buzz and get ready for more fun things to do while high.  Breakfast, lunch or brunch time?  That’s right, open up that box of Cookie Crisp cereal, made even better with chocolate milk or if you are feel like cooking, chocolate chip pancakes are always a win and since you have traveled back in time to when you were a kid, no one will tell you not to put chocolate syrup on those pancakes.

Afternoon Stoner Ramble

Ready for some more fun things to do while high? Maybe after a post breakfast bong session it’s time consider getting outside for an hour or two, you know that’s what you did as a kid on weekends.  Bring along some more cannabis, maybe a joint or if you still have that one hitter even better.  So as a kid what did you do on a weekend day?  Skateboarded perhaps, jumped in the giant piles of leaves your neighbors so carefully raked up and then ran away.  The potential activities are endless, the trick is to get stoned and then think like a kid as you wander your neighborhood.  If you are with a friend or partner that grew up in a different time, even better, twice the ideas. Just like when you were a kid, a few hours of fresh air should tire you out and you can start heading home to grab a quick nap before the evening festivities and more fun things to do while high.

Games, Joints and Candy Oh My

Start the evening off by grinding up some choice cannabis for the joint rolling session.  If you’re like most people who have not rolled in a while, it make take a few tries to achieve a smokeable joint.  No matter, it’s a learning experience and hey now you have another skill to add to that resume, joking unless of course you plan to look for work as a budtender.  After getting baked, break out those board games or card games if you prefer.  You should have more than one option because what was fun as a kid might not be nearly as entertaining as an adult, plus being stoned adds another factor.  After you’ve had enough Uno grab that candy and settle in for some off limits TV watching and more marijuana.  Anything that was off limits to you as a child, either because your parents thought it would scare you or was on past your bedtime should be essential TV viewing.  Horror movies, SNL to make you laugh after you are scared are good options.  It’s your time travel trip so only you know what TV shows will transport you back in time to when you were a kid and should have long been asleep.  Once you have drifted off to a blissful night of deep kid like sleep, you can wake up back in 2020 refreshed or continue your time travel through Sunday.

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