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Combining Cannabis and Social Media

Cannabis and Social Media

As cannabis is part of many people’s daily lives, so is social media.  With big changes in both industries, how to find a happy, safe and fun balance between the two is not always easy.  Cannabis and social media are a naturally good fit for cannabis users and allow for the easy exchange of ideas, strains, right down to how to clear a mysteriously clogged down stem, social media is filled with helpful stoners.  Not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to being a good fit for the cannabis connoisseur and there are a few that, depending on where you live, what you do for a living and who you interact with, you might want to avoid being your free cannabis loving self on.


Full of some very cool people offering their expertise on all things cannabis related.  The r/trees subreddit is where you need to go rather than the more obvious r/marijuana subreddit, which ironically is filled with some beautiful photos of trees.  Not to worry this supportive community will point you in the right direction should you get lost.  There are some seriously knowledgeable folks willing to share their wealth of expertise and not just for the good karma and upvotes.


This social media platform often gets a bad rap for being a toxic environment.  It really just depends on who you choose to follow and who follows you.  Finding likeminded cannabis enthusiasts is a matter of first finding the right hashtags. #cannabiscommunity #Stonerfam #IamCannabis and #IamGDC are just a few good ones to get you started.  Twitter tends to be a mix bag of cannabis related things from short videos of someone’s wake ‘n’ bake session, people asking for advice, pictures of marijuana nugs, companies trying to sell you things or just connect with fellow cannabis users.  You can truly customize your connections on Twitter and block those who annoy or troll you.


The place for all things visual when it comes to cannabis.  If you are someone who loves to see rather than hear or read about marijuana then you will find Instagram to be a good fit.  There are so many users whose passion in life includes cannabis porn, bong porn, beautiful plant porn and if you know how to take a good picture and want to show off your stash or that pristine new piece of glass you just bought, this is the place to do it for combining cannabis and social media.  If all you want to do is daydream over beautiful nugs of frosty cannabis buds, Instagram has you covered.  Hashtags are a good way to find your cannabis community on Instagram, similar to Twitter.


Facebook has many uses and functions.  Do you want to connect with people you went to high school or college with and haven’t see for a few years, or decades?  Facebook is the place to do it!  Demonstrate your lung power as you take an impossibly huge bong rip?  Not so much with Facebook.  People that use Facebook tend to provide more personal information about themselves and unless you have your security settings locked down very tight, you just can’t be sure who will end up watching you or reading about your cannabis use.  If you have some hemp based CBD products that you are selling, Facebook is perfectly fine to use and may grow your sales immensely, however exercise caution when combining marijuana and Facebook unless you want your grandma to like your glass collection and leave a comment.


All videos, all the time!  By far the fastest growing social media platform out there.  Does that mean it’s a good fit for the cannabis community or the cannabis consumer in general?  Not necessarily.  The all video format with some pretty epic special effects and filter options has captivated Zoomers and younger Millennials.  It is what might be going on behind the scenes that is concerning.  How much personal data is being collected and what or how this data is going to be used are questions that should give cannabis users pause when considering what videos they upload to TikTok and how much personal information to share with other users and the platform.


Seriously?  Unless you own a dispensary or are a pretty successful cannabis grower, sharing any connection to cannabis on this platform is a bad idea.  This is where cannabis and social media don’t fit great. If you plan to ever seek employment outside the cannabis industry and especially with a large national or multinational company, do not include anything cannabis related on your LinkedIn profile! This may change as the cannabis industry continues to gain momentum and become more mainstream but at the present time, just say no. Nuff said.

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