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Cherry Lotus Strain Review

Cherry Lotus Strain Review

Cherry Lotus Strain Review

Cherry Lotus Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Green Source Gardens/ Dispensary-Oregon Weedery

Indica Dominant Hybrid THC 34.00% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes– Geraniol and Limonene

Bud Buzz: At 34% THC, Cherry Lotus was expected to be a heavy hitter.  It did not really live up to the hype from friends.  Not every strain is going to be a favorite and the fact that one of the Terpenes is Geraniol might be part of the issue.  Knowing which Terpenes work best for your unique body chemistry is just as if not more important than knowing the ins and outs of other factors of cannabis strains.  The smell of this bud is not exactly cherry, more like a lotus flower or some type of floral aroma.  Really nice either way and the taste is good but not nearly as strong as the smell, light floral with a bit of citrus undertones.  The body high comes on right away after the first hit but to get those smooth relaxing body waves going, you’re going to need another hit or two.  Good for low level pain, insomnia or depression.  There is no couch lock with Cherry Lotus strain but you will feel very tranquil and chill.  There is a sense of happiness but not really to the point of elation.  It’s a low-key cannabis strain on just about every level.  Some slight dry mouth but no other negatives.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– To combat the dry mouth, which is not too bad, lemonade or even better limeade really hits the spot, something with citrus.  If you don’t want the sugar, go with a tea and lemon combo.  Keep water nearby as well because you can get very thirsty, especially about an hour or so into your buzz and downing a glass before you drift off to sleep will keep you well hydrated.

Munchables-The munchies hit pretty hard with this cannabis strain so be ready.  Pizza to start?  If you’re a fan of Thai food, go for a nice green curry or a classic Pad Thai.  If you are looking for something that is quick and easy go for a bagel and cream cheese.  Once you’ve satisfied your savory cravings, go for the sweet stuff!  Pie anyone?  Fruit pies of course would be perfect and a nice big slice or cherry or blueberry pie with some whipped cream are both excellent choices.

 Doables-Cherry Lotus strain will not have you writing novels or running a quick few miles but that doesn’t mean your only options are movies and bed. Have a deep conversation with a friend.  Play a game with that same friend.  You may not feel like talking constantly but conversation, especially thoughtful conversation is always something worthwhile to do when stoned.  Once you feel your bed calling your name, watch something funny before drifting off.  This cannabis strain makes laughing come easy and that is always a good way to end your day!

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