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Drinkable Cannabis Reviews: Hibiscus Lemonade & Berry Shot

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Cannabis edibles continue to grow in variety and popularity in just about every place that has medical or recreational dispensaries.  The area of edibles that is still pretty new is that of cannabis drinks.  It’s always nice to have options no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis and drinks sometimes are a fun and novel way to try cannabis.  Plus you are also getting some hydration at the same time so that’s a bonus.  The quality and variety differs from state to state and even among dispensaries in a single city but the one thing that seems to be constant is the price. Cannabis drinks are fairly pricey compared to other edibles and definitely compared to flower, cats or concentrates but that does not mean drinks are not worth a try or even worth the cost.  Like most things, if demand increases and dispensaries start offering more options for drinks, prices will come down.  So if you try a cannabis drink from your local dispensary that you really like, let them know.  Also, as with edibles in general, pay attention to the dosage.  The common wisdom is to start with 5-10 mgs and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more.  If you know you have a high tolerance, obviously your starting point will be much higher, pun intended, at around 50-100 mgs. Here are a Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review and Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Muru Highwater /Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz:  This is an infused water so the taste was stronger than expected with typical, non-cannabis infused water.  You can taste the lemon but the actual taste is more like lime.  You can also taste what might be hibiscus but is a bit like Ricola cough drops, the brown ones.  Overall the taste is good but not super refreshing and you will get a bit of an after taste similar to apple cider vinegar.  Not for those who want to sip their cannabis.  This should probably be done like a shot.  The effects come on slowly and are fairly balanced between a head and body high.  If after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, either try another capful, or two or simply wait a bit longer.  You will notice the body relaxation but it is not so strong that you will be couch locked.  The head high is there but plays second to the body high so this would probably be good for stress and if you have sore muscles could help ease the soreness. Overall the high is not super intense with this cannabis infused water which makes it great for a novice and something new and different for the cannabis connoisseur.

Drinkables-You are definitely going to need to keep something to drink handy, not because of dry mouth but because the aftertaste does linger.  Normal water won’t help, you need flavor so go with your favorite soda or even a flavored water if you don’t want the caffeine.

 Munchables-The munchies will likely not be an issue with this Hibiscus Lemonade but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something anyway.  Salty foods seem to go best, so perhaps some chips or pretzels just something light to snack on.  Tortilla chips and salsa are perfect and if you want a more substantive snack, go with nachos because…cheese!

Doables-Drinking your cannabis is an interesting way to consume it so why not do something interesting.  You will not be super stoned or couch locked so go exploring.  Walk through a new neighborhood in your city or if you are close to some beautiful nature, take advantage of that.  Just enjoy the mellow happiness of being stoned and outside.

Berry Shot Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Enjoy/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Indica 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz: This Enjoy Berry Shot was a surprise.  Not because it was an Indica that allows for an amazing night of restful sleep but because of how you feel before you actually fall asleep.  Start with a two capful dose but if after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, feel free to add two more capfuls.  This cannabis liquid is slightly thick in texture, which some people might be bothered by.  If you prefer your liquids more liquid then mix it into some tea or carbonated water.  The taste and smell is like berries, which berries is a difficult to determine.  It tastes more like raspberries than any other berry.  Berry shot is super sweet so mixing it with an unsweetened tea is the way to go!  There is not much of a head high but the body high starts slowly and builds to such a relaxing mellow feeling of being happy and content.  Good for those with insomnia and could even help with mild pain and stress.  The most unexpected part?  After about an hour you may start to feel a little, let’s just say amorous.  Something to consider if you decide not to go to sleep right away.  Either way expect a sweet slumber with Berry Shot.

Drinkables-Tea, either green or black is the best thing to drink with Berry Shot and afterwards as well.  If you want another type of liquid and you drink alcohol, a glass of wine or something with bubbles will work perfectly for a cannabis beverage.  Just don’t drink too much or it will interfere with your sleep.

Munchables– By getting your cannabis in a liquid form rather than a food edible, that opens the door to all snack options.  If you are feeling the berry theme, you could go with some strawberries, or even better chocolate covered strawberries.  You would need to plan ahead for that type of snack.  Generally sweets work will and chocolate is just perfection!

Doables– This liquid cannabis does not leave you couch locked in a serious way but you will likely not feel like a hike either.  If you want to enjoy that deep relaxation with a movie or a podcast, great choice.  As mentioned before, Berry Shot can leave you feeling amorous so …take it from here!

Feel free to give your own Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review or Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review in the comments below and be sure to check out: Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen

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How to Store Marijuana – Properly

How To Store Marijuana

The days of storing your marijuana in a Ziploc baggie are long gone and for good reason.  If you need to know how to store marijuana for a period of time, whether it’s weeks or months, doing it the right way can save you a ton of  money not to mention the tragedy of unusable weed.  As anyone who smokes a lot of marijuana knows, seeing people post pictures on Reddit with a photo of a nug and the question “Does this look like mold”?  is just sad because in most instances, they know it’s mold and just want confirmation from strangers on the internet so they feel better about throwing it away.  Storing your marijuana properly is essential to keep the flavors fresh, some level of moisture intact and the mold away.

The Light is Not Your Friend

Keeping your cannabis flower in a dark place is key to know how to store marijuana.  This goes for both the type of storage container you choose and also where you put the container. If you don’t have the budget to pick up some dark colored containers you may be able to reuse old prescription bottles.  After all, they are made to keep the light away from medication, and will do the same with your precious marijuana buds.  Just make sure you clean them thoroughly and let them dry completely before you put anything inside. Now finding the right spot for one or twenty little bottles can be a task in and of itself.  If you are storing them out in the open just make sure that they will always be out of the path of direct sunlight.  No west facing window ledges!  If you want to keep them out of sight, think high!  Not that kind of high but altitude high.  A dark corner of a bookshelf is a great option because those books have most likely already been read and so it’s not exactly a high traffic area.  One tip about cannabis storage in general, if you are the forgetful type or if you are just a human who forgets stuff from time to time, put the location in the notes section of your phone.  It will save you potentially hours of panicked searching and tearing your place apart.

Glass is Best

As with bongs, so it goes with how to store marijuana, glass containers are the most durable and will do an excellent job at keeping any possible contaminants out.  Do check the lids carefully if you are reusing glass jars or have purchased special mason jars or similar glass containers.  Does the lid create an airtight seal?  If not try to find ones that are airtight.  Dark colored mason jars are ideal but not always easy to find or can be a bit pricey so get creative with what you have on hand and see if it works before hitting Amazon.  If you plan to keep your marijuana stored for a long period of time you may want to consider going with a vacuum sealer.  True it’s not glass but it does keep the air out which is your main goal.  There are many types available at a variety of prices but if you want to be sure no air is getting in for long term storage, it might be a good option.  If you plan to consume the cannabis and keep opening the bag again and again, it will start to become a pain to keep resealing it.  If you need or even think you need to get to your weed from time to time, go with glass.

Location, Location, Location

As previously mentioned you want an out of the way dark location to store your cannabis flower and prevent any possible mold growth or contaminants from affecting the quality.  With these goals in mind any old dark corner won’t do.  Do not put the containers in your bathroom, unless you plan to stop taking showers because the constant exposure to moisture will eventually affect your marijuana.  Same goes with basements, they are dark and may seem ideal if they are not high trafficked areas but basements tend to be damp.  If the only good option is to store your containers of cannabis in a basement or you happen to live in a humid part of the world, consider purchasing a dehumidifier.  It’s an investment to be sure and if you only have a small amount of weed you want to store it is probably not worth the money but if you plan to store a significant quantity of cannabis flower, the investment is worth it.  One final tip about making sure you have an airtight dark dry place for your marijuana storage, it will eliminate the fragrant aroma from overpowering the place you are storing your buds.  It is also keeps curious friends and family from trying to locate your stash! That’s how to store marijuana properly.

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Apple Fritter Strain Review

apple fritter strain

Apple Fritter Strain Review

Apple Fritter Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Boring Weed Company/ Dispensary – Cannabliss & Co.

Indica Hybrid THC 23.07% CBD 0.07%

Terpenes- Myrcene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: The Apple Fritter strain is delicious on every level.  The smell and taste are so good, not quite like an apple fritter but close enough.  The body high comes on right away and it’s intense.  This marijuana strain is best enjoyed sitting down, especially at first.  The waves of relaxation are almost dreamlike and the head high is there but it takes a backseat to the body buzz.  Although considered a hybrid, Apple Fritter smokes like a pure Indica.  The couch lock was real with this strain but unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, it did not last too long.  After about an hour you could get up and get a few things done.  This strain was complex in that you do feel like talking, but you’re not especially talkative.  Best enjoyed with like-minded friends.  An excellent choice for those who have anxiety or struggle with insomnia.  Apple Fritter really relaxes your muscles so it would be a perfect after workout marijuana strain or good if you have a pulled muscle you are nursing.  Towards the end of your high expect to feel pretty sleepy so plan to enjoy this weed strain later in the day. Some dry mouth but no other significant negatives, just a happy relaxed high.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– you are going to want to get creative with beverage choices to deal with the dry mouth.  Maybe because there is a certain spicy flavor to this strain, something that complements that would work well.  A cold brew coffee or if you are feeling like a hot drink, some coffee or tea.  If you don’t want any caffeine to interact with the Indica relaxation go with a Sprite or similar type of soda.

Munchables-the temptation to eat an actual apple fritter is lowkey real here and you can go in that direction to fulfill your sweet tooth.  Donuts definitely hit the spot in general.  If you are looking for a savory snack, grilled cheese is the way to go.  Something about the creamy texture of the cheese against the crunchy buttery bread just works.

Doables-when your friends text you and ask what you’re going, your likely response will be “just chillin”.  Now is the time to start that Hulu series you’ve been wanting to watch.  You should have just enough focus to get really into that type of entertainment.  For the more creative types, a relaxed drawing session is a good way to spend your time.  Is a nap calling?  Pick up and say yes!

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