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How You Consume Cannabis Says A Lot About Who You Are

methods of consuming cannabis

We all have our favorite methods of consuming cannabis and some people even rely on multiple methods.  They may sometimes smoke their flower out of a pipe and use a vape as well. Other cannabis users love their bong, who doesn’t, but still enjoy a blunt or an edible on occasion.  With so many ways to get stoned, your preferred method says a lot about who you are in terms of age, gender and perhaps even lifestyle.  Obviously if you live in a legal state or country, you have access to pretty much any all possible ways to consume cannabis as opposed to those who live in an illegal state or country.  Hopefully that changes soon and everyone will have the same options no matter where you live.

Joints, Blunts and Vape Carts

Joints and blunts are one of the most preferred methods of consuming cannabis use for two specific groups, both men and women in their early 20s and men over the age of 60. As both joints and blunts are one of the more portable methods of consuming cannabis, meaning you can stroll down the street and enjoy a blunt, people who are outside or hanging with friends like the convenience and the fact that they don’t need to carry around anything breakable.  For people on the go of any age, joints and blunts are easy to grab from a pocket or purse and light up.  The learning curve when it comes to rolling joints and blunts can be steep but people in their twenties like the challenge of rolling the perfect personal joint or party blunt.  Men over the age of 60, many of whom are former cigarette smokers enjoy joints in particular because it is something familiar. They may at one time have rolled their own cigarettes so the learning curve is pretty much non existent.  While you may not find as many older men walking down the street smoking a blunt, you will find them enjoying a perfectly rolled one from the comfort of their home.

Vape carts are generally popular with people in their early 20s however they are becoming increasing popular with all age ranges because you can be very discreet with a vape pen and for those people that need to be discreet, they are fast seeing the benefits of carts.

Pipes, Bongs and Dab Rigs (oh my)

Pipes have a universal appeal to people of all ages but they are true favorites for young moms.  With so many choices of colors and styles, women in their late 20s to 30s really enjoy choosing specific color combinations or patterns, especially when it comes to glass pipes.  Blown glass pipes, if done well, are works of art and young moms like to smoke their cannabis from something that looks nice and that they can be proud of.  You won’t find them displaying their pipes, rather they keep them hidden away from the kids.  Bongs are generally not a go to method of cannabis consumption for women in this age range but they are in fact the preferred method for men in this age category.  Bongs can be pretty simple to use but with so many attachment options available today, creating a bong that not only delivers the ultimate hit but looks like something of a science experiment appeals to men who enjoy building things.  So while a traditional glass bong with no additional chambers or attachments can appeal to pretty much anyone, building the perfect bong is something that really seems to appeal to men in their late 20s to 30s.  Cost is also a factor for not just the price of bongs but for really nice glass pipes as well.  They are not exactly cheap so generally people with more disposable income will choose these methods and may even collect bongs and pipes.

Dab rigs tend to be more popular with men than with women although some younger women are giving them a try.  Used to smoke cannabis concentrates, they are a little expensive but the high is spectacular.  As bongs and dab rigs are not the most portable methods of consuming cannabis, they tend to be favored by people who can have some privacy in their living situation.  Pipes can be more portable but for anyone who has broken their favorite and very expensive pipe knows, when they break, it’s tragic!

Edibles and Tinctures

As the popularity of edibles as another one of the methods of consuming cannabis is growing every day, so is the demographic who prefers them.  Edibles used to really only appeal to younger people in their 20s but now seem to be the preferred cannabis consumption method for people in their 40s and 50s, especially women.  Anyone who likes to cook and has the time and money to experiment with different recipes loves edibles.  Women in their 40’s and 50s tend to have more time to cook and bake than younger women.  As not every cannabis recipe yields good or even decent results, there is some trial and error involved and this can cost money so disposable income is necessary.  Of course women like to share what they have cooked, most of the time, so anyone who is around benefits!

Tinctures tend to be favored by the over 65 crowd who do not want the effects of smoking their cannabis, perhaps due to health issues but may lack the knowledge to really want to experiment with edibles.  Not to say that your grandma doesn’t bake some decadent cannabis brownies or that your grandpa can’t hit that bong like a pro, these are just generalizations.  Tinctures are easy to consume, store and no other equipment is needed, plus they are very discreet.

No matter your age, gender or level of disposable income, there are multiple methods of consuming cannabis so try out different methods and you may just find a new favorite.

Let us know what some of your favorite methods of consuming cannabis are, in the comments below.

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Get to Know Your Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Most cannabis users, especially newbies know what a flower is in the cannabis world.  They are familiar with edibles and may have tried both flowers and edibles.  These two ways to consume cannabis are easy, require little in depth knowledge and the effects are fairly well known if not sometimes unpredictable.  The world of cannabis concentrates is a foreign world for many cannabis users and some choose to avoid them simply because they don’t quite understand how to use cannabis concentrates, what the effects might be or what equipment they need to have on hand.  We will explore some of the more popular concentrates.

Live Resin

If you buy frozen fruit or veggies, you already know what live resin is.  The fresher the cannabis plant, the more cannabinoids and terpenes it retains and the better quality product you end up with. Live resin is flash frozen almost as soon as the cannabis plant is harvested, much like fruits and veggies, so it retains almost all the THC and terpenes.  Its best not to let live resin sit around for too long though, store it in a darker container in the refrigerator or a cool place.  Usually dark amber in color, the consistency varies depending on the cannabis strain used.  You consume live resin much the same way you do with flowers but with a bit more specialized equipment such as a dabbing rig or a vaporizer designed for live resin.  A powerful buzz awaits you.


A distillate form of cannabis improves on an already good thing by taking simple cannabis concentrates and basically removing all the “extras” through the distillation process.  What you are left with is a highly potent product.  A specialized product though because the distillation process removes all the terpenes from the cannabis and for users who love their terpenes, this can be a surprise.  For cannabis users who are only interested in CBD for medicinal purposes, distillates are the way to go.  Some distillates are all THC while others are all CBD so check your labels carefully at the dispensary.  Most distillates are a light amber to yellow color and can be used with a vaporizer and are super convenient once you choose the right vape device.

Terp Sauce (sometimes called just Sauce)

If you know and love your terpenes, this one is for you!  The super potent cannabis concentrate contains pure THC and terpenes.  The liquid, it’s not actually an official concentrate is pretty versatile.  You can either find it in vape cartridges at your local dispensary or you can dab it if that is your thing.  It can also be a pretty potent addition to a bowl, bong or pipe, your choice or infused into a blunt.  Use caution though as Terp sauce can be pretty intense especially if you’ve never tried it before so vaping it first to get an idea of what you are working with is a good idea.  Then you can add it into some of your other favorite cannabis consuming methods.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil)

This concentrate is a broad category and likely includes a number of types of cannabis you may have already heard about or even tried.  BHO is created by using butane, a highly flammable solvent so DO NOT try this at home) to extract the THC and other cannabinoids including terpenes. Depending on the method used and the marijuana strain, different consistencies will result.  Which one you choose depends on how you plan to consume it and what you feel like trying.  Remember, it’s your cannabis experience.  One popular consistency is shatter, which as the name indicates, is a hard amber colored concentrate that quite little shatters when broken apart or dropped.  Easy to put into a bowl or a blunt, shatter can also be dabbed.  Another common BHO consistency is crumble and the consistency is much like a cookie and is not translucent like shatter but is equally as versatile in the way you can consume it.  Yet another BHO cannabis concentrate is Badder or sometimes called Budder and yes you are right it has a somewhat buttery texture.  More like salt water taffy.  Wax is the most popular variety of BHO concentrates and like the others it’s all up to you to decide if and how you want to try this type of concentrate.

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Putting Together the Ultimate Cannabis Stash Box (Skunk Bag)

Cannabis Stash Box

If you want to keep your cannabis products, paraphernalia and all related items in one place and not have to go search for those papers at midnight, then put together a customized stash box and a skunk bag for when you’re on the go.  These days you have so many options, amazingly or maybe not so amazingly even Amazon has gotten into the cannabis stash box game.  Etsy too has some more customizable choices however if you do it yourself, and it fits your needs, it will mean more.  For those cannabis consumers with children around, you may want to make your stash box lockable but depending on your kids, they might see it as a challenge.  Before you grab an old shoe box and start throwing things inside, think about the specifics that best meet your cannabis storage needs.

How big does your cannabis stash box need to be?  Clearly this depends on the contents.  Do you usually have a few of your favorite flower strains plus a small glass pipe?  Think on the small side then.  Do you have multiple bongs, 12 different Sativa strains plus even more Indica strains, then bigger is better for you.  The cannabis products you usually keep on hand are only part of the equation.  Your paraphernalia is also key but your lifestyle is super important as well.  Is your cannabis consumption out in the open?  Then you may want your stash box to be functional and decorative.  Do you have a reputation for being a little clumsy when stoned?  If you’re not sure or can’t remember, consult a few friends, they will tell you the truth.  If the consensus is yes you are a little unsteady after consuming cannabis, a stash box that can survive being dropped, a lot, will best suit your needs.

If you make your own or choose to spend hundreds on the latest premium stash box, your goal is really the same, a cool and convenient place to store all cannabis related stuff.  If you are someone who likes to keep their cannabis products in the original containers, a stash box gives you a way to be a little more creative.  Smaller plastic or glass containers that you can transfer your marijuana to and some fun stickers to create your own system of cannabis organization. If you are transferring your products to other containers, make sure to include some basic info like what the strain is, when and where you got it, maybe a color coded system that indicates the dankness factor are all useful bits of information.  Just keep a decipher table somewhere so you remember if blue means the dankest bud or is it orange, or green.  Write it down.  Speaking of writing this down, keeping a notebook or pad of paper in your stash box has so many uses.  A place to write down things you want to try next, supplies you are low on, genius ideas you have while stoned that unless you write them down there is exactly zero chance you will remember why a cannabis highway is the wave of the future by tomorrow!

A skunk bag is an easy way to take your cannabis party and make it mobile.  Skunk bags are generally smaller than most stash boxes but if you have a backpack that has been gathering dust, why not repurpose it as a skunk bag.  Even if you are keeping your stash box and skunk bag out of sight at home, it is still fun, stoned fun, to decorate them.  If you are a sticker person, go crazy.  Patches are a better choice for skunk bags of course.  Many people with large cannabis stash boxes make decorating them an ongoing project.  It’s also a way to collect random cannabis memories.  That sweet sweet Sativa you were vaping last month was the inspiration for the top of the box intricate all night doodle session.  If you decide to go the premade route you can still do so much creatively to make your stash box your own representation of your cannabis lifestyle.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Edibles)

Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Edible cannabis can come in so many forms, from cannabutter, infused oils, drinks, to all variety of candies, chocolates and honey.  If you can eat or drink it, cannabis can be put in it.  Traditional edible dosing from dispensaries recommends 10 mg per dose and most packaging makes that pretty clear.  If you are making, baking your own edibles, the dosing and THC percentages take some time to get right so proceed with caution and if it’s your first few times doing DIY edibles, follow the recipe of a trusted source and use our marijuana strain reviews edibles to help guide you.

Cannabees Pure Honey – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Swifts/Grower-Green Labs/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz:  Honey is one of the most versatile substances out there, besides cannabis of course and this honey stands up against the super pricey organic stuff you buy at Whole Foods.  The best part about Cannabees honey is it actually gets you buzzed, and in that way it will always win out over the premium supermarket brands.  Try in a multitude of ways, in some chamomile tea before bed, on a piece of toast for a little wake and bake action.  If you’re feeling adventurous, double up for some super cannabis deliciousness and have some honey in your tea and put more on a graham cracker.  Need to be discreet with your cannabis consumption?  This little packet of golden sweetness is perfect for such occasions.  There are 10 packets in a package and to be honest sometimes one package is enough, sometimes you may need more to achieve your desired level of high.  You should expect to feel a little body buzz after about 15 minutes or so followed by a nice light head high, nothing too heavy.  This can be accomplished with one 10 mg packet and if you want more, another packet will intensify your body buzz significantly.  A third packet and you may need to set aside a few hours to ride out the buzz.  You can expect to peak at an hour and after two hours, your buzz will mellow a bit.  Perfect for anxiety or insomnia.  Also honey in a known anti-inflammatory.

Drinkables-If you have put your cannabis honey in tea then you don’t really need anything else to drink.  Edibles are not known for causing dry mouth so you may want to sip on some water if needed or sometimes some iced coffee goes well if you are spreading the Cannabees honey on toast.

Munchables-As it is already an edible, you will most likely not be super hungry but if you are, stick to sweet snacks.  Salty snacks can be a little overwhelming with honey.  That being said it’s your cannabis experience, anything that sounds tasty will likely be tasty!

Doables-This yummy Cannabees honey provides a varied buzz so until you know how your body and mind will react, planning something to do can be difficult.  Go with how you are feeling and the first hour may be the time to be more active, draw, walk, chill with friends.  The last hour is more of an introspective time so if you are a writer, you may find this a perfect inspiration window of time.

Espresso Dark Chocolate – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Corner Stones/Grower-Canna Vita/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz: These chocolate squares have everything you need to be happy, chocolate, coffee (espresso) and cannabis.  The three Cs of life apparently.  The taste is rich, decadent and one is enough, okay maybe two.  The high comes on faster than most cannabis edibles, after about 10 minutes you can literally feel your muscles relaxing. What a warm wonderful feeling.  The high continues to develop over the next hour and reaches peak about then too.  Not too much of a head high after the first hour but the body high alone is worth the price of admission to this ride.  These chocolates provide a perfect balance between dreamy and creative.  If you are looking for a little more active cannabis high, you may want to add a Sativa gummy to the mix but for those who want to be mellow and creative, these are perfect!  As with all edibles, you can be as discreet as you need or want to be and if you use public transportation to and from work, the trip home will take on a whole new meaning.  Probably not the best for those wake and bake cannabis consumers unless your morning plans include a nap, hey no judgement.  The only real downside to these espresso dark chocolate squares, the company should consider putting more of them in the package.  There are 10, only 10.  Excellent for anxiety and enhancing creativity.

Drinkables– Depending on the time of day, a little coffee goes perfect with these chocolates and if you like wine, a pinot noir or maybe a merlot would be an excellent pairing!  There is no real problem at all with dry mouth and not everyone likes water with chocolate so keep your drink choices flavored.

Munchables– Well you are already eating chocolate so you can always make the obvious choice and just continue down the same road, eat more chocolate.  Ice cream is also a fantastic way to enjoy these little cannabis delights.  Just crumble up a square with your favorite ice cream.  The sweet and savory fans will find that pretzels go very well with this particular chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dark chocolate and has espresso that makes the combination so sublime.  It works though so no need to spend too much time on the why of your high, so to speak.

Doables-Time to get creative, if you have ever felt like exploring a new creative outlet, this is the time to get started.  The relaxation of the mind and body is so profound that you will not even bother to question your skills or abilities.  You will just create.  Your edible cannabis experience will be that much better with a like-minded creative friend, so share those chocolates.

I hope these help and check back soon for new marijuana strain reviews.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Infused Pre rolls)

marijuana strain reviews

Sometimes known as Dip Sticks, most pre rolls consist of either a half gram or a gram of flower and also contain about 1/8 of a gram of super sweet rosin and then the whole joint is coated with a 1/8 gram of dry ice extracted kief for that frosty finish.  On your own the half gram will more than suffice but if you are sharing, go for the gram. Below are two marijuana strain reviews:

Marijuana Strain Reviews:


Factoids: Grower-Karma Original/Dispensary- Oregon’s Finest

Sativa Hybrid THC 14.17% CBD 0.02%

Terprenes- Myrcene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz:  AK-47 has a deceptive name.  Most people expect this cannabis strain to be a super energetic Sativa but remember it’s a Sativa dominant hybrid so it is more mellow than expected but the best mellow.  Continue reading Marijuana Strain Reviews (Infused Pre rolls)

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Pineapple Kush Strain Review

pineapple kush strain review

Pineapple Kush Strain Review

Pineapple Kush Strain

Factoids:  Grower – Harvest Farms/ Dispensary – Oregon Weedery

Indica Hybrid THC 20% CBD 0.06%

Terpenes-Terpinolene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz:  Most people agree this fruity slightly amber colored flower is a balanced head and body high.  The order is important for Pineapple Kush.  First is a low key body buzz, followed with a really chill happy head high.  Calm but focused are the best initial thoughts.  The total high lasts about 2-3 hours and the last hour is a bit sleepy, with less energy.  A good late afternoon or early evening choice if you’re just wanting to have a peaceful evening.  Not a super social cannabis choice but not an unsociable one either.  Probably best to hang with close friends or on your own.  Some help with low level pain and real help with anxiety and stress. Other aspects for marijuana strain review pineapple kush.

Drinkables-dry mouth is a definite thing with Pineapple Kush so keep your drink options light and fruity or opt for H2O.

Munchables– Marijuana strain review Pineapple Kush is not known for releasing the hunger beast so you don’t have to worry about getting a major case of the munchies but a cookie or two hits the spot towards the end of the cannabis buzz.

Doables-A late afternoon or early evening walk is an excellent option early on but don’t wait to long into your buzz or the trip back may be a bit more challenging that you expected at the start of your adventure.  If you stop to enjoy the sunset, remember you have to walk back so plan accordingly.  Last hour a book or show is possible if you still have the focus and are not too sleepy yet.

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Bud Basics-What You Need to Get Started with Cannabis

Cannabis Consumption

So you’ve decided to give cannabis a try.  This decision could be for any number of reasons; medical conditions, fun, creativity booster, boredom or some combination of multiple factors.  No matter, welcome!  Welcome to a large ever growing and decidedly happy club.  Thrilled to have you as a member.  We are going to explore a few basic terms and items you will need to begin your journey down Cannabis Lane and different cannabis consumption methods.  Depending on where you live, some if not all of the bud basics can be purchased at a dispensary or online.  Check your local laws and make sure any online purchases you make can legally be shipped to your location.

Cannabis Delivery Methods

How do you plan to consume the cannabis?  If you are a newbie, a pipe, bong or bubbler (pipe bong combination might be your best bet if you prefer to smoke your marijuana.

Consider your living situation if you decide to smoke as this method produces the most smell and smoke, and as wonderfully fragrant as you may believe it to be, your neighbors may not feel the same.  It’s also not the most discreet way to consume cannabis if that is also another factor you need to consider. With pipes, bongs and bubblers, a good grinder is an invaluable investment as well as a poker.

If you really want to go old school and don’t mind smelling up your immediate environment, a joint or blunt could be a good place to start.  Besides the old apple pipe, it’s the most cost effective way to get a good buzz.  All you really need are some decent rolling papers, filters (please don’t forget the filters) and some hand dexterity.  Time and patience are also required unless you already roll your own cigarettes, don’t smoke cigarettes!  So let’s assume you are a novice roller, it takes a lot of practice to get your technique down and this takes time.  If this all seems too daunting there are automatic joint rolling machines that are not too pricey but part of the fun of smoking of fat blunt is that you rolled it yourself!

Vaporizers are a more stealthy way of getting your high but do take some trial and error and often a fair amount of money to get started.  Vape pens with smaller cartridges (carts) are the best way to start and in another article we will cover all the ins and outs of this method of cannabis consumption.  Besides the initial investment, vaporizers are a constantly improving technology so if you like to live on the cutting edge of marijuana tech, this may be the right way to go.  The learning curve can be steep but the rewards are worth it.

Edibles and spreadables are more ways to get your cannabis fix.  The edibles you can buy at a dispensary are often less potent than what you can make at home however DIY edibles take some work to figure out the dosing and with edibles you buy, the dosing is already done for you.   Start slow as an edible newbie.  So many people eat a 10 mg gummy, wait 20 minutes and decide they need to eat 5 more.  An hour later they are a little too high for their comfort level.  This is not a competition.  Take your time with edibles and make sure to carefully read the label or recipe for dosing recommendations. One of the best part about edibles, besides the fact they are delicious, they are very discreet.  Bon appetit! Spreadables are not things you spread on bread, like cannabutter but rather cannabis or sometimes hemp based products you spread on your body, most often for pain relief or to help relax your muscles.  Do not eat body balm or cannabis massage oil, it is not meant to be ingested and while providing immense benefits externally can do some real harm internally.  One of the greatest ways to get some pain relief, balms and oils are usually also infused with other fragrant ingredients.  Lavender is one of the most popular so imagine how great you are going to smell as you relax after applying some cannabis balm to any sore muscle you may have.  Bath bombs with either cannabis or hemp are also growing in popularity.

There are so many options cannabis consumption that you certainly should not feel that you need to limit yourself to just one.  That being said, we all have to start someplace and depending on a variety of factors such as location, budget, time and interest, there are options for everyone.  The most important aspect is to find what works for you and mix it up on occasion.

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The Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State

Marijuana Dispensaries in my state

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State

In countries that have legalized marijuana, either for recreational or medical use, dispensaries are forever changing the tradition of purchasing buds. When you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in my state, visiting these pot shops may be an eye-opening experience for people who have just known the restricted alternatives, questionable quality and legal hazards of black-market buys. But with all these marijuana dispensaries cropping up throughout the nation, it can be tough to know which ones actually excel.

If you are seeking a greater cannabis-buying experience, look no further than these picks for the best marijuana dispensaries in my state and in the America. Below are over 70 medical and recreational pot shops across the nation that stand out for their elite and extensive inventories, awesome environments and excellent staffs.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State –  Northern California
The Bay Area is the birthplace of the modern marijuana dispensary, due to the pot pioneers who boldly opened the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1992–four years before the passage of Proposition 215, the state’s landmark medical marijuana legislation. That compassionate spirit remains at the core of the area’s dispensaries, which provide everything from boutique buds into the mythical outdoor cannabis of the Emerald Triangle. The Bay also boasts some of the nation’s finest makers of concentrates, edibles and topicals. Here are our picks for the best stores in NorCal.

1841 El Camino

This large and gorgeous dispensary has one of the broadest selections of top-shelf meds and edibles anywhere in the country –and the very helpful staff makes shopping here a joy. Regular barbecues and community events have turned this store into a social hub for stoners from the Golden State’s capital.

Barbary Coast

This place has a swank decor and heady menu, but that is just for starters–it also has a complete dab and vape pub. Lots of the items on the menu are offered for less than $10. It is a great place to pop in to get a buzz before dinner or a night out in San Francisco. Barbary Coast provides a glimpse of what the future might look like once public-consumption problems are finally behind us.


Quality medication is job one for CannaCruz: The team here takes safe access to clean meds severely. Found in the surfer and hippie heaven of Santa Cruz, this dispensary has a surf-shop texture to it. When you see CannaCruz, get yourself a pre-roll (they really have good pre-rolls… seriously) and visit the dog beach for a blaze and a sunset.

CBCB (Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley)

Terrific weed coupled with a neighborhood feel make this Berkeley store a local institution. Free fruit and snacks, chess boards and books give this place a true rec-center vibe. An upbeat DJ spinning music and a huge menu with very reasonable pricing make CBCB a excellent place to receive your medical buds and enjoy a pickup game of chess with a few of the sailors.

Compassionate Heart Collective

This gem, situated in the gateway to the Emerald Triangle, is an old-school Deadhead’s paradise. It’s also a wonderful place to learn what the outside scene in NorCal offers. The distinctive exterior variety this collective brings to the table comes in a totally reasonable price–a terrific shop with wonderful value.

Elemental Wellness

Not only do they give free massage, acupuncture and yoga, but they also carry some of the best cannabis in the world, along with some customer-loyalty program that earns you free weed with regular purchases. Plus their True OG can be a life-changer–do not leave without catching some.

Emerald Pharms

World-famous Emerald Pharms is a tourist destination for people interested in sustainable farming and living. This”permaculture oasis” is an off-the-grid, solar-powered, self-sustaining organic farm in addition to a warm and friendly dispensary with a curated collection of organic goodies. Pack a lunch, bring your dog and spend a while soaking this place in.

The Green Door

All the stores on this list have excellent service and superior weed in common, but just the Green Door has a set of original Dr. Seuss art on display. Come to the cannabis, remain for the remarkable art. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect strain to enjoy with your green eggs and ham.

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

This well-stocked shop is situated right in the center of some of the greatest outdoor activities that California has to offer. Beautiful beaches, redwood forests, pristine hiking trails and the terrific college-town vibe of Arcata make this store worth planning a weekend around–and it is also the fountainhead for many great Humboldt growers.


Magnolia is a store with a mission: making life better for individuals and making Oakland better for everybody. Regular educational and social events provide members of Magnolia an exciting link to their community through the herb which brings everyone together.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My Sate – Southern California
With much more dispensaries than any other area of the country, the Los Angeles area represents the epicenter of medical cannabis sales. Kush strains and terpy concentrates rule the roost, while hundreds of edible and topical founders fuel a solid market for quality meds at competitive rates. Now that the LA City Council’s moratorium on dispensaries has been finished thanks to Measure M, and with recreational adult use awaiting full implementation in 2018, the sky’s the limit to what the leaders of SoCal could achieve.

Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS WeHo)

West Hollywood’s origin for the fire in each class, AHHS WeHo is celebrating over 14 years of helping patients in need–and the useful and dedicated here staff makes the whole experience a pleasure.

Buds & Roses

This Studio City stalwart boasts some of the best flowers, hash and edibles from the Los Angeles region. Specializing in veganic medication, B&R puts an emphasis on quality and security.

California Herbal Remedies (CHR)

California Herbal Remedies (CHR)
Launched in 2007, CHR has a storied history as Kush pros and Cannabis Cup winners. Their menu has always featured over 70 distinct lab-tested, high profile blossoms and shatters for a decade and counting.

Downtown Patients Group (DTPG)

Since 2007, DTPG has served the sufferers of downtown LA with a enormous choice of breeds, hash, edibles, tinctures and topicals, including CBD-rich products. Take a look at their daily bargains and always-reasonable rates.

Greenwolf LA

Situated on LA’s East Side in Los Feliz, Greenwolf provides frosty flowers, clean and yummy concentrates, and a huge array of edibles and topicals.

The Higher Path

Everything here is top-shelf, such as a huge array of CBD-rich products. The greater Path also provides a 10 percent reduction to the handicapped, seniors, students and veterans.

Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group (LAPCG)

Open since 2004, this pioneer center gives an extraordinary choice of flowers and concentrates for individuals in need, including some of the best brands in cannabis: Marley Natural, Whoopi & Maya, hmbldt, Apothecanna and Chong’s Choice.

MedMen WeHo

Comfortable and clean, with an emphasis on wellness and health, MedMen does a excellent job of rewarding regulars with gifts and discounts. They offer a well-curated choice of meds, including equipment from Pax, Papa & Barkley, Sprig, Flow Kana, Kiva and much more.

ShowGrow LA

Everyone should experience this enormous (8,000 square feet!) State-of-the-art facility situated smack dab in the center of LA’s downtown fashion district. Patients can have a look at the live growroom and then buy from a enormous assortment of high-quality meds.

The WEED (Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary)

Patients searching for quality meds at affordable prices should take a look at the WEED in Studio City. The informative budtenders can allow you to find what’s best for you, and the WEED specializes in CBD-rich varieties and products also.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Colorado
Colorado was the first US state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over–and the only state to have amended its state constitution to do so. The upshot is a serious and committed industry foundation that has pushed the limits of legal markets, cultivation and civilization. These dispensaries not boast some of the best cannabis in the nation, but they have also set global standards for genetics, research and luxury products.

The Clinic

Among the first big boys in Big D, the Clinic now spans three states: Colorado, Illinois and Nevada. Winner of awards and accolades throughout the business, the Clinic has taken home 14 Cannabis Cups, including many first-place wins for concentrates, blossoms and CBD solutions.

Green Man Cannabis (GMC)

With a national reputation for having some of the best growers in the game, Green Man Cannabis is a perennial Cannabis Cup competition whose award-winning breeds are among the best on the planet. In this year’s annual HT attribute”The Strongest Strains on Earth,” GMC boasted two of the very best breeds, each with over 26 percent triggered THC.

The Green Solution

With 15 locations open in 2017, the Green Option is Colorado’s second largest retail dispensary series. Having a professionally trained staff and an emphasis on customer service, the Green Option takes its craft seriously–and it shows. The winner of over 15 Cannabis Cups, for everything from extracts to CBD goods, this store’s extensive menu offers something for every cannabis consumer, from the individual to the recreational user.

The Herbal Cure

Founded in 2010, this iconic Logan Street dispensary is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and among the most educated staffs in the nation. The diverse menu of breeds features a blend of exotic and local tastes, such as exclusive drops from Essential Extracts from the means of killer rosin and solventless hash.

House of Dankness

Founded by renowned grower and breeder Scott Reach of Rare Dankness, this Denver dispensary has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. After years of providing Colorado patients with elite genetics, House of Dankness currently has its own Denver storefront together with a brand new, state-of-the-art grow facility–among the biggest in the Southwest area.

MMJ America

With three shops in Denver and a fourth in Boulder, MMJ America is among the most significant and best-known chains of recreational and medical dispensaries in Colorado. A premier breed menu is offered at each store courtesy of the Vault Genetics, a subsidiary of MMJA and the winner of more than a dozen HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups. The professional team and smart business attitude make MMJA a powerhouse in the cannabis market.

Native Roots

A popular fixture one of Colorado’s cannabis aficionados, Native Roots boasts 19 dispensary locations and a broad menu of edibles, topicals and concentrates, Patients have their choice of potent strains , including some that hit over 28 per cent THC (like the White Fire OG, Chem 4, and Bruce Banner).

Natural Remedies

This downtown Denver store boasts a excellent location, friendly staff and fantastic quality for reasonable prices, with daily specials yearlong. You do not need to miss out on Natural Treatments’ Moonshine Haze, UK Cheese or Super Silver Flo. Additionally, sister firm Concentrated Remedies creates some of the best BHO in the city! Medical and recreational users alike will love visiting this store.

Sweet Leaf

Among the most welcoming dispensaries in the company, Sweet Leaf is famous for its excellent inventory, competitive pricing and highly educated employees. This store can fulfill even the most discerning client’s needs. And, Sweet Leaf is expanding, including stores in Oregon and Nevada to its 10 locations throughout greater Denver.

Verde Natural

A dispensary whose roots run deep in the background of this trade, Verde Natural is now synonymous with the true basis of cannabis, thanks to curated genetics that go back generations in america and Amsterdam alike. Featuring all-organic, soil-grown breeds, the menu in Verde is refreshing and healthy, with a focus on assisting patients in need.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Michigan
When you combine Ann Arbor’s storied history of pro-pot advocacy with Detroit’s economic recession and the long tradition of growing from the Upper Peninsula, you have a state ripe for the benefits of marijuana-law reform. Despite the fact that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was overwhelmingly approved by voters in November 2008, dispensaries here continue to function under some amount of fear.


Winner of numerous Cannabis Cups, this Ann Arbor store is the friendly neighborhood compassionate caregiver. Arborside offers a number of diverse levels of marijuana, from the top-shelf into the super-affordable, and in addition, it carries a wide array of popular products, including its own line of tasty and potent edibles.

Bloom City Club

Female-owned and -managed, this Ann Arbor dispensary is well known for its impeccable customer service and relaxing atmosphere. Bloom specializes in small-batch”craft” cannabis products made with love by a few of the best growers and infusion artists in Michigan.

Depot Town Alternative Health

This spot started in Ypsilanti in 2011 and has been faithfully serving the patients of this region with Cannabis Cup–winning, lab-tested medication ever since, such as Captain Kirk’s edibles. The Detroit Metro Times cited Depot Town for the Best Pre-Roll in a Dispensary in 2017. The store also provides discounts for seniors, veterans and students.

Green Cross

Situated on the famous 8 Mile Road in Detroit, this skilled and inexpensive pot shop puts an emphasis on teaching patients and stocking cutting-edge goods, such as CBD-rich concentrates, THCA crystalline, distillates and”The Clear.” Additionally, it provides growers with quality rooted clones.

Herbal Solutions

With numerous Cannabis Cups for its flowers and concentrates, this Ypsilanti store includes a professional environment, lab-tested medicine and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Herbal Solutions has what you’re looking for, such as a robust number of live resin, clean shatter, yummy wax and aficionado-quality nugs.

JC3 (Jackson County Compassion Club)

Situated between Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, the town of Jackson does not provide a huge amount of choices for med-pot patients needing, but JC3 shines through with terrific medicine at sensible prices. Launched in 2009, this private club takes new members and boasts a enormous seed basement catering to patients who wish to cultivate their own.

Om of Medicine

This gorgeous spot in Ann Arbor employs a holistic and natural approach to cannabinoid medication. The store hosts grow seminars (with the likes of breeding legend DJ Short) and comedy shows, and in addition, it provides a 10 percent reduction to the handicapped, seniors and veterans.

The Sweet Leaf

At this unique Flint business, nine unique grower/caregivers with unique specialties combine to provide patients with a number of high quality meds at very affordable prices, all under one roof. Patients receive real one-on-one help in addition to advice from the educated staff.

Third Coast

Third Coast was the first dispensary to start in Michigan, and it is still among the best. Safe, friendly and boasting some of the best blossoms and concentrates from the country, Third Coast in Ypsilanti has a terrific atmosphere and even hosts cooking and massage classes.

TreeCity Health Collective

Minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, Treecity provides a carefully curated selection of lab-tested blossoms, concentrates and much more. This is a real patients’ collective, with tons of CBD-rich products along with a rigorous 21-plus policy.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Nevada

The Silver State is quickly becoming a significant player in the world of retail weed. Nevada’s medical cannabis law has been on the books for almost two years, and the law allows for reciprocity–meaning that legal pot patients from any other nation can come to Nevada and buy up to 2.5 ounces in a dispensary. Rec earnings are expected to start this summer, and it is safe to presume that, like everything in Vegas, they are going to be large. Until then, here are our favorite medical stores in Nevada.

Las Vegas Releaf

A posh yet encouraging medical dispensary, Releaf carries a complete line of flowers, concentrates and edibles at very affordable prices. Its knowledgeable staff intends to educate patients, supplying products that treat symptoms effectively and economically.

MMJ America

A Colorado transplant, MMJA is rapidly becoming a national brand, starting its first pot shop in Las Vegas in the summer of 2017. The nearest dispensary into the Vegas Strip, this store services patients with the exact strains which have won MMJA countless awards at HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups.

Oasis Medical Center

Education and community participation highlight the Oasis Medical Center’s mission. A pioneer in the Vegas cannabis scene, this store provides an impressive number of top-shelf medication to individuals and tourists alike, all curated from the best producers in Nevada.


After launching three dispensaries in Southern California, ShowGrow has embarked on its first out-of-state venture, bringing Cali quality to the desert oasis in Nevada. Offering one of the most extensive strain menus in Las Vegas, in addition to extracts, edibles and vape-pen goods, ShowGrow is among the state’s biggest and most popular dispensaries.

The Source

With two Nevada locations and a dedication to quality and patient safety, the Supply is a place for individuals to feel secure and welcome in obtaining their cannabis medication. The value menu includes $10 g, while 30 blossom strains and over 60 types and tastes of concentrates provide loads of choices for health and recreational users alike.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Oregon
Portland is home to many of the best marijuana dispensaries in the world –although the Rose City is hip, stylish and plenty of fun, there is more to do in Oregon. The country is a wonderland for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, rock climbing and white-water rafting–and cannabis is flourishing as well. Here are a couple of our favourite places to buy pot.

Attis Trading Company

Staffed by informed budtenders, the airy and bright Attis stores are fantastic for those wishing to soothe their bodily pains or emotional traumas. Much like a pharmaceutical dispensary, Attis has three locations in Portland and a fourth in Tillamook, so relief is not far away.

Botanica Cannabis Dispensary

With a screen room that looks more like a jewelry store, Botanica’s limited choice of flowers could fool the shopper used to Oregon’s mega-dispensaries. But there is not a terrible strain on offer here, and the relaxed neighborhood vibe will guarantee that everybody walks away with the ideal product for their requirements.

Brothers Cannabis

Among the nation’s earliest dispensaries, Brothers Cannabis is a piece of Portland history. This store offers a killer selection of flowers and pre-rolls, designed to appeal to everyone from the roller to the frugal shopper. And unlike many ultra-laid-back Oregon weed shops, Brothers works hard to provide attentive customer service.

Collective Awakenings

The Moe’s Tavern of PDX dispensaries, this well-worn spot warmly embraces the weed shopper using a down-home vibe. Do not expect anything flashy from this local favorite–just good weed at 1970s prices.


Great selection of lab-tested blossoms awaits you in this oasis of high-end goods at reduced prices. A excellent entry dispensary for the curious or uninitiated, Jayne also stocks a premium variety of topicals, edibles, concentrates and tinctures.


Tucked into the rolling suburban hills of Portland, Nectar is a hidden gem. A curated choice of sativas, indicas and hybrids ensures something for every smoker. Expect to land wonderful deals on high-quality flowers–even the $25 eighths work wonders–and there is a friendly, chill staff .

Oregon’s Finest

Any of Oregon’s Best location is well worth a trip for its superb top-shelf flower selection, though costs run high. While the budtenders here are to get a hipster vibe, their knowledgeable recommendations of the best herb for each customer more than makes up for this.


Billed as farm to table” canna-business, Oregrown grows and sells organic indoor cannabis and processes its extracts. Set in the heart of downtown Bend, this flagship dispensary also supplies high-quality organic flowers from a select handful of Oregon cultivators.

Serra Dispensary (Downtown)

For vacationers breezing through Portland with limited time on their hands, Serra is your best option for a fast and affordable pot-buying experience. This dispensary boasts a laid-back staff who will gently nudge newbies to the ideal option. And remember that Ground Kontrol Arcade is just down the block.

Thurman Street Collective

Maybe the cutest small dispensary in all Portland, Thurman Street Collective is fantastic for the discerning consumer who enjoys an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while purchasing weed. Doubling as an art gallery, this store is actively engaged in the surrounding neighborhood, building a sense of community.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Washington
Since Washington voters approved legalizing marijuana for recreational use in 2012, numerous cannabis stores have sprouted one of the Puget Sound’s sprawl of waterways and pine woods. Whether you are a visitor or a neighborhood, you are likely to be distracted by the billboard marketing and overcrowded sector. Here are the best bets to get a terrific weed experience from the Evergreen State.

Chimacum Cannabis Co.

A popular stop for pot smokers heading into the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, the Chimacum Cannabis Co., place in a restored farmhouse, has a warm, rustic vibe. Sourcing premium, organically grown cannabis products from around the Olympic Peninsula, this store showcases the best buds the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


The online ordering system at Hashtag makes for a painless shopping experience, and the product choice can not be beaten. It’s located only a short stroll from Seattle’s famed Fremont troll under the bridge–a perfect spot to see after indulging.

Have a Heart (Belltown)

Notorious for its giant joint sculpture, this Belltown place is one of six Have a Heart dispensaries. Conveniently situated only a few blocks from the Space Needle and the downtown waterfront, Have a Heart Belltown boasts an impressive inventory of high quality cannabis and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Herban Legends

Herban Legends is the place to go if you are visiting Seattle for a day but do not want to leave the downtown grid. A brief walk at the end of the famed Pike Place market, this uber-hip store beats the more heavily promoted dispensaries close to the sports stadiums thanks to its great staff and wide selection.

Herbs House

Tucked in a wasteland between the Seattle areas of Ballard and Phinney Ridge, Herbs House can be difficult to find. But in case you’re able to stick to the GPS, this area has the best prices for marijuana in Seattle, palms down.

HWY 420

This shop offers a terrific choice of flowers, edibles, accessories and extracts, and the owners return to the community by donating to local charities. The friendly staff makes this an outstanding pot stop in your Olympic Peninsula travels.

Paper & Leaf

Stroll off the ferry from Seattle and choose the shuttle to Bainbridge’s Paper & Leaf. This high-end cannabis boutique has a gallery-like vibe, with classic records playing and beautifully displayed products. Friendly budtenders provide sage advice about the gigantic range of flowers, extracts and edibles.

Pot Zone

Tucked away in a strip mall amidst towering pine trees in the little town of Port Orchard–just across the sound from Seattle–Pot Zone feels like a well-kept secret. It provides great daily deals and a vast array of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite growers, for instance, unbeatable Noble Farms.


Situated in Sodo (south of downtown), Vela utilizes a color-spectrum wall to assist clients choose from an imposing collection of cannabis products. Vela’s in-store extraction and grow laboratory make for an educational and visually attractive dispensary experience.

Xander’s Green Goods

A charming, warmly inviting store, Xander’s Green Goods is located in Seattle’s sister city, Tacoma, one of a patch of half-abandoned warehouses. If you are able to make it , Xander’s will disclose its wealth for you, such as the best prices and selection of flowers in the region, in addition to great benefits for return customers.

Not To Be Dismissed

Needless to say, not all of dispensary systems are created equal, but it doesn’t mean you can not locate high-caliber cannabis shops outside California, Colorado, Oregon or Washington. Quantity does not necessarily indicate quality, and while pot shops might not be prolific in such conditions, there are still some extraordinary spots to check out!

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Alaska

Arctic Herbery

As the first licensed marijuana shop to open its doors in Anchorage, this dispensary currently serves up Alaska’s finest flowers, extracts, clones and other high quality accessories. The dependable staff will help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s medical or recreational.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Arizona

TruMed Dispensary

With top-notch employees as well as a dedicated nurse on staff, TruMed provides an extensive menu of breeds, edibles and infused products. Plus first-time patients in this Phoenix-based store get a special discount: Buy an eighth and receive an eighth free!

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Illinois

D33 Chicago (Dispensary 33)

Unlike a lot of cannabis stores, D33 displays all its marijuana products to its clients, allowing patients to inspect their meds. With a huge menu of flowers, extracts, edibles and topicals, this dispensary has always gone above and beyond to assist the nation’s medical marijuana patients safely and safely get their medication.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Massachusetts

New England Treatment Access

Massachusetts’s main medical marijuana dispensary, with locations in Brookline and Northampton, has an extensive menu featuring blossoms, edibles, topicals, concentrates and much more. An additional bonus is that the Wait Time Widget, which enables individuals to use their mobile device to check if there is a line at either place.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – New Jersey

Breakwater Treatment & Wellness

The preeminent dispensary from the Garden State, Breakwater’s centrally located store includes a varied cross-section of genetics, developed at a enormous state-of-the-art cultivation facility run by formally trained agriculturalists. The focus at Breakwater is simple: Through innovative increase techniques and scientifically enhanced breeding projects, they offer the ultimate treatment-oriented menu for their own patients.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Rhode Island

Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center

Committed to providing secure, dignified and affordable access to medical marijuana in Rhode Island, the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center provides just the best medical-grade cannabis.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Washington DC

Capital City Care

With a knowledgeable staff, convenient hours, competitive rates and a wonderful choice of merchandise, Capital City Care has won the”Best of DC” award for the best Dispensary and is the only store in DC licensed to cultivate cannabis–meaning patients can count on consistent quality, exclusive breeds, and awesome specials and sales.

Be sure to check out our interactive map of all marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.

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