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Why Budder is the Better Concentrate

How to Make Budder

So before we explore why budder is the best cannabis concentrate, for those unfamiliar, what is budder and how to make budder?  Budder is one of many cannabis concentrates of various consistencies and made via slightly different processes.  As you might guess budder has the consistency of slightly melted but thicker than normal butter.  Heavier than honeycomb concentrates but lighter than crumble and shatter, budder is definitely a favorite amongst cannabis users who like to dab, vape and can even be added to joints or a bowl.  It is a completely potent versatile concentrate.  At the present time budder is popular mostly with recreational users but that may soon change as more and more medical marijuana patients are seeing the benefits of budder especially if they require high potency cannabis to treat their medical condition.

How to Make Budder

Like most other cannabis concentrates, the first stage of how to make budder involves butane and CO2 to blast the cannabis flower so that cannabinoids like THC and CDB can be extracted.  Next comes the process of using heat and air pressure to remove all potential harmful solvents so that at the end of this part of the process you are left with just the concentrated parts of the cannabis plant.  So how to achieve that nice fluffy texture?  Time and patience and a little baking experience can’t hurt.  While the cannabinoids are being purged at a high temperature, you must carefully and at the right time, whip the budder like you do a cake batter.  It takes some preparation to keep things at the right temperature and at the same time make sure you are whipping enough but not too much.  This process takes some practice to get the consistency just right but is definitely worth the effort if you are a DIY type of cannabis user.

Budder Benefits    

There are quite a number of benefits that make budder the preferred cannabis concentrate and potentially the preferred cannabis in general.  The first is potency.  Budder is the most potent of all forms of cannabis and if made correctly with good quality flower, you can expect a potency level of between 80-90%.  That’s some powerful weed!  Another obvious benefit is how clean it is when prepared correctly.  Today’s marijuana is certainly cleaner in general than a decade ago but removing all harmful chemicals and potential toxins is pretty rare, even these days.  Budder, again made correctly, has a purity level of over 99%, with an average of 99.6%.  With that level of purity you can feel good, not to mention really stoned, that what you are consuming is just cannabis, nothing else.  As most cannabis connoisseurs know, terpenes are important, very important and budder retains more terpenes than any other cannabis concentrate which equals a better taste and overall high.

Enjoying Budder

Now that you know how to make budder, you can enjoy budder in basically any other way you enjoy cannabis, with the exception of edibles.  Rolling that gummy in budder is not going to do you much good unless you light the gummy on fire, which would taste, well maybe someone will give it a try and report back.  Putting budder in a blunt or joint is called twaxing and is one possible way you can add some budder to your flower to really enhance you high.  You can also do something similar with a pipe, bong or bubbler, just add the budder in with your raw bud.  Keep in mind though that the budder has a higher melting point than just flower so you need to heat it longer before taking a hit.  Dabbing and vaping are arguably the best ways to enjoy the clean potency and taste of budder.  Heating the budder up to the right melting point is just easier to control with a dab ring or vaporizer.  That being said, everyone has their favorites and trying out different ways to experience the quality of good budder is all part of the fun of being a stoner.

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Nug News – Weekly Cannabis Update October 4, 2020

Cannabis News Update October 4

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 4, 2020

With New Jersey Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Attention Turns to How to Profit

The support is sky high, pun obviously intended, for New Jersey voters to approve recreational marijuana in their state.  As November 3rd fast approaches, the cannabis industry in general is repositioning itself for another record breaking quarter.  In all legal states cannabis sales have exceeded even the most optimistic predictions.  This is particularly true since the lockdowns began and a new normal emerged for the way people live their lives, at home, with cannabis.  Large cannabis companies did quite well financially however others did not and the reasons are varied but most who went public too soon regretted not exercising a bit more patience.  New Jersey expects to not only make record profits from sales to people living in the state, they also expect to get a lot of out of state cannabis tourists from nearby states such as Pennsylvania and New York.  Currently investors are making the smart decision to diversify where they put their financial support, spreading it out to not only growers and sellers but also cannabis adjacent industries.  These often over looked but essential companies that support the recreational market are wise investment choices as New Jersey gets ready to go full steam ahead with recreational marijuana after the measure is approved.  Click here for more details.

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 4, 2020

Canopy Growth Co. is Going Big with a Line of Cannabis Drinks

One of the biggest companies in the cannabis industry, Canopy Growth Corporation is introducing a new line of cannabinoid drinks.  2020 has not been a good year for most people and for many companies as well.  Canopy Growth Co, was not immune to a challenging and unpredictable economy and following a 32% drop in their stock price, decided to make some changes.  Working with investors such as Constellation Brands, who happen to own Corona Beer, you really can’t make this stuff up, have announced an upcoming line of cannabinoid beverages.  Noting that with the impressive growth of the cannabis market, some consumers who prefer not to smoke their marijuana are feeling left out.  Rightfully so and in the edibles market, many people don’t have the knowledge or confidence to make their own edibles at home, mostly due to dosage concerns.  So far there are some cannabinoid beverages on the market however most are not selling well due to taste issues and lack of promotion by dispensaries.  Canopy Growth Co. plans to change that and they are not the only ones with this idea.  Former boxer Mike Tyson plans to get into the ring (yes it had to be said) as well with his own cannabinoid beverage business.  That is some serious competition!  How it plays out will largely depend on the quality and taste of the beverages and the companies’ ability to position their products well.  Stay tuned to see how Canopy does against Iron Mike.  Click here to read more about this topic.

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 4, 2020

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Industry Facing Product Shortages, Prices Climbing

Just as your economics professor told you, it’s all about supply and demand.  The Arkansas Medical Marijuana community is living proof of that principle.  Presently there are three cultivation facilities up and running and that is proving to not be nearly enough to meet the demands of not just Arkansas’s medical marijuana patients but those from some nearby states as well.  Arkansas allows out of state medical marijuana patients to obtain a temporary 30 day card and clearly many patients in nearby states, especially Missouri, have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Even with two more cultivation facilties scheduled to be up and running by year’s end, it is still not enough to keep up with the demand and the prices are rising as a result.  As with so many states that allow medical marijuana sales, recreational or both, the demand from patients and customers has shocked the industry.  More growers are needed in Arkansas and this may be the beginning of a trend nationwide as people prepare for what could be a long winter.  More details on the problem Arkansas medical marijuana patients and the industry are facing can be found here.

Be sure to check out: Marijuana Banking and Labeling Law Changes Approved by California Governor

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Drinkable Cannabis Reviews: Hibiscus Lemonade & Berry Shot

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Cannabis edibles continue to grow in variety and popularity in just about every place that has medical or recreational dispensaries.  The area of edibles that is still pretty new is that of cannabis drinks.  It’s always nice to have options no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis and drinks sometimes are a fun and novel way to try cannabis.  Plus you are also getting some hydration at the same time so that’s a bonus.  The quality and variety differs from state to state and even among dispensaries in a single city but the one thing that seems to be constant is the price. Cannabis drinks are fairly pricey compared to other edibles and definitely compared to flower, cats or concentrates but that does not mean drinks are not worth a try or even worth the cost.  Like most things, if demand increases and dispensaries start offering more options for drinks, prices will come down.  So if you try a cannabis drink from your local dispensary that you really like, let them know.  Also, as with edibles in general, pay attention to the dosage.  The common wisdom is to start with 5-10 mgs and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more.  If you know you have a high tolerance, obviously your starting point will be much higher, pun intended, at around 50-100 mgs. Here are a Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review and Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Muru Highwater /Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Hybrid 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz:  This is an infused water so the taste was stronger than expected with typical, non-cannabis infused water.  You can taste the lemon but the actual taste is more like lime.  You can also taste what might be hibiscus but is a bit like Ricola cough drops, the brown ones.  Overall the taste is good but not super refreshing and you will get a bit of an after taste similar to apple cider vinegar.  Not for those who want to sip their cannabis.  This should probably be done like a shot.  The effects come on slowly and are fairly balanced between a head and body high.  If after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, either try another capful, or two or simply wait a bit longer.  You will notice the body relaxation but it is not so strong that you will be couch locked.  The head high is there but plays second to the body high so this would probably be good for stress and if you have sore muscles could help ease the soreness. Overall the high is not super intense with this cannabis infused water which makes it great for a novice and something new and different for the cannabis connoisseur.

Drinkables-You are definitely going to need to keep something to drink handy, not because of dry mouth but because the aftertaste does linger.  Normal water won’t help, you need flavor so go with your favorite soda or even a flavored water if you don’t want the caffeine.

 Munchables-The munchies will likely not be an issue with this Hibiscus Lemonade but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something anyway.  Salty foods seem to go best, so perhaps some chips or pretzels just something light to snack on.  Tortilla chips and salsa are perfect and if you want a more substantive snack, go with nachos because…cheese!

Doables-Drinking your cannabis is an interesting way to consume it so why not do something interesting.  You will not be super stoned or couch locked so go exploring.  Walk through a new neighborhood in your city or if you are close to some beautiful nature, take advantage of that.  Just enjoy the mellow happiness of being stoned and outside.

Berry Shot Cannabis Drinkable Review

Factoids: Manufacturer-Enjoy/ Dispensary-Chalice Farms

Indica 50 mg THC 2 fluid ounces per bottle/each serving contains 5 mg THC (approximately two capfuls) 10 servings per bottle


Buzz: This Enjoy Berry Shot was a surprise.  Not because it was an Indica that allows for an amazing night of restful sleep but because of how you feel before you actually fall asleep.  Start with a two capful dose but if after 30 minutes you are not feeling much, feel free to add two more capfuls.  This cannabis liquid is slightly thick in texture, which some people might be bothered by.  If you prefer your liquids more liquid then mix it into some tea or carbonated water.  The taste and smell is like berries, which berries is a difficult to determine.  It tastes more like raspberries than any other berry.  Berry shot is super sweet so mixing it with an unsweetened tea is the way to go!  There is not much of a head high but the body high starts slowly and builds to such a relaxing mellow feeling of being happy and content.  Good for those with insomnia and could even help with mild pain and stress.  The most unexpected part?  After about an hour you may start to feel a little, let’s just say amorous.  Something to consider if you decide not to go to sleep right away.  Either way expect a sweet slumber with Berry Shot.

Drinkables-Tea, either green or black is the best thing to drink with Berry Shot and afterwards as well.  If you want another type of liquid and you drink alcohol, a glass of wine or something with bubbles will work perfectly for a cannabis beverage.  Just don’t drink too much or it will interfere with your sleep.

Munchables– By getting your cannabis in a liquid form rather than a food edible, that opens the door to all snack options.  If you are feeling the berry theme, you could go with some strawberries, or even better chocolate covered strawberries.  You would need to plan ahead for that type of snack.  Generally sweets work will and chocolate is just perfection!

Doables– This liquid cannabis does not leave you couch locked in a serious way but you will likely not feel like a hike either.  If you want to enjoy that deep relaxation with a movie or a podcast, great choice.  As mentioned before, Berry Shot can leave you feeling amorous so …take it from here!

Feel free to give your own Hibiscus Lemonade cannabis drinkable review or Berry Shot cannabis drinkable review in the comments below and be sure to check out: Marijuana Strain Reviews (Flowers): Blackberry Octane & Violet Vixen

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My First Time……trying Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles, Mary Mart

Way back in 2013 when Washington state first legalized recreational marijuana I decided it was high, pun intended, time I tried some cannabis edibles.  I was living in Tacoma and for anyone who has visited or lived there, 6th Avenue is kind of the drag, or it was in 2013.  I knew there were two dispensaries within a few blocks of each other and having just visited one early in the week for some flower, had heard of a Friday Happy Hour at Mary Mart Dispensary.  The perfect opportunity to try out some cannabis edibles for free and as I had smoked all the bud I bought on Tuesday, stock up on more flower in one trip.

I was living 8 blocks away from 6th Avenue at the time and walking was my main form of exercise so I waited until a little before 5 and set out.  I saw a neighbor on the way who wanted to join but she needed an hour or two to get some work done.  Having no patience, which in retrospect was a terrible decision, I told her I was going solo.  I arrived at the first marijuana dispensary, Emerald Leaves which I think was at one point a microbrewery, it was big cavernous and had a lot of concrete.  Not super inviting visually but product wise they did not disappoint.  I tried some delicious lemonade in a tiny little one ounce cup, still thirsty I tried some raspberry lemonade for good measure.  I wandered aimlessly around the dispensary, spent an excessively long time looking at the cannabis edibles menu.  I decided I wasn’t feeling much of anything and it had been about 20 minutes, time to push on.  First I bought some sweet Obama Kush and a few prerolls from their mystery cannabis section and was headed to the next dispensary Mary Mart.

Now Mary Mart was only two blocks away and despite the name, was a cozy little dispensary with super happy and helpful budtenders.  I think I was expecting a sterile vibe with a slightly convenience store look based solely on the name, not at all.  It was a chill little place.  Their happy hour offerings consisted of some phenomenal salted caramels and brownie bites.  I ate one of each and took another caramel…for the road.  I chatted with a budtender about the whole cannabis life, bought another gram of flower that was on special, took a free mini joint and decided I should start heading home.

As I began the now 10 block walk home it had been close to an hour since I had quickly downed the lemonades and about 20 minutes since the caramel and brownie bite consumption.  10 blocks though, for me that’s a short walk, all downhill.  After two blocks, I noticed the texture of the sidewalk felt strangely different under my feet.  I decided either the soles of my shoes or the sidewalk or some bizarre combination of the two must be made of marshmallows.  Cool?  Yes except for the walking part. 8 blocks left and walking was now something I had forgotten how to do correctly.  I’m not sure who I looked to the casual observer but in my mind, I was living in marshmallow land and each step was more and more bouncy.  To this day I’m surprised I didn’t get some air.  Everything was technicolor and Washington, even most urban areas are already pretty green, now the grass, the flowers, were all technicolor.  Amazing visuals and the feeling of euphoria was off the charts from my previous flower cannabis experiences.  I made it home, not sure how long it took, could have been 15 minutes or twice that.  I did not care!

Once I got inside my place, I hit the couch and fairly quickly began to feel a little too high.  Looking back, I should have had this experience with my neighbor, it would have made the walk back even more entertaining and I definitely should have asked the budtenders questions about the cannabis edibles, how much THC was in each little lemonade, caramel, brownie bite.  I was overly excited to try out literally every edible I could get my hands on and forgot to be a smart cannabis consumer.  I believe I consumed about 80 mg total, which was way too much for me but made for a rollercoaster of a first edible experience and I’ll never look at a marshmellow the same way again.

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Marijuana Strain Reviews (Edibles)

Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Edible cannabis can come in so many forms, from cannabutter, infused oils, drinks, to all variety of candies, chocolates and honey.  If you can eat or drink it, cannabis can be put in it.  Traditional edible dosing from dispensaries recommends 10 mg per dose and most packaging makes that pretty clear.  If you are making, baking your own edibles, the dosing and THC percentages take some time to get right so proceed with caution and if it’s your first few times doing DIY edibles, follow the recipe of a trusted source and use our marijuana strain reviews edibles to help guide you.

Cannabees Pure Honey – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Swifts/Grower-Green Labs/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz:  Honey is one of the most versatile substances out there, besides cannabis of course and this honey stands up against the super pricey organic stuff you buy at Whole Foods.  The best part about Cannabees honey is it actually gets you buzzed, and in that way it will always win out over the premium supermarket brands.  Try in a multitude of ways, in some chamomile tea before bed, on a piece of toast for a little wake and bake action.  If you’re feeling adventurous, double up for some super cannabis deliciousness and have some honey in your tea and put more on a graham cracker.  Need to be discreet with your cannabis consumption?  This little packet of golden sweetness is perfect for such occasions.  There are 10 packets in a package and to be honest sometimes one package is enough, sometimes you may need more to achieve your desired level of high.  You should expect to feel a little body buzz after about 15 minutes or so followed by a nice light head high, nothing too heavy.  This can be accomplished with one 10 mg packet and if you want more, another packet will intensify your body buzz significantly.  A third packet and you may need to set aside a few hours to ride out the buzz.  You can expect to peak at an hour and after two hours, your buzz will mellow a bit.  Perfect for anxiety or insomnia.  Also honey in a known anti-inflammatory.

Drinkables-If you have put your cannabis honey in tea then you don’t really need anything else to drink.  Edibles are not known for causing dry mouth so you may want to sip on some water if needed or sometimes some iced coffee goes well if you are spreading the Cannabees honey on toast.

Munchables-As it is already an edible, you will most likely not be super hungry but if you are, stick to sweet snacks.  Salty snacks can be a little overwhelming with honey.  That being said it’s your cannabis experience, anything that sounds tasty will likely be tasty!

Doables-This yummy Cannabees honey provides a varied buzz so until you know how your body and mind will react, planning something to do can be difficult.  Go with how you are feeling and the first hour may be the time to be more active, draw, walk, chill with friends.  The last hour is more of an introspective time so if you are a writer, you may find this a perfect inspiration window of time.

Espresso Dark Chocolate – Marijuana Strain Reviews Edibles

Factoids: Manufacturer-Corner Stones/Grower-Canna Vita/Dispensary- Mary Mart

Hybrid 10 mg. THC per serving/10 servings per package Total 100 mg THC


Buzz: These chocolate squares have everything you need to be happy, chocolate, coffee (espresso) and cannabis.  The three Cs of life apparently.  The taste is rich, decadent and one is enough, okay maybe two.  The high comes on faster than most cannabis edibles, after about 10 minutes you can literally feel your muscles relaxing. What a warm wonderful feeling.  The high continues to develop over the next hour and reaches peak about then too.  Not too much of a head high after the first hour but the body high alone is worth the price of admission to this ride.  These chocolates provide a perfect balance between dreamy and creative.  If you are looking for a little more active cannabis high, you may want to add a Sativa gummy to the mix but for those who want to be mellow and creative, these are perfect!  As with all edibles, you can be as discreet as you need or want to be and if you use public transportation to and from work, the trip home will take on a whole new meaning.  Probably not the best for those wake and bake cannabis consumers unless your morning plans include a nap, hey no judgement.  The only real downside to these espresso dark chocolate squares, the company should consider putting more of them in the package.  There are 10, only 10.  Excellent for anxiety and enhancing creativity.

Drinkables– Depending on the time of day, a little coffee goes perfect with these chocolates and if you like wine, a pinot noir or maybe a merlot would be an excellent pairing!  There is no real problem at all with dry mouth and not everyone likes water with chocolate so keep your drink choices flavored.

Munchables– Well you are already eating chocolate so you can always make the obvious choice and just continue down the same road, eat more chocolate.  Ice cream is also a fantastic way to enjoy these little cannabis delights.  Just crumble up a square with your favorite ice cream.  The sweet and savory fans will find that pretzels go very well with this particular chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dark chocolate and has espresso that makes the combination so sublime.  It works though so no need to spend too much time on the why of your high, so to speak.

Doables-Time to get creative, if you have ever felt like exploring a new creative outlet, this is the time to get started.  The relaxation of the mind and body is so profound that you will not even bother to question your skills or abilities.  You will just create.  Your edible cannabis experience will be that much better with a like-minded creative friend, so share those chocolates.

I hope these help and check back soon for new marijuana strain reviews.

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CBD Product Testing Will Be Done by FDA Contractor

CBD Product Testing

CBD product testing is needed for the industry. The FDA is wants to award a contract to help test thousands of CBD Products as the agency develops regulations for products containing the non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

In a note published on Thursday, FDA reported the selected firm will offer aid with”collecting samples and analyzing the amounts of CBD and related cannabinoids, in addition to potential associated contaminants like poisonous components, pesticides and industrial compounds, processing solvents as well as microbial contamination, in cosmetics and foods via surveys of those products.” Continue reading CBD Product Testing Will Be Done by FDA Contractor

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6 Popular Cannabis Products

Popular Cannabis Products

Looking to attempt legal marijuana but don’t Desire a joint? You’ve got a couple of options. There are popular cannabis products out there for you.

As cannabis gets more legal, the sector surrounding it continues to enlarge . Politicians now campaign on a platform of total weed legalization as it is that popular a stance, and it seems every other week there’s a local news story about a mom who became a millionaire baking and selling edibles. Now it has reached the suburbs, companies want to expand marketing efforts.

That’s really pretty hard. Prominent search engines like Google aren’t especially keen on letting people advertising marijuana products on their website, even if the state it is produced in is legal. Manufacturers are forced to find other methods to sell their merchandise. Continue reading 6 Popular Cannabis Products