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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in San Diego California

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in San Diego

Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in San Diego

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in San Diego

Goldn Bloom 

Goldn Bloom began as solely a medical cannabis dispensary however now they serve both medical and recreational customers in and around San Diego.  They are open from 7 am until 9 pm seven days a week.  Currently Goldn Bloom offers in store shopping and pickup is available but you will need to place your order through Weedmaps for their pickup service.  This dispensary has a fantastic website which showcases not just their cannabis but their very cool merch as well as special deals each day of the week plus a daily happy hour between 7 am and 9 am and then again from 4:20 pm to 5:20 pm on weekdays.  Clearly being an early riser is beneficial to you cannabis budget.  In addition to all of that they have loyalty program that you can sign up for when you visit their dispensary.  Which you should do as it’s definitely one of the best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego.

The outside is fairly typical of the area but inside is all wood and glass and is extremely spacious, allowing for plenty of social distancing.  There is something that is reminiscent of a high end cosmetics store meets cannabis dispensary vibe but it works. As Goldn Bloom was previously solely a medical dispensary, they have chosen to keep the standards high, pun intended, for their budtenders. You can expect professional and extremely knowledgeable budtenders who seem to really enjoy their job.  Who can blame them? One of the most recommended strains was a pricy hybrid flower called Cereal Milk.  It is super potent at a little over 30% THC and yes does smell and taste like a bowl of cereal.  Well worth the extra money as this is a truly premium strain and should be on everyone’s list to try, as it will easily become a favorite.  If you are an edibles fan the Smokiez Sour Watermelon Fruit Chews are amazing, just don’t forget they actually contain THC!

Urbn Leaf 

Urbn Leaf is a small chain of dispensaries in the southern California area with the newest location in La Mesa.  This review will focus on the San Diego location. This dispensary is open from 7 am to 9 pm every day and has specials galore.  Keep in mind in order to qualify for the daily deals you must be a California or Tijuana resident or a medical marijuana cardholder.  All early risers can take advantage of the early bird specials from 7 am to 9 am and if you are a veteran be sure to visit their dispensary on Veteran’s Day as they have some spectacular deals. Urbn Leaf is currently offering in store shipping and store pickup plus delivery for a small fee. Their website is very cool and easy to navigate and in addition to offering some superior cannabis, you can pick up some really great shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and other items that will keep you connected to that stoner vibe.

Speaking of vibe, this dispensary has a very special vibe, inside and out, which makes it one of the best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego.  All beautiful glass on the outside and the inside is all glass and wood with beautiful marble like floors that will remind you of an old school pharmacy but much bigger and with better lighting.  The budtenders are friendly, ask good questions and give very specific information that not only answers the question you asked but the next potential question as well.  Translation, they are so good at their jobs they can anticipate the next question.  The Vanilla Frosting hybrid flower was so sweet and dank that it’s hard to believe how reasonable the prices were.  The recommended Banjo Shake Sativa flower was much better than even the budtender promised.  Excellent prices for some absolutely outstanding cannabis.

Klover San Diego Dispensary 

Klover is not just a dispensary with amazing cannabis products, it’s an artistic space that is visually distinctive not just in the San Diego area but in the dispensary realm in general.  Klover is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day and offers early bird specials for the not so early risers from 9 am to 11 am and a nice long happy hour during the week from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Klover also offers veteran and senior discounts plus a great loyalty program.  All that plus one more very unique discount.  If you take a selfie in front of the stunning mural in the parking lot, post it to your Instagram and show it to the budtenders, you will get a 10% discount.  They take their art and cannabis pretty seriously at Klover.  They are currently offering in store shopping, curbside pickup as well as delivery.  Their website is well done and easy to use, offers a great look at what you can expect and be sure to check out their FAQ section before you go.

The dispensary itself is light bright and massive as well as an art lovers dream come true.  There is plenty of space to make the rounds and check out the artwork done by local artists like Panca.  The vibe in this dispensary is chilled, relaxed and beautiful.  A great place to talk about cannabis with the budtenders who are pretty reflective of the vibe themselves.  Knowledgeable, relaxed, never pushy and know their cannabis inside and out.  What more could you ask for?  The recommended King Louie OG was a perfect hybrid and exactly as described, plus more. The Mango AF Sativa did provide that happy creative energy that all Sativas should plus it was tasty AF! If you are a chocolate lover and even if you’re not, don’t leave without getting some Coda Burnt Caramel Truffles, the best of any dispensary in terms of high quality beautiful chocolate that gets you stoned!

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas Nevada

Recreational Dispensaries in Las Vegas

The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Recreational Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Planet 13 Las Vegas 

There is a lot to love about Planet 13, besides the cannabis.  Of course the cannabis itself is the star but coming in next is the overall environment, there is a restaurant and café so if you want to grab some food to satisfy your inevitable munchies, they’ve got you covered.  This dispensary is open from 9 am-1am Sunday –Wednesday and from 9 am to 3 am Thursday through Saturday.  These are reduced hours as they are normally open 24 hours a day.  Located just off the strip, they offer shuttle services from a variety of hotels and other locations throughout Las Vegas and you can call to check and reserve a place on their shuttle easily.  Currently they have limited Orb shows, as they draw too many people but if you are lucky enough to catch one of these shows, it is unforgettable and the perfect thing to do after you are nice and baked.

Planet 13 has daily discounts which you can check out on their website as well as an excellent loyalty program.  They are one of the recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas that have curbside pickup, in store shopping with good social distancing in place and offer free delivery with a $50 purchase.  The dispensary itself is massive and is a bit like visiting a planetarium but with lots of cannabis and some beautiful glassware.  The budtenders here know their cannabis and seem to really enjoy talking strain knowledge so feel free to ask any questions when you visit.  The budtenders recommended Irene, a top shelf Indica that was even more potent and delicious than promised.  Exceeding expectations is always a good thing!  The Chem 91 Sativa was an out of body experience and not to be missed.  Also check out their edibles, their Salted Carmel Macarons are worth the trip all by themselves.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary 

One of the best recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas located right on the Vegas Strip and is one of 5 in the state as well as two in Southern California. The company obviously knows what they are doing in terms of making the cannabis customer feel welcome and special.  Plus it’s Las Vegas, a city known for some of the best customer service on the planet.  They offer in store pickup from 8 am to 10 pm, curbside pickup from 8 am to 5 pm and delivery from 9 am to 8 pm. Essence has a super user friendly website and if you can’t find a product or have a question that can’t be answered on their site, you can always give them a call.  They offer plenty of discounts including ones for veterans, seniors and locals.  They are giving deep discounts to all veterans in the month of November so if you are in the area make sure to take advantage of the deals.

They have a good loyalty program called High Risers you should also join if you plan to frequent this dispensary.  The outside of the dispensary glows a cool green so you can’t miss it and the inside is all white and clean lines that really serves to showcase the products that you came for, namely cannabis.  Also whoever did the inside lighting is a creative genius but in a city like Las Vegas, good lights is probably the norm. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and are not trying to upsell you, which is always appreciated.  The recommended Banana Treez hybrid flower was tropical, delicious and an excellent balanced high. The Latte hybrid was super potent despite it having 19% THC.  A great daytime hybrid just as the budtender said.  The Orange Betty Eddies were great but at 10 mg THC per candy, if you have a high tolerance, you may need to eat the entire pack, also it would be fantastic if they offered a mixed flavor pack of these edibles so people can try the Grape and Strawberry ones as well.

Jenny’s Dispensary North Las Vegas 

This dispensary is a little off the beaten path in terms of it not being right on the strip but it is well worth a trip, or ten.  Located in North Las Vegas with two other locations, one in Henderson and other marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, Jenny’s Dispensary strikes the perfect balance between large chain advantages and small dispensary personalized attention to their cannabis customers. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm every day except Sunday and their Sunday hours are 10 am to 6 pm.  Jenny’s is currently open for in store shopping and curbside pickup.  If possible you are going to want to visit the store, it’s stunning!  Their website is easy to navigate and with a special section for first time dispensary customers, there is no need to feel intimidated. Jenny’s Dispensary cares about the environment which is an obvious plus and customers can add that to the list of pros for this dispensary.

There are daily specials and a rewards program that you can sign up for that offers further deals. The interior of Jenny’s Dispensary is so inviting you may not want to leave, from the herringbone wood floors to the museum quality display cases to the eclectic lighting, there was clearly a lot of thought not to mention talent that went into the design of this dispensary.  The budtenders are kind, knowledgeable and have great senses of humor.  Anna in particular was a true professional and made the experience way more fun than expected. The recommended Desert Unicorn hybrid flower is some of the greenest dankest bud around and the potency hits perfectly for day or evening.  The Kosher Haze Indica Badder sends you right into a happy place and how you choose to spend your time in that happy place is entirely up to you. Overall Jenny’s Dispensary is just like their cannabis, topshelf.

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More Amazing Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland Oregon

Best Dispensaries in Portland

Best Dispensaries in Portland

Chalice Farms – Best Dispensaries in Portland

With six locations around the Portland metro area including one at the airport, which is, interesting to say the least, this cannabis dispensary chain does it all.  If you are in Portland, you are never far from a Chalice dispensary.  The dispensary being reviewed is near the waterfront on Naito Parkway.  There is not much signage out front so make sure you know where you’re going or you will easily walk right past it.  The first room you walk into looks and kind of feels like a dentist’s waiting room, with a few outdated magazines on a table.  Once you show your ID and wait, you will be ushered back to a beautiful space with lots of space and light wood, a bit like a cabin of cannabis!  The budtenders here know their stuff but as this location always seems busy, you might feel a little pressure to make a selection or five and be on your way.  They have some of the best topshelf cannabis in the area and their prices reflect this.  That being said, if you want to treat yourself, this is the place to do it!  If you are a newbie and have a lot of questions, they are very responsive to texts so it might be helpful to ask a few questions before you go.  Chalice Farms offers delivery, pickup and instore shopping plus if you are part of their rewards program you will get plenty of opportunities for some seriously good cannabis discounts.

Oregon’s Finest – Best Dispensaries in Portland

This small two store dispensary chain was the first in Oregon and it shows.  With an eastside and westside location, both dispensaries are convenient to get to.  The westside location is by far the most beautiful dispensary around.  It is spacious and full of great product displays and has a very extensive and varied menu.  Looking for a hard to find cannabis strain?  Odds are Oregon’s Finest has it or can tell you when to expect it to be available.  The budtenders here are qualified, knowledgeable and always friendly.  Sadly this amazing location is currently only doing pickup or delivery but the eastside location still has instore service.  The eastside location is of course spectacular but it doesn’t have that old school charm like the one on the westside does.  Oregon’s finest, in addition to some fine cannabis products, has a very interactive website with a good loyalty program. Their topshelf products have the highest THC percentages in town.  33% THC for some of the hybrid strains with Emerald Apricot the clear winner from this dispensary.  If you participate in their loyalty program, the fairly high prices won’t hurt quite as much.

Broadway Cannabis Market – Best Dispensaries in Portland

This very hip dispensary is not what it appears to be from the outside.  The neighborhood is a little rough so it’s best visited during the day but there is plenty of security around so you will not feel uncomfortable at all.  From the sidewalk, as you cue up on your socially distanced spot to get in, you will feel a bit like you’re about to enter a nightclub.  You’re not, it’s a bright and airy dispensary with the best deals on some seriously good weed.  There is a lot of glass in this large space, not that kind of glass, although you can pick up a bong or pipe to be sure.  With wide open display cases, and plenty of space to move around, take the time to look up while you’re there.  There is some amazing art on the walls and it adds to the overall vibe of this dispensary.  The budtenders are professional and go out of their way to make sure you are getting the right products for your cannabis needs.  If you seem unsure, they ask questions, which is a unique experience.  Most budtenders don’t ask questions, they answer them and you can tell they know the right questions to ask to make even a newbie feel like a qualified cannabis connoisseur.  The prices are the best around for flower, carts and concentrates.  The edibles are a little pricy but worth it!  With a rewards program and discounts for veterans, seniors and students, Broadway Cannabis Market does it right with pickup and instore shopping available.

Jayne – Best Dispensaries in Portland

Located on Portland’s inner eastside, Jayne is a cannabis lover’s dream come true.  A dispensary that not only has excellent cannabis options but is a beautiful and cool place to buy your bud.  Their hours are 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week and currently they are open for in-store shopping, pickup and even offer delivery.  In-store shopping is limited to only a few people in the budroom at a time to ensure social distancing but you won’t mind waiting as this dispensary is a true eclectic mix of décor that is quintessentially Portland! The outside of the building is decidedly modern but once inside , where you show your ID and wait to be ushered into the budroom is a mix of modern and old-school décor.  Very inviting.  The budroom itself is cool grey tones which serves to highlight why you came, for the cannabis.  Jayne’s website is extremely easy to navigate and showcases how truly involved they are in the Portland community and the charitable causes that matter to the area. Budtender Ryan, who is super friendly but possesses ninja like flower analysis can help you make the best cannabis selections for your needs. Both the Platinum OGKB and Royal Wedding were exactly as he described in terms of what to expect and the benefits for both.  This dispensary is more than worth the trip but if you prefer to pickup or have your cannabis delivered, Jayne’s got you covered there too.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Eugene

Recreational Dispensaries in Eugene

Moss Crossing 

Located on Friendly Street right at 27th in Eugene this amazing dispensary is doing things right and one of my favorite recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  They are currently open from 10 am to 8 pm every day but Sunday, with slightly reduced hours of 11 am to 7 pm.  From the outside of the dispensary you would never guess how beautiful, light and airy the inside is and it’s such an inviting vibe that no matter your age or cannabis expertise level, you will feel comfortable in this environment.  They are open for both pickup and delivery, which is a bonus and on a limited basis their budroom is open with clear and safe procedures in place.  Make sure you come with exact change though, it is required.  Moss Crossing has an extremely user friendly website, which should answer any questions you might have about their cannabis products or really anything cannabis related and if you can’t find the answer to what you need, give them a call.  They offer up to 20% off selected items and that is a seriously good discount for their quality products.  They also have some unique glassware to check out in addition to an extensive menu.  For vegans, they have a line of edibles that are delicious.  Their CBD products are also fairly extensive.  The Burner Phone hybrid flower was recommended by a very nice budtender and was amazing!  A true hybrid that is perfectly potent.  The Allen Wrench Live Budder was also off the charts in terms of price (reasonable) and potency (you will be super stoned).  You really can’t ask for more than that from any marijuana dispensary.

Terpene Station

With locations in both Portland Oregon and Eugene, this two dispensary chain is more than just a cool sounding place to buy marijuana and one of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  Located on River Road it is both a recreational and medical dispensary.  Currently they are open from 9 am to 9:45 pm every day for pickup only right now which is a shame as this is a beautiful dispensary on the inside but best to be safe than try to open for in store shopping if they are not ready.  The inside is huge and in a strange way resembles a marijuana museum, lots of wood and glass.  This is the place to get your cannabis on your birthday as they offer a 30% discount off your total order which is incredible!  They also offer a 10% discount daily for both seniors and veterans plus plenty of daily and weekly specials.  The budtenders are experts in the area of all things cannabis and happy to explain things to novice users which is so nice because many people feel a bit intimidated when they first purchase marijuana from a dispensary.  They have their menu on both Leafly and Dutchie but preorders for pickup must be placed through Dutchie.  The CannaCrispy Fruity edibles are priced right and a welcome change from the traditional Rice Krispy type fare, which they also have.  They have classic flower strains like Royal Highness very reasonably priced and the quality is superb plus more unique strains like Dread Bread, a sweet organic hybrid bud that should be in all dispensaries.  Overall this dispensary has an extensive variety for any cannabis need.

The Greener Side 

This dispensary is located pretty centrally on Oak Street at 15th in  in The Exchange Building, just two blocks from Safeway and is another one of the great recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  They are open from 10 am to 9 pm every day and are currently doing both curbside pickup and delivery, just give them a call about delivery.  They plan to open a River Road location soon and are the oldest OLCC licensed dispensary in Eugene so they know their cannabis.  The Greener Side is a leader in the community in terms of donation drives for a wide variety of charities and they are also one of the founding members of the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association which works towards creating best practice standards within the Oregon cannabis community.  All that and they have some seriously good weed too!  Their website is good but could use a little updating however all menu information is kept updated.  They also have a 10% off veterans discount and a 5% senior/student/industry discount plus daily deals 7 days a week.  All this plus the best prices around, although keep in mind the menu lists pre-tax prices.  The Sticky Bitch, which had to be tried because of the name, is indeed a sticky dank flower which smells and tastes great plus it is one of the best cannabis strains around.  The Slurricane Indica flower lives up to its name and leaves you with an intense dreamy body buzz like a good Indica should.  The Mimosa Live resin is yummy and super potent!  They have some cool merch for sale as well if that’s your thing.    Speaking with a budtender on the phone was easy and it’s clear they know their cannabis!

Spacebuds The Dispensary 

Located right near WOW Hall in downtown Eugene in a mocha colored house this dispensary is the stuff of dreams and one of the most interesting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene.  Spacebuds The Dispensary is open from 9 am to 10 pm except Sunday they close at 9 pm.  A concept dispensary for those who love horror, technology, classic space themed movies and games, in the words of Kelly the cool budtender, a techies dream.  Their website alone will transport you back in time, it is full of fun information presented in a totally unique way, well maybe George Lucas would disagree but for the world of cannabis, it’s an epic website. They have started streaming on Twitch from their site plus in the area of “Hidden Knowledge” is an impressive collection of quite a few studies related to cannabis and its use for a variety of medical conditions plus other more general cannabis information.  You can easily spend hours on their site! Currently you can pick up your cannabis or have someone speed your weed to you, really though they do deliver between noon and 8 pm except no Sunday delivery but if you have the opportunity, pay them a visit in person.  Currently they are allowing 4 people in the budroom and while you are waiting there is more than enough cool stuff to check out and with it being the month of Halloween, they have gone all out.  They offer daily specials plus so many specific discounts, no stacking though.  Seniors, veterans, students, teachers, industry peeps get 10% off plus they offer other specials you must check out like from 11-noon and 4:20 to 5:20 a Time Travelers Special of 50% off house rolls.  Amazing. Now to the marijuana itself. The Candyland hybrid flower is highly recommended, pun intended and the Black Kush might become a new nighttime favorite.  This unique and mind-blowing dispensary is someplace you must experience if you live in Eugene or are passing through.

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5 Qualities of a Great Marijuana Dispensary

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

When some US states and countries began to legalize recreational marijuana dispensaries, they started popping up seemingly overnight.  This trend will continue in more states as recreational marijuana laws are being passed.  For anyone who has visited a dispensary and for those who have visited many dispensaries, they are not all created equal.  Each cannabis customer has their own wish list for the perfect dispensary.  No, all the free weed you can carry will never be a thing!  There are some similarities in the most popular dispensaries and ones that get consistently good reviews.  We’re going to take a look at the most crucial elements that sets a dispensary apart from its competitors.

Location and Size of the Interior

Location is one of the most important components of  good recreational marijuana dispensaries.  It must be located in an area that is easy to get to for most people and if the dispensary is in a city center, is it in a walkable neighborhood?  Recognizing that most dispensary owners don’t have unlimited budgets for leasing a retail space, is the location in a relatively safe area?  If your favorite dispensary is located in an area that you don’t feel comfortable driving or walking to, it won’t remain your favorite dispensary for very long.  The inside of a dispensary is key as well.  In today’s reality of social distancing, if a dispensary chooses to remain open for in-store shopping, do they have the space to do it?  If your visit to purchase cannabis leaves you feeling a little claustrophobic, you likely won’t be back.  Regardless of the size of the space, is it well ventilated?  This is especially important these days however it is never fun to be inside and feel like there is not much air flow.


All dispensaries are required to have 24 hour security cameras at any entrances and exits.  The reasons for this are fairly obvious, to keep them from getting robbed and to monitor who is coming and going.  Recreational marijuana dispensaries are currently primarily a cash only business in most states so if you assume cash is kept on the premises plus that added temptation of all that cannabis sitting around, thieves really target dispensaries so the better the security, the less likely a dispensary is to have problems. What about the security personnel during the dispensaries open hours?  Most dispensaries have at least one and depending on the size and location of the dispensary, sometimes more than one security guard there during the hours of operation.  This is a good thing however it can backfire for some dispensaries.  If you pull up to a dispensary and see 3 armed security guards, this can be a little intimidating for some people.  The best dispensaries can find a way to strike the right balance between having the necessary personnel to keep customers and employees safe and putting out the Mad Max vibe.  Knowing the neighborhood and clientele is an important aspect of determining security needs.


We have all been to a restaurant and when the menus are brought to the table, they resemble complete novels.  Some recreational marijuana dispensaries make the same mistake.  More is not always better and if you visit a dispensary or go on their website and hours later you still are processing the contents of the menu, that’s not much fun.  It’s also harder to make a decision when you are overloaded with options plus it puts more pressure on the budtenders to know about each strain.  This is unrealistic and does not create a good dispensary experience.  The flipside is true as well.  Having a menu that is too small can be problematic because customers will feel pressured to buy a strain because it’s available, although it’s not really what they were looking for.  That lack of options will cause most cannabis customers to take their business to another dispensary.  Again it’s about finding balance with the menu, not too many or too few options.

Pricing, Specials and Reward Programs

So imagine you get a text from your local dispensary that you recently visited and signed up for their rewards program.  The text tells you about some great deals, available that day.  Nice of them right?  Two hours later you get another text, same dispensary, different deals.  Wow, kind of cool but strange they have so many deals in one day.  Four hours later, yep a third text with still more, happy hour deals this time.  If you are smart you will cancel your enrollment with the dispensary because every day it will be pretty much the same.  There are a few reasons why this dispensary appears to be harassing you.  They priced their cannabis too high to begin with and to stay competitive they are constantly running “deals”.  They also are not really good at long term planning because if they don’t see a steady stream of customers, they panic and start sending out texts.  Most importantly, how is the quality of their cannabis?  Chances are it might not be the best around and they have to work much harder than other dispensaries to get your business.

Budtenders and Community Involvement

Knowledgeable budtenders at a dispensary is a given.  Great recreational marijuana dispensaries have great budtenders who not only know their cannabis but are able to make anyone who walks through the door feel comfortable and that their needs are listened to, and their questions answered.  It’s an art form really, part budtender, part customer service master, part psychologist.  Budtenders and especially dispensary owners should also make efforts to be part of the local community.  This trend is really distinguishing the decent dispensaries from the truly great ones, do they care about their neighbors?  How do they show it?  Maybe volunteer work within the community, certainly donations to local charities and the flexibility to redirect funds when the community is experiencing a crisis.  Not always easy to do financially but the good karma will be returned to that dispensary.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Tacoma

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Tacoma

Clear Choice Cannabis Recreational Dispensary 

Clear Choice has two locations in Washington, one in Tacoma and the other in Bremerton.  This review is of the Tacoma location.  This is one of the recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma where looks can be deceiving.  It’s located on the side of a strip mall and if you don’t have a car can be a little challenging to get to as it’s located nowhere near the city center.  That being said, it’s more than worth paying them a visit.  They’re currently are open from 8 am until midnight for both curbside pickup and in store shopping.  Once you wait in line, go later in the day to avoid lines, and show your ID, you then move into the inner rooms, which are on the small side but they do an excellent job of keeping people socially distanced.  Each day of the week, except Fridays some deep discounts are offered on particular products so for example on Mondays, all carts are 10% off.  Their budtenders are always nice and extremely helpful.  Krysta in particular is so full of knowledge, you can trust any recommendations she makes.  Another fact is this dispensary has some of the coolest glass in town, maybe not even just in Tacoma but in the state of Washington.  It makes sense as Tacoma is the home to the Museum of Glass.  If you don’t spend most of your money on cannabis, check out their glass, it’s superb! Clear Choice has a good website with a really interesting blog and generally is easy to navigate.  Good deals on the classics like Blue Dream and Jack Herer as well as some interesting and dank new strains.  Gluelato is highly recommended!  No it doesn’t smell or taste like glue, well a little bit but in a good way.

Mary Mart 

A dispensary is not just about the marijuana, well mostly it is but the people make the difference and Mary Mart has the nicest budtenders in town and is one of my favorite recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma.  It’s run like a family business and they treat their customers like family too, which is a huge plus.  Mary Mart is located right on 6th Avenue so it’s super easy to find and the new location looks like an old convenience store but they made it work.  Currently Mary Mart is open from 8 am until 11 pm for in-store pickup only.  Their website is easy to use and updated at least weekly with their seriously deep discounts on excellent quality products.  They also have a generous rewards program, especially if you have not shopped there before an offer a veterans discount and a birthday discount!  Plan your shopping according to what products you plan to purchase because each day of the week has specific types of discounts plus they are always running extra specials.  Their site also bas a blog which definitely could be updated on a more regular basis but as long as they stay cool and kind with dank buds, all is forgiven.  They carry a wide range of all things cannabis and they even carry Dr. Roberts Cherry Cola, the most delicious drinkable cannabis option out there!  The Sativa dominant hybrid Orangeade is fantastic flower at a pretty decent price and the Ex’s Gift, a balanced hybrid flower is potent and interestingly complex, just like an ex!  As mary mart is only doing in-store pickup now, when you are checking out their products online and have questions, just give them a quick call, they are happy to provide any information or answer any questions you may have about their choice cannabis products.

Emerald Leaves 

Emerald Leaves is located very centrally on 6th Avenue in Tacoma in what surely used to be some sort of nightclub.  It’s a giant space and that has very tall ceilings and plenty of room to move around.  Currently they are open from 8 am to 11:45 pm for in-store pickup only.  Emerald Leaves Dispensary is also the only Black owned recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma and the state of Washington.  If you would like to support black owned businesses and live in Tacoma or even if you know you will be passing through, place your order through their website and pick it up.  The budtenders here are knowledgeable but also let you take a minute to review the many options so you never feel like you are being pressured to buy more than you can afford.  It’s a very relaxing experience, as it should be at all dispensaries.  They offer many possible discounts including a veterans discount, an industry discount (most other dispensaries don’t offer this), a birthday discount and an early bird (8-9) discount plus each day of the week Emerald Leaves offers product or farm specific discounts.  If all of this is not enough, they have an excellent loyalty program.  Emerald Leaves website is very cool and there is a lot there so take your time and make sure to check out their blog, so much to learn about cannabis!  Now to the products.  The Big Lemon flower is fruity and delicious smelling and tasting and wow, super potent.  Hellfire Shake, another potent flower, lives up to its name!  The Trainwreck Live Resin was priced right and amazing!  Overall excellent quality, prices and vibe at Emerald Leaves.

World of Weed 

This dispensary is super cool on the inside, it literally is like a world of weed, and like a grocery store of weed too.  Located a little off the beaten path in Tacoma but worth finding it on East Portland Avenue and 32nd.  They are open from 8 am until 11:45 and offer both curbside pickup as well as in-store shopping.  Once you show your ID and get into the dispensary proper, it really is set up like a weed grocery store, how cool is that!  Plenty of room for social distancing and truly helpful and friendly budtenders who seem to genuinely care about helping you find cannabis products that work for you.  They ask smart questions and make good recommendations but don’t try to upsell you.  Their website is a bit slow but worth it, especially their blog.  They write about some really interesting and unique cannabis related topics.  They have some discounted deals when you check out their menu online but make sure to ask when you go to the dispensary too.  World of Weed has something for everyone’s cannabis budget.  They also have some really unique products that are worth exploring especially if you are in the market for topical cannabis products or vapes.  Their menu is extensive so unless you want to make a day of your trip to World of Weed, it’s time effective to review their menu online before making the trip to one of these recreational marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma.  The Sapphire Kush was a surprisingly potent Indica that was recommended at a very reasonable price.  The Sunshine Lime Sativa hits as happy as the name implies.  Overall World of Weed is a world to love.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Seattle has a great cannabis lifestyle vibe to it and is one of those cities that have embraced the culture. Here are some of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle. Check them out if you get a chance or haven’t already. They each have their own atmosphere and they all have amazing service and pretty much anything you are looking for.

Uncle Ike’s – Capitol Hill

These cool recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle have five locations with the one on Capitol Hill being one of the more popular and convenient of the five.  Located in a busy part at the very top of Capitol Hill, Uncle Ike’s currently has both pickup and in store shopping available.  The unassuming building houses a vast array of all things cannabis for all price points.  When you first enter and show your ID you may feel a little overwhelmed by the selection.  No need, Uncle Ike’s budtenders will help guide you through the process of choosing exactly what you need, even if you are not so sure yourself.  They know how to ask questions and are true experts, especially when it comes to various flower strains and edibles.  Their hours will work with anyone’s schedule as they open at 8 am and don’t close until right before midnight.  Their website is excellent and very user friendly.  Uncle Ike’s aims to just do more than sell you cannabis products, they are heavily involved in the local politics and BLM movement and have raised considerable funds for local charities.  They are proud members of the community and give back!  Their website also includes various information about the local marijuana laws so if you are new to the area or a tourist, you can learn exactly where you can enjoy your cannabis products legally.  With daily sales you just can’t go wrong at Uncle Ike’s.  The Suck Don’t Chew Hard Candies for only a dollar are essential, as is their Obama Indica flower.

The Reef Cannabis

Capitol Hill
The Reef has one Seattle location on lower Capitol Hill in what may have been once a nightclub or perhaps a pizza place and another location in Bremerton, this is one cool dispensary.  The Reef touts themselves as a digital dispensary who cares.  They do care and each quarter they designate 3 local charities to help and in addition send a crew out into the community on a weekly basis to do some neighborhood cleanup.  If you want to spend money on cannabis, feel good knowing that you are spending it someplace that cares about their neighborhood.  With expansive hours of 8 am- 11:30, you have plenty of time to plan a trip.  The dispensary itself is huge, with plenty of open space, sky high ceilings and is very well lit, as you will be soon as well!  You could never feel claustrophobic at The Reef.  The budtenders here are so attentive and friendly, it feel like advice from a trusted friend rather than a retail experience.  Currently they are doing pickup and in store shopping and with a good website you can plan your cannabis purchases before you go or leave it to the budtenders to help you out.  Either way, this is one of the fantastic recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle and they even offer yoga tutorials on their website to pair with either a Sativa or Indica!  You can shop safely using one of the window bubbles or move through the huge interior, all while staying social distant.  Tinkerbell’s Revenge is a budget friendly flower and Pineapple Chunk is top shelf and worth every penny.  Their menu is massive so take you time and ask questions.

Ruckus Recreational

Capitol Hill
Located in a busy part of upper Capitol Hill, Ruckus Recreational is the first certified clean green dispensary out of the recreational marijuana dispensaries in Seattle.  They really are the dispensary with a heart as they have reserved the first hour they are open, from 8-9 am for seniors over 65.  They stay open until nearly midnight so if you’re not a senior, you still have plenty of time to pay them a visit.  In addition to the Capitol Hill location, they also have one in Ballard worth checking out too with more limited hours of 9-9.  The dispensary itself is fairly large but because they have so many cannabis products, as you first walk on it can seem a little crowded.  It’s really not and there is plenty of floor space so you can feel comfortable to browse.  The budtenders at Ruckus Recreational are caring, not just about you as the customer but about the cannabis quality they are selling and just life in general.  They have a good loyalty program and some really unique edibles such as Nacho Cheese Pretzels that are out of this world, on so many levels.  It’s great to see dispensaries who expand their edible inventories to those who prefer savory rather than sweet treats. They have a wide variety of carts and if cannabis flower is your thing and you can buy in larger quantities, they have some super sweet deals.  Ruckus Recreational carries the classics like 9 lb Hammer and some really interesting strains like Velvet Skies.  Yes it’s as dreamy as it sounds.  Currently they are doing pickup and in store shopping.  Their website at first glance seems pretty simple but its user friendly and visually pretty cool from an artistic standpoint.

Satori MJ

Satori has a location in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle but they also have locations in Spokane, Bellingham, Pullman and even Anchorage, if you happen to find yourself that far north.  Besides being a multi-state dispensary they are also have a medical endorsement so their budtenders have the training, knowledge and experience to help you with both recreational or medical cannabis needs.  If you are a medical marijuana patient give them a heads up before you come so they can be sure to have a budtender there who can help you with your specific needs.  The dispensary itself is in a super cool building and the inside space is smallish but well utilized and well-lit so you will feel like you are in a much bigger space.  Amazing how they do that!  They have an excellent rewards program and offer discounts to veterans and seniors plus they are dog friendly.  It would be impossible to not feel welcome in this environment.  The budtenders are happy to let you browse or they can be as attentive as you need them to be.  Satori MJ’s website is full of all things cannabis and you can learn quite a lot about any number of cannabis related topics just by browsing.  They are open from 8 am until nearly midnight so more than enough time to stop by.  They feature a different farm every week and offer deep discounts on the products.  The Wedding Cake flower from Hannah Industries is a steal!  The Blaze Grape Soda, yes is a little pricy but wow!  Definitely worth it.  Their CBD options are the best around.  Overall Satori MJ does it right.

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The Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston & Massachusetts

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston

Popular Marijuana dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts

NETA Brookline

Distance from Boston: Minutes by car
NETA Brookline is placed within a gorgeous, converted bank, all high ceilings and ornate dark wood. The menu resembles its Northampton counterpart, even though its enduring popularity occasionally means its product runs out more quickly — especially at the moment. Bonus points go to the team members for their friendly but no-nonsense attitude (not every dispensary visitor attempts a woo-woo experience).
Operations: People who have a valid medical card must book their purchases beforehand.


Distance from Boston: One hour
With a title like Cultivate, you would expect a farm-like approach for their product, and the dispensary does not disappoint:”seed to table” is Cultivate’s governing philosophy. The lineup of blossom, pre-rolls, wax, and vape cartridges is remarkable, but how fascinating is that infused olive oil? And nobody ever went wrong making cannabis-chocolate chip biscuits their quarantine treat.
Operations: Patients must book ahead of time online; those looking for a full-scale consult can call 508.233.8000 to talk to a brand ambassador.

Northeast Alternatives

Fall River
Distance from Boston: One hour
At age 19, founder Chris Harkins witnessed the profound suffering his mother experienced from the cancer that would eventually take her life; when his father was diagnosed with cancer decades later, Harkins sought alternative treatments to alleviate pain and learned more about the effectiveness of cannabis. NEA now sells flower, pre-rolls, focus, edibles, and vape capsules; its own unique selling proposition must be its sativa energy drink with notes of pineapple and cherry.
Operations: The dispensary is open for regular business hours and is offering special deals for new patients.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts


Easthampton and Springfield
Distance from Boston: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to
There is the normal lineup of blossom, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and concentrates, but INSA also provides the Dart Pod, CCell’s vape system that’s lighter and boasts more vapor generation than standard cartridges. Most fascinating of all are the bath salts, certain to give you the most relaxing tubby time (that we sure as hell could use right about now).
Operations: The dispensaries are available for state pick-up orders only.

NETA Northampton

Distance from Boston: About two hours
This was the nation’s first recreational dispensary, and when it started, the wait times were measured in hours and parking areas were miles away. Things have since calmed down, but we can not guarantee what things will look like now that it is medical-only. The menu within this spa-like area is impressive: a number of flower and pre-rolls; lots of edibles, such as gummies, lozenges, as well as chocolate chip brownies; and a fine-mist inhaler. Their cartridges start with the fundamental Rempen and the purer Apex, and their proprietary Rubi (everything else matches the 510 vape cartridge regular ).
Operations : All orders must be placed beforehand through Reserve Ahead.


Danvers and Woburn
Distance from Boston: Twenty minutes to Woburn, 30 minutes to Danvers
Obviously you need your cannabis to be organic. At least, you do if you have made your way to Sanctuary, which prides itself on the high quality cultivation of its goods. It sells a number of flower and pre-rolls, also vape cartridges and a dash of concentrates. A great selection of edibles, including watermelon fruit chews and butterscotch lozenges.
Operations: Both medical dispensaries are offered for in-store shopping.

Theory Wellness

Distance from Boston: 2 hours and 15 minutes
“Seed to purchase” is the new”farm to table,” and Theory is a trailblazer. Its small-batch product is grown directly in Bridgewater: a fantastic assortment of flowers with two dimensions of pre-rolls, also capsules, Pax pods, and concentrates. The shops also have loads of edibles, tinctures, and an”extra strength” body oil that will not get you high, but will surely ease coronavirus tightness.
Operations : Preorder on the exact day you intend to pick up.

Patriot Care
Boston, Lowell, and Greenfield
Distance from Boston: Two hours, 30 minutes or less
Patriot runs one of the few medicinal dispensaries in Boston proper and has since added two spots to its repertoire. The blossom menu is impressive — more than two dozen varietals currently. Will the bud massage oil give your shoulders the munchies? Just 1 way to discover. Frankly, we are here for the hazelnut spread (available only in Lowell). If you are going to gorge during these stressful times, you may also get the most out of it.
Operations: at this time, all three medical dispensaries continue to be open during regular hours for in-store buys, but you are still best served by either emailing or calling to place your order beforehand.

Berkshire Roots
Distance from Boston: Two hours, 30 minutes
Pittsfield is obviously the Highest Town in Massachusetts, given its two distinct recreational dispensaries when most Massachusetts cities do not have one (Temescal Wellness is another ). All that’s on pause, of course, but Berkshire Roots, which opened on April 6, boasts the biggest growing operation in Western Mass, and their strong flower selection backs it up. They’ve pre-rolls and a collection of concentrates in addition to gummies, chocolate, and four unique tinctures, all made in house. Never mind that you will feel as if you have walked into an REI, the area is so calm and contemporary.
Operations: Patients should pre-order before pickup; the dispensary will send you a text as soon as your order is ready.

If you have other marijuana dispensaries in Boston and Massachusetts that you think should make the list, let us know in the comments.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland Oregon

recreational marijuana dispensaries in portland

Portland Oregon has a unique style and the same can be said of it’s dispensary scene. Below are the most popular recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

The Weedery 

Tucked away about half a block off a popular shopping and restaurant district in Portland’s Northwest neighborhood is a cute old house that contains some real cannabis treasures.  You will have to walk up some very narrow slightly creepy stairs to get there so watch your step.  Once you’re on the second floor you will be asked to show your ID to the person at the counter and depending on how busy it is you will either wait in that small room for a few minutes until there is a budtender in the next room available or you will be told to go right in.  Once inside the dispensary proper it can be a little overwhelming, there are a lot of cannabis products in a pretty small space so check out the menu first or do it online before you go.  Most of the budtenders are super friendly and if they sense you need a minute, they will give you time to make decisions.  It is obvious that the budtenders have tried a lot of the products so feel comfortable asking for recommendations.  No upselling at all and no pressure to buy topshelf products if that is not what you’re looking for or just don’t want to spend that much.  Their Pineapple Kush strain sells out fast when it’s available so snap it up.  The price is definitely right! The only real negative is the lack of a rewards program for repeat customers.

Cannabliss & Co. 

Cannabliss has five locations, most of them in the Portland area with one in Springfield Oregon near Eugene.  Each location is different in terms of available cannabis products and the look and layout of the dispensary.  The 22nd and Burnside location is in a busy neighborhood on an extremely busy street.  Burnside is one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Portland.  A big plus with this dispensary is that it is open until 10, every night and with most other dispensaries closing at 7 or 8 pm it’s great late night dispensary plus with a Taco Bell steps away…super convenient snackwise.  Once you step through the door you are immediately transported back in time to the 1980s or even the 1970s.  The small waiting room where you show your ID has some cool wall art but those red chairs, definitely a throwback to another era.  The vibe continues once you walk through to the dispensary.  It looks a little like an old baseball card shop, complete with what might be the same display cases.  Check the menu online before you go because although the budtenders are helpful, there is a vibe of wanting to keep things moving.  You won’t feel rushed and the prices for some of the best flower and carts in the city can’t be beat but ask too many questions and you may detect an eyeroll.  If you are buying more than a few grams this is the place to go.  Cash only and curbside pickup at this time.  Significant discounts for veterans. One of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.


This dispensary is a little hard to find but its painted yellow so just knowing that fact should make it easier.  Currently they are only doing pickup but the inside of the dispensary is pretty small and you cue up on the sidewalk at socially distanced spots and wait your turn at to step up to the oversized window.  It feels a bit like ordering a pizza in NYC.  The inside of MindRite may be closed currently but they make the best of the sidewalk window option.  The inside is a quite small and feels cramped in both the outer waiting room as well as the dispensary so for today’s times, the setup they have works well.  MindRite does quality organic cannabis products better than anyone.  If you are concerned about the chemicals used during the grow process or just want some great quality cannabis without worrying about what other chemicals you might be ingesting, MindRite is the place to go.  The budtenders are cool and knowledgeable and although some people report negative experiences with the budtenders there most people sing their praises.  That being said, if you show up with an attitude, you will likely have a less than stellar experience.  They do seem to go overboard on their site with the self-promotion but if your cannabis is this good, you have to let people know, and they do.  An extensive menu with daily specials and not just for flower but for concentrates and all CBD products as well.  Discounts for veterans and anyone with a medical marijuana card.  MindRite closes fairly early at 7 pm and if you are a person that needs some time choosing your cannabis, get there at least 30 minutes before they close in case of a line. Definitely one of the interesting recreational marijuana dispensaries in Portland.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Chicago

marijuana dispensaries chicago

Recreational marijuana dispensaries in Chicago are deemed essential businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Some marijuana dispensaries only sell to medical patients and others are requiring recreational users to make an appointment or purchase online. (Delivery isn’t currently permitted in Illinois.)

Here is the list of the Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Chicago and what to check out.


Currently serving recreational by online order
Sunnyside is the retail arm of Cresco Labs, the biggest marijuana operator in Illinois and among the biggest cannabis businesses in the usa.  Measure inside its bustling orange-and-white walled space situated steps from Wrigley Field, Metro, and Rare Earth to locate one of the largest collections of cannabis on the market armed with supply from a number of the nation’s premium grow facilities. The business has recently opened a dedicated area across the road from Sunnyside at 3801 N. Clark for walk-ins serving medical patients and recreational users 55 and above with increased health risks, while the first location will act as a fulfillment center for online orders.

Dispensary 33

Currently serving only medical patients
Chicago’s first cannabis operator is one of the city’s most treasured, including a beautifully manicured space showcasing soothing forests and tasteful sketch artwork situated a short stroll from Hopleaf and Chicago Magic Lounge. With recreational earnings now suspended, medical patients are now being requested to shop only if it is”absolutely essential” and to expect delays because of social distancing requirements. Dispensary 33 generally plays host to the yearly Waldos Forever 4/20 festival away from the shop, which has been rescheduled for September with the dispensary’s 4/20 festivities transferred online — including the opportunity to win a”Stoner Starter Kit” on Instagram.

MOCA Modern Cannabis

Logan Square
Currently serving only medical patients
Another of Chicago’s best known cannabis operators, this Logan Square hotspot operated by the proprietors of the native Emporium arcade pub chain is famous for its educational events and cannabis markets along with a range of standout offerings at a cool loft-style space situated near many of equally cool bars like Slippery Slope and Emporium Logan Square. With events now on recreational and hold sales suspended, MOCA is now only open for medical patients and caregivers who place orders online. The store is also offering remote assistance for potential cannabis patients throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Maribis of Chicago

Brighton Park
Currently serving recreational only on weekends
While there are not too many flights taking off from Midway nowadays, traffic still continues to flow to the Southwest Side operator situated less than three miles from the airport. Currently only allowing recreational clients on weekends, Maribis doesn’t provide online ordering but is famous for specials and deals often posted on Leafly. Yet its lobby is big enough to accommodate an adequate amount of people in the social distancing age. After picking up your stash, round out the adventure with a trip to next-door Leon’s Barbeque (currently open for takeout).

Columbia Care Chicago

Jefferson Park
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
Running 33 centers in 11 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, Columbia Care is a large scale global operator famous for introducing the nation’s first legal charge card to get cannabis purchases. Located in Jefferson Park near the Gale Street Inn and Jefferson Park Blue Line, admire the shop’s sleek black and white chic layout as you shop for recreational goods such as French onion soup mix, THC-infused Epsom bath salts, and a potent 28.5percent THC Indica called Mag Landrace.

Mission South Shore

South Chicago
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
If you are living on the Southeast Side and are on a mission for marijuana, you’re most likely familiar with Mission South Shore. The sole dispensary in the region and the nearest to the Indiana border, the store brings in lots of out-of-staters in addition to loyal sailors stocking up on everything from pills and tonics to water pipes and suppositories in a clean judgment-free space. Currently only allowing eight people on the ground at the same time with recreational sales by appointment only, Mission South Shore has also removed all volume limits on any item or class during the coronavirus crisis.

The Herbal Care Center

University Village
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
Featuring one of the largest and most varied cannabis product collections in the nation, Chicago’s top-rated dispensary is well known for taking great care of its clients in a serene, relaxing area equipped with sofas and wall art. Read through their stocked selection of edibles, vapes, extracts, pre-rolls, and tinctures as you seek the remedy to what ails you (even if this ailment is straightforward lockdown boredom). The dispensary is also situated near one of Chicago’s top restaurants, EL Ideas, which is presently available for takeout and delivery.

Midway Dispensary

Garfield Ridge
Currently serving recreational by appointment only
If this dispensary were any closer to Midway Airport, it would be parked at the gift shop next to Hudson News. Located just 3 blocks north of the airport near the old-school Villa Rosa Pizza, this Garfield Ridge dispensary offers a huge stock of disposable vapes and capsules plus gummies and drinks from tropical punch to Mexican cocoa. Started among Chicago’s first medical dispensaries in 2016 before recently expanding to recreational, Midway Dispensary is currently offering curbside pickup for patients.

Consume Chicago

Norwood Park
Currently serving recreational by online order
Tucked away in residential, family-friendly Norwood Park, this neighborhood-centric dispensary is the best place to nerd out on the particulars of the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles on your blossom strain or stock up on powerful extracts such as crumble wax. Currently allowing curbside pickup for medical with the parking lot reserved for medical patients only, Consume: Chicago is helpfully located just down the street from Chicago’s iconic old-school hot dog purveyors Superdawg. Grab some weed, catch a Chicago dog, and vanish in the Caldwell Woods Forest Preserves Throughout the street. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday (or any day).

Nu Era Chicago

Clybourn Corridor
Currently serving recreational by online order
Mojito and lime sorbet vapes. Menthol and cayenne topicals. Tangerine tinctures and taco seasoning packets. These are simply a few of the flavor-packed items which you may find at this no-frills dispensary located across the street from Chicago’s legendary late-night punk bar/den of bad decisions Exit. Currently only allowing five people in the shop at one time using 6-10 foot distancing protocols in place, Nu Med has also installed plexiglass windows at all its terminals with the first two hours of each day reserved for medical patients only.

These are the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in Chicago. Let us know in the comments if you think there are others to add to the list.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in San Francisco

Marijuana Dispensaries San Francisco

Marijuana was available for recreational use in California — meaning no clinical recommendation required — as of 2016. By now, you probably have a go-to San Francisco store, but given the especially stressful time we are all in the middle of, it would be sensible to re-prioritize your comfort. If you’re looking for variety and quality in oils, vapes, flowers, edibles, and everything in between — seem to some of the dispensaries below. We all will render you a very satisfied customer — and all have social-distancing-friendly choices like delivery and pickup. Here are your best recreational marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco

Berner’s on Haight

Haight Ashbury

The first and only dispensary you’ll find about Shakedown Street is rightat home in this hippie soul locality. Berner’s on Haight is a local collaboration from Shawn Richard, a Cannabis Equity Program spouse who had been heavily affected by the War on Drugs, and Berner, aka Gilbert Milam, a Galileo High School dropout who made his bones at the cannabis industry in the 1990s working at SF’s Hemp Center medicinal cannabis dispensary. The dispensary has over 60 breeds of blossom on offer such as Berner’s signature Interface lineup, in addition to a menu of beverages, edibles, tinctures, vapes, and pre-rolls.


Quite simply, the legal cannabis industry wouldn’t be where it is today without the work of Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founders of Harborside and legendary activists and entrepreneurs. The pioneering marijuana dispensary in San Francisco was the first anywhere to perform cannabis lab testing, both for security screening and potency evaluation. Today you’ll discover a variety of top-shelf products and equipment, presented by a peacemaking, well-trained staff who subscribe to the DeAngelo motto”the vibe brings the tribe.”

Magnolia Wellness

The house of the East Bay’s top dab bar and vapor lounge also offers a knowledgeable staff of budtenders plus a showroom which also functions as a venue for health counseling, classes, support groups, and social events. Make certain to check out their monthly cannabis farmers market where noteworthy California cultivators provide demonstrations and bargains and activists like The Waldos, the originators of 4/20, and advocacy icon Ed Rosenthal have served as speakers. With goods on the shelves such as Cannabis Quenchers CBD lozenges to Mary’s Medicinal transdermal gel pens, Magnolia offers plenty for both social smokers and ailment-focused patients equally.

Urban Pharm

The vibe of Urban Pharm is unlike another smoke place. Use both the in-house dab pub and the open-flame permitting which permits you to fire up that newly-purchased flame sativa from Fig Farms. Here’s to hoping those edibles kick in at the funniest (or, hell, even the least funny) moment.


Haight, Mission, Snta Rosa & Sebastopol
Swap bud for technology, and this sleek space could easily be an Apple shop. You’ll find the exact same care you would in the Genius Bar, and you may make certain each product has been through rigorous testing for strength and purity. Peruse the menu from a huge screen behind the counter if you know what you are after, or depend on the patient and knowledgeable staff to help you through the offerings and clarify the difference between the breeds. Products range from home-grown blossoms to the renowned Dolores Park truffles, once hawked by San Francisco’s most treasured pot dealer who’s recently taken his surgery legal. That is right, Sparc has scored the coveted Truffle Man chocolates which currently come in a fancy art deco box — a powerful indication of the times. As you can not smoke on sight, you can benefit from this vape lounge, and becoming a member gets you access to game nights and distinctive cannabis events.


The Mission

It simply would not be SF if a weed shop did not sport some insane amount of technology to look at your bud. Therefore, Medithrive includes a camera with a macro lens showing flowers on a 4K screen for optimized #nugporn glory. There is also a strong mixture of health and health products such as Canndescents calming and innovative vape capsules or Releaf capsules from multi-time Cannabis Cup topicals winner Papa & Barkley.

The Apothecarium

The 3 Apothecariums sprinkled across the city represent the high-end future of cannabis. Each one recalls the reception of a stylish, boutique hotel or exceptionally fancy dermatology office as opposed to marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco. The Castro place even won Architectural Digest’s award for the best cannabis space in the nation. If you’re looking for 1-1 consultations with a knowledgeable budtender at a place that makes you feel as stoner royalty, this is your jam. Not only do they provide impeccable service, but the organization is dedicated to community involvement — it hosts education events for health care professionals and medical patients and has contributed over $350,000 to local nonprofits because 2011. Grams begin at $11 and eighths at $25 for a”mixed melange,” and you can find a pre-roll for $7. Head there on Thursday to receive 20% off select vape pens, to boot. Order online for pickup or shipping.

Bloom Room


Bright, clean, and comfy with a couple of stools where you can hang out and partake, Bloom Room is the friendly down-to-earth neighborhood store in the family of marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco. The budtenders have the time to offer a bit more personal attention and care here and the chill vibe is a bit more stoner-friendly… meaning if you are new to cannabis, you can trust guidance and suggestions. When most joints run from $12-$32, you can sometimes score a $5 combined of shake, which is a mix of breeds — consider it the Tecate deal of weed. Combine the collective and access community events, product samplings and demos, and even free professional massages.

Grass Roots

Lower Nob Hill
Situated on the corner of Polk and Post using a comparatively late closing time (9pm), this miniature, discreet storefront is prime for crazy nights pub crawling through Polk Gulch — and the lines lately mean people have caught on. Like many other recently recreational dispensaries, this well-established collective remains navigating the new age of heavy regulation, so recently the experience has been less consistently amazing. What really makes this place shine is its gigantic menu and the knowledgeable, friendly staff. All of the budtenders here are patient enough to listen to what you’re searching for and can offer recommendations while directing you to the best prices and values.

The Green Cross

Hit over a few marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, and you will find the distinct sense that companies in the age of law are desperate to lose weed’s misunderstood standing with their crisp, white insides and painstaking professionalism. That is understandable — and probably necessary — but if you’re searching for a more relaxed scene head to The Green Cross, which while no less professional, has a small-business vibe some of the posher dispensaries lack. The blacklight, neon, and psychedelic artwork are a tiny nod to marijuana’s youthful stoner side and sets this place apart from the pack. Pre-rolls operate for $15 as well as the internet menu noted eighths beginning around $30, pre-tax. Cash only.

Barbary Coast

Modeled after the Amsterdam coffee shops and remembering San Francisco’s prohibition ago, this bar-like dispensary is doing its part to bring a little old SF glamor into the cannabis scene, while offering state-of-the-art smoking, dabbing, and vaping tools. The speakeasy-style store has give-or-take a billion guidelines — and if you are there with the happy hour crowd, the team won’t have time to tell you some of them. Here is the deal: After you have registered at the front, waited in line, signed up for its rewards program on iPads, and purchased your marijuana from the counter, head into the back lounge where you will want to check in with a different host. Trade a driver’s license to get a pager and borrow some smoking accessories that you need before going into the haze. Here lavish purple leather booths, chandeliers, and four large screen TVs await. Just when you are getting really stoney and comfortable, your pager will begin aggressively beeping at you, so your time’s up in this magical, stylish weed harbor has come to a finish. Exit into Mission Street between Fourth and Fifth and start another page of your choose-your-adventure experience.

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The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado

marijuana dispensaries colorado

Five years of legal marijuana earnings, Colorado counts more than 500 retail dispensaries selling marijuana grown by 700+ cultivators. The state has implemented some of the most stringent safety and quality controls in the country — but that does not mean every joint, focus and edible is made equal. The scene of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado has evolved in much the same manner as food retailers have, with every manufacturer — whether it be a one-off store or a vertically integrated series — catering to the tastes and values of every form of stoner.

If you smoke flowers, vape, or favor edibles, it is helpful to consider your pot purchase the identical way you consider buying food. Do you grind your own fair-trade coffee beans or fill your cup in the chain on each corner? Do you store organic at the regional farmers’ market or purchase in bulk from a big box store? Consider your cannabis consumption habits and check out this guide to the top dispensaries in the country from mom-and-pop small-batch grows and cannabis concentrate leaders into the biggest chain in the nation.

Denver & Boulder Area


Ever wonder why you can not pick up”organic” blossom or concentrates? That US Department of Agriculture organic certification
you insist upon to your avocados is not accessible to cannabis growers since, well, the plant remains federally illegal. L’Eagle owners Amy and John Andrle have grown cannabis to the exact criteria as that organic avocado since 2010, and last year they became the first indoor recreational farming facility to attain Clean Green certification. The federal third party certificate retains dispensaries to organic standards, which the Ardle’s opinion as vital to securing truly clean cannabis future. It’s not only the choice buds, for example home strain L’Eagle Eagle (a fruity cross of Chocolate Haze and Skunk #6), which are held to the highest standards. Attempt the house-pressed, solvent-free rosin for a yummy terpene treat or splurge on the caviar: dense nugs hand dipped in that rosin and dusted in kief.

Simply Pure

Fire small-batch buds by a woman pioneering the fee for legalization and equity. Set in LoHi, measures from hot bars, restaurants, and boutiques, this dispensary has everything: superior small-batch cannabis, a range of top-shelf concentrates and edibles, and carefully trained budtenders on telephone to direct connoisseurs and beginners alike. What distinguishes this performance from the rest is its owner Wanda James. The former Navy lieutenant is the first African American to get a cannabis company in Colorado and on the list of legit marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, and before opening her performance she was a crucial player on Colorado’s Amendment 64 Task Force executing legal, adult-use cannabis sales. Today, she does not just keep Simply Pure on peak of the game, she also runs the consulting company Cannabis International Initiative and remains a tireless warrior for equity in the market, work that earned her a place on High Times'”100 Most Influential People in Cannabis” list.

Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company has grown into three dispensaries, the flagship of which sits at the heart of Denver’s”Green Mile” a stretch of South Broadway lined with pot shops, pubs, music venues, and antique stores. The business strives to replicate natural conditions in its own indoor hydroponic operation growing 70-plus recreational and medical strains like Colorado Cough (a relaxing combination of Haze and Northern Lights). This dispensary’s commitment to its community last year included a contribution of more than $100,000 for a founding sponsor of the nonprofit Levitt Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater set in Denver’s Ruby Hill Park, hosting over 50 completely free community concerts each year.

The Clinic Colorado

A Denver dispensary that doubles as a dank science laboratory, This specific chain (there are 3 other Denver-area sockets ) separates itself from the marijuana dispensaries in Colorado with its own breakout extraction manufacturer The Laboratory . It begins with their live resin, extracted through a process first developed in Colorado way back in 2011 wherein the plant is flash frozen at harvest to maintain cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Sample the famous live resin batter or keep it easy with their strain-specific PAX Era live resin pods. The Clinic also experts corporate-social responsibility with its support for the National MS Society; the business’s yearly Clinic Charity Golf Tournament; and support for its Walk MS which has raised almost $400,000 to help fight the illness.

Verde Natural

After eight decades of healthcare sales, a master cultivator opens his genetics to the masses. The acclaimed cultivator stuck to his medical roots until autumn 2017, when he opened Verde Natural — an airy, wood-lined oasis on occupied East Colfax — to the general public. The dispensary’s commitment to patient care extends to its recreational performance, with budtenders taking the opportunity to learn why each client uses cannabis so as to connect them with the ideal small-batch, soil-grown strain. Blackton claims to be the first breeder of uber-popular Lemon Skunk, which makes it a must-smoke, but do not skip the exceptional flavors of strains like Bubble Jack, a relaxing combination of classic Bubblegum and legendary Jack Herer. If you are up in Boulder, make certain to check out Verde Natural’s new(ish) Pearl street location, an all-rec place at the foot of Boulder Canyon.

Smoking Gun Apothecary

A late-night dispensary offering entry to a strip club? Business-friendly Glendale packs eight dispensaries to its 365 acres, and the enclave’s laissez-faire approach to regulation allows Smokin Gun Apothecary to flourish as among the nation’s most audacious cannabis companies. Owned and run by power-player Deborah Dunafon, the shop is about 100 feet away from strip club Shotgun Willie’s… that can be owned by Dunafon. Although you can not consume cannabis at the club — or at any public space — clients buying blossom on Mondays and Wednesdays receive free cover charge and the club go-go dancers are known to amuse in the shop Friday nights. Pass between Apothecary’s doobie pillars between 8am and midnight to peruse 50-plus flower offerings by growers like Binske and Veritas Fine Cannabis; many different concentrates in the likes of The Laboratory and Nomad Extracts; and edibles by 1906 Chocolates and Love’s Oven. The place doubles as an anti-prohibition display, with pre-rolls stocked in a 1941 jail cell dubbed”The Joint,” with purchases made at an 1871 bank counter and a enormous mural depicting the victims of the War on Drugs, from Moses Baca to Willie Nelson.

The Farm

Craft cannabis perfected in the People’s Republic (aka Boulder) As its name implies, this organization is 100-percent focused on developing the best cannabis in Boulder — and possibly Colorado. Head of Cultivation John Billings manages two 10,000-square-foot facilities growing over 40 strains via a hybrid hydroponic growing process he calls”craft coco” because of its use of a coconut husk-based dirt and food-grade mineral fertilizers. Organic pest controls include predator insects — or” bene bugs” — to munch up cannabis-killing mites, aphids and gnats, and one grower tends to the same grow space for the whole 10-week flower cycle. Pick up The Farm’s smooth-smoking blossoms at their East Boulder marijuana dispensaries in Colorado (it is well worth the 10-minute drive from Downtown). Stick with stalwart strains like Super Lemon Haze and Starfighter or attempt exclusives like Wild Blue Yonder, a combo of Alpha Blue and Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9 developed in concert with bluegrass royalty Yonder Mountain String Band.

Mountain Towns

The Green Solution

Silver Plume
Colorado’s second-largest cannabis chain of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado targets passengers with two I-70 dispensaries. First-timers into Colorado often get their first whiff of legal cannabis on I-70 because it cuts through industrial East Denver, home to dozens of indoor grows. Follow your nose to The Green Option’s Grape Street dispensary, just off the interstate, to get a literal window to one of the state’s largest cultivation operations. TGS carved a 270-degree viewing room to the dispensary’s adjacent facility so that customers can find the indoor increase experience without contaminating the merchandise. Heading into the High Country? No, they are not pushing extra inventory or damaged products at discount rates. Instead, this”socket” sells flower, concentrates, edibles and accessories at prices on par with those billed customers enrolled in the business’s industry-leading loyalty program, available at its 16 additional Colorado dispensaries.

Maggie’s Farm

Manitou Springs
An oasis of sun-grown cannabis at a unique mountain town. Turn up the electric version of Dylan’s 1965 anthem (“Maggie’s Farm”) for the driveway for this Southern Colorado dispensary celebrated for its sun-grown cannabis. Maggie’s Farm was the first Colorado cannabis business to attain Clean Green certificate and this weed is about as natural as it gets. While the quality of the flowers is enhanced by the area’s abundant sun and natural spring water, Maggie’s secret sauce might actually be its proprietary”dwell soil,” developed for the Rocky Mountains with beneficial bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and worms which break down organic matter to make nutrients available for plant roots. The nature of outdoor growing from seed means that breeds are harvested, cured, and stocked seasonally, but anticipate yummy, trichrome drenched buds like Jesus OG, a celestial lemon-kush body high, or Darkstar, a skunky dimension-bending trip. Whatever breed you land on, go on and make a day of it in enchanting Manitou Springs, a walk-able, just-weird-enough hamlet wedged between towering Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, two of Colorado’s best organic attractions.

Rocky Mountain Remedies

Steamboat Springs
Though they have long been havens for cannabis culture, mountain and resort towns have taken divergent approaches to regulating marijuana businesses. In the northwest corner of the country, Steamboat Springs enables retail cannabis sales with controls restricting the amount of dispensaries in the city to 3, zoning them into the outskirts of town and requiring them to be 70% vertically integrated. That previous regulation has forced Yampa Valley stores like Rocky Mountain Remedies, Steamboat’s first dispensary, to perfect the art growing, curing, trimming and extracting nug that matches the Yampa Valley’s natural beauty. This dispensary not only develops unique strains like Heavenly Haze, an earthy body-buzzer named after a ski trail with magnificent valley views, in addition, it has its own line of vapes and strain-specific extracts dubbed RemPen.

Best Day Ever

With seven pot shops in the city and an eighth on how , Aspen has the maximum density of dispensaries of any town in the country, cementing its position as a worldwide cannabis capital. While the retail options vary from over-the-top to fundamental marijuana, Best Day Ever is your best option to get a true farm-to-bong experience. Aspen neighborhood Michael Gurtman started Greatest Day Ever back in 2016, filling his store with heirloom flower grown to organic standards in a 16,500-square-foot Glenwood Springs greenhouse that overlooking the Colorado River. Gurtman’s climbs have quickly earned a reputation for high returns of powerful strains — for a relaxing après ski treat try the frosty Kosher Kush. The compact, second-story store is also a go-to for glass artwork by the likes of Chaka, Joe Peters, Jerry Kelly, Elbo and Pogo.

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Cannabis Dispensary Delivery Reviews – Portland, Oregon

Portland Cannabis Delivery

With most of the world observing some level of sticking close to home, delivery services have become essential.  Although they can be a little costly, the convenience more than makes up for it in most cases.  For anyone who has had a great delivery experience, there are 10 more that have had problems, sometimes big expensive time consuming problems.  Portland cannabis delivery is no different than any delivery service, when it’s good it’s very very good but when it’s bad, it’s truly rotten.  Below you can see three different cannabis delivery reviews including some of the most important factors for deliver, cost, ease of use, quality of product, delivery time and other relevant elements that can make or break your cannabis delivery.  All dispensaries are located in Portland Oregon.

Greenery – Portland Cannabis Delivery

Greenery is a completely delivery dedicated business, there is no dispensary you can visit which is a growing trend for Portland cannabis delivery.  The website is super simple to navigate and very user friendly.  There is a $30 minimum which is fairly reasonable and to be expected from any cannabis delivery service.  The product maximum amounts are also fairly typical and well within the Oregon legal guidelines.  One ounce of flowers including prerolls, 16 ounces of edibles and 5 grams of concentrates.  Important to note that deliveries can only be made to residences and only once per day.  So if you want to get your cannabis delivered to your workplace and you work at say a bank, not going to be possible.  They do close fairly early at 8 pm and if you factor in delivery time of about two plus hours, place your order well before 6 pm. Also worth noting, have your ID ready, they will need to see it.

Quality of the products is excellent if a bit limited.  The Lemon OG Kush flower was super dank but a bit pricey. The Pink Lemonade Diesel flower was worth every penny and the Blue Dream shatter was the stuff of dreams, yep blue ones!  The prerolls are very reasonably priced but the choices again are not as extensive as other places.  The edibles are also fairly sparse but there are some good options for the cannabis edible fans out there, especially ones who like chocolate.  The one real downside of Greenery are the CBD options.  There just aren’t many with the exceptions of some edibles and Rick Simpson Oils.

Overall Greenery did a great job at delivering some fantastic products and on time as well!  They are super communicative and you can call or text them with questions before, during or after placing your order.  It would have been a nice bonus to get some swag, like a lighter or a sticker but they did an amazing job of delivering some seriously solid cannabis.

Kush Cart – Portland Cannabis Delivery

As with Greenery, Kush Cart is exclusively dedicated to cannabis delivery.  The minimum delivery amount is slightly more at $40 and they have longer delivery hours but you must place your order by 7:45 pm if you want to receive it by the cut off of 9 pm.  On the weekends this may change as more people want cannabis delivered on weekends.  Their delivery time window does vary from 1-3 hours so plan your day accordingly.  They are communicative with you during the delivery process but as you must provide a signature upon delivery, in addition to showing your ID and paying them, being at home is obviously going to be mandatory.  Kush Cart offers an alternative payment method called CanPay, which is like PayPal but for specifically cannabis, how cool is that?  Bonus is they offer a 15% discount for OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) cardholders and a loyalty program for any cannabis customer.

Kush Cart’s website in very extensive in terms of cannabis products, they have it all, or close to it all and extensive general information should you want to learn something about cannabis while making your selections.  So extensive that it loads a little slow sometimes but the sheer quantity of product choices makes up for it.  The Cloud Cover Indica flower was priced well and delivered a couch locked yet uplifting high.  The Duct Tape was a beautiful silver flower that delivered pure euphoria and the CannaCrispy was everything a cannabis rice crispy treat should be and for almost 50 mg for $5, priced just right.

Overall Kush Cart did a phenomenal job, the delivery person was extremely professional and while they were a little late, the communication was good.  The vast selection of products made choosing difficult but that happens to most people at a dispensary if you are not sure what you want to try.  They did throw in a little swag in the form of a half gram preroll so of course that was a big plus.  Kush Cart knows the cannabis delivery business and the cannabis business in general and it shows.

Oregon’s Finest – Portland Cannabis Delivery

This is a local dispensary that also offers delivery services as well as curbside pickup. Oregon’s Finest lives up to its name on many levels.  They have some seriously top shelf products, a slick although somewhat confusing website and prices to match.  As there are two dispensary locations in the Portland area, you can expect to pay a delivery fee and the fee will be based on your location relative to the nearest dispensary.  The fees range from $5-20.  Cash only and you will of course be expected to show your ID to the delivery person. For a same day evening delivery you must place your order before 5 pm but they deliver until 9:50 pm.  If you place your order early in the day you can expect to wait an hour but after 5, delivery time varies considerably from between 1-4 hours.  Oregon’s Finest offers considerable discounts for OMMP cardholders as well as veterans.  Super cool of them!

Browsing for products and going through the checkout process on Oregon’s Finest website was interesting.  Slightly counterintuitive but a very well structured site, set aside some time to explore.  They have a decent selection in all main cannabis product areas but seem to really shine when it comes to vapes and edibles.  The Atomic Collider hybrid flower was beyond good and worth the few extra dollars. A perfect hybrid, balanced head and body high.  The Peanut Butter Breath Live Resin Cartridge was also pricey but was off the charts intense and peanut buttery, which seems like a really good combination.  Both the Chai and Lemon cake balls were everything an edible should be, delicious and powerful at 45mg for a 3 ball order.  Mixing of balls not allowed unfortunately.

The quality of Oregon’s Finest products cannot be disputed, they are premium.  So are their prices but with so much in life, you get what you pay for.  The delivery time was slightly under the promised two hours and no swag was included. The only real downside of Oregon’s Finest lies on their website.  For cannabis customers who go to one of their dispensaries, getting information about products and asking questions is super easy but finding information on the website is not always so easy.  This applies particularly to cannabis strain information. They have a chat feature which is a bit slow but you can always give them a call with specific questions and they are more than happy to help.

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What to Know When Visiting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Currently there are 33 states in the US that have legalized, to varying degrees, the use of medical marijuana.  Not all of these states have opened medical dispensaries, yet.  For those in states still without a medical marijuana dispensary, be patient, with the revenue sales of cannabis both medical and recreational at record highs, pun intended, states will be moving quickly to take advantage of the trend.  If it’s your first time visiting a marijuana dispensary, medical or otherwise, being prepared is important and will help you have a great first experience not to mention getting the right kind of medicine for your needs.  If you are in Canada, lucky you!  Things are moving at a breakneck pace with our northern neighbors.  Clearly they have the right priorities.

Bring the Necessary Documents

In most states you are required to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card (MMC) which is a process that differs from state to state but always requires a visit to a doctor, some paperwork and registering with your state.  A few states just require that you get a letter from at least one, sometimes two doctors and submit them to your state’s registry.  No matter what the process is, make sure you have done what you need to so that you can legally buy medical marijuana.  Also don’t forget your government issued ID.  All states accept a driver’s license, some accept a state ID if you don’t have a driver’s license and some also accept a passport.  Check with the dispensary before you go because not having your ID is not a negotiable thing if you plan to get through the front door.

Know Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary Needs

The more you do your homework before you go, the easier it will be for budtenders to make just the right recommendations.  Most budtenders at medical marijuana dispensaries are extremely knowledgeable but they are not mind readers.  If you know that your main medical need is pain management but you are not interested in the psychoactive effects of THC, then by all means make sure you explain that to your budtender so they can point you in the direction of the best CBD products for pain management.  Similarly, if you prefer or can’t smoke anything then let them know right away.  Also depending on your medical needs, jot down a list of crucial questions to ask about any potential products.  Your budtender will really appreciate this.  For example do you want something to quell nausea and increase your appetite but need it to last more than a few hours?  Then the question how long do the effects last? Should be on your list.

Dispensary Vibe and Payment Methods

Again doing a little research before you go can save you an unplanned second trip.  These days some dispensaries are completely no contact and actually have a window that opens up onto a sidewalk so you may be standing in line for a long time and will not be able to touch the products much if at all.  Will you be able to stand for an hour?  If not then consider bringing a friend to hold your place in line while you chill on a nearby bench or in your car.  Wait times are typical of so many other businesses, weekends and early evenings tend to be the most crowded so if you can plan your visit at another time, it will likely be shorter and the budtenders will have more time to spend with you.  Especially if this is your first visit, attentive budtenders are invaluable.  Payment methods are also something you should know before you go.  All medical marijuana dispensaries accept cash and some do allow you to pay by debit or credit card, however this is still pretty rare.  Another option is the conveniently located ATM which will generally be inside or very nearby the medical marijuana dispensary.  The only problem with this method are the fees, they can be quite steep.  Some dispensaries will deduct the fee cost from your medical marijuana purchase but you usually have to ask.  It never hurts to ask.  Do what you can to prepare for your visit to a medical marijuana dispensary and you can expect to have a fun, educational and as an added benefit, you will get the right medicine for your symptoms.

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My First Time……trying Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles, Mary Mart

Way back in 2013 when Washington state first legalized recreational marijuana I decided it was high, pun intended, time I tried some cannabis edibles.  I was living in Tacoma and for anyone who has visited or lived there, 6th Avenue is kind of the drag, or it was in 2013.  I knew there were two dispensaries within a few blocks of each other and having just visited one early in the week for some flower, had heard of a Friday Happy Hour at Mary Mart Dispensary.  The perfect opportunity to try out some cannabis edibles for free and as I had smoked all the bud I bought on Tuesday, stock up on more flower in one trip.

I was living 8 blocks away from 6th Avenue at the time and walking was my main form of exercise so I waited until a little before 5 and set out.  I saw a neighbor on the way who wanted to join but she needed an hour or two to get some work done.  Having no patience, which in retrospect was a terrible decision, I told her I was going solo.  I arrived at the first marijuana dispensary, Emerald Leaves which I think was at one point a microbrewery, it was big cavernous and had a lot of concrete.  Not super inviting visually but product wise they did not disappoint.  I tried some delicious lemonade in a tiny little one ounce cup, still thirsty I tried some raspberry lemonade for good measure.  I wandered aimlessly around the dispensary, spent an excessively long time looking at the cannabis edibles menu.  I decided I wasn’t feeling much of anything and it had been about 20 minutes, time to push on.  First I bought some sweet Obama Kush and a few prerolls from their mystery cannabis section and was headed to the next dispensary Mary Mart.

Now Mary Mart was only two blocks away and despite the name, was a cozy little dispensary with super happy and helpful budtenders.  I think I was expecting a sterile vibe with a slightly convenience store look based solely on the name, not at all.  It was a chill little place.  Their happy hour offerings consisted of some phenomenal salted caramels and brownie bites.  I ate one of each and took another caramel…for the road.  I chatted with a budtender about the whole cannabis life, bought another gram of flower that was on special, took a free mini joint and decided I should start heading home.

As I began the now 10 block walk home it had been close to an hour since I had quickly downed the lemonades and about 20 minutes since the caramel and brownie bite consumption.  10 blocks though, for me that’s a short walk, all downhill.  After two blocks, I noticed the texture of the sidewalk felt strangely different under my feet.  I decided either the soles of my shoes or the sidewalk or some bizarre combination of the two must be made of marshmallows.  Cool?  Yes except for the walking part. 8 blocks left and walking was now something I had forgotten how to do correctly.  I’m not sure who I looked to the casual observer but in my mind, I was living in marshmallow land and each step was more and more bouncy.  To this day I’m surprised I didn’t get some air.  Everything was technicolor and Washington, even most urban areas are already pretty green, now the grass, the flowers, were all technicolor.  Amazing visuals and the feeling of euphoria was off the charts from my previous flower cannabis experiences.  I made it home, not sure how long it took, could have been 15 minutes or twice that.  I did not care!

Once I got inside my place, I hit the couch and fairly quickly began to feel a little too high.  Looking back, I should have had this experience with my neighbor, it would have made the walk back even more entertaining and I definitely should have asked the budtenders questions about the cannabis edibles, how much THC was in each little lemonade, caramel, brownie bite.  I was overly excited to try out literally every edible I could get my hands on and forgot to be a smart cannabis consumer.  I believe I consumed about 80 mg total, which was way too much for me but made for a rollercoaster of a first edible experience and I’ll never look at a marshmellow the same way again.

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How to Get your Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the 33 states in the US that has legalized medical marijuana and you want to start taking advantage of the many benefits of medical marijuana, you are going to have to jump through some hoops to get your medical marijuana card.  How many hoops and how difficult the process will be depends heavily on which state you live in.  There are some commonalities in all states and things you can do to make the process a little bit less painful for yourself or a family member.

Gather Your Documents

The procedure involved towards obtaining your medical marijuana card is a bureaucratic procedure and like all bureaucracy, involves paperwork, a ton of paperwork, but worth it for medical marijuana health benefits.  Some of the essentials you will need are a state issued ID.

So if you are not someone who has a driver’s license, which is the most common state issued identification, get to work on obtaining a simple state ID.  Most IDs can only be acquired at your local Department of Motor Vehicles and due to many of these offices operating with limited hours or by appointment only at this time, plan ahead.  You will also need your social security number and access to a bank account, preferably your own!  Most state agencies prefer payment by check or debit card so if this is not an option for you, reach out to the agency and ask if they will accept other payment methods.  You will be paying a nominal fee to submit your medical marijuana application, usually under $50.

Finding the Right Doctor

For some people, in some states, this part will be easy.  You will have a long standing relationship with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and they will have years of medical records outlining your disease or medical condition.  If this is your situation, great and now you just need to check with your state to make sure your doctor is registered with the Medical Marijuana Program in your state.  Please note not all states require doctors to be registered.  If you do not have a doctor or it’s been years since you set foot in their office, either reestablish that connection or reach out to friends and family for recommendations.  You will be surprised at how many people in your circle may have already gone through this process, they just don’t talk openly about it.  If you can get a good referral to a doctor your aunt used, it will speed up the process.

What Medical Conditions Qualify Me for a Medical Marijuana Card?

Each state has a slightly different answer to this question however the answer seems to fall into two different categories, specific diseases and medical conditions and general medical conditions.  Most states list diseases like cancer, epilepsy, HIV and AIDS, multiple sclerosis and ALS as ones that will easily qualify you for a medical marijuana card with the proper documentation.  Other diseases and conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and the big one, chronic pain require some research on your part and some significant documentation on the part of your doctor to streamline the process.  What should you do if you have anxiety or chronic pain and have not been treated by a doctor for this condition?  First step, make an appointment with a doctor.  Second, document your own symptoms.  This may not help much in dealing with the state application process but will go a long way with the doctor you visit.  Doctors who refer patients for medical marijuana cards want to feel confident in their decisions so by taking the time to document the progression of your symptoms in detail over time, you will make it much easier for them to feel confident in recommending you for a medical marijuana card.  If you are the parent of a potentially qualifying minor, prepare to jump through a few extra hoops at this stage.  Even marijuana friendly states such as Colorado require you to obtain two different doctor certifications for your child.

Once you have gathered your documents, seen a doctor and obtained their certification, now you will need to complete the online application in your state, submit it along with copies of your ID, payment and now you wait.  How long you wait once again depends on where you live.  Some applications take a few days, others take a few weeks. Some states do not issue a card but you will still be required to go through a similar process and be part of your state’s registry.  Make sure to check your email often in case issues arise.  Of course you can always use their waiting time to research dispensaries in your areas as well as what strains of marijuana will help most with your medical condition.  Before you know it, you will have your card, your medical marijuana and relief!

Please use the links below to get started in your state:








District of Columbia (DC)


Georgia (CBD Oil Only)



Indiana (CBD Oil Only)

Iowa (CBD Oil Only)

Kentucky (CBD Oil Only)

No application process yet, please check back soon










New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Dakota





Rhode Island

Texas (CBD Oil Only)



Virginia (CBD Oil Only)


West Virginia


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Your Friendly Neighborhood Marijuana Budtender

Marijuana Budtender

For those lucky enough to live in a state or country with medical and/or recreational marijuana dispensaries, a great marijuana budtender can be the difference between an awesome, educational and ultimately successful experience and a visit that is disappointing and overly expensive.  A good knowledgeable budtender makes your trip to a dispensary the first part of achieving that perfect high.

What is a Budtender?

A person who works at a dispensary whose job it is to help you select cannabis products that meet your needs.  Much like a bartender, a budtender is a service oriented job that requires a variety of skills.

Most budtenders have some industry experience, meaning they are current or previous marijuana users themselves.  Naturally this is only a small part of the job.  Most budtenders in competitive markets have extensive knowledge about the local growing communities, the ever growing methods of consuming cannabis products, an in depth slightly nerdy approach to the science behind marijuana and some level of social skill.  Who are these magic unicorns and how do you become one? Connections.  Most budtenders got their gig by knowing a friend of a friend of a friend.  Update that LinkedIn profile!

What Can I Expect From a Budtender?

For the cannabis novice who has never set foot in a dispensary, think of a budtender like a teacher.  Like any good teacher, a marijuana budtender won’t do the work for you but knows how to ask the right questions so that you can arrive at the answer, the perfect bud, without too much time and stress.  A dispensary is the last place you should be stressed, so keep the vibes chill.

There is a scene from the movie “Bridesmaids” when after boarding a flight to Vegas for the bachelorette party, a drinking newbie asks the flight attendant for a “glass of alcohol”.  Don’t be that person. Do some homework on your own before you head out.  Your marijuana budtender will appreciate it, especially during these times of social distancing, that you do not show up and ask for some “really good weed”.

Of course you should ask your budtender for recommendations but keep in mind part of their job is sales and like any salesperson may recommend top shelf cannabis products that are not what you had in mind.  If you have tried some marijuana recently that you loved, or hated, be sure to mention that to your budtender.   Be specific, tell them what you loved or hated about the last product.  When in doubt listen to your budtenders advice but be willing to try a few different strains.  Sometimes the quest for cannabis perfection takes some trial and error.

What Budtenders Want You to Know

No it’s not the perfect job.  Most marijuana dispensaries budtenders do not sit around stoned all day, in fact most follow very strict laws and guidelines to stay in business.  Treat them with respect and they will reciprocate. Feel free to ask for a discount but don’t demand one and please no complaining about prices and taxes.  Your budtenders have absolutely no control over prices or taxes.  The prices are negotiated between the growers and the dispensary owners, your typical marijuana budtender is not part of this equation.  Taxes are determined by law at the state or federal level.  Budtenders want your feedback.  Found the perfect Sativa during your last visit?  Make sure to thank your budtender on your next visit.  The last Indica recommendation left you unimpressed, your budtender wants to know this too. No touching the cannabis products!  Enough said. Ultimately a budtender is doing everything possible to help you find the best cannabis for your specific needs and the more you work with them, do your homework and treat them with respect, the better the outcome and you may just be on your way to the best marijuana experience of your life.

Be Sure to Tip Your Budtender

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The Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State

Marijuana Dispensaries in my state

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State

In countries that have legalized marijuana, either for recreational or medical use, dispensaries are forever changing the tradition of purchasing buds. When you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in my state, visiting these pot shops may be an eye-opening experience for people who have just known the restricted alternatives, questionable quality and legal hazards of black-market buys. But with all these marijuana dispensaries cropping up throughout the nation, it can be tough to know which ones actually excel.

If you are seeking a greater cannabis-buying experience, look no further than these picks for the best marijuana dispensaries in my state and in the America. Below are over 70 medical and recreational pot shops across the nation that stand out for their elite and extensive inventories, awesome environments and excellent staffs.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State –  Northern California
The Bay Area is the birthplace of the modern marijuana dispensary, due to the pot pioneers who boldly opened the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1992–four years before the passage of Proposition 215, the state’s landmark medical marijuana legislation. That compassionate spirit remains at the core of the area’s dispensaries, which provide everything from boutique buds into the mythical outdoor cannabis of the Emerald Triangle. The Bay also boasts some of the nation’s finest makers of concentrates, edibles and topicals. Here are our picks for the best stores in NorCal.

1841 El Camino

This large and gorgeous dispensary has one of the broadest selections of top-shelf meds and edibles anywhere in the country –and the very helpful staff makes shopping here a joy. Regular barbecues and community events have turned this store into a social hub for stoners from the Golden State’s capital.

Barbary Coast

This place has a swank decor and heady menu, but that is just for starters–it also has a complete dab and vape pub. Lots of the items on the menu are offered for less than $10. It is a great place to pop in to get a buzz before dinner or a night out in San Francisco. Barbary Coast provides a glimpse of what the future might look like once public-consumption problems are finally behind us.


Quality medication is job one for CannaCruz: The team here takes safe access to clean meds severely. Found in the surfer and hippie heaven of Santa Cruz, this dispensary has a surf-shop texture to it. When you see CannaCruz, get yourself a pre-roll (they really have good pre-rolls… seriously) and visit the dog beach for a blaze and a sunset.

CBCB (Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley)

Terrific weed coupled with a neighborhood feel make this Berkeley store a local institution. Free fruit and snacks, chess boards and books give this place a true rec-center vibe. An upbeat DJ spinning music and a huge menu with very reasonable pricing make CBCB a excellent place to receive your medical buds and enjoy a pickup game of chess with a few of the sailors.

Compassionate Heart Collective

This gem, situated in the gateway to the Emerald Triangle, is an old-school Deadhead’s paradise. It’s also a wonderful place to learn what the outside scene in NorCal offers. The distinctive exterior variety this collective brings to the table comes in a totally reasonable price–a terrific shop with wonderful value.

Elemental Wellness

Not only do they give free massage, acupuncture and yoga, but they also carry some of the best cannabis in the world, along with some customer-loyalty program that earns you free weed with regular purchases. Plus their True OG can be a life-changer–do not leave without catching some.

Emerald Pharms

World-famous Emerald Pharms is a tourist destination for people interested in sustainable farming and living. This”permaculture oasis” is an off-the-grid, solar-powered, self-sustaining organic farm in addition to a warm and friendly dispensary with a curated collection of organic goodies. Pack a lunch, bring your dog and spend a while soaking this place in.

The Green Door

All the stores on this list have excellent service and superior weed in common, but just the Green Door has a set of original Dr. Seuss art on display. Come to the cannabis, remain for the remarkable art. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect strain to enjoy with your green eggs and ham.

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

This well-stocked shop is situated right in the center of some of the greatest outdoor activities that California has to offer. Beautiful beaches, redwood forests, pristine hiking trails and the terrific college-town vibe of Arcata make this store worth planning a weekend around–and it is also the fountainhead for many great Humboldt growers.


Magnolia is a store with a mission: making life better for individuals and making Oakland better for everybody. Regular educational and social events provide members of Magnolia an exciting link to their community through the herb which brings everyone together.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My Sate – Southern California
With much more dispensaries than any other area of the country, the Los Angeles area represents the epicenter of medical cannabis sales. Kush strains and terpy concentrates rule the roost, while hundreds of edible and topical founders fuel a solid market for quality meds at competitive rates. Now that the LA City Council’s moratorium on dispensaries has been finished thanks to Measure M, and with recreational adult use awaiting full implementation in 2018, the sky’s the limit to what the leaders of SoCal could achieve.

Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS WeHo)

West Hollywood’s origin for the fire in each class, AHHS WeHo is celebrating over 14 years of helping patients in need–and the useful and dedicated here staff makes the whole experience a pleasure.

Buds & Roses

This Studio City stalwart boasts some of the best flowers, hash and edibles from the Los Angeles region. Specializing in veganic medication, B&R puts an emphasis on quality and security.

California Herbal Remedies (CHR)

California Herbal Remedies (CHR)
Launched in 2007, CHR has a storied history as Kush pros and Cannabis Cup winners. Their menu has always featured over 70 distinct lab-tested, high profile blossoms and shatters for a decade and counting.

Downtown Patients Group (DTPG)

Since 2007, DTPG has served the sufferers of downtown LA with a enormous choice of breeds, hash, edibles, tinctures and topicals, including CBD-rich products. Take a look at their daily bargains and always-reasonable rates.

Greenwolf LA

Situated on LA’s East Side in Los Feliz, Greenwolf provides frosty flowers, clean and yummy concentrates, and a huge array of edibles and topicals.

The Higher Path

Everything here is top-shelf, such as a huge array of CBD-rich products. The greater Path also provides a 10 percent reduction to the handicapped, seniors, students and veterans.

Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group (LAPCG)

Open since 2004, this pioneer center gives an extraordinary choice of flowers and concentrates for individuals in need, including some of the best brands in cannabis: Marley Natural, Whoopi & Maya, hmbldt, Apothecanna and Chong’s Choice.

MedMen WeHo

Comfortable and clean, with an emphasis on wellness and health, MedMen does a excellent job of rewarding regulars with gifts and discounts. They offer a well-curated choice of meds, including equipment from Pax, Papa & Barkley, Sprig, Flow Kana, Kiva and much more.

ShowGrow LA

Everyone should experience this enormous (8,000 square feet!) State-of-the-art facility situated smack dab in the center of LA’s downtown fashion district. Patients can have a look at the live growroom and then buy from a enormous assortment of high-quality meds.

The WEED (Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary)

Patients searching for quality meds at affordable prices should take a look at the WEED in Studio City. The informative budtenders can allow you to find what’s best for you, and the WEED specializes in CBD-rich varieties and products also.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Colorado
Colorado was the first US state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over–and the only state to have amended its state constitution to do so. The upshot is a serious and committed industry foundation that has pushed the limits of legal markets, cultivation and civilization. These dispensaries not boast some of the best cannabis in the nation, but they have also set global standards for genetics, research and luxury products.

The Clinic

Among the first big boys in Big D, the Clinic now spans three states: Colorado, Illinois and Nevada. Winner of awards and accolades throughout the business, the Clinic has taken home 14 Cannabis Cups, including many first-place wins for concentrates, blossoms and CBD solutions.

Green Man Cannabis (GMC)

With a national reputation for having some of the best growers in the game, Green Man Cannabis is a perennial Cannabis Cup competition whose award-winning breeds are among the best on the planet. In this year’s annual HT attribute”The Strongest Strains on Earth,” GMC boasted two of the very best breeds, each with over 26 percent triggered THC.

The Green Solution

With 15 locations open in 2017, the Green Option is Colorado’s second largest retail dispensary series. Having a professionally trained staff and an emphasis on customer service, the Green Option takes its craft seriously–and it shows. The winner of over 15 Cannabis Cups, for everything from extracts to CBD goods, this store’s extensive menu offers something for every cannabis consumer, from the individual to the recreational user.

The Herbal Cure

Founded in 2010, this iconic Logan Street dispensary is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and among the most educated staffs in the nation. The diverse menu of breeds features a blend of exotic and local tastes, such as exclusive drops from Essential Extracts from the means of killer rosin and solventless hash.

House of Dankness

Founded by renowned grower and breeder Scott Reach of Rare Dankness, this Denver dispensary has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. After years of providing Colorado patients with elite genetics, House of Dankness currently has its own Denver storefront together with a brand new, state-of-the-art grow facility–among the biggest in the Southwest area.

MMJ America

With three shops in Denver and a fourth in Boulder, MMJ America is among the most significant and best-known chains of recreational and medical dispensaries in Colorado. A premier breed menu is offered at each store courtesy of the Vault Genetics, a subsidiary of MMJA and the winner of more than a dozen HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups. The professional team and smart business attitude make MMJA a powerhouse in the cannabis market.

Native Roots

A popular fixture one of Colorado’s cannabis aficionados, Native Roots boasts 19 dispensary locations and a broad menu of edibles, topicals and concentrates, Patients have their choice of potent strains , including some that hit over 28 per cent THC (like the White Fire OG, Chem 4, and Bruce Banner).

Natural Remedies

This downtown Denver store boasts a excellent location, friendly staff and fantastic quality for reasonable prices, with daily specials yearlong. You do not need to miss out on Natural Treatments’ Moonshine Haze, UK Cheese or Super Silver Flo. Additionally, sister firm Concentrated Remedies creates some of the best BHO in the city! Medical and recreational users alike will love visiting this store.

Sweet Leaf

Among the most welcoming dispensaries in the company, Sweet Leaf is famous for its excellent inventory, competitive pricing and highly educated employees. This store can fulfill even the most discerning client’s needs. And, Sweet Leaf is expanding, including stores in Oregon and Nevada to its 10 locations throughout greater Denver.

Verde Natural

A dispensary whose roots run deep in the background of this trade, Verde Natural is now synonymous with the true basis of cannabis, thanks to curated genetics that go back generations in america and Amsterdam alike. Featuring all-organic, soil-grown breeds, the menu in Verde is refreshing and healthy, with a focus on assisting patients in need.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Michigan
When you combine Ann Arbor’s storied history of pro-pot advocacy with Detroit’s economic recession and the long tradition of growing from the Upper Peninsula, you have a state ripe for the benefits of marijuana-law reform. Despite the fact that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was overwhelmingly approved by voters in November 2008, dispensaries here continue to function under some amount of fear.


Winner of numerous Cannabis Cups, this Ann Arbor store is the friendly neighborhood compassionate caregiver. Arborside offers a number of diverse levels of marijuana, from the top-shelf into the super-affordable, and in addition, it carries a wide array of popular products, including its own line of tasty and potent edibles.

Bloom City Club

Female-owned and -managed, this Ann Arbor dispensary is well known for its impeccable customer service and relaxing atmosphere. Bloom specializes in small-batch”craft” cannabis products made with love by a few of the best growers and infusion artists in Michigan.

Depot Town Alternative Health

This spot started in Ypsilanti in 2011 and has been faithfully serving the patients of this region with Cannabis Cup–winning, lab-tested medication ever since, such as Captain Kirk’s edibles. The Detroit Metro Times cited Depot Town for the Best Pre-Roll in a Dispensary in 2017. The store also provides discounts for seniors, veterans and students.

Green Cross

Situated on the famous 8 Mile Road in Detroit, this skilled and inexpensive pot shop puts an emphasis on teaching patients and stocking cutting-edge goods, such as CBD-rich concentrates, THCA crystalline, distillates and”The Clear.” Additionally, it provides growers with quality rooted clones.

Herbal Solutions

With numerous Cannabis Cups for its flowers and concentrates, this Ypsilanti store includes a professional environment, lab-tested medicine and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Herbal Solutions has what you’re looking for, such as a robust number of live resin, clean shatter, yummy wax and aficionado-quality nugs.

JC3 (Jackson County Compassion Club)

Situated between Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, the town of Jackson does not provide a huge amount of choices for med-pot patients needing, but JC3 shines through with terrific medicine at sensible prices. Launched in 2009, this private club takes new members and boasts a enormous seed basement catering to patients who wish to cultivate their own.

Om of Medicine

This gorgeous spot in Ann Arbor employs a holistic and natural approach to cannabinoid medication. The store hosts grow seminars (with the likes of breeding legend DJ Short) and comedy shows, and in addition, it provides a 10 percent reduction to the handicapped, seniors and veterans.

The Sweet Leaf

At this unique Flint business, nine unique grower/caregivers with unique specialties combine to provide patients with a number of high quality meds at very affordable prices, all under one roof. Patients receive real one-on-one help in addition to advice from the educated staff.

Third Coast

Third Coast was the first dispensary to start in Michigan, and it is still among the best. Safe, friendly and boasting some of the best blossoms and concentrates from the country, Third Coast in Ypsilanti has a terrific atmosphere and even hosts cooking and massage classes.

TreeCity Health Collective

Minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, Treecity provides a carefully curated selection of lab-tested blossoms, concentrates and much more. This is a real patients’ collective, with tons of CBD-rich products along with a rigorous 21-plus policy.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Nevada

The Silver State is quickly becoming a significant player in the world of retail weed. Nevada’s medical cannabis law has been on the books for almost two years, and the law allows for reciprocity–meaning that legal pot patients from any other nation can come to Nevada and buy up to 2.5 ounces in a dispensary. Rec earnings are expected to start this summer, and it is safe to presume that, like everything in Vegas, they are going to be large. Until then, here are our favorite medical stores in Nevada.

Las Vegas Releaf

A posh yet encouraging medical dispensary, Releaf carries a complete line of flowers, concentrates and edibles at very affordable prices. Its knowledgeable staff intends to educate patients, supplying products that treat symptoms effectively and economically.

MMJ America

A Colorado transplant, MMJA is rapidly becoming a national brand, starting its first pot shop in Las Vegas in the summer of 2017. The nearest dispensary into the Vegas Strip, this store services patients with the exact strains which have won MMJA countless awards at HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups.

Oasis Medical Center

Education and community participation highlight the Oasis Medical Center’s mission. A pioneer in the Vegas cannabis scene, this store provides an impressive number of top-shelf medication to individuals and tourists alike, all curated from the best producers in Nevada.


After launching three dispensaries in Southern California, ShowGrow has embarked on its first out-of-state venture, bringing Cali quality to the desert oasis in Nevada. Offering one of the most extensive strain menus in Las Vegas, in addition to extracts, edibles and vape-pen goods, ShowGrow is among the state’s biggest and most popular dispensaries.

The Source

With two Nevada locations and a dedication to quality and patient safety, the Supply is a place for individuals to feel secure and welcome in obtaining their cannabis medication. The value menu includes $10 g, while 30 blossom strains and over 60 types and tastes of concentrates provide loads of choices for health and recreational users alike.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Oregon
Portland is home to many of the best marijuana dispensaries in the world –although the Rose City is hip, stylish and plenty of fun, there is more to do in Oregon. The country is a wonderland for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, rock climbing and white-water rafting–and cannabis is flourishing as well. Here are a couple of our favourite places to buy pot.

Attis Trading Company

Staffed by informed budtenders, the airy and bright Attis stores are fantastic for those wishing to soothe their bodily pains or emotional traumas. Much like a pharmaceutical dispensary, Attis has three locations in Portland and a fourth in Tillamook, so relief is not far away.

Botanica Cannabis Dispensary

With a screen room that looks more like a jewelry store, Botanica’s limited choice of flowers could fool the shopper used to Oregon’s mega-dispensaries. But there is not a terrible strain on offer here, and the relaxed neighborhood vibe will guarantee that everybody walks away with the ideal product for their requirements.

Brothers Cannabis

Among the nation’s earliest dispensaries, Brothers Cannabis is a piece of Portland history. This store offers a killer selection of flowers and pre-rolls, designed to appeal to everyone from the roller to the frugal shopper. And unlike many ultra-laid-back Oregon weed shops, Brothers works hard to provide attentive customer service.

Collective Awakenings

The Moe’s Tavern of PDX dispensaries, this well-worn spot warmly embraces the weed shopper using a down-home vibe. Do not expect anything flashy from this local favorite–just good weed at 1970s prices.


Great selection of lab-tested blossoms awaits you in this oasis of high-end goods at reduced prices. A excellent entry dispensary for the curious or uninitiated, Jayne also stocks a premium variety of topicals, edibles, concentrates and tinctures.


Tucked into the rolling suburban hills of Portland, Nectar is a hidden gem. A curated choice of sativas, indicas and hybrids ensures something for every smoker. Expect to land wonderful deals on high-quality flowers–even the $25 eighths work wonders–and there is a friendly, chill staff .

Oregon’s Finest

Any of Oregon’s Best location is well worth a trip for its superb top-shelf flower selection, though costs run high. While the budtenders here are to get a hipster vibe, their knowledgeable recommendations of the best herb for each customer more than makes up for this.


Billed as farm to table” canna-business, Oregrown grows and sells organic indoor cannabis and processes its extracts. Set in the heart of downtown Bend, this flagship dispensary also supplies high-quality organic flowers from a select handful of Oregon cultivators.

Serra Dispensary (Downtown)

For vacationers breezing through Portland with limited time on their hands, Serra is your best option for a fast and affordable pot-buying experience. This dispensary boasts a laid-back staff who will gently nudge newbies to the ideal option. And remember that Ground Kontrol Arcade is just down the block.

Thurman Street Collective

Maybe the cutest small dispensary in all Portland, Thurman Street Collective is fantastic for the discerning consumer who enjoys an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while purchasing weed. Doubling as an art gallery, this store is actively engaged in the surrounding neighborhood, building a sense of community.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In My State – Washington
Since Washington voters approved legalizing marijuana for recreational use in 2012, numerous cannabis stores have sprouted one of the Puget Sound’s sprawl of waterways and pine woods. Whether you are a visitor or a neighborhood, you are likely to be distracted by the billboard marketing and overcrowded sector. Here are the best bets to get a terrific weed experience from the Evergreen State.

Chimacum Cannabis Co.

A popular stop for pot smokers heading into the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, the Chimacum Cannabis Co., place in a restored farmhouse, has a warm, rustic vibe. Sourcing premium, organically grown cannabis products from around the Olympic Peninsula, this store showcases the best buds the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


The online ordering system at Hashtag makes for a painless shopping experience, and the product choice can not be beaten. It’s located only a short stroll from Seattle’s famed Fremont troll under the bridge–a perfect spot to see after indulging.

Have a Heart (Belltown)

Notorious for its giant joint sculpture, this Belltown place is one of six Have a Heart dispensaries. Conveniently situated only a few blocks from the Space Needle and the downtown waterfront, Have a Heart Belltown boasts an impressive inventory of high quality cannabis and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Herban Legends

Herban Legends is the place to go if you are visiting Seattle for a day but do not want to leave the downtown grid. A brief walk at the end of the famed Pike Place market, this uber-hip store beats the more heavily promoted dispensaries close to the sports stadiums thanks to its great staff and wide selection.

Herbs House

Tucked in a wasteland between the Seattle areas of Ballard and Phinney Ridge, Herbs House can be difficult to find. But in case you’re able to stick to the GPS, this area has the best prices for marijuana in Seattle, palms down.

HWY 420

This shop offers a terrific choice of flowers, edibles, accessories and extracts, and the owners return to the community by donating to local charities. The friendly staff makes this an outstanding pot stop in your Olympic Peninsula travels.

Paper & Leaf

Stroll off the ferry from Seattle and choose the shuttle to Bainbridge’s Paper & Leaf. This high-end cannabis boutique has a gallery-like vibe, with classic records playing and beautifully displayed products. Friendly budtenders provide sage advice about the gigantic range of flowers, extracts and edibles.

Pot Zone

Tucked away in a strip mall amidst towering pine trees in the little town of Port Orchard–just across the sound from Seattle–Pot Zone feels like a well-kept secret. It provides great daily deals and a vast array of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite growers, for instance, unbeatable Noble Farms.


Situated in Sodo (south of downtown), Vela utilizes a color-spectrum wall to assist clients choose from an imposing collection of cannabis products. Vela’s in-store extraction and grow laboratory make for an educational and visually attractive dispensary experience.

Xander’s Green Goods

A charming, warmly inviting store, Xander’s Green Goods is located in Seattle’s sister city, Tacoma, one of a patch of half-abandoned warehouses. If you are able to make it , Xander’s will disclose its wealth for you, such as the best prices and selection of flowers in the region, in addition to great benefits for return customers.

Not To Be Dismissed

Needless to say, not all of dispensary systems are created equal, but it doesn’t mean you can not locate high-caliber cannabis shops outside California, Colorado, Oregon or Washington. Quantity does not necessarily indicate quality, and while pot shops might not be prolific in such conditions, there are still some extraordinary spots to check out!

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Alaska

Arctic Herbery

As the first licensed marijuana shop to open its doors in Anchorage, this dispensary currently serves up Alaska’s finest flowers, extracts, clones and other high quality accessories. The dependable staff will help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s medical or recreational.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Arizona

TruMed Dispensary

With top-notch employees as well as a dedicated nurse on staff, TruMed provides an extensive menu of breeds, edibles and infused products. Plus first-time patients in this Phoenix-based store get a special discount: Buy an eighth and receive an eighth free!

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Illinois

D33 Chicago (Dispensary 33)

Unlike a lot of cannabis stores, D33 displays all its marijuana products to its clients, allowing patients to inspect their meds. With a huge menu of flowers, extracts, edibles and topicals, this dispensary has always gone above and beyond to assist the nation’s medical marijuana patients safely and safely get their medication.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Massachusetts

New England Treatment Access

Massachusetts’s main medical marijuana dispensary, with locations in Brookline and Northampton, has an extensive menu featuring blossoms, edibles, topicals, concentrates and much more. An additional bonus is that the Wait Time Widget, which enables individuals to use their mobile device to check if there is a line at either place.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – New Jersey

Breakwater Treatment & Wellness

The preeminent dispensary from the Garden State, Breakwater’s centrally located store includes a varied cross-section of genetics, developed at a enormous state-of-the-art cultivation facility run by formally trained agriculturalists. The focus at Breakwater is simple: Through innovative increase techniques and scientifically enhanced breeding projects, they offer the ultimate treatment-oriented menu for their own patients.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Rhode Island

Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center

Committed to providing secure, dignified and affordable access to medical marijuana in Rhode Island, the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center provides just the best medical-grade cannabis.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in My State – Washington DC

Capital City Care

With a knowledgeable staff, convenient hours, competitive rates and a wonderful choice of merchandise, Capital City Care has won the”Best of DC” award for the best Dispensary and is the only store in DC licensed to cultivate cannabis–meaning patients can count on consistent quality, exclusive breeds, and awesome specials and sales.

Be sure to check out our interactive map of all marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.