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Nug News – Weekly Cannabis Update October 11, 2020

Cannabis News Update October 11, 2020

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 11, 2020

Vive la Free Weed 

The French government announced the details of a long anticipated program to being in March of 2021.  Approximately 3,000 patient will be provided, free of charge, medical marijuana products by designated companies for a period of two years.  This decree will be administered by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity and will work in conjunction with the French Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).  This decree has several objectives, besides the free marijuana.  How cannabis is stored, controlled, imported and distributed will be determined.  Additionally the specific medical conditions will be outlined for treatment during the two year experimental period and the composition, pharmaceutical form and technical specifications for cannabis based products will also be selected.  Where the cannabis will come from has yet to be decided as high THC cannabis is still illegal in France so it is likely that the cannabis will be imported.  As most European countries hold similar views regarding medical cannabis, the suppliers will probably be from outside of the EU.  How the patients will be selected is not yet known and has not been announced however doctors and pharmacies will be provided training specific to medical cannabis if they choose to participate in the experiment.

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 11, 2020

Maine’s First Day of Recreational Marijuana Sales Limited by Testing Facilities 

Friday October 9th was a day many Maine residents have been waiting years for and of the nine recreational dispensaries that opened for business, many at 7 am, sales were brisk and customers seemed thrilled.  Theory Wellness, one of the state’s first nine dispensaries that opened on Friday saw great sales however noted that due to there only being one testing facility in the entire state, product shortages are bound to occur.  This in turn drives prices up for recreational cannabis, which already has a 10% sales tax implemented by the state of Maine.  The state believes it will see just over $6 million in revenue between now and June of next year however dispensary owners are not convinced.  As has been the case with other states who have legalized recreational cannabis, there is a period of adjustment in the beginning for growers and testing facilities to meet the demands of consumers and unfortunately for Maine recreational customers, during this period of adjustment, prices may fluctuate and favorite strains may be unavailable.  Some dispensaries will limit, for now, the amount of cannabis that can be purchased to below the state limit just to ensure the supply on hand is available to as many customers as possible.  So far no one seems to mind and most recreational marijuana customers are ecstatic with their experiences and products.

Weekly Cannabis News Update October 11, 2020

Law Enforcement Not Worried about Dave Chappelle’s Marijuana Parties 

During a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock shared a lot about what Dave Chappelle’s parties are really like.  Describing the atmosphere as having “way more weed than anyone should have” in addition to plenty of mushrooms.  Recently Chappelle has been hosting a series of socially distanced comedy shows at an outdoor pavilion in the small town of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The show is called Dave Chappelle & Friends-An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair and each week celebrities fly in, get tested for Covid and put on a show, seemingly for just each other.  Stars in recent weeks, in addition to Chris Rock, include Michelle Wolf, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman and David Letterman.  Besides plenty of weed and mushrooms, Chappelle has a special “weed and mushroom chef” who prepares some mind-blowing meals to go with the comedy.  The local sheriff has taken the position that as Dave Chappelle is a comedian and likes to make jokes about marijuana and other drugs, he is probably joking now as well.  Upcoming weekly events are on hold for now due to increasing concerns of exposure to Covid.

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