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Cannabis Strains and How to Combine Them

Cannabis Strains

Most of us have our favorite cannabis strains, but who said you need to restrict yourself to one? You’ve got countless indicas, sativas, and hybrids to choose from, and the probable combinations are near-endless. The best breed combos, however, are made in consideration of the genetics, cannabinoid profiles, and how their terpenes blend.

There are thousands of special cannabis strains out there. Some are designed for stimulation, others for soothing our heads. Some are bred for effectiveness, and some purely based on preference. Most consumers have their own favorite strain that hits that sweet spot for them.

You can change things up by smoking a different breed than normal, but what about smoking both in exactly the exact same time? By blending different strains of cannabis flower and extracts, you may enjoy highs that you can not find through any single breed.

Each breed features its phytochemical cosmetics; a distinctive blend of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other components.

These molecules play both subtle and major roles in determining the character of the psychoactive–or even non-psychoactive–experience. Breeders layout new strains by picking out the unique genetics of individual varieties and breeding them together.

However, cannabis smokers can also blend the properties of each cultivar simply by consuming them together. For growers, this may also be a chance to find out what a hybrid between two strains might be like.

Thousands of accessible cannabis strains means there are thousands of different combinations to experiment with. Combining two powerhouse strains, for example, could heighten your mental activity . In precisely the exact same style, blending two stoney varieties may help you melt into your bed at night.

You can even blend seemingly opposite highs into a single experience. Vice versa, a mild Northern Light mixed with a powerful Triple G could save you from sleeping past noon.

There comes a time when each cannabis smoker overdoes it. Smoking too much high-THC cannabis may result in an embarrassing time, but adding in high-CBD blossom or extract can tame your high, bringing it down a notch.

Because of this, the psychoactivity of THC is partly mitigated. By this, we mean the effects are smoothed out and cooled down, not fully reversed or removed.

Now you are probably wondering if your high would really be better if mixing strains. Well, that completely depends upon the results you’re looking for, and how committed you are to achieving them. The method requires some experimentation, and trial and error is crucial, but the payoff can be great.

Maybe more than hitting a perfect cannabinoid equilibrium, locating your favorite high will be about choosing a fantastic terpene blend. Terpenes are aromatic molecules that underpin the signature aromas of the cannabis plant. Science has identified over 40,000 of those chemicals in nature, where they are liable for the alluring scents of trees, flowers, and fruits.

Apart from providing tantalizing flavors and scents, these molecules show a selection of effects in people. They synergize with cannabinoids to modulate the high –a phenomenon called the entourage effect.

Some terpenes produce more of a stoning impact, whereas others are more cerebral and stimulating. It is possible to combine cannabis strains based on their terpene content to make unique cocktails and regulate your high.

To attain more of a tailored effect, you must think about the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of each cultivar. Ideally, both strains will bring something to the mix the other does not.


Cannabinoids offer the principal effect which underpins each high. Elevated levels of THC, for example, will elevate the experience and make it more psychoactive. The effects of THC generally include euphoria, happiness, improved mood, and appetite — even though it may also result in feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

CBD, however, does not create a high. Instead, it supports a clear-headed experience that eases tension and provides peace of mind.

That is most of what people understand, but you will find more than 100 other cannabinoids in the plant. We do not really understand most of these yet, but researchers have started taking a much closer look at CBG, CBN, THCV, CBC, and lots of others. They generally occur in tiny amounts in contrast to the two, but some breeders are working to change this.

If you get your hands on some high-CBG or high-CBC genetics, consider introducing the strain along with your current favorite to understand how it changes the overall consequences. If smokers need more CBN, they could leave their buds to cure more and allow the THC to break down.


There are two reasons to concentrate on terpenes when blending strains: flavor and effect. Strains with diverse terpene profiles contribute to a more varied flavor spectrum. Terpenes also modulate the high, so take this into account when blending cultivars.

Linalool and limonene both provide flavors of tangy and zesty citrus, and the pair will significantly improve the fruitiness of any mixture. Pinene and humulene–both earthy and profound –fortify one another and deliver refreshing tones of forest walks. Caryophyllene and myrcene are another exceptional pair; both are hot and peppery–ideal for savory dishes.

Indica and Sativa

Conventional wisdom states that indica plants provide a more stoning and bodily high, whereas sativa plants offer an energizing high.

But, advances in cannabis science have demonstrated that matters are more nuanced than this. In actuality, researchers suggest we stop categorizing cannabis to cultivars (cultivated varieties) and rather categorize them according to their chemovars (chemical varieties).

This move makes sense, since the chemical makeup of the identical strain may vary widely due to environmental factors and phenotypical variation. This new system would help to recognize the qualities of certain specimens.

Indica strains are bushy and create thick-fingered leaves. Sativa strains, in contrast, are tall, lanky, and create thin-fingered leaves.

Regardless of the shifting science, evidence does suggest that indica and sativa cultivars have higher concentrations of particular terpenes sometimes. It’s possible to successfully balance out the stoning or stimulating effects of each one by experimenting with strain combinations.

Popular Strain Combinations

Royal Domina and Medical Mass

Royal Domina brings psychoactive potency to the celebration, while Medical Mass tames the effective high with a CBD content of 10%. A significantly indica-dominant strain, the prior packs a THC content of 20% and high levels of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Subsequently, it delivers a strong body high and a raging appetite. That high will not get too out of control, however, since the clear-headed effect of Medical Mass enables users to stay creative and operational, even if incredibly stoned.

Sour Diesel and OG Kush

Both of these strains pack bucket-loads of flavor and extreme amounts of THC. Though they belong on opposing ends of the indica and sativa spectrum, their joint effects create a high that occupies the sweet spot in the center. Sour Diesel features 70 percent sativa genetics, together with elevated levels of limonene and THC, a combo that normally contributes to an energetic and buzzing high. But, indica-dominant and myrcene-heavy OG Kush will pull the effects to the center of the spectrum and make a well-rounded high.

Royal Cheese and Blue Mystic

Royal Cheese and Blue Mystic combine to serve up a feast of beautiful terpenes. Blue Mystic, fitting the energy, provides a contrasting yet complementary onslaught of sweetness, fruits, and sugar. Both of these indicas will gear you up for some significant comfort, so get some cushions and blankets ready for the ride.

Wedding Gelato and Chocolate Haze

The gorgeous purple blossoms of Wedding Gelato serve up a striking THC content of 25% to match the indica-dominant genetic profile. To put it differently, this breed will melt you to the sofa and wash you in sensations of euphoria. At exactly the exact same time, however, Chocolate Haze helps to deliver a clear-headed and lucid experience into the equation. It balances an otherwise heavy body high, allowing users to work and pursue creative projects without taking away from the general euphoria.