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How to Handle Unwelcome Cannabis Side Effects

cannabis side effect

Many cannabis users experience few unwelcome side effects at all or if they do have a cannabis side effect, they have strategies for how to handle them.  For novice cannabis consumers, you might be surprised and unprepared for certain side effects such as a bit of dizziness after that giant bong hit.  When you are unprepared for something like that, it can be a little scary but there are ways to avoid or at least successfully handle pretty much all cannabis side effects.  Even the cannabis connoisseur can be surprised by a new side effect, especially when mixing up their delivery method, for example from flower to live resin and knowing how to handle it can put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your high.

Increased Appetite

If the munchies is not something you enjoy experiencing there are ways to reduce the intensity of this side effect or eliminate it altogether.  Consider edibles rather than flower, concentrates or carts.  You are less likely to have an increased appetite if you have just eaten something.  This logic also holds true if you are smoking, dabbing or vaping your cannabis.  Eating something light before you get baked can really tame those out of control munchies.  Staying very well hydrated is also key.  When your stomach is full of liquids, resisting food when you are baked is much easier.  It goes without saying, try to keep your food options in the realm of healthy, sometimes easier said than done.

Red/Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth

The THC in cannabis decreases blood pressure temporarily by expanding blood vessels in the entire body, including the eyes, making them red is a cannabis side effect.  Eye drops that are soothing and moisturizing will usually do the trick. For a really amazing feeling, put the eye drops in the fridge before using them, instant good feels!  The same eye drops will generally help with dry eyes as well however, smoking flower tends to cause the worst dry eye issues.  If you are bothered by dry eyes, consider changing to vaping or edibles and see if that helps.  Also staying hydrated will go a surprisingly long way towards handling both red and dry eyes, so drink that water!  Dry mouth is also a common unwelcome side effect for cannabis smokers and can be helped but not eliminated by staying hydrated.  Try alcohol free mouthwash to eliminate even the worst of dry mouth situations.  If you are not crazy about the taste of mouthwash, hard candies, especially ones like jolly ranchers that seem to really activate the salivary glands will keep dry mouth under control.

Couch lock

Many cannabis users do not consider couch lock to be an unwelcome side effect of consuming cannabis, in fact they welcome it.  Briefly, cannabis couch lock is that feeling of deep relaxation when it may be difficult to focus and the desire to just chill out in one place and do nothing is overwhelming.  If couch lock is not part of your cannabis plan, choose your strains wisely.  Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrid strains are much less likely to lead to anything resembling couch lock.  You can still enjoy the occasional Indica, just be aware of the potential for couch lock.  If you experience couch lock, try to motivate yourself enough to take a quick lukewarm shower, which should eliminate the cannabis side effect completely.  If possible you can also try a minute or two of stretching and light cardio, think a walk around the block, not a 5 mile jog.  A small burst of physical activity should break the couch lock side effect, at least temporarily.


The reasons why some cannabis users experience moments of dizziness have not be researched thoroughly enough however based on available information we know that as THC causes a slight decrease in blood pressure, which means less blood flowing to the brain, changing from a seated position to a standing one or quickly sitting up after lying down can produce dizziness. In addition, taking an epic bong hit, or several hits from a pipe or joint can create a similar lack of oxygen effect which leads to dizziness.  If you notice any dizziness and want to continue smoking as opposed to consuming cannabis in other ways, take smaller hits during your next few sessions and that should help quite a lot.  Also after you are stoned, don’t change position quickly, ease yourself slowing from lying to sitting and especially from sitting to standing.  Just those few small adjustments should eliminate any issues with dizziness.

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