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Autumn Cannabis Road Trip

cannabis road trip

Fall colors reach their peak in many parts of the US soon and taking a road trip to enjoy the fall foliage is a tradition for many people.  What better way to enjoy the stunning colors of autumn than to get really stoned on a cannabis road trip. Even if you live in an area that does not provide much in the way of color changes, hitting the road before winter comes is a great way to spend a long day or a weekend. As so many people have been foregoing a more traditional vacation during the summer months and staying home instead, the wanderlust is real for many folks. With the right planning and precautions, you can include cannabis as part of any road trip.

Know the Laws

Each states have different laws regarding driving under the influence however it is illegal in all states, so do not drive stoned.  There has been some research done at McGill University in Canada regarding the topic of how long you should wait after consuming cannabis to drive. While the authors encourage people to err on the side of caution, which is good, their results show that it is generally safe to drive about 6 hours after consuming cannabis.  Naturally the amount of cannabis you consume matters as well but the passage of time is what is most important.  So if you only have a day for your road trip, get an early start.  If you have the entire weekend, you have much more time to plan to see some fall colors and more than enough time to get high.

Bring the Right Stuff

This has probably happened to many of us.  You are out in the woods, hours away from home or civilization in general and you realize you brought your weed but forgot your pipe, papers, or bong.  It’s so frustrating that you have to expend that much mental energy trying to MacGyver some type of smoking apparatus on your cannabis road trip.  If you are someone who often forgets things, make a list and put marijuana and papers on the top of the list.   Also if you plan to be consuming edibles, keep those separated from the other road trip food you bring.  If you are planning to do a one day trip once you reach a good spot for viewing foliage you can unpack everything and after you are good and stoned, you will have brought plenty of food and drinks to satisfy you and your friends and family for hours.  There is something special about an autumn picnic.  As you have many hours before you can safely drive again, take your time with enjoying the weather, the food and just being somewhere different.

Do all the Fun Stuff

It doesn’t get much better than consuming cannabis and taking a walk in the woods during the autumn season.  The air feels so crisp and you get to break out all the cool boots, jackets and sweaters that have been stashed away for months. Music can be a great partner with cannabis and adds another element to the visuals of nature. Make sure to also enjoy some quiet moments too, part of the point of a road trip is to take a break from your home life, and you can always listen to music at home. Most people feel invigorated by fall weather so after you eat and take a catnap in the sun, consider a hike to properly enjoy the experience.  Make sure to clean up before you leave and take all of your trash along with you in the car if you can’t find a trashcan.

Consider a Side Trip

Depending on your location and in which part of the country you live, consider adding a marijuana dispensary stop to your cannabis road trip itinerary.  Again make sure you understand the laws in your state about how much cannabis you can have legally in your possession but finding a cool new dispensary can be a bonus to your trip into the beauty of autumn. Most people tend to use the same few dispensaries in their immediate area and a little research before you go can lead to an undiscovered dispensary that becomes a new favorite.

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