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Nug News – Weekly Cannabis News Update September 6, 2020

Cannabis News Update September 6

Weekly Cannabis News Update September 6, 2020

September Vote in the US House to Decriminalize Marijuana

With the US Congress still on a break until after Labor Day, the date has yet to be set for this historic vote in the House of Representative.  Once Congress returns the date will likely be set fairly quickly. What the House will be voting on is whether to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level.  Currently marijuana is fully legal in only 11 states but technically illegal on a federal level, posing endless challenges for those 11 states as well as the ones where medical marijuana has been legalized.  Assuming this vote passes and it has very strong support, and then makes it through the Senate, marijuana will be officially off the Schedule 1 drug classification, meaning it has a high probability of abuse and no medical benefits.  Science says otherwise and along with funding for additional research of the medical benefits of cannabis, certain individuals who have been incarcerated for non-violent drug use or possession may have their records expunged.  Good news all around and more details are available here.

The Cannabis Industry is Thriving Despite the Pandemic

With global, national and local businesses failing in record numbers as the global economy suffers under the weight of the global pandemic,  one industry has not just maintained a profitable status but has actually grown considerably.  The cannabis industry is making unprecedented strides in an otherwise flat market for new or even established businesses. The reasons why are multi-faceted. As the majority of the world’s population experiences some form of lockdown,   the cannabis industry has seen their opportunities and taken full advantage, particularly in the US.  The US legislative momentum towards legalizing marijuana in more and more states combined with the anxiety and stress, not to mention the exacerbation of ongoing health issues and reluctance to seek medical treatment has been the perfect storm, for the cannabis industry’s growth.  Throw in the lack of social opportunities that bars and restaurants have typically provided and with the saving in beer money, consumers are choosing cannabis as their primary way to ride out the lockdown.  For additional details click here.

Weekly Cannabis News Update September 6, 2020

Increased Security Needed as Dispensary Robberies on the Rise

As the number of dispensaries continues to increase in cities all across the United States, an unfortunate and costly side effect is the increase in break-ins and robberies of dispensaries.  This trend is alarming and in places like Portland Oregon, concerns locals and dispensaries alike.  No one wants their business to be robbed and if you are part of the neighborhood as a resident, this type of crime is worrisome.  Since May there have been at least 48 dispensary break-ins in the Portland area, with the most recent one occurring just 10 days ago.  As Portland police have made it clear that their priorities have shifted to responding to primarily life threatening situations, dispensary owners are left frustrated, angry and in some cases financially devastated as some dispensaries have been hit multiple times.  Increased security is an obvious partial solution but cannot solve the problem completely.  Click here for additional facts.

Weekly Cannabis News Update September 6, 2020

Not Your Father’s Weed:  Cannabis Use on the Rise with the Over 50 Crowd

The quality of marijuana has certainly improved since most Boomers took their first toke back in the 60’s or 70’s but the desire to be a part of the growing cannabis club is most apparent with men over 50, especially men in the over 60 age range.  The same trend has not been seen with women in the same are range which is definitely an interesting element to this trend.  Why men and not women?  As the most prolific cannabis users are between 18-25, these older male stoners are fathers, perhaps even grandfathers to the younger generation of 18-25 year olds.  Most marijuana users in the over 50 category are using cannabis, not for the first time but for different reasons than 40 years ago.  Most new older cannabis users are hoping to reap some of the medical benefits from cannabis use.  The combination of certain prescription medication along with cannabis poses new challenges and concerns for the medical community.  Younger marijuana consumers may need to bring the older generation up to speed and educate them about what’s new.  Click here for more information.

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